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From a therapy point of view for adjustable bed For any given reason if you or someone you know has difficulty in getting in and out of a bed that is of a standard size, then looking at an adjustable bed might be a worthwhile decision. As a licensed physical therapist and home health care specialist, Depending on the physical disabilities of people there is a need for adjustable beds. When you have serious physical challenges, then an adjustable bed is very handy. Here are a few important points about the adjustable beds: Electric Adjustable beds: Electric beds are controlled by electricity. The head and foot positions are electrically controlled components. However, the height of the bed is controlled by a controller that is at the foot of the bed. The Fully electric models control the entire aspect of the bed, including the height of the bed, the height of the foot positions and the head positions. There are also semi-electric adjustable bed in the market. Depending on the choice, the prices differ. You have fully electric bed that come to you at higher costs and semi-electric bed that come much cheaper. Mattress compatible: It is not just enough to have adjustable beds. You also should make sure the beds support mattress. Because of the adjustable nature of the bed, you may have issues in placing a good mattress. Size: The size of the bed will surely matter. When you talk about having an adjustable bed to a person undergoing a therapy, then it is advised that you take a good understanding of the size of the bed that is needed. Unlike a common bed for a normal person, the person undergoing therapy will have different needs. You have to consult the physician to get an idea on the size of the bed. Too small a size can affect the person’s posture and it may lead to further complications. Movable or non-movable: Depending on the situation of the person, you have to decide if you need a moveable bed or a standard one that is permanently fixed to a place. You may have a situation where you may have to move the person for some reasons; it is a good idea to have a moveable bed in such cases. Depending on the treatment and the gravity of the situation you can decide to choose the kind of bed you want.

Installing bedrails: If you feel that the person can be in danger of falling out of the bed, then you might want to install bedrails to avoid any mishaps. It is recommended to have bedrails when you have a person in deep medical case. These preventive actions can ensure that the person is safe and secure. These were some very important point when you look for an adjustable bed from a medical perspective. There is always a need to consult a professional who can understand your need well and can suggest you better options based on the situation you are in.

From a therapy point of view for adjustable bed