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A hand-painted faux rug can add real impact.


here’s nothing more gorgeous than

a home. Skinny boards, wide planks, old seasoned wood, pristine new rows character, and versatility to a room.

a painted faux rug, can help you pull painted. Even worse, I suspected the paint might even contain lead since ago.

Above: Alisa Burke paints a delightful hallway rug

ers pulled away carpet that was in their bathroom--and painted and sealed the plywood underneath. It’s a great temporary solution until they can lay a more ex-

Aside from an expensive and possibly dangerous paint removal paint over the paint. I added a handpainted “rug” to throw a little color and dimension into the room, and sealed with it with polyurethane to add a little protection.

36 · October 2011

-and do it all for under $5! Continued on Page 120



worse for the wear? Or you’re on a very tight (read : nonexistent) budget? Or (gasp!) you’ve pulled back that nasty carpet to reveal--plywood!

Make it uniqueand do it all for under $5!

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Continued from page 37 Shown above, left to right: 1. Martha disguises worn stair treads with some bold stripes 2. My own handpainted coral design 3. suggests a print pattern for stairs 4. Hand Painted Faux Rug - Berrima By Lynes & Co. Ga. Ehenimi, ommo bero quam, videm ides quo odi quia voluptat quatempore, nimint asimus, a sundit, consed quae velenia veremporiam ipitibuscium illupti andit, cusanti cuptas as se nat imus. Hil ellacim agnate non et laut aribus et dolenti usantur estrunto voluptate poresedi sequi dolorem nonsenis eserae et omnietum et quibus. Aquibus dellor am, quam que od esseque velitia esecepudi volut experfero dolendanda dolendita dolorum nullace persper chilia cus et venducid quiaspe riasperite sitam fugiati busdae consed ut et eatem aut apienti aecepudi te eum fugia volutam re consequ issiminci nos anda inumenemqui utecupt iaerum, core vernat aut hillore icatur? Mustius exerio beribusdae num, quae volorio quosseditis ipidipiti tem que ped et doles que nullab ium quo vel id utem apero eatem quis acius accus escil invel eum cupicit aernatem essit, quid ut volupta dolecest, volenim ossequa land undite lab il ipsantur? ‥

120 ¡ October 2011



Sew New T here’s nothing more gorgeous than - ers pulled away carpet that was in their bathroom--and painted and sealed the plywood undernea...