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The love affair begins in Kim and Roger’s work place in Fort Worth, Texas. Roger lived Keller, Texas and Kim lived with her husband Brian Cunningham in Bridgeport, Texas. Kim called Margie in the afternoon ask if we would be home so that Roger wanted to come to our house to pickup and old cast iron headboard that Roger was going to powder coat for Kim. When they arrived you could by the way they were behaving in each others company there was more to the relationship then just a headboard to be powered coated. When they left from house they were going in separate directions. I mentioned to Margie that Roger was very interested in getting into Kim’s pants and Kim was glad. Margie stated that Roger was a good Christian boy and he would not do anything like that much less think about it. Roger and Kim were thinking about doing the deed. Two weeks later I was told Brian was a drug user, wife beater and a drug dealer. Kim is going to divorce Brian. Kim wants to divorce Brian and take the girls and leave. You have got to help Kim and I because if you don’t he will hurt her again. This affair had the blessing of Margie Miller the mother of Kim Cunningham. Margie was warned that Roger wanted to play hide the wiener and Kim was glad of Roger’s desires. It reads as though you are bitching about a self inflected wound again. You are the one who did this

and you did it without my input or knowledge. You knew my condition when you made up your mind you were going to leave. According to your e-mail sent on January 7, 2008 you had your mind made up four years ago, some time in the early part of 2004. I did not know you were planning on leaving in 2004 or any other time. That is a long time to live with yourself and another lie. You did not have the courage to tell me about your plans or you wanted to keep it a secret. The date of my land sale document is highlighted in yellow. This was signed and I was paid in the last half of September, 2004. Texas is not a community state and Margie was not entitled to nothing from the sale of the land. If Margie had told me of her plans to leave the money from the sale would not have gone into a joint account. You started preparing your move in the early part of 2004. You took full advantage of me and the situation. You bought a new car, every thing you needed for your new house in the way of yard tools and yard decorations. You bought a new bedroom suit for the new house. It took you 4 years to get the things you wanted for your new house. Margie you were secretive with Kim. One week on a Friday I received a phone call about the balance of a credit card that Brian and Kim owed $8,000.00. I did not know who had charged that size of a balance. I found out later that it was Kim. It she took 3 months to spend $8,000.00. Kim paid for pizzas (imagine paying 28% on a $7.00 pizza for the next 60 years), clothes, American Interiors, living expense and a new more expensive apartment plus moving expense. When the credit card balance was near the limit she pushed it over the limit by drawing out cash.

The next Friday I received a call from a credit card company about your past due credit bill of $1,700.00. I argued with both callers they made a mistake. I told the first caller, "I know my wife and she would not charge to a credit card $8,000.00 without discussing that type of balance with me!" I had to eat my words. You were responsible for both balances. You did this behind my back. You had your statements sent to your office in Fort Worth so I would not know about the credit cards. When the truth came out you were crying saying how sorry you were for doing that. You said you would leave home if I wanted you to leave. I never gave that idea a thought. You promised you would do anything to pay for Kim and Brian, including getting a second job. You did nothing. I cared about you so much; I could not see the forest for the trees. Three different occasions I have helped you get out of debt. When we first got together your credit report was not worth a damn. When you ran up your credit card to a $1,700.00 balance. Margie you told me I would not let you spend enough money on your family during Christmas time. We spent plenty of money on your family. I realize it took you more than one year to charge that kind of a balance. I could have paid attention but I did not. The best I recall I said, "We need to get busy and pay the credit card balance." We met with Brian and Kim at their house and they agreed to pay monthly on the balance. The first payment was due and I went to Paradise to collect. You stayed home so you would not have to confront Brian or Kim. The easy way out for you

and that is the way it continued with you for the next two or three years. It is a good thing you do not want anything from me, you took it all. You took my arms, legs, voice, Mel's $1000.00 and Kim's $7,000.00 debt. It took one year or longer to pay back the Texas Work Force Commission when you got fired from the Lake Worth National Bank. I was disappointed when you lost the argument with TWFC. You spoke with great authority about human resources. Kim is just like you a good placed lie is better than the truth. Kim was going to meet with me at the bank and I was going to co-sign a loan to get her loan rate down from 28% to 4%. She was a no show and you informed me she was not going to ever show up. She found a house she wanted to buy and she wasn't going to pay another dime on the loan. You said nothing to Kim or Brian about stealing the money. They had to hide expenses and hide some balances to be able to get a loan to buy the house. You lied to Nancy. You told her we gave Brian and Kim money and she believed you. Nancy is an excellent student but she knows nothing about family ties. Nancy wanted to know who was going to take care of me. She did not want the job. She stated to me, "that is what parents do, they give their kids money." Nancy and Ross threw their Christmas gift on the bar and walked out. My legs locked up. I was mad, disappointed and hurt. Brian was not mad at Christmas. He did not want to be here. He jumped up out of his chair and yelled, ‘THERE IS CORKY!� He was waving his arms at me like we were best of friends. He put on a good show for his kids huddled up around him.

