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A Word from The Publisher If there is one thing that I must say about the Word of God, it is the FACT that God's Word can not LIE and that God Himself can not be MOCKED! This issue, The New Age Movement and What Believers Need to Know, is one that God wants others to know that whenever you witness to a New Ager, you must remember that you are engaging within spiritual warfare; not with the New Ager, but with the Great Adversary himself, SATAN! Brothers and Sisters, the clock is ticking and the enemy is not playing, while he is gathering up many in the Name of Deception that could cause many to fall so deep, that they may not realize how deep they are in... It will be critical that YOU as a Believer know how to define the terminology that these New Agers are bringing to the table as if God Himself is in agreement with their DECEPTION. So go ahead and buckle your seat belts as you began to read the features that are geared to this topic and the focus of dismantling the Spirit of Deception!

Publisher, Clarissa Rhinehart




The Mystique of Greek How one man OBEYED God and denounced his FRATERNITY. – Hansen Harper


Au-Some Kidz, Au-Some Mom Someone you should know: Christina Hopson. – Whitney J. Hogans


Hidden Messages Behind Music Videos Hidden messages behind music videos and the demonic occultist imagery and lyrics! – Schelita Wesley


COVER FEATURE Andre' and Ann Taylor, Founders and Owners of EAW: Eating As an Act of Worship. – Clarissa Rhinehart

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Disclaimer: This article is not for everyone. It is meant for men and women who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior, yet are involved in Fraternities and Sororities. All I ask is that if you proclaim to be a Man or Woman of GOD, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you. This could be a WARNING for you. While you may not agree, please consider and listen to my personal testimony!

My name is Hansen Harper and I have always wanted to have a sense of belonging. Though I had two younger brothers and one older sister, I have always felt that I needed something or someone that understood me. Down through the years in elementary, I belonged to the choir club; in middle school the drama club; in high school ROTC and baseball. But in each and every setting, I knew that I was different. I knew for some strange reason that GOD wanted me to do something great and to be set a part.

Community Services! Scholarship! Goodwill! Brotherhood! Sisterhood! Life-Time Connections! These are all awesome things that Fraternities and Sororities do. Your heart, soul, mind, love, happiness, and peace are pledged to these Black Greek organizations. These are the chants and songs that are sang all over the Black Greek nation, at every undergrad and grad chapter across our nation. Nobody just “Walks In” right? In college as a freshman, I was at a party in one of the school halls and I saw this guy with a barney sized paddle and he was jumping around crazily chanting some stuff. I saw some women throwing their signs up and saying something. I couldn’t quite make it out. Then suddenly, with a grand entrance, about 20 young men with about 40 young girls on their arms came in and they were chanting something real cool and smooth. Afterwards, they were hugging and shaking each other’s hand and seemed like they were having the time of their lives. Sound like your experience? And I thought to myself,” Finally, a group I can belong to. That’s what I wanted to be."


" I

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F E L T N O B L O C K A G E B E T W E E N M Y S E L F A N D G O D A N Y M O R E ! "

At 19, I went through all the necessary procedures to be inducted in this organization, while not knowing what all it would cost me mentally, physically, and spiritually. Against my father and mother wishes, I with wide eyes, joined an organization that appeared to be everything I wanted but soon I started to find things out about my organization. Years later, around 28, after pledging in college, I was just sitting on the couch at home and reevaluating my life. I started to wonder why I wasn’t further in life. I had been to college and received my degree, but it felt like for some reason I could not break making 22 to 25,000 a year. It was like I was stuck in that salary range forever. My new marriage was being attacked to the point of almost divorcing. I couldn’t understand this at all. More important than money, from a spiritual standpoint, it seemed like my relationship with GOD was ok, but something felt terribly disconnected.

And that is when I heard a voice within that said,” Burn it up!” Immediately I knew that it was GOD and I knew immediately what He meant. But in my humanness, I asked for more clarification. Are you sure Lord, All of it? Like many Black Greeks, I had acquired hundreds of dollars’ worth of my fraternity’s jackets, blankets, paddles, awards, and keepsakes. In my natural mind, it seemed foolish to get rid of all this stuff. He said, “Burn it up!” So, I took all my fraternity’s paraphernalia to my patio and set it on fire. In that moment, through the flames, I immediately felt like 100 years of bricks fell off my back. I felt no blockage between myself and GOD anymore. I felt GREAT! Talk about true freedom. I then asked for forgiveness from GOD for exalting this fraternity in my heart above Him, not just in word, but especially in deed. Because of my obedience, my salary, year after year continued to increase to the point where I started making more money than people who had more experience and degrees than me! My true peace and joy began to overwhelm my heart. GOD’s favor is unbelievable. But like a good Father, GOD revealed two major mistakes I had made while trying to serve my black Greek organization and Him at the same time!


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" I P L A C E D M O R E I N T O A F R A T E R N I T Y , T H A N G O D ! "

1. In my heart, I had placed more into a fraternity, than God! He will have no other GOD’s before Him! He is a jealous GOD and will not share his Glory with anyone or anything. Trying to stay financially stable, keeping my graduate dues paid and going to Nationals. You name it. But GOD, in 2018, is requiring more of us who profess to be in the Kingdom. Read Exodus 20:3-5 /Matthew 6:24. 2. There are only two spirits…. GOD and the spirit of Satan. Just because people do, say things, and are from good organizations, don’t mean they are doing the Will of GOD. Many of the black Greek organization history is steeped in Egyptology and numbers of false gods and idols, that many of us have sitting as decoration in our homes. When you have that paddle or sculpture in your home, you are inviting that spirit in your home. Cursing a place that should be blessed. Read also 1 John 4:1-3.

