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SCENE May 2017

The handbook for builders, renovators and decorators

Renovating Fixing Painting

Restoring Building Decorating

Style Homewares Outdoor Living

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Home Scene - May 2017



Contents 5. Get the glow 6. Hotel at home 7. Back to black 8. Moody blues 8. What’s new 10. Winter hues 16. 5 mistakes when buying a bed 16. What’s new in flooring 17. Styling to Sell 18. Buying your first home 23. Auction strategies 24. How to save for a house deposit 25. Build a bench seat 28. Repurpose underutilised areas in your backyard 37. Repairing holes in walls and ceilings 40. Get in the garden

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SCENE May 2017

The handbook for builders, renovators and decorators

Renovating Fixing Painting

Restoring Building Decorating

Style Homewares Outdoor Living

Cover images courtesy: (Main Pic) Vast Interior, (Bottom Pics) Vast Interior, Reece Plumbing. (Homewares) Amalfi.

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Image: Dulux Duramax Granite Effect in Grey.


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Home Scene - May 2017


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Home Scene - May 2017


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Give your home a touch of sophistication and elegance with this range of metalic homewares. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom or bathroom, your home can be upstyled simply by adding a touch of gold, brass, copper or silver to your existing decore.






1. Measuring 400mm diameter, Mermaid Vibes is cut from high grade brushed stainless steel and powdercoated with a super durable Dulux UV resistant finish in blue gold. Home - A striking entrance piece, “home” measures 23.5cm x 1m and is cut from brushed stainless steel. Simple, stylish. Suitable for indoors or 2. Carera Brushed Nickel ceiling fan and Melody-BrushedNickel wall fan - Yamba Tiles and Lighting Network, Treelands Dr, Yamba. 3,4,7,9,11,13 & 14. Amalfi Denley Table Lamp, Amalfi York Metal Wall Clock , Amalfi Culti Round Vase, Amalfi S/2 Celine Bowls, Amalfi Culti Deco/Trinket Ball, Amalfi Saintly Stool/Side Table, Amalfi Kahlo Vase- 5. Jono, Temple & Webster stylist chose to incorporate metallics with the mirrors, a couple of the decor pieces and the stud accents on the furniture. Photography Denise Braki, Styling Jono 6. Breville Luxe 8&15 Stools (8 also comes as a table)-Vast Interior, Orlando St, Coffs Harbour. 10. Aviator brass coffee table, Aviator table and stools - 16. Chair painted using gold gilding wax from Annie Sloan - for stockists. Home Scene - May 2017


Hotel at home How to recreate the luxury feeling every day


e all delight in the feeling of being on holiday. And with bathrooms seen as a place to escape to – a living room for one – so many of us are looking to recreate the feeling of luxury and relaxation experienced in a hotel, within our own homes. Hotel luxury is more than just a feeling – it’s an elevated sense of being. It’s a getaway from the hustle and bustle of life, a chance to relax, retreat and enjoy the best of pampering. You don’t need a tropical destination to enjoy the five-star quality of a hotel in the heart of your home. Here’s how you can recreate it. Remember, sometimes less is more Hotel bathrooms are often large and expansive, with wide and luxurious open spaces. We’d all love a huge bathroom, but when space is at a premium at home there are a few ways to create the illusion of more space.


Home Scene - May 2017

Wall mounting the toilet and vanity, choosing an in-wall toilet cistern and installing inbuilt storage cabinets are all ways to ensure you maintain that sense of space while minimising clutter. Avoid over-filling the room; pick a statement or hero piece and work around it. It’s what’s inside that counts Product selection is crucial in creating the ultimate bathroom retreat. Keep your space lush and relaxing with this list of must-haves. • A wet room style walk-in shower, which not only looks great can also help create a sense of space. • A rain style overhead shower-head for a completely immersive experience. • If space allows, a free-standing bath to soak away the stress of the day. Enjoy daily indulgence in the Kado Neue Free-standing Bath and feel it all float away. • Heated towel rails give an instant sense

of luxury by providing toasty warm towels. Kado Lux Curve Heated Towel Rails provide enduring comfort while adding that extra bit of X-factor to your bathroom look. • Continue the warm embrace with heat lamps. The Kado 3 in 1 Heat Lamp is a fully integrated light, heat and air extraction solution that will keep your bathroom fresh and warm. • Task lit LED mirrors ensure perfect lighting in the bathroom space. • Stylish tapware that complements other bathroom fittings creates a cohesive look. • Double sinks for plenty of personal space. Kado Arc Semi Recessed Basin keeps your vanity looking sleek, a contemporary look to last through the ages. Look up and down What’s underfoot plays a crucial role in getting the look right and capturing that hotel luxury feeling. Look to marble, granite and feature tiling for a sleek hotel feel. Soft lighting is essential. Harsh task lighting will instantly kill the atmosphere of escape you’re working so hard to create, so keep it ambient or even better – adjustable. Bring it all together Luxury doesn’t end with fittings and products. Good quality towels and robes, premium toiletries and soap, indoor plants, pendant lighting and artwork are always to tie the space together and create the luxe hotel experience at home.


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For a contemporary look that is totally chic, you can’t go past decorating with black. Being able to be teamed with a range of colours and designs black is a perfect choice. From Scandi through to Urban Organic, whatever your decor, these items should be on your shopping list.

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1. Suspended fireplace. Range is available in matt black or a range of metallic colours. For indoor or outdoor use. (made near Byron Bay) - aurorasuspendedfires. com 2, 3 Milk & Sugar Asta 3-piece Cheese Set - Charcoal, Milk & Sugar Large Axel Pot - Charcoal - 4. Breville Luxe 5,8,9,10. Amalfi Edie Cushion, Amalfi Heidi Stool, Amalfi Cherai Platter/Wall DĂŠcor, Amalfi S/2 Sanctuary Planter Pots On Stand - www. 6. Bike against a fence, Mathew Broughton, print, 30cm(W) x 30cm(H)Ready to hang - www. 7. Charcoal pot - Vast Interior, Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour. 11. Black Fienza vanity - Yamba Tiles & Lighting Network, Treelands Drive, Yamba Home Scene - May 2017


What’s New? 1


The Urban Cultivator From dark indigo to the paleness of ice blue, the colour blue is one of the easiest hues to decorate with. Blues create a sense of calm and peace and can be used in any room of the home. Incorporate blue into your home decor today.



The Urban Cultivator is a fully automated kitchen garden which can fit underbench in most kitchens. Don’t think dishwasher, think fresh herbs and organic microgreens all year round. Having an Urban Cultivator means you can harvest seconds before you plate, meaning your microgreens retain all their flavour and goodness. Being fully automated the Urban Cultivator makes growing easy. Simply set it to the temperature and watering frequency that your greens need and let the Urban Cultivator do the rest. For more information and stock- Eat Better Food: Urban Cultivator indoor gardens can grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs, and microgreens ists: in any kitchen. Urban Cultivator also supply a wide variety NB: The Urban Cultivator can be plumbed or used as a stand alone unit.

5 6

1. Woven Ottoman - Vast Interior, Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour. 2,3,4&5. 7 Amalfi Felix Wall Décor, Amalfi Antayla Vase, Amalfi Lenno Dhurrie Cushion, Amalfi Dreamland Wall Decor With Floating Frame - www.amalfihomewares. 6. Chair painted using Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan - www.anniesloan. com 7. Blue Art Deco themed room. This is a great example of how monochrome doesn’t always mean black and white - it’s just about creating a scheme using predominantly one colour. - 8

Home Scene - May 2017


of microgreens and herbs to grow You can try lesser known greens and incorporate them into your cooking!

Tick Tock

he chiming of a clock will always evoke a feeling of nostalgia, whether it was a trip to London and first hearing Big Ben’s booming chime, a visit to grandma’s house where it would mean lunch, or counting the hourly chimes waiting excitedly for Christmas morning to arrive. Australian iconic watchmakers Adina recognised this powerful sentient in 1980 and added clocks to its well-respected watch collection - the Adina clock division. What initially started out as a joint venture manufacturing grandfather clocks, combining classic German brass movements and hand carved hardwood cases, grew to encompass most clock genres.

Wall and mantle chiming and non-chiming styles ranging from outlandishly modern to the conservative traditional have been added over the decades to the already sought-after grandfather clock range. The 1980s saw the government turn to Adina looking for a reliable yet versatile classic wall clock for the offices, schools, and hospitals of QLD. Even QLDs politicians are kept punctual thanks to the Adina wall clock in Parliament. Inspiration is drawn from trending interior design styles. Developing technology ensures continued reliability and new features such as silent sweeping hands and crisp clear chimes ensure the continued relevance of the already stylish Adina clocks.



aking major changes to your home (or workplace) is never easy — and the unexpected snags (and there are always snags) make the experience that much harder. I found this out first hand when I started what I thought was a quick and easy renovation at Vast Interior earlier this year. I should have known better. I had heard all the horror stories from my customers about renovations gone wrong, but seriously what could go wrong? Like I said, it was going to be a quick and easy renovation job. Pull the carpet up and paint the concrete floor and paint the walls while I was at it. Well it wasn’t long until I realised I had bitten off more than I could chew. For me it was that sinking feeling I got when I pulled up the carpet and realised that I had vinyl tiles stuck to the concrete (possibly asbestos tiles) and that the quick and cheap paint job was not going to happen. Where did I go wrong you

ask? Well I failed to anticipate the chaos and length of time it takes to get back to normal, so here are a few things that may help you when next you decide to take on your next renovation project. PLAN PLAN PLAN Make sure you have a well set out plan before you start your renovations, I love lists and having a clearly set out checklist will provide a clear efficient work-flow for your project big or small, and will ensure that nothing gets missed or forgotten. DON’T TAKE ON MORE THEN YOU CAN HANDLE Know your limitations. Be truthful with yourself upfront with what you can and cannot do. For me, it was knowing that laying the carpet ourselves, although possible, was not a good option and would only end up costing me more in the long run. Getting the professionals in was a godsend. SEQUENCE OF WORKS In general, work from the top of the room to the bottom of the room e.g. ceiling, then walls and finishing off with the floor. If you’re doing your whole home then it’s best to

organise your trades in the correct order rather than from room to room. CREATING A SPACE YOU LOVE Collect the things that inspire you. I’ve always been a fan of scrapbooking anything I find that I love (I’m one of those people who pretend to sneeze at the doctor’s surgery while ripping a page out of a magazine). These days it’s much easier with our mobile phones and if you’re like me and have things saved everywhere then check out the free app Magpie by Conan This app is ideal for the planning stages of a reno. You can save a large range of photos and videos and once collated you can edit them anytime, and if you want to share your ideas or need a copy, it puts the collection into a beautifully styled PDF to print or email. The other free app I had a ton of fun with was Paint My Place, this app makes it so simple to pick your wall colour, you can upload a picture of the room you want to paint, then paint it virtually to see how the colour works.

