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When opposites attract Memories of a special day

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March 2017

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From under the desk... Well here we are again. Another year and already we are into the third month. How many of you have stuck to your resolutions? Me? All my good intentions to get healthy and lose weight lasted one day. The next day, there I was trying to lick the last of the icecream out of the container - I find the corners very challenging. This months issue incorporates our huge wedding feature, which provides plenty of information and advice for brides-to-be. One of our graphic designers tells the moving story of her Nan and Pop, two war veterans, and their memories of their wedding day. Geoff Helisma talks with Cate McQuillen about how tenacity and audaciousness brought dirtgirlworld to life. He also spends some time with Ian Gaillard, carpenter and activist, who, in 2011, found himself right in the middle of the anti CSG movement and the Bentley Blockade. You have to admire someone like Gaillard, someone so passionate about righting the injustices of the world and who spends their life doing what they really believe in - he should be an inspiration to us all. This year Diane Lee of Townsend, became the Clarence Valley Australia Day Citizen of the Year. My pictorial life story, is her recollection of her life, excerpts of which she has in a photo album and which she shares with Lynne Mowbray. There are also some great recipes to try and a few hints on how to get your mojo back if you have lost it. All in all another fantastic edition. I am starting to think that maybe I need to find something a little more challenging in my life than just the corners of the icecream container. Happy reading.


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March 2017


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March 2017

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Be carried away...

Getting Grubby Cate McQuillen says she’s a ‘screamer’ after two pots (alcoholic drinks); so, too, is her partner Hewey Eustace. Together they masterminded and created the animated TV show dirtgirlworld. McQuillen tells Geoff Helisma how a combination of naiveté, audacity, serendipity, hard work and determination eventuated in the commissioning of fifty-two eleven-minute episodes of the series, which were and are still being broadcasted around the world.

‘How did Cate McQuillen get from singing Good Morning Starshine [in the rock musical, Hair], to being the ‘mama’ of a subversive preschool animation series, dirtgirlworld?’ This question is posed in the ‘About Us’ section on McQuillen’s and Eustace’s production company’s website, The answer is found within the sheer joy McQuillen and Eustace, who have been life and work partners for 27 years, share as creatives and entertainers. More than that; how did they achieve this from their modest and secluded Whiporie hideaway, halfway along the road from Grafton to Casino? While the crickets clicked their tricky melodies All the ants were fancy dressing with the fleas McQuillen, who grew up in Melbourne, is the youngest in a large family; she was born 10 years after her next oldest sibling. Her love of singing bloomed early: her mother was always singing around the house and, perhaps, her genes shaped her destiny, too. “I grew up with the name Catherine Mary Therese McQuillen in an Irish Catholic family. Even though we’re fifth generation Australian, there was still that sort of Irishness. From about eighteen months old I knew full songs. I would sing in the car with everybody, it was just my thing. “Church played a huge role in my life: it was the ’70s by this stage and it was a hip church. It was just rock masses and all kinds of stuff.” By the age of fourteen she was performing in musicals and had joined a band. Meanwhile, four suburbs away, Eustace was immersed in music. “Hewey grew up from about the age of nine with a whole bunch of progressive musicians: fantastic musicians, ridiculously good for their age. They stayed together until they were in their twenties. He would ... stick his guitar and little amp in a wheelbarrow and wheel



March 2017

his stuff down the hill to Jason Bond’s house. Jason’s dad was a radio announcer in Melbourne ... and he’d set up a kind-of rehearsal studio for the boys. “Hewey was totally obsessed, his life was band practice.” As teenagers, McQuillen and Eustace were already working towards being fulltime musicians. “Basically, being kids, I gave singing lessons; he taught music at school at lunchtime to the little kids. At high school, he and Jason would teach.” Sometime after Eustace and Bond went their separate ways, McQuillen joined Bond’s band. “Hewey came and saw us and that’s how we met. We’d kind of crossed paths [before that]; we’d been at the same gigs. We’ve talked about our shared history without knowing one another, which is kind of cute. “We hung out together for a little bit. I played the lead role [of Sheila] in Hair in the twenty-year revival in Melbourne.” Good morning, I’m yawning Sun’s peaking through my window pane There’s a big world outside While McQuillen was “singing about love, peace and happiness”, the Gulf War was raging; it was a catalyst that precipitated profound lifestyle changes. “We both had the same values and realised that we didn’t particularly want to live in the city. We had a choice: stay in the city and become lobbyists or politicians and have a strong voice, you know, do something ... or we could move to the Northern Rivers of New South Wales and just live it. “We just wanted a better climate: we were talking about being permaculturists, about having the capacity to have enough land around us to grow and live sustainably, the climate just appealed to us.”

be making lots of money.’” Soon they were performing up to six nights a week “from Glenn Innes to the Gold Coast”. “We didn’t think [it] would last for seventeen years. We decided that, realistically, neither of us could hold our drink so we’d call ourselves Two Pot Screamers. We did ’60s, ’70s ’80s and 90’s covers, we did happy music. “We started off at the Post Office Hotel in Grafton. We went in to talk to them about a gig ... and [the manager] said, ‘Would you do karaoke for the lunchtime crowd?’ That was our audition and I did Hopelessly Devoted to You by Olivia Newton John.” Meanwhile, they had set up a monthly music cafe at the Whiporie hall, “that started off being a night for locals, but [then] we would get 110, 130, 150 people who would come out on a mini bus from Casino”, and were publishing a regular newsletter. With community and the arts filling their minds, Grafton beckoned: McQuillen taught performing arts at the conservatorium two days a week, and coached Year 12 drama students. McQuillen was also prominent in her role among a loose collective of musicians and Grafton TAFE music course teachers, called MADCAP, which produced a compilation CD of local artists. It was here in 1996/97 that she mentioned they were interested in Two Pot Screamers making children’s television; there was a germ of an idea for what would become Dirtgirlworld. “For me, Dirtgirl came from the country; she life”; but not before some nervous moments. came from all of the kids that I was hanging out “We saw a little picture of a church in the with, and their parents. The beautiful people of Trading Post magazine in Melbourne. I say to the Northern Rivers have beautiful little kids.” Hewey, ‘Oh my God, I’ve always wanted to live in a church.’ He says, ‘We could buy that without Everything is yours for trying a mortgage.’ I finished my last show of Hair on Lift your feet and now you’re flying...high the Sunday, I had to be back for Tuesday night’s show, we flew up to the Gold Coast, and we But the two concepts – TV and music – were drove a car down here. There was a key stashed separate ideas. “It definitely didn’t start as TV, it outside. We opened [the church] up and slept in started as music. I was teaching drama, writing it, we walked around a bit. We went over to see scripts, hanging out with young people who are the neighbours to talk to them about things. doing performance art; I’m getting them ready “We we went back to Melbourne and we said, for their HSC. I’d taught at schools before we ‘Yes we’ll buy it.’” moved up here. But their hopes were dashed when they dis“I’d written a couple of little theatre and covered the property had been sold to someone education plays in Melbourne. I had run the else. “For three months we pottered around Melbourne fringe theatre festival, which is part of going, ‘Maybe what we’ll have to do is buy a the international festival, for two years.” house in Melbourne, do it up and sell it then move By 2002, the pair had produced an album of to the Northern Rivers.’” children’s songs – “Dirt Girl is me, with three ponyThen they received a phone call, one that repainted their dreams; the purchaser had pulled tails, having a sing”, as depicted on the cover of out of the deal before settlement. Next stop: the dirtgirl world CD. It wasn’t your usual collecWhiporie. tion of pre-school type songs; there were messages: life can be as beautiful as you want it to be. We’ll have fun / Doing whatever “We’re living in the country, living the life. We’ve Rain or sun / Whatever weather met all of the kids. There’s nothing on TV that reflects their lives. There are a whole lot characOver the following six months McQuillen and ters, cartoon characters, not much live action, not Eustace soaked up the area’s culture, driving much Australian ... there’s the Wiggles, but they’re around and going “to the Nymboida Fair; you kind of very wholesome. know, all the normal country Clarence Valley “Where are the people talking about the real things”. things for kids? When we grew up we had the McQuillen had a teaching degree: “My mum sing book, we’d sit at school and the radio would and dad had been a little concerned about me come through into our classroom and we’d have and my creative lifestyle and had given me a Australians like Don Spencer, who wrote those little bit of money to go to university. Hewey was a songs, and stuff like that. That had kind of disaphorticulturist; he worked for Box Hill council for six peared; we were in a gulf where there wasn’t a years while he was in the band.” lot for kids. The two 26-year-olds “just had fun, went to “We bought a computer [to record the songs], permaculture workshops ... and went to other something we said we would never do, and set people’s houses”. Those ‘qualifications’ would it up in that bedroom. I was the engineer. I learnt provide the fundamental foundations upon which how to use a computer and a music program dirtgirlworld would be built. But first: how to make and a soundcard. a living? “We thought to ourselves, ‘Maybe if we “dirtgirl world won album of the year at the just do a duo for a few months and see what else Dolphin Awards and it’s got a little sticker on the happens ... or maybe we’ll have the farm up and cover that I adore (This CD contains the word, This idea of living a sustainable life had been simmering in the back of McQuillen’s mind since she’d read Pastures of the Blue Crane when she was nine. “It’s about a little girl from Melbourne who inherits a farm out the back of Brunswick Heads. It seduced me with stories of the area. Set in the late ’60s, she was a proper little boarding school girl who ... showered in an outside shower, where she had a stick to shoo the snakes away.” On Melbourne Cup Day in 1991, they made the move to their property, where Eustice would build the mud brick house he dreamed of and McQuillen relived her memories of spending time on a family farm in Gippsland “up a tree or floating in a river, reading books and having a lovely

bum, I love that.).” The home-schooled son of their “friends down the road, Jake Carroll, who was maybe 13 or 14 at the time” taught them the intricacies of the digital world. “He is now the head of the Queensland Brain Institute – [Senior Information Technology Manager (Research)].” The CD was the pair’s first ‘child’. “It took us nine months to make the album. We stayed in our pyjamas all day. Then we’d race out and do a gig. Before we did the album, I’d be walking around the lake thinking up stories. Having adventures or having plans, just imagination, jot down some thoughts and turn them into songs.” Get ready! Are you ready? We’re going to jump around Then there was an epiphany, albeit a naive one. “We thought, ‘Oh my God’, maybe they would like to make a TV show; it could be a great TV show. We sent this CD and a letter to each of the TV studios saying, ‘Hi, would you like to make a TV show of our songs?’ We heard nothing back from anybody. Not a word, not a sausage. We went, ‘Oh, it’s just like the music industry. There’s a system, you can’t just write to the TV stations.” In 2003, the idea of creating a TV show was still bubbling away. “We were listening to ABC radio and they were talking about a workshop at Screenworks [at Bangalow] for people who want to write television”. “The guy who wrote Water Rats gave a workshop on writing for TV. That hooked me into a network of people who were into writing and/ or making shows for television. I did a few more workshops and learnt a bit.” Not long after, they followed up and entered a competition in Byron Bay, where “you could pitch your idea and, if the idea was good, you got a prize to go to Melbourne, to the Screen Producers Association of Australia [SPAA] conference, and pitch your idea there”. Ironically, the pitch they won with was not for dirtgirlworld. “Hewey and I made a really firm decision that if you put out the thing you value most in your heart in the first instance, it’ll get cut up into tiny pieces. When you get a producer or a distributer or a broadcaster; everyone wants a say. They don’t know you, they don’t trust you. So we decided we would make another show called Hit It – a tween music project about kids living in the country, who make music. “We won at Byron. “On the day of rehearsal [in Melbourne], we’re thinking, ‘Oh my God, we have really stuffed up here because there are all these very serious people giving PowerPoint presentations about their budgets and finance plans and their synopsises. “We had costumes and hula hoops and a

Where dirtgirl world began: the 2002 CD


March 2017


video playing behind us ... we had two young people I taught in Grafton give out show bags for the judges. “I’m looking across at David Parker, who made Malcolm; thinking we have completely misread this.” Parker later confesses to McQuillen: “What am I doing here; I’m pitching against Madonna.” It was the first time the pitching competition had included an audience-choice vote. The 650-people in the room loved it; so, too, did the judges – “The prize was that we could choose a conference anywhere in the world to go and pitch the project.” Clap your wings and crow There’s a party in the henhouse So it was off to New York in February 2004, with two of McQuillen’s students in tow, Zoe Coombs Marr and Michael Balk, to pitch at Kidscreen, “where you could meet all of the broadcasters from around the world”. Coombs Marr is a now a prominent comedian and Balk, who played Scrapboy in dirtgirlworld, is currently presenting a preschool show, Wurrawhy, on Network 10. New York was a repeat of the Melbourne experience and, while winning opened up new opportunities “beyond our stature of living in the middle of nowhere”, there was much to learn. “We got to visit some amazing art galleries and see some fantastic theatre. I had an opportunity to open myself up to an international world of art activity. That competition gave us a foothold and credibility in the industry.” With some Screen NSW money in their pockets, it was off to Cannes, France for another pitching competition at “the little known TV festival”, where they “could get face to face with the big decision makers”. “The pitching competitions were the greatest opportunity for us. We were entertainers, we knew how to pitch, we had it all over the other producers because we were super confident; we were musical, I sang, we danced. We did all kinds of crazy stuff. Never since, has there been somebody who has done it that way, which is hilarious. “We didn’t know we were breaking all the rules, we had no idea. To be a bold innovator, sometimes you have to break all the rules.” The Two Pot Screamers were keeping their fans up to date with developments while, at the same time, spending their days “planning [Dirtgirl’s] garden and doing all the things that we love. Living in the Northern Rivers is bubble-like living; a bubble I don’t want burst, it’s a bubble I am joyously

living in. “Everyone was so excited for us, and every little step we took, ABC radio would talk about it, or newspapers would write about it. So everyone came on a journey with us. I’d be in a supermarket and a parent would come up to me and hug me and say, ‘It sounds like it’s going great.’ You can’t underestimate that love; it gives you confidence. That’s not glib, that’s the truth. “We both felt loved and supported in what we were doing and that made it easier.”

Dirtgirl (pictured with Hewey Eustace) has been the national Tree Day Ambassador, the Clean Up Schools ambassador and her picture is on the side of Clarence Valley garbage trucks – and she has marched to protect the environment from the dangers of CSG mining; these things are part of her quest to influence a new generation.