Galatians 1:8 says,” But even if we or an angel should preach a gospel other than one we preached to you, let them be under GOD’s curse!” (Prayerfully You are Still With Me)When we go to the doctor, he does a full examination. Something could be right or wrong. No matter though, you want to know whether the examination reveals good or bad things. Correct? The Bible urges us in 2 Corinthians 13:5 to examine ourselves. If we are not actively seeking to grow closer to GOD by the things that we are doing and saying, we are growing farther away from Him and deceiving ourselves. To do further examination, please answer these six questions. Six questions that every Greek/Secret Society Member should consider honestly answering in 2018: 1) Who does the world know you most as… a Christian or A Greek? 2) Who do you talk the most about? GOD or Your Fraternity or Sorority? 3) Who do people see you serve the most? Fraternity or Sorority?


" G O D



4) If Black Organizations are so right…why do we do so many wrong things to prove ourselves worthy of the letters to become a member? 5) Has going through your pledging process as a Greek, helped you to fulfill the Great Commission? Mathew 28:16-20. Making disciples for Jesus Christ is our highest calling. 6) If you find out you were wrong about your decision to pledge total allegiance to your Greek Organization, will you repent and ask GOD for forgiveness? Will you denounce, (let die, get rid of paraphernalia, turn away from complete participation in outings and any activities, rituals, chants, dances, and songs, that would uplift the name of your fraternity or sorority forever? (This could cause some of your frat or sorors to be upset with you.) Romans 8:31.

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2 0 1 8 ! "

In conclusion, we all have done things in our past that we later find out were not GOD’s perfect Will for our lives. But I want all my readers to know that GOD is not playing in 2018. He said in Hebrews 12:1, to lay aside every weight that would easily beset us.” Those weights are what fell off me that day I previously told you about. Don’t get me wrong, I still love all the brothers of my fraternity, but when I converse with them, the ultimate goal is to love them like Christ, but also to share with them the experience GOD showed me! Honestly, we can’t make anybody change. However, I do believe that we are responsible for sharing our experiences to help other believers in the Kingdom to come to the full knowledge of JESUS CHRIST. It is not my stance that Black Greeks are not Christians…. that is not true. However, if you were running the 50-yard dash, would you run it with 25 pound dumbbells around your neck? It was nice to be invited but you take everything off that would hinder you from winning your race. Right? Free yourselves Black Greeks. Ask GOD to reveal to you whether your affiliation with your Greek organization is His perfect Will for your life. If not, you gotta get started right now in 2018 lifting the name of JESUS CHRIST only in your life.


" T H I S

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A R T I C L E M A Y B E Y O U R F I N A L W A R N I N G ! "

It has been my pleasure to share this article with you. I pray that the Holy Spirit reveal to you all of life answers concerning Greek Life you have been seeking. I am interested in your comments. Please give feedback. I am convinced by this very scripture that Hosea 4:6, “ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.� If I am wrong, GOD will deal with me. But if you are wrong, this article may be your FINAL WARNING to repent, denounce, and be set FREE. Thank You, Hansen A. Harper

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By- Whitney J. Hogans Photo by Thaddus Wilkerson Jr. ((Liquid Art Photography)

VOL, 9, ISSUE 1- 2018

I had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Hobson, Owner of Au-Some Kidz Rock, Inc. I was super excited to hear from this amazing woman of God and fellow Au-Some Mommy! Christina, like myself, juggles many roles. In addition to Au-Some Kidz Rock, Inc. she is a wife (to Donnie), mother to, Kaleb (9), Kaden (8), Kamron (7), and Kamiya (1)  and so much more. After connecting over about a week, we finally chatted on January 15, 2018, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! NOMADIC



What is the name of your organization and what is its purpose? Au-Some Kidz Rock, Inc. is focused on helping families find the resources and services that they need for their child, teen, or adult who has Autism and other related learning and delayed disabilities. Au-Some Kidz Rock, Inc. is based out of Indiana but has a vision for expansion!

What is your personal relationship to Autism? My personal relationship to Autism is my two boys Kaleb and Kamron Hopson. Kaleb age 9, was diagnosed at 2 1/2 and Kamron age 7, was diagnosed at age 6.

How has your journey concerning Autism strengthened and/or challenged your faith? My journey with Autism has been a very interesting, frustrating, and challenging journey. When I found out about Kaleb, I felt like I failed as a mom. I felt like God was punishing me for being disobedient and this was my consequence. I felt like, "God why me!"


When I found out that Kamron had Autism, I was questioning God. At the time, I was pregnant with my daughter.  I remember breaking down and crying. What did I do to deserve this??!!! My faith was tested daily; but each day of this journey, I kept praying and continue to pray daily. I prayed and asked God to give me wisdom on what to do concerning the boys, what to do so I can help them, give me patience, and show me how to talk to them and continue to encourage them. 

What do you say to the person who is new to the Autism diagnosis? I say to them that you are NOT ALONE! Don't beat yourself up or feel like its your fault. Research resources and know that you and your children are going to be just fine!

What is next for your organization? (Continue on p. 12)



We are starting a support group called You’re AuSome Too! This will be a group for parents, siblings, and caregivers to come and


talk about how their journey has been and to let each other know that you are not alone!