Home Scene - May 2017


Winter Hues


Image above: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King for Dulux Colour Trends 2017 – Construct Palette. Photographer: Lisa Cohen Image right: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King for Dulux Colour Trends 2017 – Construct Palette. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

ffering a luxurious take on the industrial trend, leading paint company Dulux predicts that a moody palette with warm metallics will dominate interiors during the coming colder months.


Promoting raw, pared back beauty, this winter’s colour palette is derived from the 2017 Dulux Colour Trends’ Construct theme. Inspired by the renewed interest in Brutalism combined with the influence of the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus period, Construct offers a minimalist look with a focus on natural materials, structure and form. Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr says that the key paint colours including Reckless Grey, Tirau Double, Ahoy, Winter Terrace, Five Fingers Peninsula, Panda Pod, Concrete Effect and Copper Effect can make any space in the home feel modern and contemporary. “These colours are very diverse and can be used in most interior spaces. Being predominantly neutral, they are extremely accessible, from the lightest variation, Dulux Winter Terrace, a soft greige, right through to the darkest hue, Dulux Ahoy, which is an alluring deep blue,” says Andrea. Whilst homeowners may not nat-

urally gravitate to deeper colours, according to Andrea these neutral shades are easy to incorporate without overwhelming a space. Darker hues can create a dramatic backdrop to really highlight furnishings and accessories and truly make a statement. These deeper colours can also be balanced perfectly when paired with lighter schemes. With tactility being a key element in the Winter palette, balancing textures and layering accessories will create a perfect scheme and add another dimension to the space. “Concrete is a multipurpose material that is no longer reserved just for floors or the outdoors.” Adding a Concrete Effect with its cool hue balances out warmer textiles while hints of Copper Effect can create a harmonious and welcoming space. “Incorporating textured surfaces such as Copper Effect adds further dimension and creates focal points in a predominantly minimalist colour space.

This touch of copper is ideal for highlighting architectural details and can also be applied to home accessories,” says Andrea. “The dark blues in this palette such as Dulux Ahoy contrast beautifully against a concrete surface whether this be an entire wall, a fireplace or an upcycled piece of furniture. It’s important to remember that these paint colours can be used on a lesser scale too, even the smallest changes can transform a room,” says Andrea.

• Authorised Dulux Outlet • Colour Consultants • Retail & Trade Paint Supplies • Miss Mustard Seed Selected Retailer • Wallpaper • Industrial • Automotive • Texture & Protective Coatings 103 Pound Street, GRAFTON 2460

Ph 02 6642 4475 Email 10

Home Scene - May 2017

Style tips for Winter 2017 | Bree Leech,

Creative Consultant and Stylist for Dulux

• Minimal styling playing on shapes them to the space can still have that draw inspiso they remain maximum effect. ration from the a feature finish To achieve this, influences of that enhances but feature interesting the Brutalism doesn’t take over. bold shapes and and Bauhaus • Concrete and a mix of materials movements. Copper Effect can such as concrete • Use copper details be used on furniand metal to crefor a luxurious, rich ture details as well ate your chic minihighlight to juxtaas walls to create mal space. pose Construct’s unique bespoke • Art is an important cool colour pieces. Just make styling element in scheme. It’s okay sure that if you are any home and the to mix metal finishupcycling furniture Construct trend es such as silver, such as a table uses it to reinplatinum & copper that you add a force the colour - just use a light glass top to safescheme, hand when adding guard the paint. Image below: Bree Leech & Heather Nette King for Dulux Colour Trends 2017 – Construct Palette. Photographer: Lisa Cohen

Luxury Flooring S

ue and Roger from Yamba Flooring Xtra are your passionate and friendly local business owners, offering expert advice on carpet, hard flooring and vinyl as well as blinds, shutters and rugs. There are many options for hard flooring and one of the most popular choices at the moment is Luxury Vinyl Planks. Our new age luxury flooring…there are many reasons why so many Australian households are choosing LVP floors. Firstly, vinyl production has improved significantly in the last decade or so…LVP provides a realistic replication of timbers and stone, with exceptional durability and resilience. LVP has great sound reduction properties and is very easy to maintain. It is great for those high traffic areas that could cause wearing and stains on other flooring alternatives. LVP has more give, meaning it is more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. It is an ideal option for young families, families with furry friends, or in fact any home… Let’s complement your new hard flooring with a new rug. Pop into your local Yamba Flooring Xtra store to arrange your new hard flooring and we will give you a FREE rug valued up to $400. Sue and Roger would love to see you! Flooring Xtra ‘A fabulous flooring experience’.


Let’s talk rugs


ny interior designer will tell you how important rugs can be in a home, particularly with our love of timber, tiles and concrete floors in Australian homes. On a practical level, they’re affordable and add warmth to a space while aesthetically, they provide layered interest through colour, pattern and scale, often making a room feel “complete”. Flicking through interior design magazines or jumping onto social media you will also notice rugs grace the floors of so many stunning interiors. Rugs can be a great fashion or trend piece which doesn’t have to break the bank, but there are many types to consider. So which one will work for your home? With so many patterns, sizes, colours and textures to choose from, it can be a daunting task. If you need some help pop into your local Yamba Flooring Xtra store and we will find the perfect rug solution for your home. You can read more at http:// rug-flooring-guide/






f l o o r i n g x t r a . c o M . A U

YAMBA FLOORING XTRA Shop 6, Favourite Avenue, Yamba e: t: 6646 8501 f: 6646 8447



Home Scene - May 2017


7 1

tips for cleaning windows

Always start from the top and work your way down. This way no drips will end up on the glass you have already cleaned.

3 5

Clean aluminium windows with a non-abrasive pH neutral detergent solution. Rinse clean to remove residue. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners. If your windows are subjected to spillage of cement, render or other waste, wash them clean immediately or you risk a permanent stain or damage to your window frames.



Create a modern oasis

All dirt, sand and rubbish should be vacuumed out of the bottom of glider windows and sliding doors.

4 6

Check and clear any debris from weepholes in the window sills - these holes allow water to drain out of the window system when it rains. Avoid using metal scrapers to remove paint etc from glass surfaces as many of the new high performance glass options have surfaces that are readily scratched or damaged if not properly cared for.

Lubricate moving parts such as rollers, locks, hinges with a silicone based spray.


Lic No. 253262C

Shower Screens Mirrors & Glass Replacements Sliding Robe Doors Commercial Shop Fronts Screen Enclosures Security Doors & Screens Windows Flyscreens Perspex/Polycarbonate OUR SHOWROOM STOCKS A LARGE RANGE OF DIY REPLACEMENT PARTS & ACCESSORIES A: 107 Jubilee Street, Townsend, Maclean 2463 T: 6645 2644 E: 12

Home Scene - May 2017

hen designing or renovating the home, it is important to keep in mind timeless design aesthetics. Just as fashion trends change seasonally, interior design styles also change on a regular basis. Creating a strong performance enhanced base, produces a durable and long lasting space that can easily be updated with subtle details that make a world of difference. The planning stage of building or renovating is the ideal time to think about particular performance requirements. Working with a builder to select the most appropriate products for that space will offer ongoing benefits. When it comes to bathroom style and design, keep it simple by square-setting the ceiling and allowing the floor, fittings and fixtures to take the lead. Bold features such as hexagon tiles on the floor will create an unmistakable Art Deco statement and will act as the main feature in the bathroom. The rest of the space can be kept simple with minimal prints and soft-hued walls. Incorporate niches and built-in mirrored cabinets to add visual interest and unassuming style while creating a sense of space. In wet areas such as bath-

rooms or outdoor areas, Gyprock Aquachek plasterboard is the perfect moisture resistant solution, forming a level base for tile or paint finishes. Incorporating Aquachek into the build stages for wet areas will make sure the space stays resistant to moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. Gyprock Aquachek is treated to make it moisture-resistant without compromising the integrity of the board, providing an excellent stable substrate for ceramic tiles. Aquachek’s low water absorption characteristics will prevent mould build up on the walls and linings of the bathroom. It’s hard to know what’s happening behind your walls once they are tiled, so ensure you’re choosing the right product depending on the room requirements. For more information and stockists:

What’s trending in bathrooms Wall and floors The newer trend leans towards beautiful plank tiles in an array of colours and designs. Used as feature walls or flooring they make a gorgeous contrast against large industrial style tiles or the glamour of marble.

Shower Heads & Vanities Luxurious shower heads are here to stay along with suspended vanities, and beautiful china, bowls as free standing vanity basins.

Organic Organic curved lines of freestanding baths and vanities create a tranquil space. Go for natural stone and timber, and complete the look with a frameless shower.


Niches Add visual interest and save space with niches and built-in mirrored cabinets.

Black tapware Black tapware is really making its mark in bathrooms of today, along with the glitz and glamour of brass and gold.

Talk to your qualified bathroom specialist for advice. Call Lower Clarence Total Maintenance on 0419 974 341.

Your complete Bathroom Specialist...





Clark and Heather Rolfe - LIC NO: 118390C M: 0419 974 341 E: Home Scene - May 2017


Design your look Finished Room

Turning your design ideas into reality is easy when you use the decorating tools from Paint Place. Use the Decorating Kit to design your dream room. Find some inspirational images Mood Board from magazine, brochures and The Paint Place, Yamba also colour charts. offers a range of DIY classes from Grab a Decorators Kit and learning ‘How to use chalk paint’, Paint Handbook and start putting ‘How to upcycle your old furniture’ together your mood board. and ‘Care of your timber furniture’. Talk to Pauline at the Paint You will also find classes on Place, Yamba for help selecting ‘The treatment and maintenance the right colours for your design. of mould and mildew’, and ‘The Now your ready to transform use and maintenance of your your room. spray gun’. Give the Paint Place a call and see when the next classes are on. DIY is a great way to save you money, renew the look of your home and keep your painting equipment in pristine condition.