1 2 3 4 5 bzz bzz Making honey in a beehive McQuillen was making vital connections in the television industry. Children’s TV producer Ewan Burnett – his productions have won a BAFTA, an EMMY, three AFI Awards, four ATOM Awards, a LOGIE and two AWGIE awards – had become McQuillen’s mentor; “he looked after and cared for us; I would go to these world conferences with him”. “He didn’t have meetings; he had dinners with people from the BBC, ABC, Canadian Broadcasting Commission [CBC], American broadcasters.... Coming up to the Kidscreen, he asked me to organise the dinner. I said, ‘Ewan, I’ve only been to New York once.’ He said, ‘Just do the best thing you’ve done in New York, just do that.’” The year before, McQuillen had been shown a glow in the dark bowling alley. “It was the most fun I’d had when I was in New York. I’d get a limo to pick [the TV executives] up and drop them at this doorway, they get into a lift, and the door opens at this glow in the dark disco bowling alley. They all thought they were going to a Hare Krishna restaurant because they’d been asked to bring socks.” She ran this program for six years. “Any new Australian producer that came to the conference, I would invite them so they could meet the broadcasters face to face in a really fun way. And the broadcasters loved this, because they weren’t sitting down, they were playing bowls, high-fiving,

drinking beer and eating burgers. They thought it was hilarious.” Meanwhile, in September 2005, McQuillen met with Disney Australia about Hit It. It was a time of change, the beginning of a new paradigm of sorts, one that recognised that Earth’s atmosphere was changing as a result of human activity and the exponential increase in greenhouse gases. “The Stern Report and An Inconvenient Truth come out. All of a sudden the environment is a hot conversation. Unbeknown to me, the broadcasters are thinking they need a show about the environment for kids. They’re looking for stories about resilience and mindfulness for kids. “I’m sitting there having a meeting with Disney and he brings out the CD we put in a little show bag, and he says, ‘Cate, tell me about this.’ I said, ‘Oh, this is Dirt Girl.’ He says, ‘I’m really interested in this. Is it about the environment?’” The dream they’d been harbouring and nurturing since they made the CD was about to become reality. “By then we’re thinking that it’s an animation series; Dirtgirl’s got a really big head, a little body and she drives a tractor and she know the names of flowers, and she’s got 15 different tomatoes growing in the garden, and she’s a bit rock and roll. “He said, ‘We’ve known you and Hewey for two years; we think you are bold and out there, but I can’t see what’s in your head. Would you make something?’” You know it doesn’t matter If I splish and splatter I’ve got my gumboots on


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March 2017

Paperbark Dr, TOWNSEND Rear of the Recycling Depot Kirchner & Duke Sts, GRAFTON

home in Australia, and asks: “Do you think your dad could put some money in our bank account for me to go to London?” BBC TV bought the show, but one broadcaster wasn’t enough to turn their dream into a television program. “By this stage I’ve had a little bit of money from Screen NSW to do a development budget ... we knew we needed $10.6million to make the show.” But the ball was rolling, gathering momentum. “In the middle of the year I met with the ABC’s head of children’s television, Tim Brooke-Hunt; he really wanted to do it as his first commission.” Come November 2007, at the Gold Coast SPAA pitching competition, a vital piece of the jigsaw falls into McQuillen’s and Eustace’s laps: a Canadian producer who had seen the twenty-six seconds of animation in New York had “come across to specifically meet us”. By the end of 2007, the show was underwritten. “A show is financed by licence fees from broadcasters. So we had the ABC, BBC and CBC [onboard]. This is the dream deal. BBC Worldwide, the distributer in the UK, put money in. Decode, the Canadian production company is also a distributer, so they put money in. And then the governments; Canada put in tax credits, and there was the producer offset from Australia, which is a tax credit. All Kate McQuillen watched KISS play at VFL Park in 1980. “Did I think I’d ever be standing of those things make the in France getting an Emmy from Gene Simmons? That’s just bizarrely surreal ... and deal. amazing. Not because of the award, but because of the journey. The only Australian “The Canadian disproduction nominated for the 2013 International Digital Emmy Awards in Cannes, tributers sold the show dirtgirlworld won the Children and Young People category. The show has also won an AFI and been nominated for a BAFTA and the JAPAN prize. The song Every little drop to 128 countries. That’s was awarded the best kids song at the 2012 International Songwriting Competition. how they recoup their money. It was put to air in October 2009 in hubbub: “‘Have you seen Cate and Hewey’s 26 the UK, November in Canada, and Australia in seconds of animation? You’ve got to see this. This December. It took two years to make – two years is gobsmacking; we’ve never seen anything like of 20-hour days, seven days a week. it.’” Come February 2007, it’s Kidscreen time in New Mrs Goose and Mr Gander York and McQuillen performs her three-minute Love to sit on my verandah speed pitch. The head of BBC Kids invites her to Ducks and drakes on the lake pitch to the head of BBC TV in London. Things are Down on Dirt Girl’s farm ramping up. McQuillen rings Eustace, who is at This presented what for many would have been an insurmountable problem: they needed $120,000 to make a demo. They sold their ‘superannuation’, a block of land, “and used that money to make one minute and twenty-six seconds of animation”. Cut to the 2006 SPAA pitching competition. “I’m running around in a tutu at a pitching competition that I’m not in. At this stage, I’ve only got twenty-six seconds of animation. I’ve got it on my laptop. “At the end of the pitching competition, CBC, Nickleodean and Disneyworld are standing around and they’re yakking. ‘That was great ... Cate, have you got anything to show us?’ I push play on the laptop and I watch their jaws drop. Literally drop.” That twenty-six seconds of animation caused a

No b

“We wanted to work with people we admired, who nurture. That’s why we wanted to work with public broadcasters, because dirtgirlworld was free to everybody to watch. “Public broadcasters make content that is socially and emotionally important for kids. Not just cartoons that have out-of-space or guns or that kind of stuff. I’m not knocking that stuff, [but] this was a different story that needed a safe home. “Disney wasn’t a partner in the end – we were too far askew or they wanted to replace us – we went with people we trusted. We [Mememe productions] did all of the creatives: the writing, storyboarding, blocking, filming, songs here in Australia. We would send that to Canada for finished animation. They send it back here and we would do the audio, the music; package it up and distribute it.” Looking back at what they have achieved, McQuillen says their secret was to be audacious and to say what they mean and mean what they say; they made a choice to embrace their naivety and make it their greatest asset. “We were genuine, wore our hearts on our sleeves – that we were so passionate about what we did was addictive for these people, who were used to a much more business-like approach. I think we were a breath of fresh air. “They gave money to two hippies, to make a show, who delivered on time, on budget, with international recognition, lots of prizes, a huge audience and a 50 million people reach on Facebook – we delivered on a scale no one thought was possible. And we are still going.” Kate McQuillen and Hewey Eustice had achieved what many in the industry would say was impossible: They had total creative control over EVERYTHING.

Going outside There’s adventure waiting Out there just for you Walk swim or ride There’s so much to see So many things to do Find a puddle roll around Dig a hole or just sit down ’Cause my favourite thing I’ve found Is when I get grubby

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For more information call 1800 3 33 55 99 or visit

This project is supported by the Environmental Trust as part of NSW EPA’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative, funded from the waste levy. dirtgirlworld characters and type © 2009 used with permission


March 2017


Get into a book or two True Stories from the Morgue by John Merrick “Find out what it’s like behind the scenes. Those working at the morgue come face to face with death on a daily basis, and forensic counsellors like John have to find the compassion and kindness to ease the grief of those left behind.” What’s it like to work in a morgue? In True Stories from the Morgue, Forensic Counsellor John Merrick describes his 20 years experience working at the the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Office of the State Coroner in Glebe. In this enthralling non fiction crime novel, John recounts his first hand experiences coping

with mutilated and decomposed bodies as well as the carnage of large-scale disasters like the Bali bombings. Equally as traumatic, the suicides, accidental drownings, car accidents and murders. Forensic counsellors like John do much more than witnessing autopsies, attending crime scenes and coronial enquiries as readers find out in this behind the scenes account of life at the morgue.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR John Merrick is a social worker by trade, having graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1983. John has worked in public and private sectors and has taught crisis counseling around the country which included how to cope with bereavement, suicide, disaster response and how to debrief those who are affected by crises. Currently John is working as a counselor in a large company in Sydney.

New Holland Publishers RRP: $29.99 Available at all good book stores and online

Fat Yoga

by Sarah Harry

“We don’t believe in kale (unless it’s in a burger) and we loathe juice fasts (what are your kidneys for people?) and we love to bring complex topics like neuroscience to recovery and make them accessible,” –Sarah Harry Scrolling through social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that yoga is purely the domain ofteeny, tiny, thin, flexible girls. But as famous yogi author and teacher Sarah Harry explains, you don’t need to fit this mould to enjoy the practice of yoga. Her book Fat Yoga embraces the ‘yoga for all’ ideology: all bod-

ies, all ages, and all abilities. This book is a step-by-step ‘how to’ guide to yoga, with variations to suit all yoga enthusiasts of every level and body type. Through her book, Sarah invites her readers to explore their physicality in a way that’s safe emotionally, physically and spiritually in the comfort of their homes or with friends.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Psychotherapist, yoga teacher, researcher and university lecturer, Sarah Harry is considered an expert in body image. She is regularly in the news, on TV and in print as both an expert and a fat yogi! Sarah is one of the first western yogis to offer yoga exclusively to bigger bodies. She has practiced yoga for more than 20 years and was also the 2016 Kellogg’s Special K ambassador for the body positive #OwnIt campaign. New Holland Publishers RRP: $29.99 Available at all good book stores and online

The Annie Effect

by Annie Crawford

“An insightful story of a determined and inspirational woman m who set out to make a difference w by transforming lives through fun, b fitness, friends and fundraising.” fit In this intensely personal memoir, Annie Crawford tells her own o life story and how her experienclif es and beliefs led her to develop e a life that gave her a sense of greater purpose through fun, g fitness, friends and fundraising. fit The Annie Effectshows how she Th turned her love of running into an tu organisation that has changed o the lives of thousands of people. th Can Too is a non-profit program C that has trained over 13,500 th people and raised more than p

10 |


March 2017

$17 million—enough to fund 147 cancer researchers and counting. For readers who never thought they were capable of doing something extraordinary, Annie’s story will change their mind through her inspirational story and achievements. Note: All proceeds from the sale of The Annie Effect will be donated to the Can Too organisation.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR An accredited running coach and self-confessed “running addict” – Annie decided to combine her passion for running and fitness with raising money for a non-profit organisation. And so, the idea for Can Too was born. Years later and she has received a number of awards for her contributions, such as a Member of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, Australian of the Year 2010 and 2012, Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Women of Style Awards 2011 and was one of the 100 Women of Influence by the Financial Review in 2012.

Ian Gaillard at the Bentley blockade. Image: courtesy Brendan Shoebridge/R J Poole


carpenter On April 15, 2012, hundreds of people gathered at The Channon for the launch of the CSG Free Community Strategy, a strategy that went on to play a leading role in having the Northern Rivers declared CSG-free. At the end of a measured 10-minute speech, keynote speaker Ian Gaillard explained that displaying a ‘Lock the Gate’ sign wasn’t a barrier to stop gas miners from entering private property ... but it was, as a first step, a sign that sent a strong message. “If a company really wants to get in they can take you to arbitration ... but they don’t want to, because it affects their social licence,” he told them. “That’s what we have here today, a real groundswell to say they haven’t got a social licence ... GET OUT!” The crowd, made up of people from different walks of life and demographics, clapped and cheered enthusiastically, Lock the Gate signs and banners were raised. Empowered, the people yelled: “GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!”


March 2017

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paths. There was a shortage of fuel and that’s how people got around. They could see the ways things were going in Europe and that it was getting harder for young people to have the kind of freedom that Mum knew about – Dad had grown up in the Dutch East Indies until he was 16. “They decided to go to NZ In 1953.” As a teenager growing up in New Zealand, there were two issues that played a formative role in writing Gaillard’s back story: “I was involved in Vietnam moratoriums because as a young man my [conscription] number was about to come up.” France’s nuclear testing in French Polynesia pollinated the activist’s flowers. New Zealand began protesting against France’s nuclear testing in the mid-1960s; in 1973 the New Zealand and Australian governments took France to the International Court of Justice. Despite the court ruling that the tests cease, France persisted with atmospheric tests until 1974. In the meantime, the New Zealand Government sent two navy frigates, HMNZS Canterbury and Otago, to the test area, with Fraser Colman, the minister for immigration and mines, aboard. While these were lessons learned for Gaillard, his tokenistic activism began at the very start of New Zealand’s objections to nuclear tests in the South Pacific. “When I was 15 Mum had a 44 gallon drum out the back that she used as an incinerator; I painted a big ‘Ban the Bomb’ sign on the side. I was politically aware from a very young age and I also grew up with stories about the Second World War from my parents, who were, really, humanitarians.” Gaillard mostly grew up in New Zealand, but lived in Indonesia when he was 22. He wanted to “explore where Dad came from”, [the Dutch East Indies]. After saving some money on an Australian working holiday, he “walked into East Timor on the Indonesia side, just as the troops were starting to mass for the invasion of East Timor ... so off I went through the

Ian Gaillard (front right), with Bill Ethell’s children and some of the crew, as Pacific Peacemaker leaves Christchurch, New Zealand, bound for Mururoa Atoll, Hawaii and the Trident blockade in Seattle, USA.

islands on different boats and ended up in Java for six months”. Two years later, in 1976, Gaillard, who was heavily influenced by former CIA agent John Coleman’s Vipassana mediation teachings – Coleman tells his story in his book, The Quiet Mind (1971) – , “helped build a forest meditation centre out of bush poles and second-hand tin” at the northern NSW village, The Channon. A group of people from the meditation retreat subsequently bought “a bit of marginal land for $16,000 up above Tuntable Creek and started living on it”. “We couldn’t individually afford that sort of money so ... we all put in $1,000. We called it an ‘intentional community’. Most of us had travelled in Asia, seen Asian villages; we knew what they looked like and how they functioned; we all aspired to live a

little bit simpler by sharing resources.” Gaillard and his fellow landowners subsequently built “16 buildings which were at various stages of completion. Then Lismore council issued orders for the buildings’ demolition”. Enter Labor’s then minister for planning, Paul Landa, who visited the area and listened to the people living on ‘communes’. Intense lobbying by Gaillard and others in 1980 resulted in changes to the NSW planning laws –Lismore City Council allowed multiple occupancies for communal living in the northern part of its local government area, including those already constructed. It wasn’t only lobbying that propelled change; Gaillard was learning that the media plays a role in change, too – “our strategy was to build a grandstand for the NSW press, right next to the first house the council were going to demolish”. CS©161214

hen Ian Gaillard took his first breath, the seed of his activist destiny was already planted. Gaillard’s ancestors were Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) and, after more than a century of war, oppression and conflict – predominantly the result of the intransigence of France’s dominant Catholic religion – 400,000 thousand Huguenots fled the country in 1685. His ancestors went to the Netherlands. “The old man was a Dutch engineer during the war. He ended up on a hospital ship [circa 1941/45], and met a good looking volunteer nurse from NZ. They were ferrying wounded soldiers back from the Middle East to Australia and NZ on a Dutch hospital ship called the ‘Oranje’... they hooked up, got married, and here I am.” Gaillard’s parents were married in Durban, South Africa, but it was a marriage that meant they could no longer be together. “There was a rule that you could not have married couples on a hospital ship, so Mum had to get off the ship in a place she didn’t know and work and live there for about three years. She was ostracised by the Afrikaners at the time of apartheid, because she used to speak to the Africans and the Indians, the people of colour, just like they were human; she learnt what a real racist set-up it was, so I grew up with those stories.” Germinated, the activist’s seed of discontent began its growth towards maturity, fertilised by his parents’ battles with the realities of post-war life and the dehumanising outcomes of apartheid. Gaillard was born in Holland in 1952; his sister was five years older. “It was very difficult, everything was broken because of the Nazi occupation, so I spent my first months [of life during] summer in a tent in a forest. My dad had a tandem bicycle; he’d stick the dog in a basket, my sister in a chair, and me in a cradle across the handle bars. They travelled around a network of bike

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The lesson learnt here was clearly an evident strategy by the time the anti coal seam gas (CSG) blockade at Bentley came to pass in May 2014. During that time, Gaillard spent three weeks protesting at Terania Creek, sometimes camped in a tree, – this battle put rainforests on the Australian political agenda (ABC) and it was the first time citizens physically defended a rainforest by placing themselves in front of police and loggers (The Northern Star). “I was a young man then and not as sure of myself ... I didn’t say a lot but I was there and prepared to put my body on the line when they came for the trees.” During a seminar Gaillard organised in Lismore, to advocate for a nuclear free Pacific, he invited a trade union leader, Bill Ethell, to speak. Ethell was then the Western Australian state secretary of the building workers union. “I announced at the seminar that, with a lot of people I knew, I was going down to Sydney and I was going to find a boat and finance it and sail across the Pacific Ocean.” A combination of events had brought Gaillard to pursue this course of action: The imminent

Ian Gaillard on camera during the filming of award winning documentary The Bentley Effect, which was directed by Brendan Shoebridge.

skipper the boat. I said, ‘great’, shook hands and we started working from there.” Soon enough a 54-foot motor sailor was found in Sydney – a deposit

“The Seattle papers screamed ‘Suspicious vegetable substance found aboard Pacific Peacemaker’. On page 75, days later, a red-faced coast guard officer was forced to admit it was a nice grade of tea. ” commissioning of USA’s first Trident submarine, which had mind-blowing nuclear capacity, and watching the film, Apocalypse Now. “Each Trident is two football fields long, four stories high and has 24 rockets with a range of 6,000 nautical miles. Atop each rocket are eight MIRVs (multiple re-entry vehicles), each one with the destructive power of five Hiroshima size nuclear bombs. That gave each Trident submarine the power to annihilate 240 cities. General Electric built 26 of these things for the USA Military Industrial Complex. “When I saw them napalming the forests in Vietnam [in Apocalypse Now] – I lived in a forest; we are all people of the forest – I thought if they use these nuclear weapons onboard the Trident, we would all suffer 240 million years of radiation or 1,000 years of radiation fallout, and I was aware of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “I decided we would get a boat in Australia, we would sail it across the Pacific and we would join in an international blockade of the first Trident to be home-ported near Seattle. When I announced this at the seminar, Bill Ethell said he would

was loaned to the protestors by their friends and “a number of people took out $250 shares in the boat”. “We called the campaign ‘Pacific Peacemaker’ and the boat by the same name ... and off we went with an international crew. We sailed to New Zealand where the people had a very strong anti-nuclear policy.” Ethell also remortgaged his home to underwrite the boat’s purchase. Several incidents involving the Pacific Peacemaker, which attracted the media’s attention internationally, were soon to follow – first stop, Mururoa Atoll, where France conducted nuclear tests from 1966 to 1996. Thirty days after leaving New Zealand, the Pacific Peacemaker was “met by a French minesweeper and we were told not to come within the 12 mile zone”, however, the boat crossed the 12 mile zone and “gendarmes came aboard”. “We tried to deliver a message to the French admiral; we wanted a meeting to discuss matters nuclear in the South Pacific.” The night was spent being circled by two French mine sweepers, focussing their “search lights on us”.

