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Establishing Professional Practices: Week 15 Building Satellite image up in Sketch up and Layers Save a satellite image from the internet into a folder. Open Sketch Up

File and import image. Select file making sure it’s a BMP file.

Image will appear then make it larger and position were wanted.

The next step is to measure the exact distance in real life then you can type in the correct information so it’s easier to expand. To make it lifelike size, draw a line from a certain point using the pen tool. In this case I chose the river. Then using the tape measure tool draw from the start of that line to the end point. DO NOT MOVE THE CURSOR! At this point you need to type in the desired measurements.

The next step is to draw a box onto of the image to act as the land and group it. After this you need to draw around the parts that are water so you can add it into a layer later. Copy the groups and connect the river lines together. Also start to draw around the buildings adding small details such as roofs. Open the layers with Window then Layers. Also make sure the Entity Info is open to this tells you information about the groups in the layers. This is the Layers and Entity Info boxes. I have already added the layers I need. Do this by clicking the plus sign in the top left hand corner. Change the colour and the name by just simply clicking on them.

Layers After making the layers and renaming them. You need to colour code them to so you don’t get mixed up or confused. Making something into a layer you need to group it, click inside it as if you were going to edit the object then double click to select all faces. This will then show up in your entity info box as Layer 0 you click the drop down box and add it under the layer you need. Image 1: All layers different colours

Image 2

To change layers into colour or into the picture or textures you need to click the arrow in the top right corner of the layers box. You then need to tick colour by layer on or off.

Final Product at the end of the lesson is just a built up image of the actually image of Castle Field.


Building up on top of an image in sketch up.