How can someone get connected with your organization ? They can contact me by Email: and


by phone 219-238-9546.

Final Thoughts It was a pleasure speaking to Christina Hobson! This is an amazing Woman of God!


This Autism journey is not easy at all but Christina lives out Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those


who love Him,  and who have been called according to His purpose.” I admire the work that Christina is doing to support families in her area


and I am believing God for an increased territory for her! Please contact her and support this amazing organization! God bless!





We need to be mindful of hidden messages behind music videos. Videos that contain demonic occultist imageries and explicit lyrics, are of particular concern. Hidden messages in imagery displayed in videos, are not always revealed, even though, some occultist images are seen, but what is not known is what the images represent and the dark power behind them. Many artists that entertain this, have allowed their spirits to be open to the demonic realm. They have sold out for fame and fortune. Satan has infiltrated the minds of these artists to influence people to worship idols and get them to rebel against God and worship him! The Bible says in Matthew 8:36- 37, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Let’s focus on one artist at this time, Beyoncé. Beyoncé is a beautiful talented young woman that people young and old idolize, but her videos and lyrics are sending out the wrong message. I would like to briefly discuss my observation and review of her video “Haunted.” The song “Haunted” was her on her fifth studio album “Beyoncé”(2013). It was written and produced by Beyoncé herself and Boots, (Jordan Asher Cruz), an American record producer, singer, rapper, songwriter and musician. Conceived by the latter, following an infuriating meeting with a record label, the song was presented to Beyoncé who decided to record it following similar experiences in the music industry.



Beyoncé is quoted on ABC News explaining the “Haunted” video: 'Haunted' is a song that's produced by Boots, a new producer that I completely respect. He plays every instrument. He is a lyricist. He is an innovator and I'm so proud to work with him. The song is really about temptation in this music industry and being exposed to this crazy madness.” “Haunted” is filled with disturbing provocative sexual scenes, displaying illuminati signs and demonic imagery. Upon arriving at the haunted mansion, Beyoncé makes her way to the top of the stairs, she walks through a hall glancing as she passes various rooms where there’s sexual, dark, eerie, demonic, frightening scenes which I feel contain messages beyond what we see. Below, I’ve titled a few scenes of my perception and expose hidden suggestive messages in the video: The Eye of Horus-Wadjet. In the beginning of the video, images of an eye on a TV screen is displayed. In my opinion, this represents “The All Seeing-Eye” or the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is rooted in Egyptian witchcraft. It is an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The symbol is the sole possession of well-known deities of Horus and Ra. (source: Egyptian witchcraft website) The Bible says: The eye is the lamp of the body; so if your eye is clear [spiritually perceptive], your whole body will be full of light [benefiting from God’s precepts]. But if your eye is bad [spiritually blind], your whole body will be full of darkness [devoid of God’s precepts]. So, if the [very] light inside you [your inner self, your heart, your conscience] is darkness, how great and terrible is that darkness! (Matthew 6:22-23).



Men with white painted faces A scene that takes place are several men standing in a door way dressed in black with painted faces with a look of despair, trouble and seduction. (White painted faces represent, mourning and/or death). The Bible says: A heart that devise wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief. (Proverbs 6:18). Seductive/Strange Women In this room are several women dressed in stripper’s apparel, exposing body parts, dancing provocatively and seductively. One of the ladies are giving a man a lap dance. (A stripper or exotic dancer is a person whose occupation involves performing striptease in a public adult entertainment venue seeking to make money of arousing strangers). The bible says: My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding: That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge. For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell. (Proverbs 5:1-5).

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Cross-dresser/ Transvestite In this video, appears to be man dressed in woman’s clothing/accessories. He is in a bathtub full of bubbles moving seductively, making playful gestures as if he’s inviting one into his world of play & perverseness. The Bible states: 2Tim 3:2 ,“For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy. Deuteronomy 22:5, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God." Sexual Destruction Next seen, Is a man and a woman half dressed in black clothing, wearing goat like mask and gas masks. The goat appears to be part of the Baphomet image. In another scene, they are laying down touching one another sexually, with a roll of explosives placed on the woman’s midriff, ready to inflict destruction at any moment. The symbol of the Baphomet, was used by the Knights Templar to represent Satan. Another name for the Baphomet symbol is The Scapegoat and it’s also used in Satanic rituals. The gas mask is used for several reasons and it represents war, destruction, violence, death, et cetera.



Philippians 3:19, “whose fate is destruction, whose god is their belly [their worldly appetite, their sensuality, their vanity], and whose glory is in their shame—who focus their mind on earthly and temporal things." Toward the end of the video, Beyoncé is in a bed dressed in a white blouse with lingerie under a black suit jacket exposing parts of her body, dancing seductively. Overall, this video represents, darkness, the Spirit of Jezebel, necromancy, destruction, horror, perversion and death. Beyoncé and Boots states the lyrics of this video represents their dissatisfaction & the craziness that goes on in the music industry, but the video clearly sends off a deep dark demonic message. Satan has infiltrated the music industry and the Entertainment arena attempting to corrupt with a pervasive fear and lack mentality. People try to mimic the counterfeit lives portrayed by singers, rappers and celebrities. The effects; angry hopeless followers who have become disillusioned, even depressed, going as far as committing suicide in pursuit of unrealistic standards depicted of lavish lifestyles. We must be careful what we entertain. Pray for discernment that our spiritual eyes are open to see what’s behind the lyrics and music videos, so we can come against those things that are hidden and be careful what we allow our children to watch. Connect with Schelita Wesley @ References are from the KJV & Amplified Study Bibles, Wilkipedia, Egyptian web site, CBS site. For any questions regarding this article, please email me at