“In the morning we went for the harbour entrance ... and the mine sweeper came across our bows. We did a quick 360 and we were on our way again ... it was getting dangerous. They came alongside with a crane, in choppy seas, and smashed our mizzen mast, which came down swinging with a jagged edge.” Meanwhile, those onboard were taking photographs. Fearing the boat would be searched, the films were stashed in the lentils and rice among the crew’s food stores. The Pacific Peacemaker was towed beyond the 12-mile zone and cast adrift. “We were handicapped; so we decided to go to Tahiti and on the way, via radio, Bill organised an NZ trade unionist Mike Moore, who later became NZ prime minister, and Gordon Macintosh, a WA senator, whom arrived in Tahiti to make sure we didn’t get beaten up upon arrival, like David McTaggart [chief spokesman and chairman of Greenpeace International from 1979 until 1991] had.” Upon arriving in Tahiti, the Pacific Peacemaker was impounded by French authorities for intruding into territorial waters. “Skipper Bill Ethell was fined and the French threatened to hold the yacht for months — until three Australian maritime unions counter-attacked by ‘arresting’ the French container vessel, Kangoorou, in Australia’s Botany Bay,” is how New Internationalist magazine retold the incident in a March of 1983 story, ‘Voyage Of The Peacemaker’. “In the end it was decided it wasn’t the French Navy’s fault; it wasn’t our fault; it was an act of God that they rammed us and broke the mast. A French churchman paid Bill’s fine. We repaired the

mast, stuck a bit of 4x4 in the middle of the aluminium mast, screwed it all together and set sail for Hawaii. Half way there, just after the French air force had dropped off, the rudder fell off and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. “Bill went over the side and came up and says with his north

Ian Gaillard protesting against a planned rare earth plant at Tuncester. Media reported: 'The Terania Creek protest will look like a picnic compared to the demonstrations which will be staged if the rare earth plant is given the go ahead by Lismore City Council.' SCENE

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Lancashire accent: ‘The f$%*&^’ rudder’s gone!’ So then we fashioned a rudder out of a jarrah plank, three bits of plywood and nuts and bolts. Old ropes lashed it under the hull; we sailed a thousand miles through the trade winds to Hawaii.” Next stop: Port Ludlow (Oak Bay near Seattle), Washington State, USA, the soon-to-be home port for the USA’s Trident submarine. Following the confrontation between various protest groups and the US coast guard and navy, the New York Times reported on August 13, 1982: “The Peacemaker, which had come from Australia to protest the presence of Trident weapons systems in the Pacific, released 10 rowboats filled with protesters moments before it was intercepted by Coast Guard boats.” Gaillard says “part of a non-violent protest is saying what you are going to do before you do it: ‘We are going to blockade this submarine, we don’t think it is a good thing to have around. The US has no right to threaten the rest of the world with these enormous destructive weapon systems.’ “The US Government said, ‘We will throw you in jail for 10 years and give you a $10,000 fine.’ “There was a big build-up, we were waiting, practising; we had a 500 foot tow line with 10 little dories filled with older people: nuns, priests, architects; people from the US who didn’t like what their government was doing. “Then the press started coming out ... and interviewed us; the world’s press was at our door. “The day the Trident was coming ... there were 100 coastguard boats in the operation, large coastguard cutters and so on; and lots of helicopters in the sky, the navy and the media. So we went out to blockade this submarine, towing a 500-foot towline and 10 little dories. There were other boats, one with the American mother of the year, and various activists. The coast guard came for us with water cannons. There were commandos and zodiacs, and we were eventual-

ly taken into custody in handcuffs.” Gaillard says he and his shipmates were handcuffed for eight hours, “which hurts after a little while; it's a lot of strain on your arms to hold them behind your back. We were taken to the Trident base, right

found aboard Pacific Peacemaker’. On page 75, days later, a red-faced coast guard officer was forced to admit it was a nice grade of tea. Community Aid Abroad had given us 80 fair trade tea packets.” As it turned out, only one person

The day before the Trident blockade at Oak Bay near Seattle.

past the submarine as it was being docked, while the welcome ceremony was going on.” During a search of the Pacific Peacemaker, “the bomb squad found these silver foil packets under the floorboards, which were taken away and analysed”. “The Seattle papers screamed ‘Suspicious vegetable substance

from the Pacific Peacemaker was arrested, a film maker, for something that Gaillard did, “which wasn't very non-violent”. “As the commandos came in, with a machete I lifted the towrope and knocked one out of his boat. They arrested the film-maker who was standing next to me. We were taken away ... but they dropped the charg-

collection: portraits women of yulgilbar

es, because the world’s media had cottoned onto it.” Freed, Gaillard and his like-minded advocates went on a public speaking tour of major cities on the USA’s west coast. Over the following three decades Gaillard has engaged peripherally with several contentious issues, lobbying politicians and running campaigns against or about things such as damming the Amazon rainforest, the trans-migration project in India, the three gorges project in China and investigations into where the money ends up through bilateral and multilateral aid programs. In 2011, Gaillard found himself right in the middle of the anti-CSG movement. He’d seen the anti-CSG movie, Gasland, which purported the “devastation, nature and scope” of the industry in the USA. Soon he joined a group called the Keerrong Gas Squad and a public awareness campaign began. In 2011, he addressed Lismore City Council, regarding a motion, put up by then councillor David Yarnell, proposing a moratorium on CSG exploration. “The council went with it; the first council to oppose CSG, and they strengthened that further on; Jenny Dowell was the mayor. “We were going to have to do civil disobedience to actually stop this, in conjunction with political lobbying. We started printing Lock the Gate signs on a screen printer in the Keerrong Hall, once a week, and selling them for $2 and that funded [some of] the campaign.” That campaign ended at the Bentley Blockade – the diverse demographical, cultural and agricultural industry interests had convinced the government that the industry had failed to gain or maintain a ‘social licence’: the CSG was industry was banned from the Northern Rivers. Gaillard, at 64-years-old, splits his time between his Keerrong Valley and Iluka homes; he has worked at many different jobs to make a living during his activist years and is still working as a carpenter.

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• Start planning your wedding!

• Order guest gifts/ bombonieres (if applicable)

• Work out your budget

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• Start looking for ideas for your wedding style and colour choices • Start on a guest list • Identify who you want in your wedding party • Research available venues for your reception and ceremony, visit the locations during other weddings/functions to see what they could look like

Wedding Planning




MONTHS TO GO… • Talk to a florist and discuss your bouquet options

• Finalise your invitation design and look at incorporating programs, menu cards, place cards & thank-you cards, discuss with a printer if required • Mail out your invitations


• Make a list of what you want at your reception (compare apples with apples) • Set a date (this may depend upon availability) • Reserve your date

• Finalise the guest list

• Research and book your cake maker - ask for a taste test

• Sort out the DJ/Entertainment for your ceremony and reception • Start designing your wedding stationery

• Send out “Save the date” cards or emails

• Choose bridesmaid/flower girl dresses

• Start looking at dress designs that will suit your shape and style

• Sort out bridal shower/hen’s party/bucks party and book

• Research and book the following: - Caterer - Photographer

• Start looking at your ceremony readings and vows and who will be saying them • Finalise your menu for your reception and any other beverage and catering details • Book your hair stylist and make up artist and arrange a trial • Book your nail artist (if required) • Organise your wedding rings, you may need something special made to match your engagement ring - talk to your jeweller about your options • Book your honeymoon and sort out any paperwork eg. passports/ visas

- Videographer - Celebrant - Wedding transport - Accommodation for wedding night and out of town guests - Decorator/Event stylist

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Yamba Weddings & Events E ( formally f ll Fabulous F b l Functions) F ) is based in Yamba, servicing the whole Clarence Valley and beyond. We pride ourselves in helping to create your perfect Wedding or Event. From planning your whole day or a simple beach ceremony. If we don’t have something you need for your special day we are happy to source the items for you. We are your one stop Wedding and Event supplier.

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• Finalise your wedding vows • Create a song list for your ceremony and reception

• Give your caterer/venue the final guest count including any special menu requirements

• Finalise who is going to give toasts at your reception

• Finalise your seating arrangements and place cards

• Finalise wedding night and honeymoon accommodations

• Pick up your wedding dress and store appropriately and safely

• Pick up your wedding rings

• Confirm all wedding day bookings ie. hair & makeup, transport, reception, celebrant/church, flowers etc.



WEEKS TO GO… • Finalise deposits where required • Discuss/organise marriage license requirements and paperwork for changing your name • Purchase your wedding underwear that will best suit your wedding dress style and shape • Start your dress fittings and alterations

• Finalise your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue (if applicable) • Purchase gifts for the wedding party (these may be accessories worn on the day) • Have your final dress fitting. Remember to take your wedding shoes, accessories and wedding underwear

• Start wearing in your wedding shoes


• Make a wedding day emergency kit - include spare stockings, makeup, scissors, thread, safety pins, bobbi pins, snacks, batteries, tissues etc.

Z • Check the weather report for your wedding day, put a plan in place for worst case scenarios

• Pack a bag for your wedding night • Begin to pack for your honeymoon, arrange overseas currency and insurance if required

• Do a trial of your spray tan (if required)


the day before...

• Do you have everything, make a check list and mark off as you pack or lay out in preparation for tomorrow - especially the rings! • Organise final payments for reception and any other bookings • Organise the return of items for the day after the wedding eg. hired clothing or other rental items • Get your nails and/or spray tan done (spray tans are better done 2-3 days before) • Have an early night

Hold your

in our River Rooms Our ‘River Rooms’ are private rooms with spectacular views of the beautiful Clarence River. They can seat up to 120 guests in air-conditioned comfort, with a fully stocked bar. We also provide access to the private open air deck right on the river. There is ample space for a band or DJ and we also supply a parquetry dance floor. The room can be divided to offer a medium size seating solution with a light spacious feel, still with the magnificent views.

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The most memorable experience he Angourie Resort caters to all special occasions including Engagement parties, Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions, Hens Parties and Honeymoons. At Angourie Resort, we pride ourselves on an exceptional level of customer service. With three wedding reception venues to choose from, each offering their own unique outlook and private facilities, we are able to offer tailored packages to fulfil every dream, suiting every budget. Options range from an outdoor setting on a raised deck overlooking the pool view, to rooms featuring spotted gum timber flooring, high ceilings and unique Australian outlooks. We also have a large range of beautiful dÊcor for hire, along with styling services. At the on-site Cunjevoi Restaurant, the headchef and his team strive to produce quality and style, with a vast range of delicious menu options to suit every palate. The Essential Elements Day Spa is conveniently located on-site, and offers the perfect hens escape, pre-wedding pamper, or honeymoon treat. Fantastic pamper packages available, starting from $95 per person, which include a treatment, lunch, fruit and cheese platter and champagne. Angourie Resort offers a variety of accommodation including fully contained One Bedroom Deluxe Spa Apartments and Two Bedroom Standard and Deluxe Villas. Our Villas are an ideal space for the bridal parties to prepare in privacy before the ceremony. Whether you’re planning a grand affair, relaxed reception or private poolside ceremony, we are with you every step of the way to ensure your wedding marks the most memorable experience with your loved ones. Arrange your personal tour of our venues and facilities or speak to our experienced wedding and events Coordinator today on 6646 8600 or email at



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THE RIGHT WEDDING VENUE ream weddings don't just happen, they're planned, and part of the planning is selecting the right wedding venue. Yamba Golf & Country Club is one of Yamba's finest wedding Reception locations. With stunning views of the golf course you can take full advantage of the club's natural beauty. The picturesque setting provides a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony and photographs; and the back deck overlooking the course is the perfect spot for your guests to enjoy pre dinner drinks and canapés, or to have a more casual reception. The club can accommodate receptions for up to 130 guests in the Auditorium, offering a large space that includes a permanent stage, parquetry dance floor and full service bar. The back deck has been recently renovated and extended, and now has a full roof, making it a usable space in all weather! The Deck can seat up to 100 people in a


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n the Clarence Valley, brides and their grooms enjoy an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing a location for their wedding, reception and photographs. From quaint little churches that inhabit the valley, more formal settings such as the many clubs in the area, Tucabia's well known Squatters Rest, to any of our beautiful parks and beaches, there is a perfect setting for you to say 'I do'. There are many private gardens available to host your ceremony, or you may have family and friends with spectacular gardens where they would love to see you married. The venue you choose will depend on the theme of your wedding. Will it be a traditional wedding involving a church setting or casual, which can be situated in an outdoor location? Each setting has a certain feel. Churches are hushed and beautiful with an air of dated ritual. Seaside weddings are musically enhanced by the sound of the


ocean giving off energetic abundance. Garden weddings are filled with birdsong and the smell of life. All settings will add their tone to your day. Which one will you choose? With the outdoor ceremony, remember your guests. Are there any elderly members who may need chairs? What time of day are you to be married? Will your guests require shade, water and insect repellent? Will you, your groom and the celebrant require any of these conveniences? If you choose to have an outdoor wedding, there are some formalities that must be seen to, regarding council-owned lands as well as national parks. These bodies need to be contacted as soon as possible to determine availability and approval. This will also apply to any outdoor reception venues you may have in mind. If you are planning an outdoor wedding it pays to be prepared for inclement weather. Always make sure you have a back up plan so your day is not ruined by wind or rain.

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Tip: if you and your partner have not yet decided on a location for your wedding, you might like to take a leisurely drive around the valley to those areas you feel will enhance your day, be it churches, parks, beaches or any other setting you have in mind. You might like to pack a picnic lunch or stop somewhere along the way at any of our wonderful cafes and restaurants available for hungry wanderers. Squatters Rest

The Grafton District Golf Club offers you the ideal setting for your ceremony and the perfect venue for your reception, two very important steps in the planning of your beautiful day.

We have our picturesque Wedding Garden overlooking the scenic golf course. For your reception we offer our air conditioned Function Centre, located on ground level with easy access to the garden & verandah.

Grafton District Golf Club caters for weddings up to 150 guests & provides creative menu options tailored to suit your taste and budget. Please call Dean (chef) on 6643 1692 to discuss your special occasion.

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When opposites attract |BY REBECCA SMITH


y grandparents, Gwen and Ern Kavanagh, affectionately known to me as Nana Gwen and Poppie Ern, were great holiday makers. Travelling around Australia on various coach tours, going on the Ghan through the centre and overseas to Fiji. They loved a good holiday. My Pop was a club man, helping build a small club in Western Sydney, called Cabra Vale Diggers, into the huge conglomerate it is today. One year, my Pop, Ern, was invited to Yamba to judge Yamba Bowling Club as an entrant in Club of the Year. Every year for the next 20 odd years, they holidayed in Yamba at least twice a year, either driving up or catching the train up from Sydney when their health began to falter. They would fondly write postcards home, with many mentions of the beaches and relaxing lifestyle. My family followed them one year for our annual holiday and never stopped returning and my future husband and I celebrated our schoolies while staying with my Nan and Pop during one of their many visits in 1993. In 1994, my Nan and Pop, were approaching a very special milestone, their 50th Wedding Anniversary. To mark the occasion, I made up a book of memories, photos and mementos.

22 |


March 2017

I asked my Nan and Pop to write me a letter describing how and where they met and how they felt about celebrating such an achievement. These letters were made apart of the book I presented to them at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party. I am happy to say, they went on to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. During these years, my daughter was born on their wedding anniversary in 1998, and our special bond was made even closer. In January 2006, my Nan sadly passed away and Pop followed in May 2009. I use their marriage as inspiration. I am proud of their perseverance. My Pop was very cheeky, with a dry sense of humour, liked a drink and a cigar. My Nan was beautiful, inside and out, we often compared her regalness to the Queen. She was a strong woman who walked almost everywhere and loved her family very much. I know their marriage was hard at times, especially when illness struck, but I also know that they stayed together, beside one another, in good times and in bad, till death they did part. I hope you enjoy their letters and mementos as much as my family does. Lest We Forget.

My Pop kept a diary each year. He wrote an entry every day. His letter to me reads like one of those diary entries, very matter of factly and very humorous.

Nan and Pop on another holiday.