20% OFF


Discover the benefits of


“Now is the winter of my discontent...”, so said Richard III, King of England. It could have been because he didn’t have the heat insulating benefits of curtains. As winter draws ever closer, the days are short and the nights chilly and long, it is wise to properly insulate warm rooms. Even more so with the inevitable electricity price rises. This is the time to update curtains for winter warmth and prevent cold draughts through windows. Block-out curtains help to keep the cold at bay and provide day and night privacy. Sheer curtains let you keep an eye on the rain clouds while you look out and enjoy the garden and other scenery. Barbara, the owner of Compass Curtains, is an expert at window furnishing décor solutions. Established for 20 years she has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and sensible advice. Compass Curtains is a mobile service. Barbara travels with numerous fabric samples to your

home for your convenience. Barbara says “I have happy clients all the way from Coffs Harbour to the Tweed coast, so travel is not a problem.” Services include trade-in discounts on new curtains (old curtains can be donated to charity), and free loan curtains while your new curtains are being made. With two heavy-duty commercial machines, she also has a curtain laundering service. Barbara also can offer interest-free vendor finance. Subject to some conditions Barbara will be happy to structure a monthly payment plan that is convenient to you. She will still need a deposit, with the balance paid off generally over 6 months. She adds “with winter here for the next three months at least, now is the time to call me. We are offering a 10% discount off retail prices until August 31 when you mention Home Scene. ” Call Barbara on 0435 954 212 to arrange an obligation free measure and quote.


CURTAINS AND BLINDS TO SUIT YOUR LIFESTYLE • Personal, In-home Service • Since 1997 delighted customers have come back for MORE! • The choice for those who Value QUALITY! • 10% Discount - Seniors Citizens • FREE measure and quote including colour & design advice ... and while you wait for Creating your new curtains... indow fabulous w for g • FREE loan curtains furnishin s

Interest Free Finance available to approved applicants!


COMPASS CURTAINS 7 ANGOURIE RD, YAMBA PH: 6646 2863 Offer exclusive to new and current Yes Club Members, 20% off entire New Look range (includes New Look Mould and Mildew). Offer valid until 30 June 2017. While stocks last. Offer only available at Paint Place Yamba.


Home Scene - May 2017

Phone Barbara

0435 954 212


nearly 20 y

of wall tiles, bathroom and wet area floor tiles, indoor living area and outdoor floor tiles. They also have a large variety of feature tiles, marble, glass and stone to jazz up your floors and walls. Yamba Tiles and Lights stock lighting for all areas and occasions, including new LED styles, globes, pendants and wall lights, external and decking lighting. They also stock a range of vanities and bath wear from most leading suppliers including Arto, Fienza, Novelli and Timberline. Tim and Nicky are also happy to provide obligation free quotes so call in and discuss your decor needs today.

yamba tiles & lighting network CVIŠ170517


amba Tiles and Lighting Network is run by owners Tim and Nicky Ryan. With over 20 years of experience in the tile and lighting industry, they can provide you with the right advice when it comes to decorating your home. Nicky is a fully qualified interior designer and can assist you with all your renovating and styling needs, from coordinating colours and design through to lighting. Nicky is also happy to come to your home to assess your interior design needs and help you come up with a style which suits your lifestyle, family and budget. Yamba Tiles and Lighting Network have a huge range

14 TREELANDS DRIVE, YAMBA PHONE 6646 2525 Home Scene - May 2017



most common mistakes people make when buying a mattress 1 2


NOT SPENDING ENOUGH TIME TRYING DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES • Mattress technology has changed so much. Some mattresses are springy, some are spongey, some you sleep on and some you sleep in. LET THE CONSULTANT KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY SPECIFIC SLEEP PROBLEMS THAT PREVENT YOU FROM SLEEPING • Movement across the mattress • Temperature • Sense of rolling out near the edge • Rolling toward each other in the middle • Pressure points IF THE MATTRESS IS FOR TWO PEOPLE, SHOP TOGETHER Imagine the two of you buying a pair of shoes and you both have to have the same style and size. It’s quite normal when shopping for a mattress for two people, you will require some compromise, so shop together.

4 5

WHEN TRYING THE DIFFERENT MATTRESSES USE A PILLOW YOU LIKE Sometimes in store different pillows will change how you feel about the mattress you’re trying. Pick a pillow you like and take it with you to the mattress area. ALWAYS TRY THE MATTRESSES ON YOUR SIDE It doesn’t matter how you sleep, it’s your hip and shoulder that will help you choose between the different technologies and point you in the best direction for you. You could lie on the floor on your back for much longer than on your side. When trying mattresses start on your back, then roll onto your side, consider whether it was comfortable to do this. Then take your time and see how your hip and shoulder feel.

At Beds R Us we are trained in the features of our range so we can help you find your perfect mattress.


2 Angourie Road,


6646 8555 16

Home Scene - May 2017

What’ s new IN FLOORING?


he country’s largest flooring retailer, Carpet Court, introduces a new flooring category to the Australian market, with the launch of Multilayer Hybrid – an exclusive collection of flooring options designed for use throughout the entire home. Where flooring for wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundries, has traditionally been limited to vinyl or tiles, Multilayer Hybrid opens up endless new design possibilities for DIY enthusiasts, by combining the waterproof properties of vinyl, the durability of laminate and the look of timber. Available in an exclusive mix of quality timber finishes, including traditional oak and contemporary Australian species, the new Multilayer Hybrid collections can be used to achieve the full spectrum of interior

styles, from classic Scandi to contemporary industrial. And thanks to its 100 per cent waterproof rating, along with a tough protective wear layer offering unrivalled resistance to the heavy foot traffic encountered in living areas, kitchens and entranceways, Multilayer Hybrid now allows renovators to extend their desired look into every room of the home. “Flooring is the basis for any room and any interior style,” says Darren Palmer, Carpet Court Ambassador. “So the fact Multilayer Hybrid can fulfil the functionality requirements across every space gives renovators the freedom to create a cohesive style that flows seamlessly from one room to the next.” Australian homes experience everything from freezing cold to extreme heat and

direct sunlight. Multilayer Hybrid remains stable in any environment. Multilayer Hybrid also provides the simplest installation process to date. With no sub-floor preparation or acclimatisation period required, and with pre-adhered underlay and the same simple click locking system as laminate, Hybrid options are ideal for those looking to give their interiors a quick and stylish refresh. And for those tackling a full-scale renovation project, there’s now a single flooring option capable of coping with the full suite of home applications. For more information on Multilayer Hybrid, or to view the full range online, please visit or call in and see the team at Coulters Courpet Court, Yamba.

Complete Interior Solutions

2 ANGOURIE RD, YAMBA | 6646 8555

Å& $53(7 Å7 ,/(6 Å9 ,1</ Å7 ,0%(5

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styling TO SELL | Karen Hirst

So, you have made the big decision to sell. From a design point of view, what steps can you take to ensure your home is seen in the best possible light while keeping spending to a minimum? Where do you start? Many homes I am called in to help with have a clutter problem. It is natural for us to accumulate “stuff”, especially when living in the one spot for a number of years. However, you have to keep in mind that excess “stuff” can be interpreted by potential buyers as “not enough storage”. So, essentially the first step is to pare back. We’ve all heard it – work out essential items to keep, or will complement the home while it is being marketed. Then either put the excess into storage, give away, donate, dispose of or sell the remainder. Working room by room is the best way to tackle this – the process won’t seem quite as overwhelming.

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Home Scene - May 2017

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k, clean slate accomplished. At this stage, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Stand back and take a good hard look at the home. What would be your first impressions? Are the walls in good order or could they use a coat of paint? Does the colour scheme actually work or seem a little bland or mismatched? It is no secret, a freshly painted home will convey the “I am well looked after” vibe to potential buyers. But what colours should you look at if you decide to repaint? Neutrals will appeal to a wide cross-section of buyers as they will be able to picture their belongings in the space. That doesn’t mean you need to stick to whites, greys or creams. There are many beautiful “greyed off” colours which are considered neutrals. Subtle grey-greens, grey-blues and earthy naturals also fall into this category. They are soft and easy to live with, plus have an added bonus of visually expanding the space if used in lighter tones. How is the lighting? Is it dated or perhaps just need a clean? Depending on the condition of the remainder of the house, a quick changeover of pendants may add to the style factor.

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It is worth checking out some of the lovely pendants available at local lighting suppliers and having a chat to your electrician to gauge changeover costs before embarking on this. Placing a few lovely lamps in strategic places will also add to the style and atmosphere. Consider the current spatial plan of the home. Do you have an unused room which if “staged” could make the home appeal to a wider range of buyers? An example here could be a fourth bedroom re-purposed as an office, or an unused sunroom set up as a cosy reading nook or parent’s retreat. Ensure living areas are zoned correctly. Often, lounges are placed against the walls, around the room, the walk zone through the middle of the room. Consider bringing the lounge furniture off the walls and arranging into “chat” zones, with walk zones around as opposed to through. This can actually make the room feel larger, more attractive and user-friendly. Maximise light. There would be few buyers who don’t find light airy spaces attractive. Dated window coverings and heavy curtains can inhibit the amount of light entering a space. Consider replacing these with lovely soft


floor length sheer curtains for filtered light and a roller blind for night time privacy. The effect will be surprising. Roman blinds in an earthy textured fabric are another great alternative window dressing. As to - shutters, however, these are a more expensive option. Placing a large mirror is also a great tool to increase the amount of reflective light and space in a room. Flooring – ensure carpets are freshly cleaned, timber and tiled floors well maintained. Adding a floor rug to a timber or tiled floor will help zone and cosy up the space while helping dampen any acoustic/noise problems which may exist. Choose a colour to complement the space or a natural, organic jute floor rug which can be of service in your next home. Once you have addressed all of the main issues, it is time to look at your final presentation and styling. • In terms of wall decoration, does the existing artwork or print complement each room? Are they the correct scale/size for the wall and colour for the room? If not, perhaps experiment with swapping artworks between rooms or keep a look out for a print which may be more suitable in size and

colour. • When it comes to soft furnishings and bedding, stick to your chosen colour palette, whether it be layered neutrals or a complementary colour scheme and keep it simple. No need to go overboard or you will clutter up the space. • Scents help to create ambiance and a homely atmosphere. Infusers and candles are a brilliant way of conveying this. Freshly baked goodies also a great idea, but there aren’t many of us who have time for that • Well cared for plants, fresh flowers, a bowl of fresh pears will also add welcome colour and style to a home. My last tip when marketing your home? Stay organised. Often easier said than done - as let’s face it, we are all busy. But a few strategically placed folders, wicker storage baskets, a shoe storage box beside the front door etc will keep the home tidy and reduce any visual clutter that may creep in from time to time. And if you are totally overwhelmed? Enlist the help of a designer/ stylist. It may only take one consultation to get you on the right track and will be money well spent.


OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: An example of scale – the client had in mind a couple of smaller pictures for this wall, but I convinced her to use one larger painting for the impact it would create – plus it cuts down on “clutter”. • OPPOSITE PAGE: Kitchen – this was used as an office as well. Keeping things simple was key here – the office space re-located to a sunroom. • BELOW (middle/right): The client was considering setting this up as an office – we repurposed it as a 2nd living area. • ABOVE RIGHT: The use of a mirror here increases the sense of space & light in this small room. Home Scene - May 2017


Capture the latest decorating trends E

mbellishing interiors with the latest home decoration trends is now easier than ever with new Dulux Duramax spray paint effects. With eight new fast-drying Duramax finishes including Marble, Crackle, Copper Rose, Glass Frosting and Appliance White, uninspiring home accessories can be transformed into striking stylish pieces. According to Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr, marble has made a resurgence in recent times and continues to increase in popularity with many accessories and furniture now featuring this finish. “As marble is neutral and so versatile, combine it with pop colours and other decorating elements such as timber and metallics to create a stun-

Dulux Duramax Stainless Steel Finish.

Dulux Duramax Crackle Effect in White over Duramax Endless Dusk Gloss

Dulux Duramax in Tranquil Retreat

ning focal point within the home,” says Andrea. With warm metallic accents also predicted to heavily feature in interiors in the coming year, new Dulux Duramax Bright Copper Rose is ideal for transforming pendants, furniture and home accessories to add stylish flair. For those who prefer vintage decoration, new Dulux Duramax Crackle Effect in black or white can be used to achieve a timeless look in no time. “Furniture with an aged or vintage finish is still popular. If you are seeking a natural essence or antique feel, use a crackle finish on vases, timber shades, lamp bases and pots to give your items an antiqued and authentic appeal,” says Andrea. The new additions to the Dulux

Dulux Duramax Marble Effect in white over Dulux Duramax Gloss Ito

Duramax range are also practical with the Duramax Appliance White spray paint allowing homeowners to patch up any unsightly prangs or scratches on their appliances. Duramax Frosted Glass Effect delivers a decorative semi transparent finish that creates an etched glass appearance for privacy inside and outside the home. “There are so many applications for the new Dulux Duramax products; easily upcycle mirror frames, picture frames, lamp bases, old vases, pots, plat stands, small tables and so much more. Painting canvases in Dulux Duramax finishes can also make an amazing statement,” says Andrea. The complete Dulux Duramax range is available at Inspiration Paint, Grafton.

Dulux Duramax Granite Effect in Grey

Dulux Duramax in Magnetic Chalkboard

Dulux Duramax in Bright Delight Gloss, Go Go Blue Gloss, Tranquil Retreat Gloss, Dandelion Yellow Gloss and Velvet Violet Gloss.

Dulux Duramax Bright Finish in Gold, Copper Rose and Chrome.


Home Scene - May 2017

Dulux Duramax Metallic Finish in Dark Blue, Purple, Silver, Red and Green.

Buying your first home: where do you start? | MATT DAWSON General Manager Home Buying Commonwealth Bank

We outline six steps worth taking in your home buying journey so you can purchase your first home with confidence. For many people, buying their first home will be the biggest purchase they ever make. And knowing just where to start can feel a bit overwhelming. From scouring the internet to checking for cockroaches, here are a few steps to take before you get the keys in your hands so you can buy your first home with confidence. RESEARCH THE MARKET First, ask yourself what you want to get out of buying real estate. Are you looking for a home in which to live or an investment property? This will help shape the type of research you’ll need to conduct. You’ll want to get an idea of where you’d like to buy, what the recent trends are in that area and what kind of place you could afford. With our CommBank Property app, you can search for properties and gain market insights as well as see our estimated market value. FIGURE OUT HOW MUCH YOU CAN BORROW Your income and expenses will determine how much you can borrow to buy a property. Use our borrowing calculator to figure out roughly how much this is so you can begin to refine

B & S Kitchens Suppliers of Quality 2 Pac, Vinyl, Solid Timber & Laminated Kitchens - Wardrobes - Vanities etc

your search. You want to get a good idea of your borrowing power early on so you don’t waste time looking at properties that may not fit your budget. WORK OUT THE FINER DETAILS There are more costs associated with home buying than just the deposit. Including things like stamp duty and pest inspections in your budgeting will prevent any nasty surprises later. And if it’s your first home, you may be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant. Other things to consider at this stage are whether you will be required to take out Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance or have someone guarantee your loan. Both options come with some serious considerations. CREATE A BUDGET AND SET YOUR SAVING GOALS No matter what type of home you want to buy, you’ll need to save for a deposit. Start by putting together a budget to calculate how much you can save each month. Use our Savings Calculator to see how long it will take you to reach your goal. It can be good motivation to achieve savings milestones along the way, so make sure your budget and goals are realistic. Opening a separate savings account can ensure your money is working hard and

remove the temptation to spend. THINK ABOUT YOUR HOME LOAN OPTIONS Just like homes, not all home loans are made equal. You’ll want to find the one that best suits you. You need to be sure you can afford the ongoing mortgage repayments – as a guide, ideally these shouldn’t exceed 30% of your after-tax salary. Depending on your circumstances, a fixed or variable interest rate or a mixture of both may work best. A lending specialist can explain the differences and help you identify what’s important to you. Once you’re ready, look at getting conditional pre-approval so that you can act with confidence when you find the right property . FIND YOUR NEW HOME Once you have everything in place, it’s time to step your search up. Monitor the market closely and look at a range of different properties so you can get a solid understanding of what is good value and why. The moment you find your dream place you’re going to want to act quickly, so it’s a good idea to have a solicitor or conveyancer on hand to contact when needed. When you’re ready to buy, apply for a home loan and lock down the sale.


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Can the windows be easily fitted with screens, decorative bars and other options if required? How easy are the windows to maintain?

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Why a professional/ licensed conveyancer? | Karen Cooper


hen selling property you will need a contract prepared. A licensed conveyancer will guide you through your sale and obtain all necessary documents required to make up a contract and handle all matters necessary to take your sale through to completion. When buying a property a licensed conveyancer will guide and assist you in the process to take your purchase through to completion. The conveyancer will organise any necessary property inspections negotiate any changes that are deemed necessary, understand mortgage documents and arrange all necessary inquiries needed to complete your purchase.

Whether you are a first time home buyer or an experienced property investor, at Conveyancing by Karen you will receive personalised services tailored to your needs and wants. I pride myself in taking the hassle out of selling or buying your home, investment or land by making the process as stress-free for you as it can be and keeping you informed as the matter progresses. Communicating with your agent, your lender/financier or the discharging mortgagee. Saving you valuable time, I offer before and after hours appointments either in person, by phone or skype if preferred. Phone, text and email messages are used to communicate and keep you informed without causing interruption to your busy day. Your calls are answered promptly by me personally. For an obligation free quote, contact me, Karen, and you will be able to relax knowing my experience, proven and tested systems provide you with true 'value for money' service.

A guide to home loan paperwork

| Trevor Hageman

Putting together the paperwork needed for home loan approval is a task many prospective home buyers dread. As your mortgage broker we can help simplify process because we know what lenders are looking for when it comes to assessing an application. It’s important to give lenders the correct documentation and the full list they require. Missing documents can result in the loan application going back and forth or even derail the application altogether. Lenders assess your application by evaluating the risk involved with repaying the loan. Here are some of the key criteria commonly used. 1. Income Lenders want to know how much you earn, how stable these earnings are and whether your employment is continuous and consistent. Bank statements, payslips, group certificates or tax returns may be required to give evidence of income. 2. Assets and liabilities To determine your financial situation, lenders want to see proof of your assets and liabilities, including savings, shareholdings and motor

vehicles. As your mortgage broker, we can advise you of the specific paperwork required. 3. Credit Lenders look at copies of credit card and personal loan statements to see you've been able to make previous credit repayments and bill payments on time. It's not just your credit card, home loan or personal loan repayments they'll look at, but also any mobile phone and utility bills. Credit file monitoring organisations supply lenders with a credit report detailing your credit history, which will be used to determine how much of a risk you are and assign you a credit rating. 4. Savings It's not just the dollar figure that lenders look at, but also whether you are capable of saving over the long term. Applications can be rejected if a savings history is deemed not to be genuine, for example, savings which were a gift. Give us a call now to find out how we can handle the paperwork for you: it's the best way to ensure a smooth home loan application.


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Auction strategies T

here are few things more daunting than knowing that a property that you are interested in is going to auction. Auctions are intense, high pressure events, and with no cooling off period there’s no going back. For sellers, it can offer the most transparent approach to selling their house, and auction clearance rates suggest that it doesn’t put off vendors, either. There are strategies you can use that mean you’ll go into the big day prepared, informed and hopefully unflappable. But it seems that relying on tactical strategies during the auction itself isn’t a wise move. Andy Edwards, Elders auctioneer and senior franchise manager, gives us his thoughts. “A strategy is all well and good”, Edwards says, “until someone else has the same strategy.” What is critical is doing your due diligence in the time leading up to the auction. “Ask plenty of questions of the agent… do your due diligence, including seeking access to building inspection reports and look into council or shire governance around zoning and heritage”. If the property in question is ticking the right boxes and you wish to proceed as a bidder, it is strongly advised that you identify your interest ahead of time. Effective communication with the

agent prior to the auction will ensure that your interest cannot be doubted and that you are a solid presence. It is fundamental to know, too, that you can request variations to normal auction day terms and conditions. “Nowadays”, says Edwards, “it’s not unusual to ask for a 5% deposit or a different settlement date.” When the day arrives and you are as prepared as can be, the way you conduct yourself can make a huge difference. While vendors are not always present for the bidding itself, buyers should always conduct themselves as if the vendor can see them. Vendors can reject a bid without explanation. If you remain courteous and respectful, you’re not going to run the risk of eliminating yourself from the race. If you aren’t confident bidding for yourself, consider engaging an advocate or someone else to do it for you. So how about when it all gets started? “It’s okay to let the agent commence the bidding and ascertain what other interest is around.” Or, if you are raring to go, but still unsure, Edwards suggests starting low, but letting the auctioneer guide you as to an appropriate starting bid and going up if necessary. You could even get a bottle of champagne as a reward for getting things moving!

