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The Brooklyn Brothers, New York | NY (05/04 — present)

The Arm Letterpress — Letterpress workshop


Art Director — concept, branding, art direction, design, web design.

SVA — Flash/Actionscript Class


KGB, A&E, UN, Land Rover, Kate’s Paperie, Couvoisier, Axe,, Fuse TV, AMC

Arte 10 — Screen Printing Course


Type Directors Club — Gourmet Typography Training


SVA — Glaser Graphic Design Summer


Cooper Union — Traditional Painting Techniques


Universidade Federal do Parana (Brazil)

94 to 99

Catch 24 Advertising & Design, New York | NY (04-05/04) Graphic / Web Designer — branding, design, web design. NY Yankees, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, AGFA, Oracle

ID Society, New York | NY (04-05/04) Web Designer — branding, web design. MTV, Crown Royal, Starwood Hotels, AMC, USA, Rand Marinier

Vox Advertising & Design, New York | NY (09/00 to 04/04) Graphic / Web Designer — branding, design, flash, web design. Harley Davidson Of NYC, Sundance Channel, International Emmys, Barnes & Noble.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

SKILLS Digital: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office Analogue: freehand illustrator, offset press knowledge, screen printing and letterpress printing experience, lover of lomography, fluent reading, writing and speaking knowledge of Portuguese, French and basic Italian and Spanish, outstanding samba dancer and caipirinha maker. Reel and references upon request

Print campaign for Couvoisier Exclusif

Shepard Fairey,SNO

Print campaign for the relaunch of Fuse TV

music is freedom.


music is an aphrodisiac.

Staffan Larsson

DIY Christmas campaign for Kate’s Paperie

Print Campaign: Star Wars, The Legacy Revealed History Channel

Print Campaign for the launch of Mad Men, AMC

Elevator ads

Billboard for Human Weapon/History Channel

Print Campaign for Alexander the Great History Channel

Print Campaign for the Movie Club show AMC

Print campaign for Versus Country/Versus Network

Antlers stickers were used on taxicabs to give the impression a deer was in the trunk.

Columns were wrapped as trees for the Shot Show convention in Vegas.

Interactive web banners for CR Magazine. Concept & tagline

Responsible for the rembranding of the New York Rangers and mural design at the MSG

Bobby Grangers’ basement microsite. Bobby is Rangers’ #1 fan. The creation of his character was part of the Rangers’ rebranding strategy.

Logo and package redesign for Premcal, mineral supplement for PMS. Package made up of 3 detachable containers.


.com F R E S H I D E AS M A D E DA I LY

Stationary concept and design for The Brooklyn Brothers. Anything that has a sticker on can become part of the brand.

Children’s book design and art direction.

Belgo-Brazilian wedding invitation: concept, design & production

Baby shower invitation concept, design & production

Traveling & Lomography

Reusable grocery bag design

Website dedicated to a life less uninspired

Clarissa Patrianova  

Art Director with 9 years experience in NYC. Great conceptual, design and typography skills.