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Leverage Your Online Campaigns with Advanced Analytics In the recent past there has been a downswing in “outbound marketing” mostly due to the radical shift in the customer behavior. Individuals are in complete control of the data they choose to receive and also the manner of the receiving mode. With the advent of web 2.0 communications with leading brands and their goods/services have revolutionized to the extent that it has made the consumers empowered to locate, purchase and sell frequently from various sources, such as the consumer feedbacks, word of mouth publicity and internet. A Forrester report points out that approximately 83 percent of the consumers are influenced by a friend’s or acquaintance’s opinion who has already used the service or product. Therefore, with consumers gradually taking an active role, a crucial medium emerges in this new marketing era, i.e. Social Media. The statistics pointing towards the extent to which online activities have taken place are enlightening. In 2012, so far there has been approximately a billion users on various social media platforms and more than 3.5 billion pieces of content such as news feeds, web links, blog posts and articles that are shared every week on Facebook alone. These news feeds and interactions serve as a source of social intelligence that helps an online reader to become aware about brands and their online activities. Furthermore, when collated, gathered and assessed by enterprise’s this social intelligence comprises of important inputs that helps in strategy and decision making. Social media monitoring though appears interesting and simple at the first glance, it has its intricacies as well. In order to approach this seamlessly, today leading social analytics solutions providers has come up with advanced analytics applications that helps in offering actionable, valuable and perceptive user insights to make relevant modifications in business. These companies also offer these insights in real time to assist the end users arraign quicker and smarter operational decisions and set up automated business procedures. Other features of advanced analytics applications are as follows: 

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Helps in analyzing data instantly from various mobile, social and web platforms to enable game developers and social commerce enterprises to enhance consumer acquisition, engagement tracking and monetization campaigns on an end-to-end basis Helps in modernizing the ability to capture broad data, discover meaningful insights and close the loop with real time automated action Efficiently track user behavior instantly and get instant feedback on what is working and what is not working for a company’s online campaign Makes use of a visualization interface that assists companies to have a clear understanding of business performance to arrive at quicker and smarter decisions

Today more and more enterprises are concentrating on quantitative analytics and analysis so that they can optimize and improve. Hence, when it comes to attaining success with social media monitoring advanced analytics acts as the very nucleus of a business life that helps companies to make the best of their social media campaigns.

Leverage Your Online Campaigns with Advanced Analytics  
Leverage Your Online Campaigns with Advanced Analytics  

In the recent past there has been a downswing in “outbound marketing” mostly due to the radical shift in the customer behavior.