There’s a common fear by auction attendees that many of the bidders around you are ‘dummy bidders’ there to get the action moving along. You can rest assured that this is unlikely: fair trading legislation has tightened up on the use of dummy bidders, and while vendor bids are allowed, they must be announced at the time of the bid. And from that point, buyers need to rely on their research and instincts about the value of the property. Have a number in your head that you won’t go above, and try and resist getting carried away and bidding more than you can really afford. If you’ve done your due diligence, the temptation to make an impulse buy should be lessened. None of us want to lose out on the house of our dreams, so at the end of the day the only question to keep in mind is, how much is it worth to you? Keep that firmly in mind, and you should be able to walk away knowing that you did your best whatever the outcome. With any luck, that outcome includes a set of shiny new house keys coming your way.

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How to save for a house deposit | MATT DAWSON General Manager Home Buying Commonwealth Bank

We outline five steps you can take to help turn your dream of owning your own home into a reality. Owning your own home is the great Australian dream, yet for many these days that’s exactly what it can feel like – a dream. But no matter where you are in Australia, buying a home to live in or as an investment isn’t impossible. Here are five steps you can take to help turn the dream into a reality. 1. ANALYSE YOUR CURRENT SPENDING First, you’ll want to take stock of your current financial situation and spending habits. Gather as much information you can on what you’re currently spending. NetBank’s MySpend feature can group your spending into different categories, making it easier to see where your money is going. 2. SET A BUDGET Almost all good saving plans start with a solid budget. Once you know how much you’re spending, try to find areas where you can cut back. Some changes to your usual spending habits will make a bigger difference than others. Scaling back your daily coffees can be great start, but moving back home for a short while (if you can) is likely to make a much

bigger difference to your bottom line. Once you know how much you’ll be spending each week, decide how much you can start saving. You’ll want to save as much as possible, but make sure your budget is achievable – you’re likely get more out of 12 months of moderate savings than 12 days of big savings. If you can, save a similar amount to what you expect your home loan repayments will be – that can help you budget over the longer term. 3. GET ON TOP OF YOUR DEBTS It can feel hard to think about long-term saving if you’re struggling just to keep on top of the debts you already have. Consolidating your debts can be one smart way to create a path forward out of multiple payment dates and interest rates. And the fewer debts you have, the more likely your bank will look favourably on you when the time comes to deciding on your home loan application. 4. START SAVING Ideally, you’ll want to save at least 20% of the purchase price of the property you’re interested in as your deposit. If your bank or lender is loaning you more than 80% of the purchase price, chances are they’ll charge you lenders’ mortgage insurance or a

Low Deposit Premium in order to protect themselves. You can use our Savings Calculator to find out how long it will take you to reach your goal. If you’re not happy about the time it could take you, you might want to consider a more affordable property or adopt more stringent saving measures. Keep in mind there are some other upfront costs of buying a home outside of the deposit that you’ll need to be able to cover. Set your savings aside in an account like CommBank GoalSaver so you can maximise your interest earnings and reduce your temptation to spend. You might even want to consider a term deposit account, which locks away your money for a set period of time while earning you some interest. 5. LOOK FOR HELPING HANDS Depending on your circumstances, help may be available for you to reach your deposit saving goal sooner. The First Home Owner Grant is a state government scheme in which eligible home buyers receive a one-off grant. Finally, consider whether your parents or other family members may be willing and able to help you out with a one-off financial gift or interest-free loan.

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utdoor living areas are becoming more and more popular with people choosing to live outside rather than inside in the warmer weather. Unfortunately these outdoor areas become too cold to spend time in once winter sets in - that is until now. Ziptrack guided blinds, keeps areas warm in winter and cool in summer – so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season. Pull down and push up! It’s that easy to protect yourself from the elements with a Ziptrack Awning from B & K Blinds and Awnings.

We all have busy lives and seem to have less quality time for ourselves and our families. One way to improve your lifestyle is owning your own spa - your own private oasis to which you can escape and spend quality time with your partner and family. Relaxing, melting away your daily stresses and enjoying a soothing massage in the privacy of your own home any time you want. Oasis Spas are sold in over 35 countries and are built to last with premium components and the thickest shells on the market. Their power saving technology will save you thousands over the life of your spa and the easy care technology makes maintenance simple. Oasis Spas are quieter, roomier and more comfortable and with targeted hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and mood lighting, they offer the ultimate spa experience. Aqua Solutions have been selling spas in this area for almost 20 years and have several of the most popular models on display in their Ballina showroom. Aqua Solutions will provide you with advice, support, service, parts, and knowledge throughout the life of your spa. Go ahead and treat yourself to a better way of living - you deserve it!

Specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind enable the fabric to glide smoothly and easily – stopping anywhere you want – no ropes, straps, zips or buckles. Ziptrack Awnings can be locked in the down position to guard against high winds, heat and U.V giving you protection, no matter what the season. Now you can utilise your outdoor living areas all year round. Call B & K Blinds and Awnings today for an obligation free quote on 6646 3566, or visit our showroom in Mooli Place Yamba Industrial Estate.


Now you can own the ultimate hydrotherapy spa with local support from the regions leading spa specialist


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Step-by-step bench seat for the DIY enthusiast

1 W

inter is a great time to improve and tidy the backyard as it becomes one of the focal points along with the patio, for enjoyment and entertaining during the warmer months. Installing a mobile bench seating is an easy DIY project providing a new edition to the backyard that the family can enjoy in winter and in summer. “The patio area is hard wearing and easy to relax in, but people tend to clutter the space with a large table and chairs,” explains landscape expert and Adbri Masonry Brand Ambassador Jason Hodges. “Think about how much space your furniture takes up comparative to how often it’s used and if

it’s not used as much as it should be, delete it. “Consider some mobile benching which can increase the functionality of an area, while being flexible enough to deconstruct and manoeuvre around your place as the seasons dictate. With the right materials, building it yourself can be a simple and satisfying project that will only take a couple of hours. “For flexible bench seating, I recommend using a block that is purpose made for freestanding and retaining walls. A product such as AB Courtyard is a safe choice as they are DIY friendly and you only need to buy one component that can do all the tricks to build a beautiful bench seat.”

MEASURE AND MARK THE LENGTH OF THE BENCH SEAT Come in roughly 200mm or a decent amount from the end of the patio or area you are working with. With a pencil, mark where you want the bench seat to start and end at approximately 2.4 metres in length. This is a good span for the seat allowing space for all the family to enjoy. To build the bench seat you only need one component from the AB Courtyard range and that’s the Corner Block. The Corner Block has two faces and an end making it easy to construct each corner of a pier.


CONSTRUCT THE FIRST THREE COURSES FOR THE LEDGE Begin constructing the first pier by laying a block on where you have measured the starting point. When you look down on the block you will notice one side is longer than the other. When constructing a pier remember that the longer side faces outwards. As you build the pier up, reverse the stack to create a stretcher bond pattern so that no two joints meet directly above each other. The actual stacking together of the blocks is very easy – there’s no glue, concrete or mortar required.

Jason’s Tip: If you do want to secure the capping stones permanently, run a continuous line of landscape grade adhesive direct onto the pier instead of the cap. The capping stones are wider than the pier.


CONSTRUCT THE SECOND PIER Complete the second pier by repeating the previous steps so that it mirrors the first pier.

6 3

CONTINUE BUILDING THE PIER Once you have constructed three courses with the stretcher bond pattern, build two more courses of a square using only four blocks instead of five. These two courses will be shorter in length to complete the pier. The created ledge is where the timber will sit that will connect both piers and form your seat.


FINISH OFF THE PIER WITH CAPPING STONES Just like the blocks, the capping stones are heavy enough to stack on top of the pier so they don’t require any mortar or glue. The capping stones are much heavier so may require another person’s assistance to help carry and place them on top of the pier.


Home Scene - May 2017

CUT TIMBER TO SIZE To complete the seat, cut the timbers to size so they fit between the two piers and stain to suit your desired look. Make sure you leave a gap between the pieces of wood so that any water can filter though. If the pieces are too close together the timber will eventually rot away. Use liquid nails to secure the wood to the block ledge. JASON’S TIP: For a mobile bench seat which you can deconstruct and move around, screw a cleat to the timber instead of gluing it to the block ledge. Insert the screws from the bottom. This secures the timber together to stop it from moving and bowing. The beauty of this bench seat is that you can move it to different areas of the backyard depending on the season. When you go to move the whole bench seat you can lift the seat up as one and put it back in position! It may work great in the backyard in summer but better on the front patio during winter! It’s versatile and flexible to work with whatever space you have at home.

