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Social Gaming Market Estimated to Expand Today the social gaming market is powered by social networks, tablet and Smartphone games and has come of age. The market is an expanding one and is estimated to grow rapidly in the forthcoming years. It is predicted that the US gaming market, including the Smartphone games will expand to a market worth $5.5 billion by 2015. There are reasons supporting this growth. They are: It is estimated that the social gaming market will go mainstream. At the present moment the gaming market is predominantly restricted to a certain demographic, for instance women within the age group of 35 to 55 with spare time in their hands. However, the demographic composition is changing. It is believed that new gamer demographic will include men, women and even the youth as there are new social games introduced.  The second is that it is estimated that monetization would significantly improve. We are still in the early days of monetization. Today micropayments are getting simpler and users gradually are becoming accustomed to pay online for various goods and services. When it comes to advertising, the scope for improvement is higher. At the present moment most of the advertising revenue is generated from bargain-rate banner ads. As advertisement types, such as interstitial ads and branded virtual goods grow, the revenue per user to will increase. If you want to understand the social gaming market better it is essential that social gaming enterprises have direct admission to data analytics and other important social media analytics tools. Simultaneously, it is important for them to analyze and monitor social activity of users through wall posts, profile updates, viral invites and the like on a consistent basis. Leading service providers today have introduced innovative solutions that enable social gaming enterprises to evaluate the social gaming metrics. Selected key features are listed below : Helps in offering real-time social gaming analytics seamlessly  The tools present users with gaming-specific actionable insights that are accessible to marketers and developers to enable them increase engagement, enhance retention, broaden reach, and maximize revenues.  Assists in arriving to the root solution fast with certain drill – down analysis tools  With automation tools, the metrics allows lean teams to impact goals with minimal effort These new age social gaming tools have in-built advanced social intelligence applications that enable users to track down data across multiple social platforms. Furthermore, it helps analyze the user behavior and establish competitive social gaming strategies. Learn more about : Social Analytics

Social Gaming Market Estimated to Expand