26-8-44 Had day off. Shorty & I up early & went chasing beer, without much success, able to get some to drink but no bottles, back to camp for lunch, shifted mess hut around for reception, Lou hurt leg while shifting piano. Had a game of cricket & a few beers, kick of the footy & a few beers, had a snack & a few beers, 6 o’clock we decided to get ready, had difficulty standing under the shower, sitting down was easier. Arrived at the Church on time & received final instructions, not to turn around until he told me (Minister). Darky the cook relieved the tension by crawling up under the seat & offered us a small flask of Whisky. Being a full Military Wedding (Orders), when I was told to turn around & saw the Bride all in white, I remarked to Shorty, we are in the wrong church, mate, lets go, but he laughed & said it was a surprise for me, it was. Ceremony went well until we had to move up to the High Alter & kneel down, unfortunately the cricket, footy & shifting the piano caught up with me & I got the cramp, Shorty & I were amused, no one else was, after the photo sessions, Gwen had to change back into uniform to return to camp for the reception. The C.O. loaned us his staff car for the wedding & worried all the time as it was against Army rules etc. Great day, all our mates were very good to us, making the girls' dresses etc. had many drinks & good tucker, compliments of the cookhouse mob. Gwen's mob didn’t think it would last, my mob had the same idea but it still mightn’t, the old saying that the first 50 years is the hardest to get over. My Nan was much more informative and descriptive with her letter. Yes Rebecca, miracles do happen! There is one happening here tonight in the fact that your Pop and I have been married & stayed together for 50 years!! But that wasn’t your question was it! You asked me where I met Pop, - I guess I will have to turn back time & try to remember! We met while both serving our country in WWII - in the army, I guess some time in 1943. We were in an advanced Signals Division in beautiful tropical Townsville & ended up in the same company, also on the same shift, “C” Company to be exact. I worked in the signals office sending & receiving messages by code or morse around Australia & New Guinea. The Signals Office was at Stuart, just outside of Townsville & it was a dungeon like building built into the side of a hill & heavily camouflaged so it couldn’t be seen by aircraft. (By the way, the enemy did drop a few bombs on Townsville but the only damage that I can remember was to some palm trees.) Anyhow, Pop was a despatch rider, riding bikes or driving jeeps, backwards & forwards between Stuart & Townsville, taking the despatches that we prepared or bringing other memos back to us. We worked hard, - day shifts, evening shifts, overnight shifts for nine days and then relaxed at our rest camp on Magnetic Island for three days. That was our routine - nine days work then three days rest. The camp where we lived was at Roseneath, not far from our signals office, there we had separate sections, one for male, one for female, but we shared the one ‘mess hut’ where we had our meals & also where we held dances, inviting any other units,

army or airforce in the area to join in. They were good days I guess. Anyway, our ‘shift’, male & female, were a great crowd - we went everywhere in groups, to the beach, to the open aired movie theatre in Townsville where we sat in deck chairs & hoped it didn’t rain & had lots of sports & recreation together. As time went by, some of us paired up & went out as couples, but we had really got to know each other very well. And - I ended up with Pop. They say opposites attract & they weren’t wrong because we are the complete opposite of each other! Then one day in camp he asked me to marry him & I told him to ask me that night while we were on shift. So that night he called me outside & under a beautiful full moon he asked me again & I said yes. You asked me Rebecca why we married in Townsville instead of going home to be married - well, Pop was from Melbourne & I was from Sydney. I had already lost one brother, killed in action in NG & the other three were still away serving - I had no sisters - our parents were quite happy about the arrangement so we had an army wedding on the 26th August 1944 in Townsville St James Cathedral & then back to the mess hut in camp for the reception. We had a honeymoon on the Ungalla Ranges just out of Mackay & then back to work again - the same old routine. Did I make the right choice? Did I make a mistake? When I see my wonderful family & my precious grandchildren who I dearly love, no, I didn’t make a mistake - it was all meant to be!! Nana Gwen

Above: Ready for my parents wedding. Below: Relaxing on holiday at Seascape Holiday Unit in Ocean Street, Yamba.

Nan and Pop at their 50th Wedding Anniversary party.


March 2017

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Engagement ring trends 2017 CHOOSING THE RIGHT ENGAGEMENT RING!


hoosing an engagement ring that reflects your personality and style should be a fun and exciting process. The type, cut (or shape), size and colour of the stone are all elements that will help channel your personal tastes and characteristics of your chosen ring. SO WHAT’S HOT IN 2017? From unique shapes to ornate halos to classic solitaire to colour, this year’s engagement ring trends will have you saying “I do”.


CLASSICAL SOLITAIRE The classic solitaire style will never go out of style. Grafton’s own Harveys Jewellers Bluefire Diamond solitaires set in rings of white or yellow metals lift the diamond off the band and into the light, producing a scintillation like no other. Whilst the traditional brilliant (round) cut will continue to be a main stay there is also a trend towards pear, cushion, marquise and emerald cuts.

ORNATE HALOS An ornate halo, a centre stone surrounded with smaller stones like a halo in a single or even double row, add a touch of elegance to an engagement ring. Bold double row halos truly enhance the beauty of the centre stone. For a unique bespoke piece, an updated look from the traditional halos is created by using a centre diamond of varying shapes to add a bit of interest.

A SPLASH OF COLOUR Traditional white diamonds, such as Harveys Jewellers own Bluefire Diamonds, will continue to be strong but you can’t ignore the continuing trend of colour! Pink and black diamonds as well as the uniqueness of Australian Dreamtime diamonds will continue to be a favourite as will the trend of blue sapphires, pink morganite and vibrant emeralds.

xx |


March 2017

CONTEMPORARY SPLIT SHANK There is something delicate and modern in a split shank (when the band splits in two as it meets the diamond) engagement ring. A delicate diamond adorned split shank spotlights a sparkling diamond centre stone. WEDDING BANDS

Whilst choosing a wedding band should complement your engagement ring it is all a part of expressing your personal style. You may decide on matching weddings bands with your partner. We do recommend personalisation of wedding bands as an increasingly popular way to customise such a sentimental piece of jewellery. An engagement ring con-

tinues to represent the most important relationship of your life - a symbol of love and commitment. Need help choosing the right rings for you and your partner? Visit your friends at Harveys Jewellers, Grafton.

You’re Invited

trends for wedding invitations in 2017


MINIMALIST - this is huge for 2017. The use of typography and fonts focuses on the words rather than the design. Keep backgrounds simple and keep colours to only och chro ch rome me iiss v ve ery ry p op pu one or two. Monochrome very popular w.. now.

RUSTIC - this one is all about nature. Hession, twine, brown paper, botanical designs and beautifully handpainted greenery. The perfect match for a bushland or garden wedding.

Your Beautiful Hair

We’re getting married Sarah & David 2-10-2017


hey say you look most beautiful on your wedding day and your hairstyle plays a big part in your special day. Beautiful hair is a creation by stylists who have a passion for hair and the girls at All About Hair Yamba are just that - passionate. Knowing that hair fashions are frequently changing they continue to develop their skills and creativity so are able to offer their clients the latest trends in hair. The girls have a real flair for upstyles, which are perfect for your wedding day and to make your day

  m 7    J 

 &         #J     d #   ĜĜEŸȖǟ


METALIC - gold, silver, bronze, copper. Let your imagination go wild. Use foil stamping to highlight or give your whole invitation the midas touch. Metallics are in for wedding cakes as well so you can create a total glam effect overall. TRADITIONAL - no matter what trends come and go, the traditional look will be around forever.

WATERCOLOUR - one of the hottest trends this year and for good reason. Soft washes of colour matched to your wedding colours can transform a simple design into pure elegance. Adding some hand drawn images gives them a whimsical feel. g


even more relaxing, they are able to come to you, so you can enjoy their expertise in your own surrounds. All About Hair are stockists of Goldwell professional products, which they believe go way beyond extraordinary colour and hair care, and provide clients with the best possible texture and colours. When planning your wedding call in and see the girls at All About Hair and talk to them about what styles would be best suited to you. All About Hair are located at 1/5 Yamba Street, Yamba and you can make a booking by calling 6645 8444.


edding stationery has come a long way since the days of simply sending out an invitation. There are the place cards for reception seating. The thank-you cards for the gifts you receive, RSVP cards, order of service, gift registry and bonbonniere cards. The look of your stationery will be dependent on the theme of your wedding and whether you choose to DIY or order off the shelf. If you have an excellent hand and want a personal touch, bring in the cavalry (bridesmaids) to help you. Adding that personal touch to your stationary can be well worth the effort as long as you have the time, the help, the creativity and the motivation. Choosing to have your wedding stationery professionally printed will cost more but is well worth it if you are time poor and not creative. If you choose to order your invitations and cards from a distributor, take the time to look at examples of a few companies. Once you have decided on a company, place your order early in case of any unforeseen events, and don’t forget to order extras. Should you choose the DIY system, also have those extras on hand. Most important: check and double check each card has the right information on it. Remember to send cards to the groom’s parents, and whomever officiates at your wedding ceremony.


Hire for your Weddings & Events



PH: 6642 4953 MOB: 0428 424 953 SCENE

March 2017

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He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began. - Leo Tolstoy

Beautiful hair – your best weapon

Alyce and Maddison

hey may be young but Maddison O’Connor and Alyce Brown, founders of Ammo Hair and Beauty, are extremely passionate about what they


A style for all occasions ou’ve been invited to a wedding, and now you need to find an outfit to wear. That’s easy - look no further than Sweet Sisters Boutique in South Grafton. Sweet Sisters Boutique caters for all shapes and sizes and has a beautiful range of unique clothes including Foil, Nu, Humidity, Amelius and Honey&Beau. There is something for every woman. From every day wear, smart casual, to event wear and, with sizes from 8 to 24, you will definitely be able to find something suitable.


Funky labels, classic styles, beautiful fabrics, gorgeous leather belts and bags, shoes, and accessories – you’ll find it all at Sweet Sisters. If work interferes with your shopping, give them a call and they will organise after work shopping for yourself and/or a group of your girlfriends. If quality and service are for you, call in and see Kim and Raylee at Sweet Sisters at Shop 11/15 Skinner Street, South Grafton or you can give them a call on 0432 581 604. Find your unique style with personalised styling at Sweet Sisters Boutique.


do. With qualifications in both hairdressing and beauty, it was only natural that the girls open a hair and beauty salon, which they did six months ago, and while they both admit it has been extremely hard work, they have never looked back. “Sometimes it can get hard when the workload slows down, but we are so excited to have our own salon,” says Maddie. A smiling Alyce says, “We both know that nothing gets handed to you on a plate, so we have to give it our best shot; when you love what you are doing, it makes it that much easier.” With an extensive range of beauty services such as nails, waxing, tinting, tanning, facials, peels and piercings, Maddie and Alyce are able to offer their customers a complete hair and beauty package in a relaxed, friendly environment. The girls can also put together wedding packages for both hair and make up to suit your requirements. They are continually learning new looks and techniques to ensure customers receive the most up to date styles and advice. So whether you’re looking for trendy boho braids, a formal upstyle, a cut and colour, or your nails done, you should give the girls a call. Ammo Hair and Beauty is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-12pm and is located at 16a River Street, Maclean. Bookings can be made by phoning 6645 2655. Ammo Hair and Beauty - perfect for a quick fix or a new look while you’re out and about.

Find your Personalised Style



Multiple times internationally published Makeup Artist


Specialising in Natural, Photographic, Glam and Bridal Makeup looks. Basic Hairstyling available. mobile makeup artist | studio: 48 rosella road, gulmarrad studio: 6645 1757 | mobile: 0405 571 020

26 |


March 2017

• FACIALS Shop 11 | 15 Skinner Street, South Grafton P | 0432 581 604

‘the best ammo is you’ 16 River Street, Maclean • 6645 2655


the way you deserve to be

Results will amaze 

WITH LITTLE OR NO DOWN TIME Facial Volumizers Facial Volumizers to stimulate your own collagen to replenish areas that are becoming hollow and deflated, restoring a youthful fullness to your facial contours. Come in and chat to Sue about how these can help to rebuild your collagen framework, gradually reducing lines, wrinkles and folds, producing a naturallooking result.

Super Soft Lip Filler Super Soft Lip Filler will give you gorgeously shaped lips and rejuvenate fine lines around your mouth area.

Cheek and Facial Contouring

ASAP Offer Buy 3 asap products and get a free GYM for the SKIN Peel workout.

Cheek and Facial Contouring The shape of the cheek and face changes with age due to a loss of facial fullness and facial volume redistribution. Over time, the amount of soft tissue volume over the cheekbones decreases, come and talk to Sue about the amazing instant changes that can result after one quick and easy treatment.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick and easy treatment for fine lines and wrinkles with no down time.

CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR FREE INITIAL CONSULT WITH SUSAN DWYER, OUR SPECIALIST NURSE INJECTOR FROM BRISBANE. Susan is an injectables expert, she has worked in the cosmetic medical industry for over 13 years.


• • • • • •

PRP Injection Therapy: Improving the volume, tone and texture of the skin Anti Wrinkle Injections and Fillers: treating expression lines and wrinkles Laser: Tattoo Removal and Skin Rejuvenation SHR (Super Hair Removal): Painless & permanent hair reduction IPL (Intense Pulsed Light): Vascular, Rosacea, lesions treatments, skin rejuvenation, pigment reduction Derma Stamp: reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scar repair, acne scaring, stretch marks Microdermabrasion with Sonophoresis: using diamond tip with deep infusion of minerals Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: using E-light and Tri polar technology LED: utilising Light Emitting Diodes to reduce redness, stimulate collagen production and aid in healing acne ASAP, Allmedic and Synergie product stockists Free Computerised Skin Analysis

CLARENCE COSMETIC CLINIC Offering a range of services,

performed by experienced staff, for all your skin needs.


• • • • •

CALL ANGELA ON 0418 154 893 / 6645 3299 RECEIVE A FREE SKIN ANALYSIS WITH JO - CALL 0407 066 529


March 2017

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CALL 6642 5577 FOR A QUOTE

Grafton Hire


Wedding Marquees for your special day

Marquee sizes are: 9m x 9m 15m x 9m 21m x 9m


(other sizes available)

For all your wedding supplies contact

Grafton Party Hire m at Grafton Hire n


Phone: (02) 6643 2878 or Will 0417 720 952 ©CVI

46 PRINCE ST, GRAFTON PH: 6642 5577

For complete Party Hire List email:

Weddings Receptions Photos Preserving pieces of the past for the present

23 Collett St, Tucabia Enquiries phone 6644 8076 or 0428 543 055

byron bay 0413 654 000 weddings, formals & special events

W e d d i n g s & S p e c i a l Ev e n t s Flowers & Gifts for all occasions 12 River Street, Maclean P: 6645 2998 M: 0427 452 998 E:

w w w. m a c l e a n f l o w e r b o x . c o m . a u

PURE HAIR yamba fair

MENS AND WOMENS WEDDING HAIR MOBILE AND IN SALON Deluxe eyebrow shaping • Techno tan

Shop 17, Yamba Shopping Fair • 6646 9694

It’s not all about the dress.. Your lingerie can be beautiful too. Gift Vouchers Available

Coffs Coast to the Gold Coast


AVAILABLE FOR HIRE • White Cadilac • 2 White Grand Cherokee Jeeps

ALSO AVAILABLE • 40 seater coach for guest transport Yamba Prestige


59 Prince St, Grafton 6642 7309 28 |


March 2017



1800 813 033

Yamba Tours




Sweet trends

Your love captured in the

perfect setting...

ouldn’t it be amazing if you could buy a diamond direct from the world’s leading diamond cutters? Well with Brendan Watkins Jewellers you can! Brendan and Darlene are off to Antwerp ‘the diamond capital of the world’. You can order a beautiful diamond in the colour, clarity, cut and carat you would like at a much more affordable price… and Brendan and Darlene will hand pick it for you. As an Antwerp Diamond Broker, we can personally select top quality diamonds in varying sizes and grades to make your choice easier. “We are very proud to be able to offer such a unique service to our





Get me to the church on time!

customers and look forward to helping make their dreams come true,” said Brendan. Brendan Watkins Jewellers also has a stunning selection of engagement rings to suit ay bride. They can also work with you to design your very own masterpiece. Call in today to make sure you are getting the best quality diamond at the right price. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Call Brendan Watkins Jewellers on 6646 3027 or stop into the shop at 3/25 Coldstream Street, Yamba. Scan this QR code to find out about our Antwerp Diamond service.



hether you’re choosing to have a traditional wedding or something a little less formal, you will need some form of transport for the wedding party. Yamba Prestige Hire Cars provides a seven-day, door to destination service with driver, and will pick you up from any location - great if you want to impress guests who need to be picked up from the airport. They also have a 48 seat coach for guest transport. With a choice of a stunning white Cadillac or two white Jeeps, you will arrive at your ceremony in style. Yamba Prestige Hire Cars owner Vickie recommends brides make sure getting in and out of their chosen transport is easy and that there is plenty of room for their dress. “Our Caddie is a stunning entrance for any bride,” says Vickie, “and you can relax knowing that we will have you to your destination in plenty of time for last minute checks and fixes.” For bookings and enquiries, call Yamba Prestige Hire Cars on 1800 813 033. Yamba Prestige Hire Cars is a division of the Yamba Tours Group.