Andre' & Ann Taylor Founders of EAW: Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries By- Clarissa Rhinehart

MNE2B • 8102-1 EUSSI ,9 EMULOV

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How did EAW start and why did you start it? Back2Eden News Mag very own Health and Fitness Colunmist, Ann W. Taylor and Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries began as her husband Andre Taylor, a response to a commandment from God. I are a dynamic couple who (Ann), had gone up and down in regard to my are on a mission to show weight for about a decade, and I was unable to others how Eating as an Act of Worship can be pleasing stop eating. I hated the way I looked and felt, unto God. and I was afraid that I was going to be diagnosed with an obesity related disease if I didn’t change, The Taylor's are trailblazers but I failed every time I tried to do it on my own. for the Lord and they operate I finally surrendered the issue to God, and He with a Spirit of Excellence taught me that the root of my problem was sin that could even  be felt on the cover of this magazine. and showed me in His Word, that it was His will for me to eat and drink for His Glory in order to I am so godly proud to have take care of my body because it is the temple of Mrs. Ann Taylor on my team the Holy Spirit. for this publication, and she has been such a blessing!

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After the Lord delivered me from the sins of gluttony and making an idol of my stomach and food, He commanded me to teach others how to be set free from obesity and eating disorders through His Word. That led to the EAW Workbook, Teacher’s Edition, and 12-week classes.  What inspires you the most?  Everything I do is inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I write, speak, and do exactly what He tells me to do to the best of my ability.  Since I write both Christian fiction and nonfiction, I am constantly amazed by the Lord’s revelation power and His creative power.  More importantly, I am blessed to get to know my Lord better as the Author and Finisher of my faith. As a husband and wife, do you believe that you both will one day write a book together about EAW? That’s a good question.  I write the books that God instructs me to write, and so far, He has not said anything about a collaboration with Andre in regard to a book in the Eating as an Act of Worship series.  

Page 21 However, He has used my husband to reveal a book that He wanted me to write in the series, and that’s the book entitled Eating as an Act of Worship Daily Inspirations. It is a daily devotional to help individuals get motivated to start a health and fitness plan, to stick with it, or to try again if they had a setback. Notwithstanding, I would not be surprised if the Lord used us to collaborate on a future EAW book. When the Lord commanded me to write the EAW books and teach others to eat as an act of worship, I just obeyed Him. I did not expect any help from anyone other than God, and I did not ask for it. When my husband stepped up to help me with the classes, I thought it was a one-time thing, but it wasn’t. He was consistently there working behind the scenes to help me, and he still is. He is an incredible blessing to the ministry, to me, and to the EAW participants so much, that the last EAW class honored Andre with a gift card and words of thanks, admiration, and encouragement. The Holy Spirit has inspired me to write both Christian fiction and nonfiction books regarding sex, love, and marriage. Those books will result in classes for teenagers, young adults, single, married, and divorced individuals which are similar to the classes we have for EAW Ministries. Although I haven’t received any specific instructions from the Lord regarding my husband’s involvement, I would welcome my husband’s involvement, and I think the participants would be blessed by his Christian male perspective.

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What legacy are you planning on leaving behind?

Closing: My husband and I met in college, and we worked together for three different employers when we were dating and at the beginning of our marriage. Consequently, it was difficult going to separate jobs later in life, and we have always dreamed of working together again. In fact, the Lord gave us a desire early on to go into business together, and we used to daydream out loud together about it. However, we didn’t understand at the time that God had planted seeds in our hearts that would later manifest for this appointed time in order to fulfill His purpose for humanity, our lives, our marriage, and our family as the Lord uses our children as role models to lead the kids who participate in the Eating as an Act of Worship Kidz Initiative Health and Fitness Course, too. By simply obeying the Will of God, we have been blessed with the desire of our hearts, and He richly rewards us by allowing us to witness individuals and entire families being changed through Christ as well as our sons mature into godly young men seeking to live lives that are pleasing to God.

The legacy is not ours. It’s the Lord’s. We did not conceive of EAW Ministries, the nonfiction and fiction books, or the EAW classes. It all came from God, so He alone gets the glory for it. From our perspective, we’re just vessels Jesus is using to continue His earthly mission to save the lost and bless them with abundant life. Our prayer is that when it’s time to give an account of our lives, the Lord will determine that our faith in Him is evidenced by our work for His Kingdom and that the Connect with Ann W. Taylor on Facebook: work stands the test of His fire. After which, it’s our prayer that He’ll say, “Well done, good and faithful servants!”

What Believers Need to Know About the New Age Movement By- Prophetess Joyce Stewart

New Age Movement: A compilation of metaphysical, Eastern-influenced thought systems. These may include theology, nature and philosophy. Let me start by saying that I am not a pastor, theologian, bible scholar, a new ager or an expertise in any category that may qualify me on the subject of new age.   However, prior to my total surrender to “Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ”, I have studied and viewed many of the new age philosophies first hand. I practiced some of the tools but never quite went all the way. I look at it like as a smorgasbord of what you want and how you want it type of spiritual progression.  The main focus on the New Age movement from my perspective is to have God on a level that is totally in agreement with one’s particular lifestyle/perspective.

