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April 2013 IDIOSYNC

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April 2013


8 You Me At Six 12 The Weeknd 18 Jessie J 20 LBC 12 fall out boy 15 Ellie Goulding 32 Rihanna 13 Ed Sheeran 11 ZOE COWLING ANDSAVEMONEYON THE SHOPPRICE! 39 Mike Posner hottest new boy band of 2013 World’s greatest music 50 Olly Murs LBC 20 magazine delivered 11 Calvin Harris and let straight to your door for 8 All Time Low the girls a ludicrously low price? begin to 21 Plan B scream... 6 Cold Play 45 Drake 41 11 Example 16 Frank Ocean 14 Kings of Leon 11 Skrillex 7 The Script 17 LANA del ray THE REBIRTH OF AMY DAY J-J-J-J-JESSIE J 17 Taylor swift amy is back with a bang all secrets revealed!18 new music? new style? 35 60 the xx 11 nero on the cover features cover story regulars 64 all american rejects all you me at six | all time low the newbies of 2013 idiosync’s recommenders Zoe Cowling: “it’s gone 54 bloc party everything we recommend get the lowdown on up success, or total mess? 8 this month: concerts, coming performances we give our verdict. what 6 3 better than anybody 45 chris brown albums, artists do you think? ARE REALITY SHOW SINGERS REAL? we question the likes of ever expected- even me” 56 muse I WANNA KNOW reviews The Voice and The X Factor 10 we find out everything, and 5 what you need to know on producing real talent? 33 professor green 14 we mean everything, about Six months ago Zoe was 22 your favourite artists. Ready? YOUR SNAPS best dance tunes ever 47 katy perry This could get personal. become the papz and send in just playing her guitar in her room calvin harris, S.H.M, example 16 your photos this month 11 & many more FESTIVALS 61 mumford and sons to entertain herself. Now? She plays to have your say ‘dos and donts’ to ensure you 32 have the best weekend 65your ARTISTS MAKING IT BIG TIME entertain thousands of people. She has emails, tweets and 44 jay-z every artist we think will be comments of everything 13 huge this time next year every one screaming her name. musical 15 florence welch exclusive How does she do it? music to film: IDIOSYNC AWARDS 46 kanye west LANA DEL RAY VS TAYLOR SWIFT 38 from are they now a triple threat? “I’m one of the very few girls that are 66 vote now for your fave the big debate- who’s best? 17 11 swedish house mafia MUMFORD AND SONS naturally likeable I guess” she admits WIN WIN WIN OLLY MURS Mumford and Sons in a nut57 arctic monkeys & prizes to Idiosync. Want to know more about all you need and want to 61 shell. Prepare for some major 67 competitions free concert tickets? 50 know about his life spoilers of their new album. Zoe’s crazy life? Go ahead... 62 mayday parade 12 kids in glass houses @IdiosyncMagazine 63 the maccabees


“I started at the bottom, now here I am”




mer? Really?! I used to go to Festivals as a young adult and have the best time, well from what I can remember. A lot of alcohol was most definitely consumed… I used to look up at the stage just wishing I was on it, now look at me! When I perform at Reading I’m actually going to be jealous that I’m not camping. I mean, chucking on wellies, old clothes and getting ridiculously muddy is what festivals are about! I’ll be packing my wellies and knee high socks for sure! Any fashion consciousness about me After just 6 months, Zoe Cowling goes straight out the window!” has already hit the big time! From just uploading a few videos, she Although Zoe says her ‘fashion then got spotted and now has fans consciousness goes out the winscreaming her name. dow’ at festivals, that doesn’t mean “It’s actually crazy! Just 6 months her (TOP GOSS) new clothing line ago I was singing won’t be a great success. Yes, her clothing line. in some very, er, small pubs, fam“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I mean, I conily events, nothing major. And now, I’m going to be stantly keep up with fashion and performing at some of the biggest it’s one of my passions, right next festivals and venues to date. I mean to music. But I don’t always follow Reading and V festival in one sum- them because, dare I say it, some oe Cowling is officially the hottest girl on the block. Your average girl from Hillingdon is now one of the most unique artists of the 21st century. It’s not everyday that we get an artist turning up to our office in their pyjamas but Zoe simply said “I dont give a sh*t what people think”. She has her own mind and Idiosync wanted to dive into it!