March 2017

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Create your ceremony



and the commitment you are making as you commence your journey as a married couple. I will spend the time with you to create the ceremony you’ve always wanted or if your not sure what you want, that’s ok, I can provide samples and information and together we will build a ceremony as personal or as generic as you choose. Every wedding is special and yours will be too; let me share your day by taking away the stress and worry and creating a ceremony for you to enjoy and remember for the rest of your lives. Not only will I create the ceremony you want, I can provide the PA system, the signing table and accessories to suit your style. Your documentation and legalities will be attended to and you will be provided with a registered marriage certificate. I service the Clarence Valley and Coffs Coast but am also available to travel elsewhere if needed. You can contact me on 0429 930 221 or by email at I am also available for commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows, naming days, in fact any celebration that you wish to make extra special. Call today to make a booking. Lois Robinson JP


emony your w r e c r u o y ay.. ate e r . C

n bi o so n J R s oi P L

PureZ relaxation lanning a wedding can be a very exciting time but it can also be quite stressful, especially for the bride to be. Pure Perfection Day Spa provides a unique, private and relaxing atmosphere right in the heart of Grafton – perfect for anyone seeking a little stress relief and self-renewal. The moment you walk into Pure Perfection Day Spa you will immediately feel yourself slow down and your tension easing. Pure Perfection imparts a restful, welcoming feel while providing a comprehensive range of beauty and spa treatments, special occasion makeup and bridal and spa packages. Their highly experienced and qualified therapists are there to assist you in looking and feeling your best, so spoil yourself and let the staff treat you to some well-deserved pampering. Pure Perfection spa packages are also a great way to say thank you to your bridesmaids or family for their help during the wedding organisation or for some pre-wedding indulgence. Pure Perfection Day Spa is located at 57 Villiers Street, Grafton and you can phone them on 6643 4567. So go on, indulge yourself - don’t you deserve it?



Beauty & Spa Treatments

...leaving you to relax & enjoy!

Special Occasion Makeup

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Bridal & Spa Packages

Celebrating all occasions, weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, baby naming’s

Phone: 0429 930 221 E: 30 |


March 2017

57 Villiers Street, Grafton

6643 4567


our wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day and probably the lowest cost of the whole wedding. It’s important you choose a professional celebrant that will work with you to create a ceremony that suits your style and meets your expectations. Be sure to book your celebrant early, as good celebrants are often booked out for popular times of the year well in advance. Marriages take place in all sorts of places. It’s entirely up to you, but use your celebrant's experience when it comes to practicalities, access, weather and times, always have a Plan B in place just in case. Many couples are opting for a more relaxed atmosphere for their wedding these days. Getting married is a serious commitment but that doesn’t have to come with a load of stress. Your ceremony should be all about you as a couple, it can be as formal or casual as you are, as intimate or as out there as you imagined it would be. The most important thing is that you need to be relaxed so that you can enjoy the moment and remember it as it should be. It’s the celebrant’s job to assure the smooth flow of the ceremony so that you can focus on each other



Barefoot Luxury

We embrace diversity, balance and simplicity


he Moso Vanuatu is an exclusive boutique resort and dining destination located on stunning Moso Island, North Efate, Vanuatu the Moso is pure paradise. Largely untouched, Moso Island is an isolated sanctuary, surrounded by crystal-clear blue water and shaded by rustling coconut trees. Just two and a half hours flight from Brisbane and just over three hours from Sydney and Auckland, we will arrange your airport transfer, which is a scenic 25-minute drive from the airport and a short boat ride across the beautiful Havannah Harbour. Relaxation and escape are what we require from you while we take care of the rest. With five premium villas, two island residences, the Bistro & Bar, we cater to couples looking for a secluded romantic sanctuary for an engagement or honeymoon, through to a bride and groom looking for that uniquely memorable ceremony…imagine the pictures! We have a wedding planner available to take care of all of your arrangements. For overnight guests, The Moso Vanuatu welcomes those over the age of 16, to come and enjoy our resort at anytime. For younger children (the pikininis), we do require that your group book all five of our villas so the entire resort can become their playground. Child minding is reasonable and can be easily arranged. At The Moso, we specialise in your

experience to ensure you create memories that will keep you coming back. Our facilities include our Bistro & Bar, a day spa, any number of water activities, island massage, tour opportunities and of course our overwater hammocks which are fast becoming famous. The Moso Vanuatu’s bistro and bar is garnering great reviews for our menu, which draws inspiration from the local culture and the abundant seasonal produce grown on the property and within Vanuatu. We embrace diversity, balance and simplicity in flavour and composition. We can provide various customised packages for groups, for 28 comfortably seated at our large ‘family’ table to 40 seated on our four-seater tables on the beach, or a cast of 100+ standing between the beach and bistro - let us know your vision and requirements and we can provide the package for you both. We look forward to seeing you on the island! Joel, Antoun and The Moso Vanuatu Team For bookings:mikamlongmoso@ or phone +678 771 1365 Visit us at, themosovanuatu/, the_moso_life/,

Luxury Honeymoon SCENE

March 2017

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Unwind in unsurpassed beauty


ualia is a unique Australian expression of world-class luxury and an outstanding example of design. It is situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island and surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. With a relaxed aspect and mesmerising calmness, time seems to stretch forever. It’s a truly special place where everything has been meticulously considered to relax the mind yet completely spoil the senses. qualia’s sun-drenched northern aspect provides the ideal location to appreciate the passing beauty of each day, with a choice of sixty private individual pavilions, many of which have a plunge pool and natural touches such as outdoor showers. Guests may indulge and unwind at the stunning Spa qualia, which offers an authentically Australian spa menu, incorporating treatments that have been thoughtfully designed to rebalance the synergy between mind and body. Facilities include two serene pools, a fitness centre, a library, private dining room, two bars and restaurants exclusive to in-house guests, offering fine, fresh and innovative food. qualia guests have priority access to Australia’s only island championship golf course, the Hamilton Island Golf Club, with stunning 360 degree views of the Whitsunday Islands from every


spoil the senses

hole; one of the world’s top 10 beaches, Whitehaven Beach; spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, or scenic flights over the Great Barrier Reef; and unparalleled sailing through the Whitsunday passage. Or if relaxation is the goal, qualia will take guests to a private beach for a gourmet picnic for two. Access is easy with just a 2.5 hour direct flight from Sydney, 3 hours from Melbourne or 1.5 hours from Cairns and Brisbane. There are also quick 30-minute boat transfers from Shute Harbour on the mainland. Guests are met by a qualia Host upon their arrival, for their exclusive VIP transfer to qualia. This place is honeymoon heaven. For more information visit: www.qualia.

Luxury Honeymoon 32 |


March 2017

The B&B tree change |BY LYNNE MOWBRAY

This is the story of a couple who moved from Sydney to the Clarence Valley for a tree change and to semi retire but instead went on to build an award winning B&B. Lynne Mowbray discovered that with their labour of love, which drives them; retirement is the last thing on their mind. ituated on the banks of the Clarence River, 18 kilometres from Grafton, is one of the countries’ top award winning B& Bs. The ‘Clarence River B&B’ owned by Greg Alderson and Terry Hill, has won several Australian Accommodation Star Rating awards, which include; 1st in the region, 1st in NSW and 3rd in Australia - twice. The 16 acre riverside resort at Seelands is surrounded by landscaped gardens and abundant wildlife. Greg and Terry first met in Sydney many years ago; Greg was a carpenter and Terry owned a corner shop. “Greg used to come in every day to get one of my egg and bacon rolls,” said Terry. “I liked him because he always took his boots off at the door.” Around 12 years ago the couple decided on making a tree change and moved north. They had a check list of what sort of property they were looking for. It had to be on a river with fresh water and within driving distance of the ocean. “We saw this place on the internet and the ad said that it was suitable for a B&B,” said Terry. “Greg travelled up here to look at it and the property ticked all the boxes for us, so he put a deposit on it.” The buildings on the property consisted of two old homes that had been joined together, which had been moved from the corners Villiers and Duke streets in Grafton, where Shoppingworld is now located. Greg threw himself into revamping all the inside of the building, demolishing seven walls to make


one big room, which now consists of the kitchen, dining and lounge rooms. He then went on to make four verandahs and eight bathrooms. It was a challenge that he enjoyed as he loved working with timber. For the last three years both Greg and Terry have thrown themselves into the construction of a state of the art camp kitchen, which is built from local hardwoods. The project will be completed later this year and the owners hope to attract celebrity master chefs to perform culinary workshops, incorporating local produce and wine tasting. “We thought that we would come up here and semi-retire, but now we’re working harder than

“I liked him because he always took his boots off at the door. We thought that we would come up here and semi-retire, but now we’re working harder than ever.” ever,” said Terry. Greg, who first retired at the age of 40, has not stopped working since they arrived. “You can’t retire or you just grow old,” he said. All of their hard work is paying off, with visitors

from far and wide frequenting their establishment. “Most of the people who stay here are either repeat customers or referrals,” said Terry. “We also have direct bookings taken from around the globe. “We’re booked solid for the three weeks around Jacaranda and the July racing carnival is also a very busy time. “We’ve had both Robbie and Tom Waterhouse staying here during race week. “We’ve also had actor Zac Drayson who played ‘Will’ in ‘Home and Away’ and Australian Stuntman Ben Smith-Peterson, who grew up in Byron Bay and is now married to Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. According to Terry, their business has tripled in the last two years and is still heading upwards. You only need to look around this tranquil resort, to see how much of a labour of love it is to the owners. The ‘Clarence River B&B’ is run by both Greg and Terry, with Terry’s sister Chris now working with them on a full time basis. The couple can’t see themselves slowing down at all in the near future. Plans have already been approved for a sister building to the homestead, which will incorporate five star accommodation. “We’ve got no plans to retire at all,” said Terry. “We’ll keep going for possibly another 10 years yet.”


March 2017

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Meredith Morschel is an avid foodie. She runs regular cooking classes at Kitchen to Table, sharing her love of food and cooking with her customers. This amazing tour will see you stay in small charming luxurious riads throughout, discover historical monuments, gorgeous gardens, mindboggling alleyways, delight in amazing fresh food, and of course get hands-on during cooking classes. This will be an unforgettable experience, encompassing ancient culture, picturesque cities, the seaside and the Atlas Mountains, and of course Moroccan food.

When you arrive you will be staying in the tranquil haven of the family owned Villa Mandarine, a charming Auberge surrounded by lush gardens bursting with Mandarine, Orange, lemon and grapefruit trees. Visit the charming Oudayas where the young artists hang out together, the Tour Hassan II and the Mausoleum of Mohamed V.

Hassan II

Travel to the thousand-year-old imperial city of Meknes, founded at the end of the 17th century, for a short tour. Sightseeing in Meknes, once the capital of Morocco, will include the Bab El Mansour gate and the old Medina. Visit the amazing Roman ruins of Volubilis, dating back to the 1st and 2nd centuries.

Fish Tagine


34 |


March 2017

Meknes Spice Cooperative

Tour historical Fès with a visit to the beautiful doors of the Royal Palace, the Mellah (Jewish quarter) followed by a walk through the Unesco World Heritage, mind boggling ancient medina and Fes El-Bali. A short visit to the Tanneries holding your bunches of mint to keep the smells at bay! Our guide will take you to some hidden art galleries so you can see the amazing craftsmanship that Fès is famous for. We will also visit the not-to-bemissed Tanner's quarters, small Moroccan art and craft museums, the water clock, the most colourful Souk el-Attarine, Fondouk el-Nejjarine and the Medersa Bouanania, a dazzling example of architectural refinement. Travel to the Agafay desert and stay at the luxurious eco-friendly Berber camp. Accommodation is in romantic, beautifully prepared cabanes with mud walls, and rooms in the Kasbah, illuminated by lanterns and adorned with local textiles. There is no electricity at La Pause and lighting is by candlelight when darkness falls. Torches will be provided for you.

The ramparts were never that effective in keeping out the marauding tribesmen, but now it is a charming artists' town, with it's old port and cannons overlooking the fishing fleet. Essaouira invites you to wander through the narrow alleyways that make up the Medina, to witness artisans at work making their wooden tables, boxes and sundry items in lemon or Thuya wood inlaid with mother of pearl. Spend a day in the Atlas Mountains, riding mules or walking in the National Park to the tiny village of Anraz, where you will have a traditional lunch on the roof terrace of a Berber home, with stunning views over the peaks of the High Atlas. Leave for the hour-long journey to Marrakech and check in at Dar Les Cigognes, which faces the gates of the Royal Palace in the heart of the medina -a very convenient location to visit Marrakech. Enjoy a cooking class at the Ryad and the fruits of your labour for lunch!


Leave the Agafay desert for the charming fishing port of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. Enjoy a morning guided walk in Essaouira with a local guide. Abandoned by the Portuguese in 1541, it was not until 1765 when the Alaouite Sultan Sidi Mohammad Ibn Abdullah transformed Mogador into a fortified city.

Late afternoon, you will set off with Abdellah your local Marrakech guide, who will take you for a stroll through the Souks in the Medina arriving at the famous Djemma El Fna Square in time to watch the sunset from one of the café rooftops Enjoy an historical tour of Marrakech visiting the major historical monuments and food treasures of the Souks – the Bahia Palace and the Saadian Tombs, before going onto the famous souks where you will see everything from exquisitely embroidered shoes and belts to every type of spice, woodwork, brass and copperwork and kaftans ranging from the simple cotton to the very elaborately embroidered – all enhanced by the smiles of the shop owners, to the Medrasa and Marrakech museum with a light lunch at the tranquil Le Jardin.



Salama Cooking Class

Enjoy the spectacular Jardin Le Jardin Marrakech Majorelle, with its abundance of giant bamboo, yucca, papyrus, palm, cypress and banana trees, philodendrons and bougainvillea and amazing cacti with natural colours that contrast vividly with the bright blue façade of the villa. Lovingly restored by the late Yves St Laurent and where he spent much of his creative and leisure time. You will see some For more information and a full interesting designer boutiques itinerary of this wonderful advenand a new museum of Islamic Art ture contact Meredith on and Culture. 02 6646 1577.

Lamb Kefta Tagine with Tomatoes and Eggs

This Lamb Kefta Tagine is quick to prepare and really delicious. The kefta are spiced with baharat and harissa for warmth, currants add a touch of sweetness and preserved lemon adds a unique citrus note. The kefta are then poached in a simple tomato sauce. Eggs are a wonderful addition to this tagine, adding another layer of texture to the dish. Serve with couscous or flatbread to soak up the delicious sauce. A simple green salad would round out the meal perfectly. This recipe will serve 4, however if you are feeding a crowd the recipe could be easily doubled. KEFTA 500g lamb mince 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp Herbies ‘baharat’ spice blend 1 tsp Herbies ‘harissa’ (mixed with 1 tsp water and a dash of olive oil) 20g (1 tbsp) couscous 50g currants 1 wedge preserved lemon, skin finely diced (discard flesh) 1 tbsp chopped coriander 1 tbsp chopped parsley Salt & pepper 4 eggs (optional) olive oil for frying extra chopped parsley and coriander to garnish

Method: Prepare the kefta by combining all ingredients, except the eggs and olive oil, in a bowl and mix well, get your hands in and really work the protein in the meat. This will ensure the kefta sticks together and doesn’t fall apart in the sauce. If you have an electric mixer, beat mixture for 2-3 minutes until sticky. With slightly damp hands roll the kefta mix into balls, about the size of a golf ball. Meanwhile, prepare the tomato sauce (recipe below). Heat the base of a tagine (or frying pan that has tight fitting lid) over medium heat and add a little oil. Add the kefta and cook until browned on each side. Pour over just enough tomato sauce to provide a layer without completely covering the meatballs. Simmer uncovered for 15-20 minutes or until sauce is bubbling and slightly thickened. If adding the eggs to the tagine add those now. Break each egg into a small bowl and make a small divet in the sauce carefully add the egg, repeating until you have added the four eggs. Place the lid on and simmer gently for another 5 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking. Remove from heat and sprinkle with parsley and coriander and a grind of black pepper. TOMATO SAUCE 1 can (440g) tomatoes 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp tomato paste 1/2 cup water Combine ingredients in a blender and blitz to combine. Note: for an extra kick add a pinch of dried chillli flakes or 1/2-1 tsp harissa to the sauce. COUSCOUS 2 cups couscous 1 tbsp olive oil 2 cups boiling water. Method: Place the couscous in a large bowl and rub in the oil until the mixture resembles damp sand. Pour over the boiling water and quickly cover with cling film. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, then fluff up with a fork. Season with salt.