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What I mean by that is to choose new age teachings is to say that I believe that God exists but I’m

"New Age has no boundaries and follows NO set rules" not convinced that there is only one way to reach Him. The New Age is a very broad and wide range of spiritual prowess. It has no boundaries and follows no set rules or protocols outside of each individual/group/guru’s methodology. This being said, its difficult to speak on this subject as it has many doors or entry ways. In other words, it’s like how many churches and doctrines that are under the umbrella of God: Angelican, Baptist, COGIC, Catholic, Charismatic, Holiness, Pentecostal, Non-denomination, etc. I think you can surely get the picture that I’m drawing. There are a slew of ways to enter into the domain of new age; Ex: Light Bearers, Teachings of the Ascended Masters, Enlightenment Groups, Eastern Mysticism with a whole network of Gurus (Shirley

Page 24

Maclaine, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, The Dalai Lama, Paul Coelho, Pope Francis, etc.)

"The church must be aware on how to respond " So, what I want to touch on are somethings that the church must be aware of and know how to respond, relate and counteract on. 1. Satan is a counterfeit in all that he does. God created the spiritual world and he duped it. • The New Age is one of his greatest and craftiest spiritual domain. It promises loads of tools to bring a spiritual awareness that will invoke your God/Christ Consciousness via mystical experiences. If you have noticed there has been a great movement in the new age community regarding meeting your angels, this is one of the craftiest and seductive form of drawing individuals via a curious desire that most of humanity desires. 2. The New Age Movement Promises “I Am-ness”. • The primary focus is for you to be spiritually advanced, transformation and soul evolution. 3. The New Age Message is meant to capture our generation.

Page 25

• You are in charge of your future. Complete freedom, no one to answer to except God, Your Angel or chosen Guru.

"The New Age Movement takes ones focus off the Trinity " 4. It’s a path of Destiny, leading you to Heaven. • This road of light as they teach is leading you to evolution, great power and eventually heavenly ascension. The important things to be aware of in regards to the new age movement is that it takes one’s focus off of the trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son & the Holy Spirit. The promotion is that that the individual can choose a path or road that will lead them to “spiritual enlightenment.” Today, you don’t have to go to far to see books, videos or movies that offer you a chance to communicate with your “angels.”  The media is filled with people who say that they have had “out of body” experiences or have had heavenly visitations.  Now, this does not mean that God is not doing that for particular individuals but there are some basic guidelines that we need to adhere to in these accounts. I want to mention a few new age inclusions that are very prevalent and may seem innocent or be pretty subtle

Page 26

and others that are blatant occultic in nature.

The eastern teachings have found their way onto our soil in America by virtue of those who migrated here and are serious practitioners: astral projection, transcendent meditation, reiki healing, hypnosis, the study of chakras, yoga, wicca, feng shui, invoking goddesses/gods, priestesses,etc. Some of the normal activities amongst new age are: past lives/regression, channeling, automatic writing, seances, games and videos that feature role-playing. There are many more, but these are some basic tools that they use as well as books from Gurus that teach about kundalini and other spiritual exercises. I would advise you truly learn about some of these as they can be hidden subliminally in music, movies or games that your children are playing or watching. I believe what’s vital about the new age movement is how they market themselves and who it is geared to draw. First and foremost, it is geared towards the Youth and those in our generation (30-50), highly educated individuals as well as those in medium to high range economic status. The way in which I believe people have been seduced is its ability to bring faster results. What does this mean? Teachings like the “Law of Attraction.” People want to know how to get what they desire or pray for with all that spiritual red tape – so to speak. So now the mainstream of believers and non-believers alike flock to the bookstore and watch videos that are telling them that a “The Secret” has been discovered of prosperity. This is the beginnings of using the universe as a source instead of God who has supplied the

resources. It undermines relationship with God and substitutes new age systems instead. Besides that the bible tells you the same principles in the scriptures. Such as “As a man thinketh, what a man sows, so shall he receive. Decree a thing and it shall come to pass. They are just repackaging what we should already know. On a personal level, I read the book: “The Secret” and was fascinated by the video. I thought that I had an aha moment but after I had been seeking through a lot of new age sources. After much seeking, I realized that I was still missing Jesus. I had already given my life to Him when I was a youth but never stayed still long enough to develop an ear to hear Him. Still, I was determined to serve Him without all the religious boundaries that the church seemed to be (Page 27)

contaminated by. I was suffering from church hurt in a truly internally bleeding way. Therefore, I promised myself: Lord, there must be another way to God! This is another way that Satan can entrap us; by our disappointments, fears or lack of interest. We can go window shopping via our “soul” to another source. This brings me to how Satan recruits. Most of those in the 30-50 age category have been raised in the church or some sort of what others would label as organized religion. These individuals have understood the bible (to a certain degree) and perhaps have had very little prosperity (joy, spiritual growth, financial success, etc.) This can make them a bit vulnerable if an opportunity presents itself as “godly” assistance. For instance, someone who pretends to be spiritual that uses operates by other means, can seduce this person. Someone like Doreen Virtue. I thought she was so spiritually deep and the fact that you could meet your angels was something that I never believed was possible. Somehow, through God’s mercy he led me back again and again. At that time, I had not heard about Believer’s like Steven Brooks, Tim Sheets, Kevin Basconi Katie Souza or Kynan Bridge, just to name a few who have had true supernatural encounters with heaven, angels, etc.

