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Social Media Analytics Is More Than Just Simple Metrics In today’s age of social media, all businesses need to focus on increasing their effectiveness online. Social media analytics are important tools for any social media campaign or social media users as it helps to measure interactive marketing by integrating, analyzing and enabling organizations to act on intelligence gained by expanding their reach, increasing retention, and ultimately, driving more revenue. One of the main uses of social media analytics tools is for Social Media Brand for brand monitoring and audits to provide insightful information. Today customers are bombarded with a vast array of products and services. Hence, expecting loyalty from customers is definitely something more than the organizations can actually ask for. As customers become more and more selective about the products, their loyalty becomes less and less. Hence, organizations or product manufacturers instead of lamenting about the lack of customer loyalty need to be smarter and start implementing technologies and methods for knowing more about customers’ behavior. Getting hold of timely data and analytics to derive accurate information and insights about customer preferences can help to prevent losing customers to competitors. Better customer intelligence helps organizations to better identify, attract, interact, and retain customers. Today consumers are increasingly using social media to voice their disdain about enterprises and its products and services leading to the rapid growth of social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs. This necessitates the need of effective social media analytics tools for businesses to track social media behavior in real-time and get immediate feedback on what will work for the product. Besides that, these tools must provide advanced analytics that help organizations to reach faster, smarter operating decisions and create automated business processes. Advanced analytics refer to any information that is immediately available to businesses to understand, improve, and ultimately become more proficient to deal with the situation at hand. Advanced analytics help enterprises to 

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Analyze data in real-time from across social, mobile and web platforms to allow game developers and social commerce companies to improve continuously customer acquisition, engagement and monetization campaigns. Modernize the ability to capture broad data, uncover meaningful insights, and close the loop with automated action – all in near real-time. Track user behavior in real-time and get immediate feedback on what is working and what is not. Use visualization interface that helps to truly understand business performance to make faster, smarter operating decisions.

Social media analytics is more than just simple metrics and yesterday’s measurements. It is a broad array of data obtained by mining the vast treasure trove of social media to understand which events, content and user segments drive the most revenue. Also read about : engagement metrics

Social Media Analytics Is More Than Just Simple Metrics