Meredith Morschel is an avid foodie who owns the modern kitchenware store Kitchen to Table in the gorgeous NSW coastal town of Yamba. She runs regular cooking classes there, sharing her love of food and cooking with her customers. The itinerary will see you stay in small charming luxurious riads throughout, discover historical monuments, gorgeous gardens, mind-boggling alleyways, delight in amazing fresh food, and of course get hands-on during cooking classes. Think moroccan salads, tagines, gazelle horns and other sweet, sweet desserts! No trip to Morocco would be complete without shopping the souks or relaxing with a hammam, so we will make sure you have time for all. This will be an unforgettable experience, encompassing ancient culture, picturesque cities, the seaside and the Atlas Mountains, and of course Moroccan food. Numbers are limited to 10 people. Book before March 31st and receive $500 discount. PRICE $8800 per person twin share (includes transport, accomodation, cooking classes, meals and wine; excludes international airfares). For more information contact Meredith or Carol.


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My pictorial life story | BY LYNNE MOWBRAY

On the eve of Australia Day this year Diane Lee of Townsend, became the Clarence Valley Australia Day Citizen of the Year. The spritely 90-year-old, who served as a nurse during WWII, retired in August 2016 as president of the Laurel Club in Maclean, after 18 years. Diane received the award for her service as a ‘Welfare Officer’ for the RSL and for her selfless work with veterans and war widows. Over the years, Diane has kept excerpts of her life story in a large album, which she refers to as her ‘Personal Life Story’. The Clarence Valley’s ‘Citizen of the Year’ for 2017 shared her life story with Lynne Mowbray.

Diane Lee peruses her pictorial life story. IMAGES: Lynne Mowbray


lorence (Diane) Indianne Hardy was born at Manly in 1926 to Marion and Charles Hardy. She was one of four children; brother Douglas and twin sisters Yvonne and Yvette and they lived in the northern Sydney suburb of Seaforth. World War II broke out in 1939 and Diane enlisted at the age of 17, however, she was discharged for making a misstatement of age on her enlistment papers. This was no deterrent however; as Diane successfully re-enlisted once she turned 18 and began training as a nurse. During that time she worked at several base hospitals; Rathmines, Tocumwal, Adelaide and Concord. Her brother and sisters also served during the war. Diane said that Douglas joined the army as a cinematographer working on the front line. “He was one of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ in the Middle East before being sent to the South Pacific Islands,” she said. “He went on to work with the ABC. “I’ll always remember him with a camera in his hand.” Diane said that one of her twin sisters

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joined the air force while the other one worked with the war veterans. When the war ended Diane continued nursing and went on to do further training in mother craft. In 1951 Diane married Earle Fones. The couple spent their honeymoon in Forster before boarding a flight back to Mascot. They had only just taken off when disaster struck. The plane’s engine failed and they crashed into the sea, two miles off Swansea (near Newcastle).

“I remember standing on the wing of the sinking plane, holding this young baby.” As they scrambled out onto the wings of the sinking plane a woman asked Diane if she could swim. “The woman asked me if I could take care of her baby, as she couldn’t swim,” said Diane.

“I remember standing on the wing of the sinking plane, holding this young baby. “About half an hour after the plane crashed we were rescued by a fishing boat. I can still recall sitting on a pile of green prawns on our way back to shore. “Boy, did I stink.” No one perished in the disaster and passengers were transferred by car back to Sydney. Diane said that she went into shock after arriving back home. Little did she know that she actually had fallen pregnant on her honeymoon and nine and a half months later, her first child Amanda was born. Her other children Philippa, Andrew and Gavin, followed in close succession, with her four children all being born within six years. The marriage however was not a happy one, with Diane suffering abuse for many years, before ending it 26 years later. “I waited until my last child had finished high school and then left my husband. “There were no refuges for women back then, so we stayed where I worked at a hospice in Seaforth for the next 18 months.”

ABOVE: Diane Lee during last year’s Anzac Day service in Maclean. LEFT: A photograph of Diane taken in 1944 during WWII, which features in ‘Pictorial history of service men and women, Lower Clarence River Northern NSW’, which was published by Maclean Sub-Branch, 2003.

ABOVE: Cut outs from the newspaper about the plane crash are kept in Diane’s pictorial life story. BELOW: Diane with her Clarence Valley Australia Day ‘Citizen of the Year’ award.

Diane spent several years after that on her own; her years of living in an abusive marriage had served as a deterrent from forming another relationship. Around the age of 50, however, Diane went on a blind date which had been organised by a friend of hers. “Barry (Lee) was a sweet man,” said Diane. “He was a master butcher and I was working at that time in the theatre at Manly District Hospital. “We worked long hours with Barry starting at 4am each morning and I was starting at about eight.” They soon tired of juggling their odd working hours and decided to finish their jobs and get a farm. “We moved to a farm at Townsend in the mid 1980s,” she said. “We were self sufficient and grew everything ourselves. We had a small dairy and grew our own veggies. We also had chooks and turkeys and grew cash crops which included roses. “Because Barry was an ex butcher, we butchered all our own meat.” During this time Diane had many interests: cake decorating, embroidery, macramé, making her own greeting cards and folk art. She entered a lot of produce at the Maclean Show and won many awards. In 1985 they were able to build a new kit home on the farm. The couple lived together for 11 years, before deciding to get married. “I finally decided to make an honest man out of him,” she laughed. The couple enjoyed a happy and hard working life together, until Barry’s untimely death in 1996, just prior to his 70th birthday. Both of Diane’s husbands had been members of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force [BCOF] and both died of cancer, from being exposed to radiation. “I was now a war widow and Legacy came to my aid. I joined other war widows in the Laurel Club.

“With my training in massage and reflexology, I became a volunteer at the Maclean Hospital and worked on the patients' feet. I also began visiting the Legacy widows in hospital.” In the year 2000 Diane started to get involved in RSL "welfare stuff" – as she put it and her involvement grew from there. “I attended all kinds of courses for veterans through the Department of Veteran Affairs, eg post traumatic stress, which gave me a different slant on how they were thinking. “I learnt a lot from listening to these fellows.

“Being chosen as ‘Citizen of the Year’ on Australia Day, was a great honour and hopefully I can continue with my welfare work, as long as I am able to.” During this time she also took part in a computer course at TAFE and taught reflexology at U3A for a couple of years. She also started writing a church service for Legacy, which was something that she has continued to do during Legacy Week each year. All this experience led to her present occupation as a welfare officer with the RSL and Legacy. “I enjoy my job and take it very seriously,” she said. As part of her role as a welfare officer for the RSL, she visits around 40 legacy women and veterans at home and hospital, as well as visiting the lower river aged care facilities of Mareeba, the Whiddon Village in Maclean and Caroona in Yamba. “I always take a little bag of lollies with me for them, she said, unless of course they are diabetic, in which case they get the sugar free variety.

“I have had a few proposals during my time visiting,” she said laughing. Last year Diane celebrated her 90th birthday on 23 November, at a surprise party at the Maclean Services Club, surrounded by around 80 family members including her 7 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Her years of hard work within the community were finally recognised on January 5, when Diane took out the ‘Citizen of the Year’ at this year’s Clarence Valley Council Australia Day awards dinner. “Being chosen as ‘Citizen of the Year’ on Australia Day, was a great honour and hopefully I can continue with my welfare work, as long as I am able to. “I was really overwhelmed and didn’t think I had a hope of winning,” she said. “I’m a people person and love what I do [visiting the veterans] and I love listening to their stories. “If I can make them smile or laugh, I’ve done pretty good.” And her secret to a happy life and her longevity? “I put it down to attitude,” she said. “You have to follow your heart and, you’ve got to think young.”

CREATING SPECIAL MEMORIES After the death of her second husband Barry, Diane decided to take each of her grandchildren on a separate holiday, so that they had something special to remember about their grandmother. “My grandson Tristan and I went to Central Australia, Kirk wanted to go to the snow, Rebecca and I did a train trip on the Indian Pacific to Bourke, Amelia and I went on a train to Melbourne to do a bit of girly shopping, Travis went to Cairns and Zac and Ruby came and had a special holiday at my place on the farm.”

Enrolling Now! Y0<:;A

Come explore, explore, learn learn and create! Come



A school for children with special learning needs.

Transition - Year 12 | 8 Edinburgh Drive Townsend NSW 2463 | 02 6645 5691 | SCENE

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One mojo Prevention is the key

Dr David Armstrong Specialist Orthodontist BDS, FDSRCS (Eng), MDSc (Ortho), MRACDS (Orth), Phd

Available on Wednesdays at Fresh Dental Care, Grafton â&#x20AC;˘ No Referral Needed â&#x20AC;˘ Interest Free Payment Plans â&#x20AC;˘ Early Treatment â&#x20AC;˘ Self Ligating Braces â&#x20AC;˘ Invisible Braces & Invisalign â&#x20AC;˘ Cosmetic Braces â&#x20AC;˘ Member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists

Ph: 6643 2225 Fresh Dental Care, cnr Queen & Victoria St, Grafton Dr Armstrong lives in Coffs Harbour and provides Specialist Orthodontic care for Children and Adults at Blue Wave Orthodontics, Suite 4, 1 Park Avenue

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You know the feeling. One minute youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re on top of the world - everythingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great. Then one day you wake up and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re feeling so tired and unmotivated that even hitting the snooze button on the alarm is a real chore â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you have lost your mojo. So just what is mojo? Mojo is that special something that fills you with energy, makes you productive, successful and is also what attracts people to you. The word originally meant charm or spell and is often referred to as sex appeal or charisma. It is a power that can almost seem almost magical â&#x20AC;&#x201C; especially when you havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t got it. So how do you get it back? There are many things that you can do to get yourself back on track and making even small changes can liberate your mojo. The list below is not exhaustive, but just a small sample of some of the things that you can do. 1. Move. This is one of the biggest things that can change your way of thinking and get your energy back; but when you are mojoless it can seem an impossible task. It doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter how you move or what you do â&#x20AC;&#x201C; yes even sex is a great mojo liberator â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you just need to start doing something. Start small. Start with just five minutes a days. Exercise is great for clearing the mind, getting your heart racing and making you feel great. Whatever you do make sure you enjoy doing it. 2. Sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night for the average adult to be able to function at their best. Our bodies require sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesise hormones. A good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep can really make you feel great. 3. Laugh. Have some fun and laugh. When was the last time you laughed? What do you love doing? Write a list of all the things you enjoy and go and do one or two. Watch a couple of comedies â&#x20AC;&#x201C; ones that really give you a good belly laugh. Laughter releases endorphins, your bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s natural feel-good chemical and is a great form of stress relief. 4. Dare. Dare to do something different. Something that is totally out of character for you. It may be sky diving or bungy jumping, or it may just be visiting an art gallery. Just dare yourself. 5. Hug. Go hug someone or something. Remember how you felt when you first fell in love? According to psychologists Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary, people have a basic psychological need to feel closely connected to others, and that caring is a major part of human behavior. Whatever you do, do it now because now is the time to take action and reclaim your mojo.

Recently I had a very interesting discussion with a local Yamba man who has trouble hearing clearly at the club with his mates. As a very experienced hearing aid wearer he had a wealth of insight to offer and I listened intently. He pointed out that when he first got fitted with hearing aids 15 years ago with another provider he was offered no other options or even a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;training inâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; program. He was very excited when he moved across to Celtic Coastal and commenced our hearing rehabilitation program. My approach to hearing involves very truthful discussions about realistic expectations and your own motivation or reasons to want to hear betterâ&#x20AC;Ś.this is what will keep you motivated on your hearing journey. A hearing assessment is simply a graph of your hearing range but offers minimal information about your needs, wants and lifestyle choices. So thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where the good old fashioned â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;heart to heartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; about what you really want starts! I look at all options open to you and encourage everyone to empower themselves to hear well. Simply wearing hearing aids and being â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;passiveâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t workâ&#x20AC;Śyou need to aid the aid and so begins our hearing training program. We focus on communication tactics to help hear better in noisy places and discuss the social context of where and what you want to hear. Hearing people is fun, exciting and inspiring so donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t feel you have to sit back and miss out. Give Caitriona at Celtic Coastal Hearing a call on (02) 5617 6653

Hearing care as individual as you are! Deafness is a common problem for any age. If you experience GLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOWLHVFRPPXQLFDWLQJ\RX PD\QHHGWRFKHFN\RXUKHDULQJ &HOWLF&RDVWDOLVRIIHULQJGLVFRXQWV RQVHOHFWHGKHDULQJGHYLFHV Free hearing check & Free Trial of the latest hearing aids. 7DNHDGYDQWDJHRIWKLVRIIHUDQGUHFHLYHD

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* REE F G HEARIN & K C E H C TRIAL *Limited Time Only.




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Early orthodontic treatment (age 7-9) may prevent more serious problems from developing or make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated. Common early problems are: â&#x20AC;˘ The six year old molar doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t erupt as it is caught underneath the baby tooth (it is impacted). This can be corrected by placing a spacer between the baby tooth and the six year old molar, or in more severe cases by placing partial fixed braces to move the six year old molar backwards. Treatment may take 6 weeks to 6 months. â&#x20AC;˘ A crossbite of the anterior (front) teeth. A crossbite is where the upper teeth bite on the wrong side (inside) of the lower teeth. This can be corrected by wearing a removable plate or partial fixed braces, which push the teeth into the correct position. Treatment time is approximately 9 to 12 months. â&#x20AC;˘ A narrow upper jaw results in less space being available for the adult teeth to erupt and can be corrected by widening the upper jaw with a removable plate or a fixed maxillary expander. Treatment time is approximately 9 months. â&#x20AC;˘ Protrusive upper teeth are often accompanied by a retrusive lower jaw and can be treated with a Twin Block Appliance in 9-12 months. A Twin Block is an upper and lower plate worn full time posturing the lower jaw forwards, modifying growth and correcting the bite. â&#x20AC;˘ Habits such as thumb sucking can be corrected using a rewards based programme. However if your child struggles to eliminate the habit then an upper removable plate may be worn to stop the habit. For Further information contact Dr. David Armstrong at Fresh Dental on 6643 2225.

So much to gain by hearing better!

World Glaucoma Week


13 TO 18 MARCH People over 40 years are being urged to have regular eye checks for glaucoma as part of World Glaucoma Week, to be held from 13 to 18 March 2015. Glaucoma is often called the silent thief of sight because it commonly has no symptoms such as pain or discomfort, it progresses slowly and in the early stages, it does not affect how clearly you see. You are often not aware that you have glaucoma until permanent vision loss has occurred. Sometimes symptoms can occur, such as blurred vision, coloured haloes around lights, loss of side vision, pain and redness of the eye. Regular eye checks with an optometrist are vital as early detection and treatment can reduce damage to the optic nerve and prevent loss of vision. Painless tests to check for glaucoma include checking the pressure inside your eye, checking your field of vision and checking to see if there is any damage to your optic nerve. In glaucoma, pressure inside the eye progressively damages the optic

nerve. This fluid pressure may be caused by the eye producing too much fluid or the fluid being blocked from leaving the eye. When this fluid pressure builds up, it can damage the optic nerve cells behind the eye, which carry messages from your eye to your brain. This damage to nerve cells can progress until only central vision is left or there is complete blindness. If you are over the age of 40, have a family history of glaucoma, or have diabetes, high blood pressure or another eye disease, glaucoma is more likely to occur and you should have your eyes checked regularly by an optometrist. Optometrist Ashely Seeto and his experienced team service the Clarence Valley with three independent practices located in Grafton, MacLean and Yamba. To book an appointment please contact your nearest practice: • Grafton 6643 4000 58 Prince Street • Maclean 6645 2523 Carneys Arcade, Centenary Drive • Yamba 6646 1477, Treelands Drive

131-133 Bacon St Grafton PH 6643 2199 49-51 Skinner St South Grafton PH 6644 3555 17 Woodford St Maclean PH 6645 5824 153-157 Canterbury St Casino PH 6662 3514 NEW - BUGALWENA ABORIGINAL HEALTH SERVICE 24 Minjungbal Dr Tweed Heads PH 07 5513 1322

Bulgarr Ngaru Medical Aboriginal Corporation Making a difference in Aboriginal health • Dental Services • Psychologist • Mental Health Supports • Ear and Hearing Health Screening • Drug and Alcohol Counselling • Sexual Health Education and Screening

• Specialist Clinics for Endocrinology, Respiratory Disease, Psychiatry, Kidney & Renal Disease, Optometrist, Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator Podiatrist & Orthodontist • Cooking, Healthy Lifestyle and Exercise Classes • Referrals to Specialist Doctors • Outreach Support Programs


• Primary Health Care Services

It was detected early by his optometrist and it’s under control. He had no idea - you can’t see glaucoma. Thanks to regular treatment and the highest quality optometric care, he’s doing fine. Early detection is critical and Glaucoma eyecare is all part of Checkup Plus®.