We are living in a world that leaders in our government, cities/states and in our country are summoning demonic spirits and channeling what they believe are angels. Our children are watching Harry Potter, XMEN, The Avengers, and Marvel comics and desiring the same powers that they are viewing. Now before we get all religious and so holy, let’s be realistic and look at the way our world, Hollywood, the educated members of society and ask the amazing question of WHY God? Could it possibly be that we have shown them a wrong Jesus? Are we displaying a watered-down gospel to the world? Are we showing them God’s Glory and Majesty?

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When was the last time you saw water or This my Christian sisters and brothers, was another liquid turned into wine in your church how Jesus dealt with the religious leaders or conferences? Has any known witnessed an and any so-called spiritual followers of New apostle or prophet (any other leader/laymen) Agers. If we can not show them a walk on water? “Supernatural God”, then they will never How many times have you run out of gas or know that He exists. If Jesus said greater food and prayed fervently and caused it to works shall you do, then why aren’t we appear in your cabinets or car? Why do so doing them…Selah. many Christians struggle under the hand of I say to you again, what every Believer voodoo doctors, witches, warlocks, evil/wicked needs to know about the New Age leaders? When you total up the power of the Movement, is that it's not NEW! It’s a “help average BELIEVER, it may astound you. yourself” process of rebellion towards God. What every Believer needs to know about the Every Believer must position themselves for New Age Movement, is that there are the opposing forces by doing what Moses students of a spiritual army that are being did, divide the Red Sea, call down fire from trained to challenge your dominion, power and Heaven like Elijah, and cast out demonic authority. They do not sit in churches for hours spirits (portraying themselves as shouting without breakthrough, they do not prophets/gods/goddesses) wait for their leader to intercede for life proving that we are the “True Children/Sons issues/problems and they do not sit on the of a Living God.” sidelines of their life waiting for a prophetic word, laying on of hands or feel sorry for Connect with Prophetess Joyce at: themselves. Now, this is not to make anyone feel less than great because all those things above have affected us and have been meant to prep us to grow up in the maturity in Christ Jesus. But there comes a time that we must become true “Sons of God.” Not standing behind religious boundaries of a church, leader or weak prayers. No, we must get girded (educated, strengthened by the Word of God through fasting and prayers) and decree/declare for heaven to join us in fighting spiritual wars. We are to be ready, not just by quoting scriptures only but to answer by action, signs and wonders.

Urban Apologetist: Exposing The Black Consciousness Movement By- Julius Rhinehart (Interview with Brother Berean)

A few years ago, GOD alerted me to a move that was on the rise. Although I quite honestly did not totally comprehend at the time just how serious the movement was that He was alerting me to, I would find out. I was very excited to interview Bro Berean. He is a leading voice in a growing movement of African American Christians who are Urban Missionaries and who are seeking to Evangelize to The Black Consciousness Community. Julius: "I am glad you were able to grant us this interview. So, tell us about yourself. How long have you walked with The Lord? What is your testimony?" Bro Berean: "Well, I grew up in church. My mother was in charge of the youth department. I grew up in The Church Of God, headquarters in Anderson, Indiana. I have always been in church all my life. I gave my life to The Lord at a young age. As I got older, I started missing choir

rehearsal and being . in the streets and you know, growing up in the streets of Brooklyn, I got caught up in street life. That led to me being incarcerated. I dedicated my life back to The Lord on Rikers Island, while I was in prison, and that is how I got involved in Apologetics to be honest. A lot of people that knew me from the streets were Five Percenters, The Nation of Islam and a lot of those teachings that are being Page 30

BACK2EDEN NEWS MAG peddled in the prison system. I had to be kind of forced into it. People would come by my cell, "Come outside, the gods want to talk to you." You got that white man's book?" And that's kind of the beginning of it. As soon as I re-dedicated my life, being that I was in that environment and it's so hostile and so Anti-Bible, I was kind of forced into Apologetics. So, I started getting a lot of books. I was praying and fellowshipping with The Lord, but at the same time, I was studying and reading and getting into history as far as The Five Percenters, The Nation of Islam, The Moorish Science Temple and all of these other organizations and groups that a lot of these young men were involved in. They were saying things like "the white man is the enemy" and "The Bible is the tool that he used" and that kind of led me on a quest as far as history, not knowing that The LORD was training me even then to be involved in Apologetics.

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And you know, twenty-three years later, I began to hear a lot of the same teachings being prevalent on the Internet, with other men having been in the prison system and coming home and being involved on Sa Neter television and talking some of that same stuff that I would just call jail talk, and then I came to find out it is more prevalent because of social media. Julius: "Wow.......One of the things I feel people definitely need to understand, is that there definitely is a need in the prisons because that is a place where a lot of these teachings seem to flourish on both sides; black and white. The white side having the Skinheads etc. The Black side having The Nation of Islam, The Five Percenters, The Moorish Science Temple etc. This leads to the next question. What is Urban Apologetics? Bro Berean:

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"When we talk about Urban Apologetics, we are talking about answering. You know Apologetics is giving an answer, but when we talk about Urban Apologetics, there are certain questions we face in our communities that are different from other people that are dealing with Apologetics; you know dealing with atheist, who GOD is, inspiration of Scripture etc. With Urban Apologetics, we have to deal with questions like: "Is The Bible the white man's book?" "Is Jesus the white man's GOD?" Why was there a slave ship named Jesus?" Is GOD concerned with people of African descent?" How can black Christians go to church and listen to and sing hymns and lift their hands in worship to songs and sing songs at funerals that were written by white men who owned slaves at the time they wrote the hymns, which we consider inspired today?" Is The Bible a tool of oppression that was placed on us when we came here through The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?" So when we start dealing with Urban Apologetics, it's answering specific questions dealing with The Bible, Europeans, racism, the European image of Jesus, and how slavery in America ties in with The Bible. That is mainly the gist of it when we talk about Urban Apologetics; what I call putting in work on the block and in the Barber Shop. It deals with questions that come up with us on the block and in the Barber Shop." Julius: "Amen. I know I personally thank GOD that there are people such as yourself that are dealing with these issues. I have been around on the social media tip for a little while and I have had a love for Apologetics for some time and you were a breath of fresh air because you were dealing with things that we as a people have to deal with.........Just so people who may not have ever heard of it may know, what is the Black Consciousness Community?"