Keep your family warm this winter I

n Australia, Panasonic Air Conditioners recently topped the industry, winning the 2016 Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” award in the Air Conditioning category. Panasonic accrued the maximum five-star rating in more key criteria than any other air conditioner manufacturer, including energy efficiency and overall satisfaction. Panasonic’s latest range of smart • What makes Panasonic different to other air-conditioning brands? Energy efficiency continues to be one of the most important considerations for consumers looking to purchase an air conditioning product. The home is a key area where consumers look to save money. In response, Panasonic has pioneered the use of clever ECONAVI energy saving technology. The air conditioning unit ensures optimal energy efficiency by using human activity, sunlight and temperature sensors to constantly monitor room conditions and adjust heating and cooling power accordingly. Panasonic’s latest ECONAVI air conditioner range offers improved star ratings and smart technology. • If someone who to suffer from allergies or eczema are there certain air-conditioning systems that have been

ECONAVI reverse cycle air conditioners combines faster cooling than ever before, more comfortable airflow, advanced energy efficiency and health-focused innovations. The wall hung split systems provide an efficient and affordable solution for Australian households. In hot Australian summers, consumers need air conditioners that cool the entire room quickly but they don’t want

made to suit their needs which filters are best? For those concerned about bacteria and allergens in the home, Panasonic’s revolutionary nanoe-G feature provides the ultimate peace of mind. Nanoe-G eliminates micro-organisms - removing 99 percent of airborne bacteria, viruses, and mould. It also catches and deactivates 99% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the filter, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home. The air purifying feature works hand in hand with the Mild Dry Cooling function, which reduces unwanted side effects of air conditioning, such as dry skin and mouths, by maintaining the level of air moisture in the room. • How often should people have their air-conditioning systems checked for maintenance? Consumers can easily check and clean their own Panasonic

a continual blast of icy air. The new range features iAuto-X technology for 15% faster cooling than previous Panasonic models with a new compressor and fan design. The ‘Aerowings’ blades on the unit control the airflow to provide ‘Shower Cooling’, which directs cool air across the ceiling to shower down naturally, spreading over a wider area of a room, and minimising any uncomfortable direct airflow chill.

reverse-cycle air conditioner filter. To keep the unit operating at its best, the filter should be cleaned every 6 months – at the start of the summer and winter seasons. if people don't have their systems cleaned/maintained the air conditioner will be less efficient – it will potentially cost more to run, and also cooling and heating will be less effective if the system is clogged. • What are the benefits of air-conditioning systems compared to old fashioned ceiling fans? With Australia’s dynamic climate, consumers want to keep their homes cool in summer and warm in winter. Reverse cycle air conditioning is one of the most energy efficient ways to cope with Australia’s extreme temperatures. As a result, Panasonic is seeing an increased interest in reverse cycle products, particularly those that perform

highly in energy efficiency, such as their ECONAVI products, which help to keep energy costs to a minimum. ECONAVI technology uses multiple sensors to adapt the heating and cooling power according to room conditions. With just one touch of a button, customers can reduce energy use by up to 45% on heating mode and up to 38% on cooling mode. The ECONAVI range offers up to 9.0kW heating and 8.0kW cooling. Heating is designed to operate even when it’s a freezing –15°C outside, with cooling effectively up to a sweltering +46°C. The latest Panasonic air conditioners also have a stylishly clean, slimline look. The ventless intake grill makes the units easier to clean. Panasonic air conditioning systems are ultra-quiet, so consumers can enjoy the comfort of running their air conditioner at night and still have a relaxing sleep.

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ake the most of the backyard by transforming forgotten areas into useful spaces. Build a veggie garden in an unused corner, convert the soggy side of your home into a beautiful feature path or bring the family together by transforming a bland backyard with a lively fire pit. There are many simple and quick fixes that any homeowner can implement to turn a forgotten backyard area into a space worth spending time in. “It’s a waste to leave side gardens and backyard corners sitting gathering weeds – you paid good money for your land and there are clever ways to ensure you use all of it,” says Adbri Masonry brand ambassador and expert landscaper, Jason Hodges. “Areas in the backyard that are underutilised, eye sores or those that haven’t been maintained present the opportunity to create spaces that can be used for relaxing or entertaining with friends.” Here Jason Hodges shares some top tips on how to transform underutilised areas:

Side yard pathway There is a shady side to every house. Typically these areas receive very little sunlight and are prone to dampness. This inhibits grass from growing and means the area can turn into a mud pit every time it rains. A feature stepping stone path will not only inject aesthetic appeal but it will also ensure muddy laundries are a thing of the past. This is a great project for DIY’ers and I recommend using large format pavers to get the designer look. For added ‘wow’ factor, lay the pavers offset in a stretcher bond pattern and fill the voids with decorative stones or greenery.

Repurp underut areas in backy

Fire Pit Backyard fire pits are a great way to bring family and friends together to

keep warm during the colder months. Once built, fire pits serve as an immediate feature and gathering point for your entertaining evenings. For year round functionality, use dry stack blocks like AB Courtyard which are not glued together meaning they are mobile and can be easily constructed and deconstructed as the season calls for. Or when the weather heats up, fill your fire pit with soil and start a veggie garden. These projects are so versatile.

Landscape Supplies Pine Bark • Wood Chip • Tea Tree Mulch • Cypress Mulch • Sands • Poultry Manure • Organic Super Soil • Top Dressing • Decorative Gravels • Organic Compost • Potting Mix • Cow Manure & many more

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Herb and vegetable gardens Outdoor spaces often have large walls or lengths of the boundary fence that are barren and in desperate need of revitalising. Raised garden beds in front of a fence or in the corner of a yard will create dimension and can be achieved using retaining wall blocks like Natural Impressions. Vertical gardens are also a great way to cover up large wall areas and living green walls are a trend thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s here to stay.

urpose rutilised in your kyard

Water Feature Water features are a simple

way to make the most of an underutilised area. There are so many different designs and options that are perfect for small or large gardens areas so pick a style that compliments your garden. Water features add movement and a calming sound to your yard, and are the perfect finish to your outdoor retreat. Ponds are a low maintenance feature that can serve as a natural decoration and blend in nicely with garden foliage. For a smaller space opt for a bird bath, small classic fountain or a serene Asian inspired water feature. The options are endless.

For more information on backyard DIY projects, visit

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Get ready for the cooler months


et ready for the cooler months and give your life the living space it deserves this winter with a Spanline home addition. Our fully accredited Design Advisors are ready and waiting to work with you to create an outdoor area tailored specifically to you, and your lifestyle. With over 30 years’ experience and the security of a 15-year warranty*, Spanline makes home additions easy. As a local Coffs Harbour family business, our dedicated team is changing the way people play from

Macksville to Illuka and inland to Belligen and Dorrigo. We take care of everything from start to finish. Just call us and we will arrange onsite inspections, measure and quotes, custom designs, council plans and approvals and manage the construction process from beginning to end. Your dedicated Design Advisor will meet with you at your home and help unveil the potential of any outdoor space. Completely free, with no obligation to book – why not

Need extra space?

explore the possibilities with a tailored quote and let us help you to create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of? With superior products and first class customer service, Spanline can replace existing structures, add new entertaining areas and create more space to change the way you live, play and entertain. Visit our Display Centre at 4 Wingara Drive, Coffs Harbour or call (02) 6650 9816 and let Spanline Inspire Your lifestyle® today. *Conditions apply.


Let Spanline design your outdoor entertainment area for FREE.

Design & Quote

Patioss Pergolas Verandahs

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Glass Enclosures

More than just a Granny Flat E

astcoast Granny Flats are leading the way with affordable, stylish and innovative granny flat installations and small homes on the Mid North Coast. The perfect option for: Retirees wanting an additional income while travelling Australia in there caravan plus there’s the peace of mind knowing that your property is not vacant for long periods of time. Maybe a relative has room in their backyard to build a beautiful Granny Flat which allows you to keep the retirement lifestyle while staying close to the family. Investors looking to capitalize on their existing property by way of rental or B&B has shown to be a low risk-high return investment that can have you generating an income in as little as 12 weeks. Extend your living space to incorporate an area for your growing family. This could be a teenage retreat or perhaps an independent living option for aging or disabled relatives. Our designs can be modified to suit your needs. Did you know we can build primary dwellings as well? If you are looking to downsize into a modern, stylish and affordable new home then we have the solution for you. We can create beautiful, customised small homes allowing plenty of space on your block to enjoy.

Opportunity For


/ŶǀĞƐƚŽƌdLJƉŝĐĂůdžĂŵƉůĞ ECGF Granny Flat


- ECGF Average Cost

Rent Average


- Based on average rental market in Grafton

Interest Rate Average


- ANZ Mortgage Calculator Jan 2017 (interest only)

Mortgage Repayment


- ANZ Mortgage Calculator Jan 2017

Gross Rental Yield


- based on the above findings

Return on Investment


- based on the above findings

*All values given are indicative only

&ŽƌDŽƌĞ/ŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝŽŶ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Website: Email: Address: 4 Wingara Drive, Coffs Harbour Phone: 1300 252 858 BLN: 287600C


/Ɛ LJŽƵƌ ďĂĐŬ LJĂƌĚ ďĞŝŶŐ ƵƐĞĚ ƚŽ ŝƚƐ ĨƵůů ƉŽƚĞŶƚŝĂů͍ tŽƵůĚ LJŽƵ ůŝŬĞ ƚŽ ŐĞŶĞƌĂƚĞ ĞdžƚƌĂ ŝŶĐŽŵĞ ǁŚŝůĞ ŝŶĐƌĞĂƐŝŶŐ LJŽƵƌ ƉƌŽƉĞƌƚLJ͛ƐǀĂůƵĞ͍ If you are a home owner or investor why not capitalize on the land you already own by building an Eastcoast Granny Flat. Secondary dwelling rentals can generate a lucrative second income and create high yielding rental returns to ensure an effective return on your investment. Renting a Granny Flat has shown to be a low risk – high return investment that can have your property occupied and generating income in no time. So enquire today to see how your property can earn rental returns for you.

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“Whether it’s the red earth of the outback or the gritty grey of an urban streetscape, homeowners can draw inspiration from the assets of their surrounding areas to bring their dream designs to life using high performance, durable products,”

Create captivating designs C

emintel’s new range inspires more considered approach to Lightweight building material experts, Cemintel’s newly evolved Surround and Territory ranges will allow homeowners to take inspiration from their home’s setting to create striking, smart designs. “Cemintel has joined forces with designer, Kathy Demos to launch an expanded range of cladding solutions that provide Australians with the colours, textures and patterns to build homes that are at one with their landscape,” says Kim Roughan, National Marketing Manager at Cemintel. “Cemintel’s newly evolved Surround and Territory ranges continue the company’s tradition of developing sophisticated products while also allowing homeowners to create spaces that capture our attention by draw-

ing on the features of their environs,” adds Ms Roughan. “Whether it’s the red earth of the outback or the gritty grey of an urban streetscape, homeowners can draw inspiration from the assets of their surrounding areas to bring their dream designs to life using high performance, durable products,” says Ms Roughan. In developing the Surround range, Cemintel drew on industry-veteran, Kathy Demos’, instinctive approach to design. “The materials we use to build the spaces we live and work in must evolve as we do. They must be living, breathing features that adapt as we need them to,” says Ms Demos. For Surround, a core palette of neutrals and discrete patterns references Australian landscapes and streetscapes, allowing designers and home-

owners to create spaces that merge seamlessly with their settings. The range introduces a palette of five neutral prefinished products, matched with a highlights palette. Each product and highlight is represented by a symbol that references its level of warmth and base type, linking to other colours in the range. With a mixture of textures and effects including smooth, metallic and marl, and patterns including a soft leather-look and traced line appearance, the Surround range has been developed for use as either a standalone colour or a combination of colours and finishes. “Cemintel’s unique Colour System uses symbols to link each product with complementary colours, simplifying the selection process to ensure homeowners can make confident choices,” says Ms Roughan.

