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Face to Face

Clarissa Phillips

August Sander

August Sander August Sander was born on 17th November 1876, who was a famous photographer. He died on 20th April 1964. He took a lot of pictures of people on location and the photo which have chosen has also been taken on location. Sander was probably influenced by what was going on around him because of how he usually takes pictures on location and also took a picture of a soldier, which shows he’s linking the pictures with the War. His pictures are normally in black and white, which sort of gives it some effect and also makes the picture look mysterious. He usually always took pictures on the street and of people, he also took some pictures of landscapes. Sander’s work is very interesting as he liked to put the pictures in black and white.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz Annie Leibovitz is a famous photographer who takes pictures of a lot of celebrities. She was born on October 2nd 1949 in Waterbury Connecticut. In high school, she became interested in some artistic endeavors, and she started to write and play music. She went to the San Francisco Art Institute, where she studied painting. Years after, she carried on developing her photography skills while working in other jobs. After a while she started being a photographer for Rolling Stones magazine, this was when she took a lot of pictures of celebrities and she was actually the last person to photograph John Lennon. I like Annie Leibovitz photos as they seem to show a little story, or it seems as if she likes to take ideas from films and stories. She’s very passionate with her work and seems to put a lot thought into it as well. Her pictures are very creative and they’re interesting to look at. She inspired me as I used flowers in my pictures and I also liked some of her other ideas.

Ideas For Photos When I take the photos I would hopefully be using flowers and having the person holding them close to their face. I would also like her to be lying down with her eyes closed and having the flowers scattered around her. I’m using the flowers to show that I got inspired by Annie Leibovitz photo, although I couldn’t think of any ideas of August Sanders work because there wasn’t many effects that he did and because he didn’t really inspire me. My other idea is that she would be standing outside and looking up at the sky, with an emotional expression on her face. I would also like her to be sitting down and she’s looking down at the floor with a worried expression on her face as well.


These pictures which I have taken I think have worked very well and seem to have come out the way that I wanted them to come out. Although, there was one problem where I wanted her lying down and having the flowers surround her, but this didn’t work and we had to try something else. So, instead we just improvised and did what we thought would look nice. I also used flowers to show how Annie Leibovitz influenced me and I think they looked really nice in the pictures because the colours were nice as well. I have edited these photo’s by increasing the contrast and cropping them. It gives them more effect and also makes them stand out more.

I think that this is one of my best pictures because the colours in it are very bold and the pink goes with the colour of her lips. I thought about putting the flowers near her face because I thought that it would look good. The flowers seem to be the main object in the and I think they would catch the eye straight away. I think that if I was going to do these photo’s again, I would try and bring more crops, such as maybe a perfume bottle or use an old looking chair. I would also have looked at more photographers to get more inspiration.

Street Photo’s    

I really like the picture of the business man because it somehow looks like it was taken in the 90’s or the 80’s maybe. I edited the picture to black and white to give it more effect and to make it look more interesting. I also did it in black and white to make it look more primitive. I think the picture of the old lady is quite nice because her face is more bolder than the rest of the picture and it looks very interesting and abstract. I think the colour of her hair is quite unique and extraordinary. It also make the colour of her face more pink and stronger/clearer.

Street Photo’s  

I think the picture of the young woman is nice because there is a lot of different shades of red and they make the picture look more vibrant. I think her face expression is interesting as well because she looks confident.

I think that this photo is one of the best street photo’s I have taken because it came out more clearly and the woman has a very sharp features, especially how the makeup shows a lot in this photo as well. However I think that this photo isn’t very clear and that I could have probably edited it better.

Face To Face Project  
Face To Face Project  

Photo's of people, reesrach of artist and evaluation of independent photo's.