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Establishing Professional Practices Week 12 Sketch-up Week 3


Recap over making simple roofs. Making the house then group add a square on top as one group and add another for the other roof as group 3. Once grouped click inside draw 2 lines up to the midpoint then push pull to create the simple triangular roof.

Using ‘S’ tool for size. Resize the roof so it has an overlap. Then group the whole house, select it and then move press CTRL to copy then left click. Continue till happy.

Drawing a fence Creating a fence draw a square. Make it 3D. Using the push/pull tool still push the square into a small rectangle like a fence stick. Add a line through the middle and move it up into a triangle

It will create a triangle keeping both sides the same width apart it keeps the centre point.

Make first panel into a component and then copy a few I did seven until your happy with the panel.

Now to add some detail as its valentine’s day I chose a heart shape. Draw two circles overlapping and join them up either side with the line tool. The using the eraser tool, erase the inside lines so you have the outline of a heart shape. When finished use push/pull tool to push through and create a hole.

As the panels are grouped as components if you edit one it edits them all so it’s easier and faster way to do this process. Now to add a back on.

Simply to add the back turn the view round to its back and look at a view part overhead. Draw two long rectangles along the back. Push/Pull tool to make them thicker and then add them to the components.

After copying a few more panels and rotating one side to join onto the front. This is my end result. I have showed the joints as well.

Sketchup Advanced  

Adding more use to the basic tools already become familiar with

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