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The Social Gaming Market Dynamics Would you consider spending money to purchase a speeding device for your virtual farm or even try to fertilize your next-door buddy’s roses? This might sound as a strange question to many, but if we were to ask you the same question a few years back, you probably would have laughed your heart out. However, today things have changed. This forms one of the biggest social gaming dynamics in today’s social gaming industry. Times have changed. Gaming no longer means video games or play stations. What looms large today is the social gaming market that has gone beyond 200 million people playing games on Facebook or any other social media portal. Market analysts estimate that revenues that are generated from advertisements and other virtual items will increase in the coming years. Today this industry has already started generating significant revenues—estimated at about $5 billion in 2011—and holds great promise for the future as the social e-commerce market. With more and more individuals getting involved with social games, there is more time and money that is being invested, and over a span of time, the revenue channel is deepening. However, simple as it appears, understanding social gaming metrics is not that easy. It requires a basic idea of social intelligence and other metrics. In order to understand the social gaming market better it is imperative that social gaming enterprises have regular access to data analytics and other social media analytics tools. It is essential that they consistently monitor and analyze the social activity of users through wall posts, profile updates, viral invites and the like. Innovative service providers have come up with tools or solutions that help you to measure the social game metrics. Some of their features include: 

Offering real-time social gaming analytics seamlessly

Tools to present users with gaming-specific actionable insights that are accessible to marketers and developers to enable them to increase engagement, enhance retention, broaden reach, and maximize revenues

Tools to assist in arriving to the root solution fast with certain drill–down analysis tools

Automation tools to provide the metrics allowing lean teams to impact goals with minimal effort.

Service providers of social gaming tools also offer social intelligence applications that help in tracking down data across several social platforms and help to estimate the customer behavior and develop social gaming strategies.

The Social Gaming Market Dynamics  

Would you consider spending money to purchase a speeding dev...