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Clarendon Cottage P R E P A R A T O R Y


Traditional Education Clarendon Cottage offers parents a striking and imaginative alternative to other schools. We are a small, friendly place with big expectations. We bring together the best of modern and traditional teaching methods to help all children reach their potential. Values such as good behaviour, politeness and courtesy are at the heart of everything we do. Established in 1991, the school’s tried and tested methods create a happy, constructive and well-disciplined learning environment where children are able to thrive.

“ “ Pupils’ achievement is excellent and they are well educated ISI 2011

Pupils are strongly committed to success ISI 2011

Achievement In a modern world, it is important that children have a solid grasp of core subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics. If you want your child to progress to a grammar or independent senior school, this will be essential. The school has an excellent track record of achievement - we are very well regarded

Community and Social Achievement

and Success by leading senior schools. Our children have passed exams for all the top independent and grammar schools. Our SATs results rank us top in our area and in the top 100 nationally. Core subjects are introduced from day one and are taught in ways that young children find exciting and enjoyable.

Equally important is the need to develop confidence and social skills. Children are encouraged to play a positive role in the school community and learn to help and respect others and their feelings. They may also be expected to undertake community responsibilities such as being a playground buddy or prefect, helping on the school council or being a monitor. Community achievement is always recognised, praised and rewarded by the house points system, merit certificates and badges. School assemblies celebrate all achievement and regular class assemblies share community issues and new learning, often through drama and music.

Pupils’ attainment in national tests at the age of eleven is excellent ISI 2011

Creative Arts

Pupils’ enthusiasm and enjoyment make a significant contribution to their good achievement in creative and physical studies ISI 2011

It is important that children are encouraged to be inventive and to think in creative ways. Clarendon Cottage brings together the best of traditional and modern mediums. While art, music, dance, drama and the opportunity to learn a musical instrument are highly valued, our newly upgraded IT facilities also allow for a different kind of creativity in terms of research, interaction and presentation. As suggested, drama, music and dance are used extensively in the school and help children to gain confidence and explore different feelings and emotions. Each class undertakes two drama productions a year, which are performed in the school hall in front of parents at Christmas and Easter. They undertake a class assembly each half term and can become part of the very successful drama club which stages an annual production.

The excellent relationships between teachers and pupils contribute significantly to pupils’ exemplary ISI 2011 behaviour

Sporting For many children, sport is an area in which they can excel, gain confidence and develop self esteem. Sport and games also encourage team work, co-operation, determination and a healthy lifestyle.

Opportunities Sports are taken seriously and another advantage of being a small school is that it’s not just the sporting elite who get the chance to represent the school. We make full use of community resources, providing transport to the Eccles Recreation Centre, Soccer Dome, Monton Sports Club and Eccles College. Some of these facilities also have the advantage of being indoor and usable all year. Clarendon Cottage School competes successfully with other schools, both

independent and local authority, across a range of sports including; football, netball, athletics, swimming, cross-country and in sports tournaments. We have won various trophies, often achieving well above what our stature might suggest - our teams are known for their determination and commitment. Competition also extends to our own sports day, where children compete for their school house and can receive a wide range of awards.

Family Orientated The school provides high quality, flexible and economic before and after school care, as well as a holiday club. Family discount of up to 20% on care costs, across both nursery and school, is also available for qualifying parents. The school is a friendly place and parents, children and staff soon get to know each other. Parents are encouraged to be involved and have a say in school matters through the PTA. This is a very active body and plays an important role in school life. Homework is provided for all children but is not compulsory. You can make the choice, on a day to day basis, dependent on your own wishes and your child’s and family’s needs.

Pupils develop their knowledge, skills and understanding effectively and are valued as individuals within a happy, well-disciplined school community ISI 2011

Extra Curricular Clubs & Activities Children need to try as wide a range as possible of different activities to help them discover where their interests and aptitudes lie. The school provides such a range of activity clubs and these may be held at lunch time, after school or even in school time itself. Interest and hobby clubs are usually free to join, while other clubs, which require

specialist tuition, will be charged at cost. Children are encouraged to join at least one club and the club notice board is situated in the main school entrance hall where children and parents can find out and keep up to date with what is available. A full list of clubs is provided with this prospectus.

Head of Preparatory School Mrs E L Howard MA BA (hons) PGCE Head of Nursery Mrs K S McWilliams NNEB (3 to 11 years) Preparatory School Ivy Bank House Half Edge Lane Eccles M30 9BJ

The Cottage Nursery (0 to 3 years) Clarendon Cottage Clarendon Road Eccles M30 9AL

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School Prospectus  

Online colour school prospectus