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Syllable stress The teacher explains students what is a syllable stress, and gives some examples on the board and specifies that english words don ´t have an accent as in spanish e.g. báck-pack Pén-cil com-pú-ter con-gra-tu-lá-tions Ask students to find as many objects as they can with a specific vowel or consonant sound. If the weather is nice, send them outside. Bring in books or magazines with lots of pictures to stimulate their minds. Example: Find things in the classroom that have an /r/ sound. room blackboard eraser

syllables • Have students compete to build a syllable pyramid. • The teacher gives a topic (clothing, objects in the classroom, animals, food, etc.) and students race to build a pyramid, then they say the syllable stress on each one. (One syllable word at the top, the a 2-syllable word, 3-syllable word, etc.) The winner wins a prize. e.g. chair Bird workbook




Word stress activity • Word Stress Put students in groups and send them outside for a specified period of time. Tell them to find as many things in nature with 1,2,3,4 or more syllables or with certain word stress patterns as they can. (Example: tree, squirrel, waterfall, etc.) • Have students find examples of items that can be combined to form a new compound noun. (i.e. snow + ball = snowball) they write them on their notebooks.

Syllable stress worksheet Listen to the teacher say each word. Then underline the stressed syllable or this could be for homework. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 mother 2 America 3 computer 4 guarantee 5 paper 6 machine 7 answer 8 introduce 9 visitor 10 about 11 afraid 12 another 13 telephone 14 Japan 15 hotel 16 Hong Kong 17 animal 18 between 19 hairdresser 20 China

syllable stress presentation  

A lesson plan about syllable stress with some examples on how to present a class with this topic.

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