Yamba Stainless Shop

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For all your fastener needs, stainless & glass balustrading and pool fencing.

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Deriving from the Japanese values of simplicity, nature and quality, Territory expands on Cemintel’s Designer Series, drawing on traditional building materials like stone, timber, concrete and metal for inspiration. With names that nod to their product appearance including Savanna, Woodlands and River Bed, Cemintel’s Territory range allow homeowners to incorporate natural-looking, textured finishes with unmatched durability and performance features. “With an increasing demand for homes that celebrate the story of their setting, we developed the new products in the Territory and Surround ranges to reflect and celebrate the world around us,” explains Ms Demos. “For the last ten years, Cemintel product has been celebrated in award-winning homes throughout Australia. These new ranges will now allow even more homeowners to create their dream home designs,” explains Ms Roughan. “We are excited to work with Kathy on the new products and confident the results will help deliver inspired, beautiful homes that stand the test of time,” concludes Ms Roughan.

Delivering pre-finished solutions that are supported by a manufactured for life guarantee, Cemintel provides architects, builders, designers and homeowners with the freedom to create iconic designs.



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cin • Colorbond • Pool Fen ing Walls • Post & Wire • Retain Framed Gates el Ste • s een Scr g • Deckin

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Easy tips to keep your Vast timber pieces looking like new


WIN...WIN...WIN... Loctite Re-New have given Home Scene 3 prizes, consisting of two packs of Loctite Re-New each, to give away. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us the name of the product. Send your entry entitled ‘Renew your bathroom’ to: Email: Post: Renew your bathroom, PO Box 367, Yamba, NSW 2464. Include your name and postal address details and phone number. The winner will be drawn on 1 July and notified by phone/email. First 3 correct entries drawn win. No correspondence will be entered into.


wet area

waterproofing Geoff Brodin

0415 667 177 6649 7248 Servicing the entire Clarence Valley Lic No. 34975c

places, in direct sunlight or under heating/ cooling vents as no matter how well your furniture is made, it will dry out the wood, which will then crack and split. 6. Use a dehumidifier or open bowl of water in the room to keep moisture in the air if you can’t avoid placing furniture near heating or cooling vents. 7. Only premium lacquers will be able to withstand a hot coffee cup placed straight onto a table. Always be sure to use a coaster or doily when drinks are involved. 8. Outdoor teak items are much simpler to care for. Use standard teak oil whenever it starts to lose its colour, as this will keep the teak from shrinking. When teak shrinks or dries out it still maintains its strength, however many of the joints begin to loosen. Keep it oiled for a longer life.

FLOOR SANDING Professional Reliable Sanding - Sealing - Polishing Over 25 years experience

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Give your bathroom a new lease of life with Loctite Re-New Silicone. Get rid of those mouldy joints. Re-New is simple to apply and the sealant covers discolorations, cracks and is mould resistant. All this is accomplished in a one step operation bringing your bathroom back to being spick and span once again. Thanks to Loctite Re-New. Available at Bunnings Warehouse, Big W and leading DIY suppliers.

ith the Australian seasons becoming increasingly harsh, it’s time to show a little bit of love to your timber to keep it looking fresh and new. At Vast Interior, we ensure every wood product created for our stores is kiln dried, hand-joined, glued and lacquered. Even still, it will need a little TLC from you. Here are some of his tips to ensure your furniture lasts a lifetime. 1. Wipe it with a clean cloth. Dust will start to penetrate the pores of the wood and prevent it from breathing. Timber remains ‘alive’ long after the tree has been felled, and open pores assist it in achieving equilibrium in the room where it resides. 2. Wipe up liquid spills immediately. Most lacquers will provide approximately one minute of protection before the liquid begins to penetrate the surface membrane. 3. Clean regularly using recommended cleaning products that are available in store. 4. Beware of cleaning products containing solvents and silicones – these will actually break down the lacquer over time. 5. Avoid placing your furniture near fire-







Looking for the best in ducted air conditioning?


Control your Ducted air conditioner* from your smartphone or tablet et (iOS or Android) via your Wi-Fi network or internet, from anywhere, any time time. *Available on selected Models. Call our friendly team for more info.


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ranston onstructions

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Quality workmanship at a fair price JUSTIN CRANSTON

Choose from our wide selection of local & imported fabrics


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PO Box 484 Yamba 2464

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Repairing holes in plasterboard walls and ceilings 4. Cover the joins with Easy Tape and apply 2 coats of Rapid Patch, allowing them to dry between coats. 5. Lightly sand ready for painting.

For larger holes: 1. Trim a Mini-Repair Panel to a neat rectangle patch slightly larger than the hole, trace an outline around it onto the existing plasterboard surface, and set aside the patch and offcuts for use in step 3. 2. Cut the damaged area away to the outline youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve drawn.

Repairing small holes in plasterboard is easy. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how you can do it.

Shopping List â&#x20AC;¢ Gyprock Mini-Repair Panel â&#x20AC;¢ Gyprock Easy Tape â&#x20AC;¢ Gyprock Rapid Patch compound â&#x20AC;¢ Small container and clean water for mixing â&#x20AC;¢ 100mm broadknife â&#x20AC;¢ Sanding float and 150 grit sandpaper or sanding block

For holes up to 50mm: 1. Mix 1 cup (260g) of compound, such as Rapid Patch, to 150mls water to a creamy consistency. Fill the hole with the compound using the 100mm broadknife and allow to dry. 2. Apply a strip of Gyprock Easy Tape to cover the hole.

3. From the Mini-Repair Panel offcuts, create two backing blocks and fix them to the inside of the hole with a small amount of Rapid Patch, leave to dry, then fix the pre-cut patch into the hole with Rapid Patch.

3. Apply 2 coats of Rapid Patch over the tape, allowing them to dry between coats. 4. Lightly sand ready for painting.




Your Industrial Textiles Specialist â&#x20AC;¢ Shade Sails â&#x20AC;¢ Exterior Blinds â&#x20AC;¢ All Canvas Work â&#x20AC;¢ Marquee Hire






FREE INSPECTION FOR: â&#x20AC;¢ Replacing Cracked Tiles â&#x20AC;¢ Cleaning â&#x20AC;¢ Re-Screwing â&#x20AC;¢ Sealing â&#x20AC;¢ Repainting â&#x20AC;¢ New Colour â&#x20AC;¢ Adding Value





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WINTER SPECIAL ith a majority of households and commercial premises having air conditioners installed, one important maintenence aspect is often forgotten or ignored. How healthy is your air conditioner? Although we regularly clean accessible filters, the internal parts of your air conditioner harbours harmful bacteria colonies that can be introduced into the air within your room(s), triggering respitory distress especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. After a long hot summer, air conditioner temperatures are now being turned up as we head into the winter months which creates a perfect breeding ground for contaminants and micro-organisms within the unit itself. With a yearly Sanitair Premium service, not only will these contaminants be removed it also restores the health of your air conditioning unit and can also achieve up


to 30% in energy savings (per 35sqm room). Sanitair Northern Rivers is a locally owned and operated business and the owner and operator, Graham Sundin is dedicated to providing an on-site specialised air conditioner cleaning service to Clarence Valley residents and commercial businesses. For all Clarence Valley residential customers booking a Sanitair Premium Split System service during the winter months of June, July and August 2017, a 10% discount is offered upon presentation of this article. Ongoing discounted services are available to Senior Citizen card holders and for Commercial Service agreements. For an obligation free quote, please contact Graham Sundin on 0407 990 285, 1800 130 168 or visit the Sanitair website on

A household name J. Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd was established in 1952 by two brothers; Lambrinos (Bruno) and Spiro Notaras. The sawmill was situated at Lawrence and was moved to the present site in Heber Street, South Grafton in 1966. The two brothers became trailblazers for Australian hardwood flooring manufacturing, being one of the first mills to establish a small log line to utilise regrowth and plantation logs. The company is established as one of the leading manufacturers of hardwood flooring in NSW and supplies its products Australia wide. Their legacy continues today with the company still at the forefront of kiln dried hardwood production and employers of 38 local skilled workers. The company is now owned by the next generation of the family with the long-serving and experienced staff in management positions.

The name Notaras is well known around the district as the brothers not only played but also supported many sporting activities, as well as assisting our local schools and woodworking associations. The products produced by the company are renowned throughout the hardwood community for quality and value for money. The diversity of products (T&G flooring, parquetry, overlay, structural KD products, pencil round decking) means that we are a premium supplier to many timber merchants and resellers for their hardwood requirements. The many varied species that are manufactured offers the end user a variety of natural colours and features. All species are hard wearing and offer a long lifespan with only minimal maintenance required. Hardwood timber floor brings warmth and character to your home, and is as individual and unique as you are because no two timber floors are the same.”

Family Business Operating Since 1952 Welcome to Australia’s Largest gest ning Award Winning Air Conditioning er Cleaning Service Provider “Biologically contaminated air conditioners ers can be serious health risks. Professionall cleaning and sanitising with a premium award ward winning service will minimise the risk and d exposure to room occupants.” - Dr John Darcy arcy





Graham Sundin - Based in the Clarence Valley

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Manufacturer of Quality Australian Hardwoods Specialising in Kiln Dried Products • • • • • • •

Tongue and Groove Flooring Overlay Flooring Parquetry Eco-Lam (Glue Laminated Hardwoods) Pencil Round Decking Sawn Hardwood Treated Palings

We are members of ATFA. (Australian Timber Flooring Association) and are accredited Flooring manufacturers.

Located at Heber Street, South Grafton Email:

Phone: 02 66 423477 Fax: 02 66 427013

Energy from the sun

Getting on top of water leaks



ake charge of your energy cost today with SolarWorxyour local Solar Specialist. Andrew and Jaye Bolte from SolarWorx Northern Rivers have been installing solar hot water and solar power since 2007. They have recently begun installing solar battery storage to local homes throughout the Clarence Valley. Solarworx have teams of qualified plumbers and CEC accredited electricians and is the exclusive agent for Ecosmart Solar. Solarworx’s range of solar PV panels, hybrid inverters and batteries are all from tier 1 companies. If quality, workmanship and service are important to you, call Jaye or Andrew for all your solar solutions from 1kW to 100kW.

