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Advanced Analytics for Business Optimization and Online Effectiveness Technological innovations has over the years led to a very techno savvy customer base. The internet today plays a major role in every aspect of the customer depending on his lifestyle. The relationship which started with simply surfing, to gaining knowledge on unknown topics, downloading information and software for easy working at home, today has taken a much wider form. Customers now make use of the internet and the new technology to gathering product information, making purchase decisions based on the web reports, or keeping in contact with friends and family through social networking sites. With the world so widely networked social media plays an important role in revenue generation and expansion of business for both corporate houses and small and medium business establishments. Social media analytic and social media are thus important tools for organizational sales campaigns and for increasing the online effectiveness of any business. The social media analytic tools helps organization to identify the requirements and interests of a target audience. By monitoring and tracking the online activities of the potential customers and use of engagement metrics such as real-time reports, enterprises are made aware of the requirements. The new age enterprise accordingly brings about changes in the organizational strategy for customer retention. Further, with organizations so dependent on technology and analytical tools for quantitative analysis, optimization and improvement of products, collecting the right set of data is very vital for the organization. With the design and development of advance social analytics for business environment, the availability of right tool is a challenge that the new age enterprises need not worry about . Such modernization of technology enables enterprises to capture broader data and gain more insights. The actionable insights help most enterprises make significant improvement in their business. The real-time reports helps organizations take intelligent operating decisions leading to development of an automated business process. Further, social intelligence helps enterprises analyze real-time data in across social, mobile and web platforms and capture the market pulse through such valuable information. This facilitates to work out strategies for a continuous improvement in customer acquisition and engagement campaigns Advanced analytics and social media together help enterprises track customer behaviors through real-time and visualization interface, facilitates optimization and smarter operating decisions. Besides, driving the business ahead, also helps the organizations to survive through aggressively competitive environment.

Advanced Analytics for Business Optimization and Online Effectiveness  

Advanced Analytics for Business Optimization and Online Effectiveness.Technological innovations has over the years led to a very techno sa...

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