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WORKING TREND MOODBOARD Clarissa Butt 1617329 FT4101 Our trend, Global Citizen, talks about multiculturalism. What drew us to this topic was the increase in discussion about race and identity. 2016 was the year of Brexit, it was the year that the Black Lives Matter movement really came to the fore, it was the year that Donald Trump was elected president. However, as much as there were negatives, there were also positives: The Black Lives Matter movement gained a huge amount of support, with people of all races coming out to protest in the streets, Obama came out to defend the protests and the it also received celebrity support such as Beyonce’s performance of Formation at the Superbowl which was dedicated to the movement; Britain left the EU but London, a cultural melting pot, largely voted to remain, along with other major cities like Oxford and Cambridge; and although Donald trump won the election, he did not win the popular vote, showing us that a large part of the American population were not in favour of his views, many of which considered racist. Although Blerta bought the actual board, there were no clear roles when creating our moodboard, Derrick, Blerta Gislene and I came together and brainstormed , it was very much a combined effort. We sourced our images from Pinterest and Google. We wanted to represent the debates mentioned above and also debates within the fashion industry, mainly cultural appropriation and the lack of diversity. The image relating to the internet is meant to represent how our world has become smaller, making it easier for us to sample other cultures through the wealth of information available to us and the many deals on travel which makes it easier than ever before to go and experience another country first hand.

TREND POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Clarissa Butt 1617329 FT4101 With our PowerPoint Presentation we expanded on the ideas touched on in our moodboard. We also looked at multiculturalism in London and how it makes the city more exciting. Many of the areas considered trendy today are cultural pockets: Brixton with it’s West Indian population, Hackney with it’s African and Afro-Caribbean population and Brick Lane and it’s Bengali population. You just have to look at how popular Notting Hill Carnival and Brick Lane’s Sunday world food market are to see how we are drawn to sampling other cultures. We can experience something different and exotic from halfway across the world, without the hefty price of a plane ticket. We also expanded on cultural appropriation within the Fashion industry and celebrity culture. Derrick talked about how , in 2015, the brand Dsquared received backlash for its Dsquaw collection, inspired by Canadian Indian tribes. The term squaw is a derogatory word referring to Native American women. It has highly negative connotations, on par with the word ‘nigger’ to refer to African Americans. Gislene talked about celebrity cultural appropriation, citing the backlash Justin Bieber received for his dreadlocks in 2016. Blerta expanded on the current discussions surrounding race such as the Black Lives Matter movement and Brexit. I looked at the use of African Print in fashion. Haitian designer StellaJean often uses beautiful African and ethnic - nspired prints in her collections. Asos also teamed up with Kenyan seamstresses and designers to come up with their Asos Africa or Made in Kenya range. Again, the work was evenly split. We brainstormed on the case studies together and then delegated one to each of us to go home and expand on. Derrick edited the slides.


STYLING Clarissa Butt 1617329 FT4104 For our styling project we chose female empowerment for our trend. More specifically, we drew inspiration from the current discussions about gender equality, body positivity, de-sexualising of the female form and campaigns on social media like Free The Nipple. Women should be able to express themselves and wear what they want without any stigma or without being judged. To convey this we combined ‘mensy’ clothes with sheer, body conscious tops. Styling was done by all three of us- Ivelina, Meg and I Photography was done by Ivelina

ADOBE CLIP APP VIDEO Clarissa Butt 1617329 FT4101 The theme of this video was body image and positivity. At the time, when we were told to go downstairs and shoot the videos there was an exhibition of work from the Art students. The first piece of work we saw was about unrealistic expectation put on women by the fashion industry; this gave us the idea for the video. As we are bombarded with images and ideas of the ‘perfect’ body, many women, especially young ones, feel uncomfortable in there own skin. They feel the need to change. At the beginning of the clip I am shown feeling awakward and unconfident. In the clip I can be seen ‘shopping’ for body parts as there was another piece of work that dealt with plastic surgery and presented parts of the body almost like pieces of clothing. I pull out the one that says ‘brain out of stock’ The ending of the clip is supposed to convey me feeling happier and accepting myself. Gislene and I both came up with the concept for the clip. Gislene shot the video on her phone.

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