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Establishing Professional Practices Week 9 AutoCAD

Paperspace/Plot Scale & Viewports • Paperspace is too big - check the paper size (right click on the layout tab and go to page setup management) • Check that viewport window is scaled correctly • Plot scale is the relationship between the viewport windows and the sheet of paper. To change this we go to the modify button within the page setup manager. • Check the plot scale is 1:1 in mm

Array Tool Grid-Curve or path – Polar ‘AR’ - Tool for array Rectangular Array- is columns rows and grids To extend just grab and move from the right and from the left is to change the size of the gap Draw a line to the right measurements e.g. 1000mm grid 21 rows is 2100 Type in ‘AR’ to select the Array Tool

Select rectangular as it’s a grid

Select the numbers of columns and rows. If it’s vertical it’s only one row. If it’s horizontal it would be one column. The between part is the size of the grid e.g. 1000mm

End result after closing array

To add more columns click on the lines then move the right arrow across. To add a bigger gap move the left arrow.

Final product after the grids have been arranged and cut properly.

To trim the lines select ‘X’ for explode the ‘TR’ for trim. Then select the line you want to trim to enter then select all the lines wanted to cut off then enter.

Array – POLAR

To create an image like this snowflake you need to draw a shape. Then you need to select the tool ‘AR’ for Array then select POLAR. At the top left hand screen you can change the amount of shapes to be transformed in the item box e.g. this shape has 10.

This is the final product after 80 items was typed in.

Wipe-Out Wipe-out – type ‘WI ‘as the shortcut tool then pick the option from the list. Wipe-out hides a selected area. It has a similar effect in essence to TRIM. But the bonus is its non-destructive enabling you to keep the data beneath and edit it later if needed. Choose Wipe-out Then draw the outline in which you wish to cut out. The computer recognises rectangles as polylines so if you have drawn a polyline or a rectangle you can choose this option rather than tracing it. Keep or discard the original.

Divide Tool ‘DI’ - Divide Tool Cuts objects up into segments and displays them as NODES. Make sure your NODES are under the OSNAP tool. The symbol for a node is a circle with a cross and then a tick box with node.

Week 9  

Establishing proffesionl practices

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