The words Brian used were tough. “I WISH YOU WERE DEAD”, “I SHOULD HAVE SHOT YOU WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE!” He was being Brian, a bragger and a jackass. He does not have the courage to shoot anybody especially with big old tears in his eyes and when he pulled the gun out of his boot, the gun fell apart. I am glad he is not a good 'watch dog' trainer. If Brian was a good 'watch dog' trainer I would have been mauled by his dog. Kim thought that it was funny. I damn sure did not, that was dangerous and could have become deadly. This sexual love affair was started at our house. I told you he wanted some loving from Kim and she was glad of it. Your reply was he is a fine Christian boy and he does not. You and Kim ragged on Brian daily. You and Kim spent that summer complaining and bitching about Brian. A week later on a Saturday. I was asked to rent an u-haul truck and move Kim from Paradise, Texas to Arlington, Texas . "Has Kim talked to Brian?" I ask. You said, "NO, if she does that he will beat her." Brian has beaten her before; He uses drugs and he sales drugs. I rented the truck and we moved to Arlington . If Kim was in harms way I felt I had no choice but to help her. I did not know where this romance was going. You were in the middle of it and encouraging the affair. You were acting like Kim's personal pimp. You did every thing you could do to help your daughter be with her lover boy. I believed Brian was a drug user, a drug dealer and a wife beater. "I will never give up on my daughter", you repeatedly said. I did not understand what that meant. Did you want Kim to more romantic affairs? Were you really expecting Brian and Kim to divorce?

Did you want her to get even with Brian for his earlier affairs? They agreed to pay the debt with monthly payments of $150.00 due to the credit card company. They were paying the minimum payment, late payments and returned checks. The actual date they stole money from us was the day Kim told you she was not paying another dime on the debt. She became a thief that day. There was something wrong with the purchase of the house. Brian being involved with any financial deal I would not be surprised if someone got screwed. The tax payers of Tarrant County and Keller were the victims this time. I would like to have your side of this event. You had a choice. You could walk out or stay. I could not walk. You walked out pointing a finger at me that I created the event by saying bad things about Kim. She did not show any respect for you or me. She continued to spend money. I did not know she was spending our money. I suggested to you several, several times something is not right about Kim's attitude. She was not acting like a person that really wanted a divorce. The love affair was cooling. She spent the limit of that credit card ($8,000.00) in less than 3 months. A person has a station in life and Kim's was not $2500.00 plus the salary she earned per month. She knew you would not confront her about charging up a balance of $8,000.00. I thought Brian and Kim's was going to divorce. The way you were ragging on Brian and being a pimp for Kim arranging for her meetings with her lover. Kim was married to Brian and you were trying your best to see to it they did divorce. A mother that loves her daughter does not help arrange meetings with her

and lover We both know that you made Kim into a whore and thief. She apparently could not get enough of her lover. They did the deed often enough. I never heard you say anything to Kim about her relationships and I understand it stretched from Minnesota to Keller. You called my mother a whore. I do not have any proof of that. When she was younger she was a pretty young woman and loved to have fun. Jerrie, my mother, was exactly like you and I, we liked to play and we did. When you called Jerrie a whore, you were mad and that was how I took what you said. You griped about Sam and Nancy not helping to take care of me. Their place was not here in our business. The hard feelings you developed about Sam and Nancy grew stronger has time passed.

DESPICABLE AND COWARDLY ACT Your Dad, Mel York and your Mother, Betty York had no business in our business. I did not marry either one of them. I had not never heard of a dad interfering in a child's marriage, without the child is in danger. You were not in physical danger, I could not walk. My arms would give out and my legs would lock up even if I could walk. I did not get in their business or marriage. Mel York helped you to move. That day was bad for me. The more time I had to think about him helping you to move the more depressed I became. I wish I had helped you pay for the move. I would not have dreamed in a thousand years Mel would do something like. Mel knew how much it hurt. If Mel did not know or understand the pain he dished out, he is sick. I can not think of one person that would have helped me to leave you under the same conditions. My family is not like that. I told you several times we could not afford your dad. My condition was getting worse. I got to where I could not follow him around to fix things. You or Mel did not ask me about anything, I was crippled and I did not have good sense. So you and Mel thought. We lost a $100.00 worth of concentrated weed killer. and a new sprayer I was saving. There was another sprayer I used chemicals in. It was stopped up with grass. A easy fix. Mel mowed the grass in the heat. He would get hot and the sweat would be rolling off his body. His clothes would stick to him. Mel and Betty are not in good health. That concerned me a great deal. Please

do not let anything happen to Mel while on Margie's watch. That would be extremely difficult on Margie. It turned out it did matter to me.