“I love being unique”


“I like artists that are quite quirky and not ‘the norm’. Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding and Mika- Love them! Then of course, Jessie J. So I guess I don’t really have one particular favourite, just a favourite style”


zoe on...FAVOURITE song

“I abseloutely love the old classics! Bon Jovi- Living on a Prayer: you can’t not love it. And, although I completely ruin them, I love a good old belter. But, my all time favourite song has to be Beyonce Single Ladies. Cheesy I know right?”

items of clothing are hideous. So, yeah, my clothing line ‘ZC garms’original I know. It’s basically based all upon my appearance; multiple different patterns, unusual cuts and styles. Yes, it involves some double denim and clashy patterns but they’re not always bad! If you wear it, work it. Clashes are good! These should be hitting the shops soon and they won’t even be ridiculously expensive purely because I know how much I complain about over priced clothes. So every one of you reading this magazine best buy ‘garms’.”

I don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to see Zoe at the festivals! Each and every one of her performances is different because of her general quirky-ness. “Trust me, I can’t wait to perform! There will-hopefully- be people like I was in the audience, looking up to me for inspiration so I want to make my set as good as possible purely for them! I still have no idea what I’ll

wh sasyheat s: zoe on...FAVOURITE ALBUM “One of my favourite bands has to be Coldplay and their album X&Y was definitely one of the best. *sings Yellow* That’s my number one chill out album. Get’s me to sleep every night!”

be doing though; I’ll just leave that all last minute most probably, as per usual. It sounds very big headed and diva-ish but if I didn’t have people working with me, I’d be completely lost. I’m the most unorganised person ever, my brain is all mush. I can fend for myself of course but I just need that extra hand to hold to help me along the way, or to be honest, I’d get on stage and have no idea what I was doing! The only thing I do control myself is my look: hair, makeup, costume etc. I’m my own person so I hate the idea of people controlling the way I look. I love being unique and patterns rule my life. If a stylist gives me plain clothes, well, there’s a whole lotta drama heading their way! I’m kidding… But as with every girl, my hair is my life! I once cut it off as a child- worst decision ever. Any girl thinking of cutting their hair? DON’T. I give this advice around so much because it was honestly the worst decision I ever made,

well I say ‘I’ ever made, it was my mum. So yes mum, it was your fault  My makeup is always usually done by my makeup artist but still, I have an input. I don’t like the boring usual mascara, foundation, and blusher. I like to go wild! Bright colours and lipsticks are what I live for! I think every girl should own at least 10 different shades of lippy. Chop and change every day, don’t follow the crowd with a boring red or pink!” Watching many of Zoe’s sets have made us realise that she is one hell of a mover and there’s no 5 seconds where she is stood still. (Laughs) “I’ve always been a mover! Even at the primary school discos I’d always win the award for best dancer, purely because I just let go! I have no shame! I’ve danced since I was really young and there’s nothing more I hate then when singers just stand in one spot on stage and sing, I get so bored so I’d never want to bore

my audience’s. I run around stage no matter how much of a dick I look. I’d rather look like a dick and keep my audience entertained rather than look ‘normal’ and bore them. It’s not even as if I do a ‘dance’ when I’m onstage, I kind of run and do a little bop/jig. Saying that, God I really must look stupid (laughs). Why hasn’t anyone warned me before?!” Last month in our survey, you said you wanted more life secrets and gossip. Well, here goes... “I spill this secret all the time so it’s not really a secret anymore. I do have a couple of tattoos but they’re all hidden and before you think it, no, I do not have a tattoo on my bum cheek. I’m not going to say what they are though; I need to keep some of my modesty! I don’t really have many secrets though, i’m a very open person about pretty much everything. Anything I say to anyone, it’ll eventually get out soon anyway!”

