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Pumpkins can stand alone, or become a crafty accent for fall decor.


umpkins are given a fresh look by professional artist, crafter, and new mother Alisa Burke. Sketchbook doodles, textile patterns, and west coast style can be seen as inspiration for these decorative gourds. Alisa strives to redefine creativity, and here she redefines Halloween decor.

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Somethin’ Pumpkin

“I am not big on traditional jack-o’-lanterns, and I always like to find unique ways to decorate pumpkins and gourds.”

1. Start with a clean fresh pumpkin

2. With a permanent marker, fill the space with sketched leaves

3. Paint around the leaves with acrylic paint. Scratch while wet for added texture.

4. Paint the stem white, and touch-up leaf edges ‡

Want more?

Bring out your own unique artistic style with this chic seasonal project. Follow this simple how-to guide for creating your own pretty pumpkins!

This photo: Sketchbook Pumpkins

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This photo: Sketchbook Pumpkins Sew Wild Bring out your own...