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Social Gaming Market: New Age Marketing Tactics One of the strategies for success in business carried down from ages is the concept of savings, rewards and bonuses for the customers. This strategy, followed till this day by large business houses as well as small and medium enterprises, showcases the benefit of building and retaining customers. However, with the generation next becoming more techno savvy and e-commerce gaining a greater foothold in the business world, the marketing strategies to gain customer loyalty has also gone online. However, with the Internet playing a major role in developing the social networking skills of the people, the online business world has made use of this feature in their marketing strategies. The social gaming through social networking sites allows friends to compare, compete and assist each other in achieving goals. Today, the social gaming market has become an invaluable method to build a customer base. Reviewing through social media analytics tools has shown more than 200 million users being connected through social gaming on Facebook. With the explosion of the social gaming market and the demand for virtual goods going up, the idea of using these in place of advertisements help companies with significant revenue flow in time of economic downturn. The leaders of social intelligence solution providers for application developers and online marketers provide robust Facebook analytic solutions for critical insights into web data tracking, real-time distribution and engagement metric of social media gaming. Such drill-down analysis tools besides providing an immediate feedback helps the developers increase engagement, expand its reach, improve customer retention, and increase revenues. The increase in the number of social networking sites on the Internet showcases an upward trend in the use of social gaming market as a marketing strategy. With endless directions to turn to, the current move is towards cross-promotion. Tapping into the interest of the generation next, companies’ partner to promote their products as part of a game. This makes one end up a free code for a virtual game along with a meal purchase. Further the use of quantitative analysis tools to help organization with actionable insights to optimize and improve. Advanced analytics though being a vital part of business, the right tool for the job makes all the difference.

Social Gaming Market New Age Marketing Tactics