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Establishing Professional Practices 6

AutoCAD Lesson 3

Tracing a point to create a shape were the lines meet Firstly makes sure Ortho and Snap are ON. Then draw two lines.

Press the tool of shape wanted for instant mine is a circle so ‘ c ‘ then hover over the two lines that you want to meet till they have a green square then trace the line till were they meet at a cross and draw the shape

To get the overlap press ‘ O ‘ to select the OFFSET tool the type in distance and enter

Using the ‘ F ’FILLET Tool to cut out lines after using OFFSET. Quick and Easy.

Using the ‘ TR ‘ TRIM Tool to trim the doors as Fillet will delete all the lines

Drawing a Doorway

1. Use ‘ REC ’ to create a rectangle

2. First box is the width. Enter value followed by a comma. Second box is the height

3. Press spacebar to enter

Create a circle and enter the radius make sure it’s in line with the top points of the rectangle.

Press ‘ MI ‘ for MIRROR Tool then select the middle or Quadrant then move the cursor till the objects are mirrored select spacebar keep the originals and spacebar again

Make sure the circles are aligned and then use the ‘ TR ‘ Tool to trim select the lines between the circles then spacebar the select the part to trim

Week 6  

Basc practices on AutoCAD