John Potter, retired businessman and Eyecare Plus patient.

Make an appointment today Grafton (02) 6643 4000 Maclean (02) 6645 2523 Yamba (02) 6646 1477

Bulgarr Ngaru welcomes Bugalwena General Practice to the fold The Board of Directors, management and staff at Bulgarr Ngaru would like to welcome Bugalwena General Practice to our organisation. Bugalwena is situated at Tweed Heads and provides comprehensive care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their families. Services at Bugalwena include General Practice assisted by a Registered Nurse and an Aboriginal Health Practitioner, Psychology, Hearing Services, Diabetes Education and access to exercise classes and aqua aerobics. Drop in and say hi to the friendly team if you are ever up that way in the Tweed. This adds to our strong commitment to our communities across the Clarence and Richmond valleys. Of a major concern within the Aboriginal community at the moment is the long term effects of the Baryulgil asbestos mine. In particular, MALIGNANT MESOTHELIOMA. Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer. Usually the chances of getting this disease are one to two in a million per year. This disease seems to occur after less exposure to asbestos dust than do other asbestos related diseases, and may take up to 40 years or more to show itself after first exposure. Malignant mesothelioma fre-

quently results in the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the chest or abdominal cavities. This tends to cause breathlessness or distension of the abdomen. The cancer cells also tend to invade the normal tissues of the lung and chest wall. This causes chest pain that may be severe Those negative environmental determinants of health consequences are more far reaching than just affecting the miners. At the Baryulgil mine everyone in the small community was in daily contact with dust, children played in tailings, and tailings were routinely used as landfill in the Baryulgil community Asbestos exposure is a powerful environmental determinant of health that brings people to Bulgarr Ngaru Medical Aboriginal Corporation for expert health advice, assessment and management of related health conditions. Anyone who was living or had any contact with the asbestos mine at Baryulgil during its period of operation from 1942 to 1979 should have a simple spirometry test. This involves blowing into a machine which records your breathing function and capacity. So as a first step, make and appointment or just come along to one of our clinics and ask for a spirometry test. Our nurses and doctors will be only too happy to help you. SCENE

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JOHN WILLIAMS B.Sc. B. Optom (Hons)

OPTOMETRIST PROTECT YOUR EYES Australians need to think beyond just their skin when it comes to UV exposure to protect their long-term eye health. While many Australians believe UV rays are only harmful during the midday sun, research suggests that UV exposure to the eye before 10am and after 2pm may sometimes be higher than during the middle of the day. Medical Director of Medibankm, Dr Kevin Cheng says it’s more important than ever for Australians to make a conscious effort to protect their eyes. “We only have one pair of eyes. That’s why it’s so important to be sun smart and protect them,” Dr Cheng said. Ultraviolet radiation, invisible to the human eye, can increase the risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium – an unsightly, noncancerous growth that can impair vision – and eye cancers.

Dr Cheng’s top tips on UV protection and how to avoid damage to your eyes are: • Know what you’re buying – sunglasses are rated from 0 to 4. A category 2 or 3 is ideal for everyday purposes and for those who work outdoors, a category 4 is the best option. • Upgrade your shades – Wear a pair of sunglasses that wrap around. The darker and larger the better. • Switch to contacts – Most contact lenses already provide UVR protection. • Kids need sunnies too – The majority of our lifetime exposure to UVR is received before we reach 18, • Hats are a great addition to sunglasses. “Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement – they’re the first line of defence against the damaging effects of UV on our eyes,” Dr Cheng said.

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dental health

Preferred Providers for major health funds


YAMBA MACLEAN GRAFTON 6646 1159 207 Yamba Rd

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LEFT: Dr Tiffany and Dr Phillida with the Team at Happy Smiles

Just like the rest of your body, your teeth, gums and mouth are affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy. You will usually start to notice changes in the health of your gums after around two months. At that point, your gums may bleed easily when you brush or floss, which is a sign of gum disease known as Pregnancy Gingivitis. This is a temporary change during pregnancy but it can seriously weaken the gums and bone that hold your teeth in place and should not be ignored. Unusual food cravings are a fact of life for many women during pregnancy. If your cravings take a turn towards the sweet end of things, try to limit the intake of sugary snacks and, instead, choose healthier options such as fresh fruit with natural or Greek yoghurt. Morning sickness can also affect your teeth as the acid in the vomit has an erosive effect on your teeth. Usually there is a tendency to brush your teeth immediately but brushing within an hour of vomiting can cause more damage to your teeth by stripping away the enamel. Instead of

brushing, try rinsing your mouth with quarter teaspoon of baking soda mixed into one cup of warm water, chew sugar-free gum or try eating an acid-neutralising food such as milk or hard cheese. You might also be affected by dry mouth, which reduces the amount of saliva you produce, which is a problem since it plays a big role in keeping the bacteria that cause tooth decay in control. The effect these hormonal changes have on your oral health during pregnancy means your dentist should join your GP and your obstetrician on your list of health professionals whom you consult regularly. Making regular visits to your dentist in the lead-up to, during and after your pregnancy is a priority. However, the best advice is to keep brushing and flossing as normal. If you experience increased sensitivity or soreness, and are tempted to pull back from your usual oral health routine as a result, see your dentist, who can suggest the best way to handle brushing and flossing during these hormonal fluctuations. Source – Australian Dental Association – Dental health week

Think small get thin According to the Dietitians Association of Australia, eating the right amount, rather than piling up the plate, is a key way to reduce your kilojoule intake and manage your weight. ‘We all know fad diets come and go, and usually end in failure. So rather than starting the diet merry-go-round this year, make your New Year’s resolution about being more aware of the right portion sizes and how much you’re eating,’ said DAA Spokesperson and AHWW ambassador Professor Clare Collins. Professor Collins said getting back into the kitchen for more home-cooked meals and keeping a check on how much you serve yourself and your family is a good place to start. But according to Professor Collins, there’s more to this story. ‘Research shows that substituting vegetables, and other low-kilojoule, nutrient-rich foods, for those that are ‘energy-dense’ is the way to go. This helps to fill you up, without tipping the scales in the wrong direction. ‘Aim for 2-3 or more cups of vegetables or salad a day. At the moment, most Aussie get nowhere near that. So a simple step when cooking at home is to start your meal with a salad or add an extra serve of vegetables to your main meal. Let vegetables fill at least half your plate,’ said Professor Collins, an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Professor Collins’ research has found Australians typically overestimate portion sizes, especially for


In the latest National Health Sruvey 2014-15, 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight or obese (11.2 million people). This is similar to the prevalence of overweight and obesity in 201112 (62.8%) and an increase since 1995 (56.3%). The same survey showed nearly one in two (49.8%) adults met the Australian Dietary Guidelines for recommended daily serves of fruit, while 7.0% met the guidelines for serves of vegetables. Only one in twenty (5.1%) adults met both guidelines.

foods like pasta (a good guide is about a cup) and chocolate (should be no bigger than half a small chocolate bar), compared to what health authorities recommend, and this can lead to ‘kilo creep’ over time. ‘When there’s more food on the plate or when we use bigger plates and bowls, we eat more. The difference between one and two cups of pasta at dinner is around 870kJ. If you eat a double portion size on a daily basis those extra kilojoules could see you gain around 1-2 kilos a month if you don’t burn this off doing extra exercise. ‘To eat less without thinking about it, switch to using smaller plates so you don’t notice you’re serving yourself less food,’ said Professor Collins.

IT ALL GETS DOWN TO PORTION CONTROL Here are some practical tips for portion control from Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs): • At a buffet, take a walk around and decide what you want first. Then serve yourself the fruit, salad and vegetable items before the other dishes. • For nuts, pre-portion them into small containers to make a handy snack. The small décor storage dressing containers, available at the supermarket, hold 25-30 grams. Clare Collins FDAA and APD. • Listen to your stomach and stop eating when it signals you’re full. This may mean leaving food on your plate which is hard for many to do. • Eat slowly and pay attention to the food in front of you. Don’t eat mindlessly as you’ll exceed your natural point of fullness. Catherine Saxelby APD.

Do you want to...

• Quit Smoking? • Lose Weight? • Treat Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy • FREE OF CHARGE Consultation for Braces assessment • Adults & teens can be treated with tooth coloured Braces or Invisalign® Sequential Aligners invisalign/teen • We provide Jaw Orthopaedics, ss,, TMJ Treatment & Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Therapy

Nearly seven in ten (68.1%) children aged 2-18 years met the guidelines for recommended daily serves of fruit, while 5.4% met the guidelines for serves of vegetables. Only one in twenty (5.1%) children met both guidelines.

• Use your hand as a good measure of portion. A balled up fist is roughly a serving of carbohydrate food (pasta, rice, potato, sweet potato), the palm of the hand is roughly the serving size of protein (meat, chicken or fish), and the bowl of both hands is a serving of veggies. The fist can also be a good measure for a medium size piece of fruit. Kate Gudorf APD. • Snack in 100 calorie portions. One large fruit (eg. banana = two small fruit (eg. kiwi fruit) = one slice of wholegrain bread = 100g yoghurt = 14 almonds/cashews. Read food labels for more ideas. Amanda Clark AdvAPD. • Plan to include at least half a plate of colourful vegetables or salad with every meal. • Focus on food quality, not quantity, and take the time to savour and enjoy the smell, taste and texture of every mouthful. Katherine Baqleh APD. • Swap large plates or deep bowls for plates that are 22-25cm in diameter. Sara Grafenauer APD. • Try eating more regular meals/snacks over the day to help regulate your appetite. This may help avoid overeating at your next meal. Julie Martin APD. • Lean meat portions the size of your palm are perfect. Cut yours down to size and save the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Sally Marchini APD. • Leave a cup measure in your cereal box to scoop out the right portion each morning. Jacqui Heward APD. • Try using a smaller dinner plate when you dish up your meals. Julie Martin APD. • If you’re eating out, avoid ordering larger serves of meats and pastas when hungry, instead order extra side vegetables. Themis Chryssidis APD.

• Easy interest free payment plans available

Dr Chris Van Vuuren and Associates.

1300 255 678


Your best move towards a positive future

Mardi Dunbar 0418 462 481 at the Grafton Wellbeing Centre & Fluid Physio & Gym, Raymond Laurie Sports Centre, Angourie Road, Yamba SCENE

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We love our


LAMB Now that summer is over, and with it, the heat and the frenzy of the silly season, there is no better time to enjoy a relaxing evening catching up with friends and family. One of the easiest ways to feed family and friends is with the good ol’ Aussie barbecue. To help you get the get together started, much loved Aussie cook Poh Ling Yeow has partnered with the team at We Love Our Lamb to create three delicious lamb meals that are simple to cook and taste delicious. So rally your friends and loved ones, fire up the barbecue and enjoy.

POH’S ROSEMARY HONEY SOY LAMB CHOPS WITH BEETROOT & CHICKPEA SALAD A party favourite, these chops are quick to cook and perfect for the BBQ

3-4 small beetroots, coarsely grated 3 spring onions, chopped 400g tinned chickpeas, drained, rinsed

4. Combine all salad ingredients in a large mixing bowl with the dressing and toss gently until mixed well.

8 x lamb loin chops

1 cup mixed herbs - mint, parsley, dill or baby spinach

5. To cook the lamb, heat a BBQ or non-stick frypan over high heat. Cook for about 1 minute each side (depending on size) or to desired ‘doneness’.

1 Tbs finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves

1/4 cup seeds - pepitas or sunflower


2 cloves garlic, peeled, crushed


• If you can’t find loin chops, cutlets and forequarter chops are great alternatives.


50ml light soy sauce 2 tsp Dijon mustard 1 Tbs honey 2 Tbs olive oil Freshly cracked black pepper Dressing 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar 2 Tbs olive oil 1/2 tsp salt Freshly cracked black pepper Salad

1/2 continental cucumber, diced 1cm

1. For the marinade, mix the rosemary, garlic, soy, dijon, honey, olive oil and pepper in a small mixing bowl. 2. Pop the lamb chops in a medium snaplock bag with the marinade. Massage to coat the meat and refrigerate. Marinate for at least 1 hour but you will get the best results overnight. 3. To make the dressing, combine all the dressing ingredients in a clean glass jar and shake until combined.

• Make sure your BBQ is hot: if you can hold your hand 6cm above the heat for 3 to 4 seconds, it’s at a moderately high temperature which is perfect. Preparation time: 30 minutes Marinating time: 1 hour (or overnight) Cooking time: 5-10 minutes Serves: 4

STORE OF THE YEAR! THE BEST QUALITY FRUIT & VEG IN THE CLARENCE VALLEY! Seasonal local produce is cheaper, fresher, more nutritious & tastes better!

4 River Street, Maclean 6645 2002 • We pack. We carry. We care. READY TO GO, FRESH, TASTY DELI ITEMS • ALL SAVINGS ARE PASSED ON TO OUR CUSTOMERS



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Make every occasion special with this delicious cutlet recipe

1/2 cup pistachio nuts, roughly chopped

cook for as long as the lamb or they’ll turn to mush.

1/3 cup roughly chopped coriander leaves

4. Transfer the figs and lamb to a plate, pour the Pedro Ximenez into the fry pan to deglaze. Add the remaining marinade and bring to a simmer. Immediately pour over the lamb and figs.

1/3 cup roughly torn mint leaves INGREDIENTS

1/3 cup currants OR sultanas

16 lamb cutlets

1 tsp honey

3 Tbs olive oil

2 Tbs lime juice

50g butter

Salt to taste

100ml Pedro Ximenez or any fortified wine


4-8 figs, halved (or red seedless grapes) Marinade 3 Tbs olive oil 3 cloves garlic, peeled, crushed 1 tsp ground chilli 1 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp ground coriander Salt & freshly ground black pepper Coconut Relish 1 1/2 cups dried shredded coconut 3/4 cup boiling water

1. Combine all marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined. Combine the cutlets in a medium snaplock bag with the marinade. Massage to coat the cutlets and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes. 2. Heat the olive oil and butter in a heavy based stainless steel fry pan over a medium - high heat until foaming. Add the lamb, reserving the marinade and figs flat side down. Cook the lamb cutlets to desired ‘doneness’ with a bit of charring. 3. Turn the figs so all sides are slightly caramelised but don’t

5. To make the relish, combine the coconut and boiling water in a medium mixing bowl. Stir until the water is absorbed, then chill completely before using. Add the remaining relish ingredients and fold gently until mixed together. TIPS • Bring your lamb to room temperature by taking it out of the fridge 10 minutes before you start, for evenly cooked cutlets. • Try using lamb rump steaks or eye of loin (backstrap) instead of cutlets. Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Serves: 4



1 boned, butterflied leg of lamb, fat trimmed (about

1. To make the marinade, pound the garlic, parsley and salt with a mortar and pestle.

1kg) 4 cloves garlic, peeled, halved 1/4 cup roughly chopped flat leaf parsley 1 tsp salt 2 Tbs olive oil Juice and zest of 1 lemon Freshly cracked pepper Anchovy Cream Sauce 8 cloves garlic, peeled 1/2 cup milk 15 small anchovy fillets in oil, drained 100g unsalted butter 100ml olive oil 60ml cream Zucchini & Beans 200g stringless beans 300g small zucchini, ends cut away, quartered lengthways 2 cloves garlic, peeled, bashed 1 cup fresh mint leaves picked 3 Tbs olive oil Juice and zest of 1/2 a lemon

Mix with the olive oil, lemon juice, zest, and pepper. Pour over the lamb and rub thoroughly, then cover with cling film and marinate in the fridge for 30 - 60 minutes. 2. Preheat the oven or a BBQ with a lid to 180ºC. Place the lamb on a large roasting pan. Saturate the meat with the marinade using a brush then cook for 40 minutesfor a medium done result. Cover the meat with foil and rest the meat for 15 minutes before slicing. 3. To make the anchovy cream sauce, combine the garlic and milk in a small saucepan. Cover and simmer very gently until the garlic is soft enough to squash easily between your fingers. Add the anchovies and stir over low heat until dissolved. Add the olive oil and butter and blitz in a blender until smooth. Add the cream and stir to combine. Keep warm.

4. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Add the zucchini and green beans and blanche for about 10 seconds (so they retain a nice crunch). Rinse with cool water and drain in a colander, then transfer to a large salad bowl. Add the garlic, mint, olive oil, lemon juice and zest and toss until mixed through. 5. To serve, slice the lamb and serve on a board. Drizzle some of the anchovy sauce over the lamb and the remainder in a gravy boat on the side. Leave the zucchini and beans in the bowl with servers for guests to help themselves. TIPS • For the perfect roast every time, use the RoastMate smartphone app, you just enter the cut and weight and it will give you exact timings and temperatures. • Try switching out the lamb leg for a shoulder or boned and rolled loin roast.

This mouthwatering roast is perfect choice when entertaining guests Preparation time: 30-35 minutes Marinating time: 30-60 minutes

Cooking time: 50 minutes Serves: 4


March 2017

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SEA FOOD Yamba is home to the famous 'Yamba Prawn' along with many other seafood species. What better way to celebrate seafoods' sweetness than with these great recipes.

SUMMERY SEAFOOD STEW - Serves 4 INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 fennel bulb, base and stalks trimmed, first outer hard layer removed, finely chopped 1 large leek, white part only, finely chopped 8 green shrimp (prawns), peeled 1 lb 2 oz (500 g) white fish filets, such as snapper or blue-eyed cod, cut into bite-sized pieces 3–4 chervil and tarragon sprigs 4 ripe roma (plum) tomatoes, chopped ¼IOR] PO ZKLWHZLQH RSWLRQDO

16 pipis or clams 1 handful flat-leaf (Italian) parsley, chopped

2 large garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 21 fl oz (600 ml) fish bone broth, warmed salt and freshly ground pepper, to season METHOD Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium– low heat. Add the fennel and leek and cover with a lid. Cook for about 10–15 minutes, stirring occasionally as the leek and fennel soften. Add the garlic and cook for a further 2–3 minutes. Increase the heat to medium and add the prawns, pipis, half the chervil and/or tarragon stalks/leaves and tomatoes. Add the wine and warm for a couple of minutes without the lid on. Pour in the broth and bring it up to a simmer. Once the broth is simmering, add the fish. When the pipis have opened up (an occasional one might not open, just discard), carefully spoon the stew into warmed serving bowls, and pour over the broth. Take care not to pour all the broth out right to the bottom as some grit from the pipis may have gathered at the base of the pot. Scatter over some parsley, chervil or tarragon leaves, add a pinch of salt and a grind of black or white pepper, and serve with crusty bread to dunk into the nourishing broth. Recipe from 'the Bone Broth Bible'

New Holland Publishers RRP$35.00 Available at all good book stores and online

Coconut Shrimp with Cilantro, Lime and Chilli Mayonnaise recipe from 'Quinoa-Flakes, Flour & Seeds'

New Holland Publishers RRP$35.00 Available at all good book stores and online

Coconut Shrimp with Cilantro, Lime and Chilli Mayonnaise

INGREDIENTS 60 g (2 oz) quinoa flour salt and pepper 2 extra large eggs, lightly beaten 180 g (6 oz) moist coconut flakes 60 g (2 oz) quinoa flakes 24 large green shrimp (prawns), peeled, deveined, tails intact 2–3 tablespoons light olive oil, for frying fresh cilantro (coriander), for garnish lime wedges, to serve extra cilantro (coriander) leaves, to serve MAYONNAISE 250 g (9 oz) whole egg mayonnaise 3–4 tablespoons fresh cilantro (coriander), finely chopped 1 long red chili, deseeded and finely chopped juice of ½–1 lime METHOD Place the flour in a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Place the eggs in a separate bowl. Mix together the coconut flakes and quinoa flakes and place in another bowl. Rinse the shrimp under cold water then pat dry with paper towels to absorb moisture. Coat the shrimp with seasoned flour then shake off any excess. Dip into the beaten eggs and then roll in the coconut mixture pressing quite firmly to coat well. To make the mayonnaise, mix together the whole egg mayonnaise, cilantro, chilies and lime juice. Set aside in the refrigerator for at least an hour before using. Add enough oil in a frying pan so that it will come half way up the thickness of each shrimp. Heat to medium-hot and cook the shrimp, a few at a time, until golden and crisp, about 2 minutes each side. Drain the shrimp on paper towels. Serve with mayonnaise, lime wedges and a sprinkle of coriander leaves.






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6642 2660






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Small houses BIG ADVANTAGES Eastcoast Granny Flats are leading the way with investment solutions that allow homeowners and investors to use the property they already own to generate a positive investment portfolio. Not only will your Granny Flat be ready to rent immediately after construction but will also add potential long term value to your property.

Our professional team is highly experienced and committed to exceeding client expectations. We work closely with you to come up with inspired designs to suit any budget. Each design can be personalised and have a construction time from 10 weeks, with designs from just $99,000.

INVESTOR TYPICAL EXAMPLE ECGF Granny Flat ................................................................................$150,000 ECGF average cost

Rent Average ......................................................................................... $280/w Based on average rental market in Grafton

Interest Rate Average ................................................................................4.8% ANZ Mortgage Calculator Jan 2017

Mortgage Repayment .......................................................................... $138/w ANZ Mortgage Calculator Jan 2017 (Based on Interest Only)

Grose Rental Yield %..................................................................................9.7% Based on the above findings

Return on Investment ...........................................................................$7384/y Based on the above findings (Based on Interest Only)

Enjoy your outdoor living area

*All values given are indicative only

all year round

So enquire today to find out why our small houses have big advantages.

SMALL HOUSES • BIG ADVANTAGES Is your backyard being used to its full potential? Would you like to generate extra income while increasing your property’s value? If you are a home owner or investor why not capitalise on the land you already own by building an East Coast Granny Flat. Secondary dwelling rentals can generate a lucrative second income and create high yielding rental returns to ensure an effective return on your investment. Renting a Granny Flat has shown to be a low risk - high return investment that can have your property occupied and generating income in no time. So enquire today to see how your property can earn rental returns for you.




Servicing the Clarence Valley

1300 252 858 46 |


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4 Wingara Drive Coffs Harbour BL 287600C


utdoor living areas are becoming more and more popular with people choosing to live outside rather than inside in the warmer weather. Unfortunately these outdoor areas become too cold to spend time in once winter sets in - that is until now. Ziptrack guided blinds, keeps areas warm in winter and cool in summer – so you can enjoy your outdoor lifestyle no matter what the season. Pull down and push up! It’s that easy to protect yourself from the elements with a Ziptrack Awning from B & K Blinds and

Awnings. Specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind enable the fabric to glide smoothly and easily – stopping anywhere you want – no ropes, straps, zips or buckles. Ziptrack Awnings can be locked in the down position to guard against high winds, heat and UV, giving you protection, no matter what the season. Now you can utilise your outdoor living areas all year round. Call B & K Blinds and Awnings today for an obligation free quote on 6646 3566, or visit our showroom in Mooli Place Yamba Industrial Estate.

Entertain in style with the new range of dining chairs from VAST Interior, our new range adds a striking minimalistic design with its thin but strong, black metal frame, coupled with its beautifully contrasting fabrics. They will suit a variety of interior designs from Modern, Industrial to Coastal chic and could be exactly the right addition for

your home. Dressing your dining table to impress has never been easier with our new on-trend dining chair collection, crafted from the highest quality materials that offer both quality and comfort, these chairs can be matched with a wide range of our stunning solid timber dining tables.

Picking the perfect CHAIR They are incredibly versatile and you could also use them as an occasional chair in your bedroom, office or around the boardroom table. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a romantic candlelight dinner for two, a lively dinner party bursting with friends or just a good old Sunday roast with the family, it takes a special set of dining chairs to comfortably and happily hold everyone from entrĂŠe through to dessert and late into the night. Our beautiful range of chairs are definitely up to the task, offering not only comfort but also style. If your focus is more on getting the kids to eat their vegemite sandwiches before soccer, then evenings with fine wine and friends, maybe consider our replica Panton chair. An iconic stylish chair that is a comfortable, all purpose chair

moulded in a single piece from plastic. Easy to clean and great for kids, its stunning style makes it perfect for entertaining for a night filled with friends, good food, better wine and laughter.

Just sit back and relax and let us help you pick the perfect chair for you at VAST.


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Treasures Located in the quaint seaside village of Iluka is one of the valley’s most unique home and giftware stores. Established in 1995, Iguana Beachwear, Gifts and Décor came to Iluka in 2005 and Leica, the owner, has created a fun and inviting store which is overflowing with beautiful items just begging to be purchased. Leica personally selects all her products to provide shoppers with unique and affordable treasures from afar. From beach and Asian-inspired fashions, brightly coloured indoor and outdoor decorator items, funky jewellery and natural timber furniture - this store has it all. New stock arrives regularly, so you can guarantee to always find something different every time you go there.

With the success of the Iluka store, Leica opened a second store in Woodburn late last year. Located on the highway, opposite the riverside park and picnic area, the Woodburn store is also brimming with a variety of home and giftware items. Its location is perfect for those travelling the highway who want to stop and stretch their legs – you can guarantee you will find a bargain. Iguana Beachwear, Gifts and Décor in Iluka is located at 33a Charles Street and is open seven days. The Woodburn store is located at 2/93 River Street and is open Monday, Thursday, and Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm, closed Tuesday and Wednesday and open Saturday 9am - 3pm and Sunday 9.30am - 2pm.

Iguana Beachwear Gifts & Home Decor Clothing - Jewellery - Handicrafts Musical Instruments - Handbags Furniture and more WOODBURN HOURS Mon/Thu/Fri 9.30am - 3.30pm Tues & Wed CLOSED* Sat 9am - 3pm • Sun 9.30am - 2pm *Open during school holidays

ILUKA HOURS Mon to Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm Sat 9am - 4pm • Sun 9.30am - 2pm

33a Charles Street, Iluka • 6646 6500 ~ Open 7 Days NEW SHOP NOW OPEN at 2/93 River Street, Woodburn ©CVI

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Iconic Styling and Hybrid Performance

TOYOTA'S 4TH GENERATION PRIUS REFLECTS THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS AND PERFORMANCE ADVANCES IN TOYOTA'S HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE® TECHNOLOGY. IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING PURCHASING A NEW CAR THIS YEAR THIS IS WELL WORTH TAKING A LOOK AT. ICONIC STYLING Innovation comes in many forms, but never has it been as elegant and refined as the latest generation Prius. It's unmistakable shape is the result of advanced wind tunnel testing, and when combined with a lower centre of gravity and enhanced aerodynamic features, Prius design takes on a bold new dimension of style.

Hybrid Synergy Drive® delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent energy management system seamlessly synergises the car's petrol engine with its electric motor. So that each power unit either supports the other or takes over completely, depending on the driving situation.



With Prius you can enjoy efficiency without sacrificing power. The 4th Generation

Every Prius is packed with the latest intelligent technology. Each innovation has

• Pink Slips • Blue Slips • Log Book Servicing • All Mechanical Repairs

Leave it to...

Cleavers Mechanical Repairs

been developed to make driving easier, smoother and more intuitive. All are a result of clever thinking that strives to deliver an enhanced driving experience, in all driving conditions.

CAR SAFETY Wherever you travel, whether it's out on the open road or zipping about city streets, it's reassuring to know when you get behind the wheel of Prius, you're protected by some of the most advanced safety features and technology ever developed.


Guess who's got new model vehicles out? Coffs Coast Isuzu

Shed 4/45 Villiers Street , Grafton 2460

Enquiries - Ph: 6643 2333

Give Carl a call today on 6648 3533


•Maintenance and

general repair of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles of all makes and models.

•LP gas conversions

•Wheel alignments. •Rego checks including LPG vehicles.

•Towbar fitting service.

and repairs.

•Air conditioning servicing and retro-fitting.

•Tyre supply and fitting. 6/9 PAPERBARK DR, TOWNSEND

PH: 6645 2310 SCENE

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D/L No MDO39553

ALL MECHANICAL REPAIRS & SERVICING Rego Inspections Disc Brake Machining Flywheel Machining Tyres Log Book Servicing


ers & Small Engines Cars & 4WDs - Trucks & Tractors - Mow


Swadling Engineering WE OFFER: • Lineboring • Key Way Cutting • Fitting & Turning • Precision Milling • Welding • Aluminium • Stainless Steel & Steel

s • Latest model diagnostic scan tool ner alig el • Latest 4 whe ections • Pink, Blue, Gas & Heavy Vehicle Insp • Tyres & Mag Wheels • Mechanical Repairs on • Pedders and Dobinsons Suspensi TRADING HOURS • Brakes & Suspension Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm Sat 8am to 12noon

Gearbox Rebuilds

Dean Swadling

Engine Rebuilds Consignment Vehicles 111 Ryan St, SOUTH GRAFTON Call 6642 3996 today for an appointment

11/24 Swallow Road, South Grafton Phone: 6642 2977 Fx: 6642 2268 After Hours: 0414 799 004 Po Box 962 Grafton 2460



McCrackin Diesel & 4WD Accessories • Automotive Air-Conditioning Repairs & Installations • Auto Electrical Repairs • Discount Battery Sales

All mechanical repairs Servicing both petrol & diesel

Specialising in 4WD & Accessories

• Starter Motor & Alternator Repairs • On-site Service • UHF Radio Sales & Installation • Car Audio Installations • Parts & Accessories

Phone: 6645 1100

A/H: 0409 950 639 Fax: 6645 4221 7 Ironbark Drive, Townsend NSW

• General Mechanical Services • Logbook Servicing • Airconditioning Service • Dyno Tuning • Diesel Performance • Exhausts • Tyres • Full Hydraulic Hose Service



Call 6646 2374

• Diesel pumps & injectors • Turbo systems • Engine rebuilds • Gearbox & diff rebuilds • Log book services • Diesel performance chips • Pink slips • All commonrail

Phone 02 6643 3233

95 Ryan Street, South Grafton

Check out our website at

89 Fitzroy Street Grafton NSW 2460



ABN 301 936 290 45

MVRL 51724

• Car audio specialising in ‘Alpine’ • LED/HiD Lights • Air Conditioning

Locksmith Lic. No. 409341695 ABN 43 119 552 724

EST. 1980

• Automotive Lockout • Automotive Keys

• Starter Motors

• Electronic Keys

• Alternators

• Garage & Vehicle Remotes

• Batteries

• CCTV and Safes

• GME UHF Ph: 6642 2591 | 6642 6111


NRMA Insurance Services Available at Yamba & Maclean


Shed 2/45 Villiers St, Grafton


8 Favorite Ave, Yamba 6646 1777


to book your service TODAY!

50 |

• Full Servicing and Repairs all makes & models • eSafety Rego Checks inc LPG • Brake, Suspension, Cooling System, Exhaust Repairs & Servicing • Pre - Purchase Vehicle Checkovers • Batteries • Tyres • Roadside Assistance • Windscreen Chip Repairs



MVRL 51740 • ARC Authorisation AU37752 • ABN: 82 603 054 459

See Breeze Motors


Croppers are a licenced Motor Dealer with a consignment register allowing them to sell vehicles on consignment. All makes and models. Trade in’s welcome.

Ph: 6642 3344 • Mob: 0419 646 025 Fax: 6643 2733




DD-MAX MAX 4x4 EX Single Cab Chassis

D-MAX 4x4 SX Space Cab Chassis

DD-MAX MAX 4x4 SX Crew Cab Chassis

MU MU-XX 44x44 LS LS-MM with i h 77-Seats S

WHATEVER THE LAND DEMANDS THE ISUZU D-MAX & MU-X WILL DELIVER You don’t buy an Isuzu D-MAX or MU-X just to get from A to B. You buy one for the features that help you get the job done. Like a powerful and efficient 3.0L turbo diesel engine, outstanding towing capacity and a Terrain Command 4WD system. No-nonsense vehicles, for nononsense drivers. People who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get it done. People who go their own way.


(02) 6648 3533

5 star ANCAP safety rating applies to D-MAX 4x4 Crew Cab variants built from November 2013, 4x2 High-ride Crew Cab variants built from November 2014 and all MU-X models. ^5 years or 130,000km whichever occurs first, for eligible customers; excludes accessories and trays. >The Capped Price Servicing Program applies to eligible Isuzu UTE vehicles with a warranty start date after 1 January 2015. The program covers the first 6 scheduled services in line with the scheduled service intervals. Program price subject to change. For full terms & conditions and current pricing go to SCENE

March 2017

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. .. e u n e v r u o o t ” o d i say “ Wedding and Function Specialists

menus tailored to your budget requirements receptions

g n i d d e w onies cerem




SOUTH SERVICES CLUB 2 Wharf St, South Grafton | 6642 1422 xx |


March 2017

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