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Establishing Proffesional Practice

Introduction To turn off the IDLE TIMER. Right click on the taskbar, process and then disable. As when abled shuts down the machine and results to lost work. Using Print Screen to paste screen shots. (Print screen button / ctrl v to paste)

Windows Shortcuts: ALT / TAB : Switches, opens programmes Windows / D: Minimises all open programmes CTRL / V: Paste CTRL / C: Copy CTRL / T: Select

Screen Resolution: 72 dpi Print Resolution: 200-300 dpi Picture from Facebook and saved it to my F:/

Callouts (useful for annotation)

Callout box very handy for computer typed annotation

Notes on Photoshop

This is a larger image copied from Google search

This is a small image copied from Facebook

To Google search for larger images:

IMAGE SIZE shown when clicked on

Click larger than on the left hand side then go down to 4MP

Establishing Professional Practice 2 ISSUU

Issuu is a useful website to view or create magazines and reports of work. Create an account (if already a user just click upload). Password: clarissaunijournal Uploaded PDF to website

Acrobat X Pro Creating hyperlinks – link pages- select text/box > right click

Popular Commands in Photoshop Shortcut to select is: CTRL + V Shortcut to select all is: CTRL + A

Shortcut to Transform Tool is: CTRL + T Shortcut to Ruler is: CTRL + R (move images to lock to size) To keep accuracy in constrain proportion on an image hold down shift and change size using the arrows in the bottom and top corners.

Filter- Blur – Tilt Shift Allows you to work with an image and distort the outer edges and focus on one point making the photo look like a small plastic model (Thomas the tank engine) clips on youtube that have been created using this tool. Filter-Blur-Tilt shift

Different blur and lightness settings to play around with Move the lines to the space you don’t want blurred

Contact sheet - Photoshop

File, Automate then Contact Sheet 11

Choose folder un’tick group images

Pixels per inch 300 !!!!!

Pick number of columns and rows and untick filenames

Establishing Professional Practice 3 Username- clarissac1 Password-klkac1728

Upload file and crop scroll and save!

Adding a page Click the add new button

Pages and add new

Adding images and links Enter a suitable title Press publish Add Medias Pictures

Upload media file

Add a link

Press update

Click on the cover uploaded on to the page and it will load the link as the journal from ISSUU

Go to issue to get the journal we made previously to link it up with the picture

Click on get embed code

This is the link address need to copy it all !

Final product which is now linked to ISSU and plays like the journal just by embedding the link in with the picture

Establishing Professional Practice 4


Basic CAD key shortcuts • • • • • • • • • • •

CTRL + A - Select CTRL + Z – Undo L – Line tool C- Circle tool Spacebar – Save Roller – Zoom in and out Hold roller – move across screen Delete –CTRL + A and delete F8 – Restricts graphical movement (ortho mode on) F3 – Object Snap on – Line tool DI - distance

Start a new drawing SAVE ! straight away into F: drive

Acadiso.dwt – plain template

Use the ‘L’ then hit spacebar to cancel the command. Click and drag to create shapes. Create a new line press spacebar and start the process again. Use the roller to zoom in and out and keep hold to shift across the page

Press a key to create a command; example ‘ L ‘ to execute it press spacebar

Green Box: right>left to select all object

Blue Box: left>right inclusive which selects all within the marque area

DI – distance – first point at the top second point at the bottom click and it should give you lots of information on the distance

If work disappears enter Z + SPACEBAR then click ALL or A + SPACEBAR Using a plan and drawing to scale. Drag in the direction and type in the unit amount.

Establishing Professional Practices  

Basic knowledge and shortcuts on how to use different programmes

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