Hot Water Solar Power Solar Battery Storage

Local for over s 10 year

ater leaks can result in expensive water bills and waste water if they are not fixed. Leaks can occur anywhere but generally they are found in taps, toilet cisterns or along pipelines (especially in rural areas). The bad news is leaks usually get worse over time. Finding water leaks •Inspect taps and shower heads for drips. Even a small regular drip can waste a lot of water and add to your water bill. Usually it’s just a tap washer that needs to be replaced. •Toilets commonly leak. To see if your toilet is leaking, put a few drops of food colouring into the

cistern and wait a while. If the food colouring begins to appear in the toilet bowl, then your toilet is leaking. •Water leaks along pipelines often results in water spraying or seeping from the ground, damp boggy patches, or green patches of grass that are especially noticeable during drier periods. If you experience a water leak, you should contact a licensed plumber. Remember that all water that passes through your meter is billable even if it’s due to a leak. Property owners are also responsible for all plumbing maintenance on the house side of the meter.

Every drop counts

Reduce your use

For all your solar solutions call SolarWorx today

02 6646 3140 or Jaye 0402 310 031 email: Home Scene - May 2017


Winter W

- it’s a great time to be in the garden

inter in the Clarence Valley - cool nights and beautiful crisp sunny days. It’s a great time to be working in the garden and the cooler months means slower growth rates so your garden will stay looking good for longer. Here’s some easy do-it-yourself tips from Honda and Maclean Rural Supplies to get your garden looking great. 1. Equipment The last thing you want is to be half-way through the front yard when your tools kick the bucket. Investing in a high-quality, reliable machine is a great start, and regular maintenance could save you time when you can least afford it. Whether it’s a scheduled service, a quick check of the carburettor or picking up a spare air filter, it will save you time and money in the long term. Consider getting a good quality lawnmower. A 4-Stroke engine is the way to go. They are more reliable and have no fuel mixing which will save you time and hassle. 2. Safety Check that you’ve got good-quality protective gear before you head outside. From the basics like sunscreen, a good hat, and sturdy footwear, to comfortable gloves, earmuffs, and eye protection, nobody wants to get injured on the job.

While you’re at it, carefully check that you’re not going to run over any kids’ toys, rubbish or gulp - dog poo. One feature that Honda mowers provide is Mow Safe Engine Brake technology which stops the blades and engine within 3 seconds upon release of the handle. In times of need, that’s extremely handy! 3. Prep As a general guide, work from top to bottom. Tree branches and tall hedges should be the first to be trimmed before taking to taller plants and moving onto the flower beds. To add that professional touch to your lawn, remember to always trim the edges or areas your lawn mower can’t get to. The easiest way to do this is by using a brushcutter. We can’t go past the Honda UMS425 Bent Shaft for the job. It’s the world’s best-selling 4-Stroke. Although it can prove the most satisfying of all the tasks, don’t mow your lawn until all the other tasks have been done - by letting all the clippings end up on the grass, you’ll only need to do it once. 4. Lawn When your lawn starts to look brown and unkempt it can really bring down the aesthetic

of your yard. By trimming one-third of the total height of the grass you will eliminate this from occurring. Using the mulching option on your lawnmower will help the health of your lawn. By redistributing the clippings back into your lawn, rather than directing them into a catcher bag, you’re providing it with a natural fertiliser. Mulching also helps retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need to water your lawn. Of course, catching your clippings has its advantages too; when added to your compost pile, microbes and other organisms found in dirt break down the organic matter, enriching your soil and helping the environment. So, get a lawn mower that can do both! We recommend a Honda HRU19M1 Push Mower which has a grass bag and a mulching function. 5. Celebrate Once the hard work in the garden is done, put away the tools and enjoy your yard. In the cooler months, sunny spots in the garden become an important space for entertaining on warm winter days. Add some outdoor furniture, an open fire and some solar powered lights for when it gets dark. Call in and see the guys at Maclean Rural Supplies. They can help you with choosing the right garden equipment for your needs.



MACLEAN RURAL SUPPLIES – 1 IRON BARK DRIVE TOWNSEND, NSW, 2463 T: (02) 6645 2134 *4 year warranty applies for domestic use only and does not apply to engines sold as separate units.


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One great location - same great service Y

amba’s Mitre 10 stores have consolidated and are now at the one location in Uki Street, Yamba. After operating their hardware business from both Yamba and Uki Street locations for the last 11 years, Bruce and Julie Tarvit have combined their stores and now offer customers a greater range of products and services from the one convenient location. If you are building, painting, renovating, gardening or just repairing the wear and tear in your home, Yamba

Mitre 10 will be able to assist you. Offering easy access with front and rear entry, Yamba Mitre 10’s friendly staff will continue to offer the same mighty helpful service they are renowned for. If you are looking for a product and they don’t have it in stock, their access to a range of products via the Mitre 10 national supply chain means they can order your product in to save you having to leave town. As they saying goes - ‘mighty helpful, Mitre 10.

Add style & privacy to outdoor areasW

inter is a great time to give your outdoor area a quick makeover or even a full transformation, in readiness for the summer months. A great way to update your outdoor area is with fencing and screening. This not only provides privacy, shade, and protection from winds, it can also help to define your outdoor space. Aluminium slat screening is an innovative, easy-to-install screening system that can fit into any exterior design. Standard sizing is available or it can be made to size. For those looking for a high quality long lasting product, the aluminium range is perfect to achieve high-end trends for new homes or makeover projects. The aluminium slats come in a wide range of powdercoat colours to suit all decors and provide a durable finish. The aluminium screening can be installed as a vertical/ flat screen slat or as an angled/louvred slat to provide more privacy and a different look. Thee aluminium slats are an easy and virtually maintenance free method of creating privacy or windbreaks with a stylist look. Aluminium fencing is a great alternative for those looking for a lightweight alternative to brick and timber, and with a range of colurs, it can provide a contrasting finish to your home, is long lasting and low maintenance. Given it’s tough durable finish, aluminium is perfect for use in any area. Call in and see the team at Mitre10, Uki Street, Yamba and take a look at the range of aluminium screening and fencing they have available.

Great for coastal areas Home Scene - May 2017


N ew ki ds on th e bl oc k ew kids on the block have settled in well. Late in 2016 Chesterfield Australia, one of Australia’s largest family owned John Deere dealers purchased the franchise from Ohalloran Motors. Still on River Street, Chesterfield have welcomed the new community environment and have seen a steady stream of interest through the front doors. Chesterfield offers the world-class John Deere range of mowers, tractors, and sugar cane harvesters, plus a whole lot more, including backup support in the service and parts departments. Among all the green Deere, you can find strong hints of orange with a large range of Stihl handheld garden equipment. Here you will find


everything you need to get your yard in shape and keep it looking beautiful. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the response from the town and we have had a lot of local support,” said Trevor,

Chesterfield’s Customer Service Manager. “We’ve had a lot of fun supporting different events, like the Australia Day billy cart races and the Demolition Derby at the Maclean Show.

“A busy store like this needs people to help our customers, and we’re proud to be employing technicians and customer service representatives from the local community,” said Trevor. Trevor and his team are ready to help you make the right decision when looking at John Deere or Stihl equipment, so next time you’re in town drop by and say hi - maybe even take a test drive. If you’re looking for something in particular, like a log splitter or spare part for your mower let them know and if it’s not in stock, they’ll do their very best to get it for you. Chesterfield Australia is located at 181 River Stree,t Maclean, and you can contact them on 6645 4714. Image: Fran Dowsett

P ow er fu l an d qu ie t R THE NEW STIHL BGA 100 CORDLESS BLOWER

he STIHL BGA 100 is the new top-end machine among handheld battery blowers. Its tremendous blowing force is a huge increase of approximately 70 percent compared with the STIHL BGA 85. The STIHL BGA 100 has three power levels and an additional boost function which are selected by thumb action without having to change grip. Despite the huge power increase, the new STIHL blower is extremely quiet. The sound level has been reduced by 10 dB(A). Another feature of this awesome new blower is that it's compatible with all AR and select AP Batteries in the STIHL battery range. The batteries are stowed away in an optional pouch attached to the hip belt, which is then connected to the machine via an all new connecting cable. High level of ergonomics With a machine weight of only 2.5 kg, the BGA 100 is very light and extremely manoeuvrable. The machine is always perfectly balanced and that assists optimum handling. The high-speed fan wheel enables very compact blower unit construc-



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tion (small diameter, single-stage). As a result of the associated weight reduction, the user experiences virtually no gyroscopic forces. And as the center of gravity is near the handle, these factors make the BGA 100 very flexible and wieldy. The hanging loop allows the BGA 100 to be suspended during breaks from work and also while in use, which greatly helpss to avoid operator fatigue. Intelligent user interface h The retaining latch d into Features is integrate LED force of STIHL's handHighestunit. blowing the control range to indicate up blower lightsheld Approx. 70% more blowing force than n. operatio for s readines 85 be selected The 3 standard power stages canBGA Approx. 15% higher blowing force than simply by pushing the retaining latch forward. In BG 86 conjunction with the infinitely variable speed trigger, Soft rubber handle for grip y adjusted optimall be thus can force the blowing Adjustable tube length setting. the task in hand, up to the maximumSoft rubber handle grip d indicate is selected currently The power stage Intelligent user interface is saved. by LEDs. The last power stage selected Suitable for noise sensitive areas with its for maximum The additional „Boost" power stage lower noise emission any of the three blowing force can be selected fromLonger battery running time standard power stages by overriding the trigger. There is no need to alter the grip position when doing this. Available from Chester field Australia - 181 River St, Maclean

ChesterďŹ eld Australia, your local John Deere Dealer! From mowers to tractors we can help you find the right John Deere equipment to suit your needs, all supported with our skilled service technicians, wide range of parts and extended warranty options.

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For exceptional sales, superior service and genuine parts contact our team today. 1300 243 783 | www.chesterďŹ 181 River Street, Maclean (02) 6645 4714 Home Scene - May 2017




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Perfectly suited for our Coastal Environment


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