Bro Berean: "Well, the Consciousness Community is actually a group of various organizations that came about around the late 1860s to about the 1960s. They are made up of newer groups like The Five Percent Nation of Gods and Earth started by Clareance 13X, and he came out from The Nation of Islam, to earlier groups like different forms of the Hebrew Israelites, The Moorish Science Temple and a lot of various organizations that came out of PanAfricanism and Marcus Garvey and the early 1900's.

They are variety of groups that come together and they have certain things in common like, "the white man is our enemy", "The Bible is not really a tool for us." Now the Hebrew Israelites believe that The Bible is the black man's book, but the majority of the Consciousness Community believes that The Bible was a tool used to oppress us. They believe that the white man is wicked and that we by virtue of our genetics because of our melanin, are automatically greater than the white man. A large portion of them hold to the Jesus Myth theory. They believe Jesus is a myth. They believe that white man stole African spirituality, gave it back to our people in the form of church dogma and stole "Christ-Consciousness" which they believe we all had as African people before coming contact with Europeans." Julius: "There does seems to be the seemless thread when you look at the claims of the Consciousness Community.

Claims of the black man having divinity etc. Not to say that there aren't some differences among the different groups, but there does seem to be a seemless thread with certain claims. What is the connection between the Consciousness Community and Occultism?" Bro Berean: "That's a good question. That gets into what we call WET(Western Esoteric Tradition). The Consciousness Community is steeped into the Western Esoteric Tradition. There are people like Bobby Hemmet, Phil Valentine, Red Pill/Blue Pill, and various people you see on Sa Nater TV. They are teaching ancient Esoteric Doctrine. It is nothing new. It was taught by people like Francis Bacon in Europe. It was taught by John D. Then it came here and was taught by Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan, H.P. Blavatsky, Annie Beasant in Esoteric Christianity, Simon Magus going all the way back to ancient Gnosticism, Manly P. Hall in Secret Teachings of All Ages. All of the occult traditions come down from ancient Khemet (Egypt) and ancient Babylon and Sumeria and a lot of the Consciousness Community teaches that this was our true spirituality, calling on the ancestors, calling on the spirits, opening up the third eye, understanding the Chakra system, understanding that you can come into contact with the spirit world, they teach these are our ancient black ancestors who want to commune with us, not only

Page 33

us, but the Hopi ,the Mayans, Indians, they were all practicing the same thing. So they teach in the Consciousness Community black magic, sex magic, how to work with candles, Voodoo, Santeria, calling on the spirits etc. They teach this is our true spirituality and that we have to get back to the Voodoo, to the ancient practice of calling on the spirits and understanding your higher self or the "godconsciousness". They teach that we need to forget about the historical Jesus, they teach that we need to understand that it is "Christ in you, the hope of Glory." That Christ, they teach, is the African power in you. And that is very problematic because when we read Deuteronomy 18, GOD commanded His people that when you go into the land, don't do as they do. So apparently, this is something that has been going on and it is coming back stronger in the Consciousness Community.

But what they don't understand in the Consciousness Community, is that Europeans that have been involved in the Western Esoteric Tradition have always practiced this. In the 1980's in the church, we just called it the New Age Movement, but it was nothing really new because it goes back to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil. It teaches that man can evolve into God. These are the doctrines we are seeing. They teach that the white man is fooling us. And the white man knows that this has the power to resurrect the blacks in America and the church is a guard against it, because they teach that the church has been trained by the white man to keep the true power from the blacks. That's why they listen to other people who say, "Don't listen to The Bible. The Bible says that we are not supposed to do it, then we are supposed to do it, because that is where the power is to raise you as gods." It's an ancient doctrine. It is what we basically call Luciferian." Julius: "Now I must say, that particular lie there, when I first heard it, I thought "Whoa, this has the potential to be very dangerous, because they are tying into to our oppression." And we are seeing manifestation of this man of GOD because when we approach these people with The Bible, they really look at it like we are approaching then with their enemy."

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Page 35 Bro Berean: "It's a slick move. And to have it so tied with our culture, in America we have actually been oppressed coming through the Civil Rights Movement, even with more recent police killings. A lot of people are locking into their culture, their black culture. A lot of our people don't want to be locked into Western culture. We had a culture before we came here. For the enemy to tie that directly into blackness ,that is a real problem. And it is hard to separate it because groups like The Nation of Islam and the Hebrew Israelites, constantly use the European image of Jesus. Now I grew up in the church and I haven't seen a white Jesus inside a black church for about over 25 years now, except outside of a Catholic Church, but it is still something that they want to use because they want to tie it to cultural pride. And then they tell you that the white man knows that you are better than him because of

the melanin in your skin and that you are actually the gods of this earth. This gives pride to a people and that opens up their ear to hear this false teaching. We have to remember now, that the black church has not been that relevant. We haven't been speaking to relevant issues like Dr. King and so many others in the past have and I partially blame that on the "Name it and Claim it" you know, the Kenneth Hagins and Kenneth Copelands and you can just name it and claim it, also people like Benard Jordan who are involved in the occult and others that teach that you can just call down the powers, and the Power of Positive Thinking. As Mitch Horrowitz points out in Occult America, all of that is steeped into the occult. So the occult has even spread inside the Charismatic Movement and while we are talking about naming it and claiming it and GOD will give us a car and a wife will come and a new house will come and another car will come and a bigger business, we have been prophesying lies to each other, which is actually Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan. Part of Satanism is materialism. We don't just see materialism in the rap world. We see it in the black church through the name it and claim it and GOD can make us rich and all you have to do is think it up in your mind, like GOD is a genie. That is why I call a lot of what is going on in Charismatic circles a damnable doctrine because while we were teaching this, people were on Sa Neter TV talking about our culture; how we answer to police violence, and racism in America and how we deal with corporate systemic racism, and we have been just jumping up and dancing for a new car in the church and getting online for prophecies and doing a whole bunch of stuff which has basically drug us into materialism."

Page 36

Julius: "I have Mitch Horrowitz When we say Intelligent Design vs Evolution, we have book in my library. I want to get to challenge our young people even in Sunday School. into it real soon. But you have We just get curriculum from a lot of these places. Our gotten into something that I European brothers and sisters write up a Sunday want to ask you about. It has School curriculum and we just take it and use it. But we been reported that a lot of black have to tailor our Sunday Schools programs to deal young people are leaving the with our issues and push our culture. A lot of these church to get involved with young people go off to college and they get influence by African Spirituality. There has certain things and start hearing about black leaders that actually been an article written they don't hear about in church. We often say that it is on this. What do you feel are not really the Gospel so don't worry about it. I think the contributing factors to this?" some of it is just Westernized Christianity in general and Bro Berean: "For one, I can say people looking at Christianity like it is just a white that it is the hypocritical lifestyle Evangelical thing, when it is not. I can love my culture from the preachers that people as a black man in America and appreciate where my have been seeing. Hearing people have descended from and be a Christian at the about scandals like the late same time. But because Christianity is so tied into Bishop Eddie Long situation, Western civilization and America, I think that is a large the late Pastor Zachary Timms part of it. situation etc. I think a lot of it is the hypocritical lifestyle people Those two things along with the hypocrisy have been seeing inside of the people have been seeing in the church among church. the preachers and certain things we have not Also, we have not been been dealing directly with. We haven't been challenging young people. I answering the young people giving them a often tell people inside Sunday chance to ask certain questions. You know, Seminary that Sunday School there is culture in church that if it comes teachers are important. We from the pulpit it must be right and they don't deal with Science, we can't even ask questions and that can be don't deal with Biology. We problematic. So now we have Pastors that are have to speak to certain things. woke and they are opening the floor and are allowing the young people to ask questions.

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"Young people are opening up and beginning to share issues that they are dealing with. And we have to start answering the hard questions and we haven't been doing that. Everybody has been trying to be cheap copy cat of someone else as opposed to really hearing the young people out and letting them be themselves and really allowing them to grow. GOD gives us room to grow. We have to deal with that and we have not been dealing with it if we are attempting to win them back or just to close the back door so that a lot of them won't be leaving because of unanswered questions."

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Witnessing to Those in The New Age Movement By- Clarissa Rhinehart When you are witnessing to someone who is a part of The New Age Movement, never ASSUME that you know what the person believes. The best thing you can do if you are unsure, is just ASK! The truth is, you must earn the right to be heard when you are witnessing to a New Ager, because they can sometimes REJECT you very quickly because you are NOT equipped to their dialogue! Please do your homework to understand what they believe. Also be prepared to stress the fact that humanity has a sinful nature according to Romans 3:23, because most New Agers do not think about the issue of sin at all because they feel that all they need to overcome their problems is deep meditation. Another thing to remember, is that many within this movement, do NOT like to be preached at or talked down to, so be mindful how you deliver what you say! Many New Agers also take Christian words and use them out of context of the true biblical meaning, and as a Believer, you must be willing and prepared to question the terms they use. Be sure that what they are saying, is the SAME THING that you mean. And lastly, BE READY to listen with a keen ear for their internal contradictions; Trust and believe that sooner or later, you will CATCH on to the inconsistencies. These inconsistencies, tend to come up when they are discussing the relationship between what is reality and what is belief. Here is a great example, A New Ager might say that you can CREATE your own REALITY. You may reply, "Good! Then if I BELIEVE RED LIGHTS ARE REALLY GREEN, would you want to go driving with me?" Watch for their reaction but overall, PRAY that a seed of conviction will be planted in order for their minds to be changed! They have to understand that God is personal and that He loves them and whether or not they accept the POWERFUL Word of God, isn't the issue; the issue is simply that you will be HELD accountable in presenting the TRUTH in an accurate and loving way!

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Vol 9 issue 1 2018 B2ENM NEW AGE MOVEMENT  

Get an understanding: The New Age Movement and what Believers NEED to Know & MORE!

Vol 9 issue 1 2018 B2ENM NEW AGE MOVEMENT  

Get an understanding: The New Age Movement and what Believers NEED to Know & MORE!