April 2013 IDIOSYNC


As this month’s issue is all based upon festivals, wouldn’t you like to know some of Zoe’s festival stories seeing as she’s an avid festival goer? Maybe some tips? “Festival stories? Where do I begin, gosh! The best thing about festivals is definitely the people you meet there and the general environment. Just doing nothing but chilling, drinking and listening to your favourite bands; what more could you want? I’ll never forget last year at V when I got pulled on stage with Olly Murs. Yes, I’m a sucker for a cheesy pop singer. It was one of the best moments. Maybe I’ll do that this year and see if they write an article about it in a magazine next year. Oh, I also witnessed someone get trapped in a toilet there. Festival toilets- definitely not the place you want to get trapped. Let’s just say you have to pee as quickly as possible whilst holding your nose. Although the festival is great, the shower you have when you get home is even better. So lush. Tips? Bring a chair; sitting on the floor isn’t great. Bring old clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, wellies and just lose your inhibitions for the weekend basically.”

ryone! Everyone asks me why I chose the name ‘Red’, to be honest I think it makes me look extremely lazy but it’s not. There are so many different connotations of red such as love, danger, a warning etc and they can all link back to me. Well, in my head they link back anyway. So there is significance, I didn’t just chose a colour of the top I was wearing that day! Each and every song has a meaning but it’s also open to listeners’ own interpretation which I think is what’s different about my music. That’s what I used to do as a child so I want my listeners to do the same. Whilst on the subject, is it just me that finds music really strange if you think about it in depth? I mean, just words with a random rhythm behind and it can make something so amazing. Okay, here’s my weird side coming out for definite.”

“I love 90s cheesy songsStepsandSClub7!”

Zoe’s debut album ‘Red’ is soon to hit the shops and is guaranteed to fit your every mood. “I am so scared but then so excited for this album, I cannot wait for everyone to hear it. Music fascinates me and I really think there is a type of music for your every mood. I know whenever I need cheering up I just put on loads of stuff I love like 90s cheesy songsSteps and S Club 7, and although there’s none of that on my album, there are songs that fit the stereotype. The songs follow loads of different genres like pop, rock, r‘n’ b etc, so there is something for eve-

We expect big things for Zoe in the future so what exactly does she have planned after her gigs at Reading and V Festival this year? What should we be seeing in this next year? “Like I say, I am the most unorganised person ever so to be honest I’m not even sure myself. I know that I do have some gigs and concerts lined up but I won’t be saying the exact dates, that’s a secret for now but it is very soon. I can tell you a tiny, little secret though. I will be supporting a very big artist but it hasn’t been released yet. Who is it? Well you’ll have to wait and see! But, it is very, very exciting. Well, for me it is anyway. Obviously, whatever happens, happens and any supporting gigs that pop up I will take as I just love performing but I am arranging my own. I’m actually going to be on posters and I’m actually going to be headlining a concert. Seriously, what the f**k. It definitely does not feel right.”

April 2013 IDIOSYNC


Every artist has their fair share of bad publicity. We really haven’t seen much for Zoe. Is she just the perfect pop-star that we should all idolize? “I really do hate the media. That’s one thing I miss about being unknown, I don’t get followed everywhere. I mean, can’t a girl go a day without having to look made up. I don’t really care about not wearing makeup, as long as they don’t pick out every single blemish and imperfection about my face. The media need to realise that nobody’s perfect. Get over it. The only magazines I really read now though are music magazines; they’re not bitchy and just tell you what you want to know. Not that a celebrity fell out a cab whilst drunk and flashed her knickers.” What we were interested to know is Zoe’s music background. You hear some of these artists with years and years of experience in the music industry because their mums, brothers, sons, best friend knows the producer’s cousin of a top music company. Is that real talent? “I started at the bottom, and now here I am. I didn’t have a ‘quick get-in route’ I basically just worked for it all myself, which I feel so much better about. It’s such as sense of achievement. All you need to do is get a number of people’s attention and word spreads and you’re known. Okay, maybe it’s not as easy as that. And it did take me quite a while but all the hard work pays off eventually. I had a few singing lessons when I was younger but I never really enjoyed them, like with my style, I don’t like people telling me what style to sing in. In one lesson, I was assessed on singing a song from the 1930’s. Seriously? We’re in the 21st century. Who listens to that ancient shit anymore? It was after that that I decided never to go back again. Also, my teacher clearly thought I was about 50 with what she expected me to do. I was 15. So, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry.” Well, we certainly had an interesting afternoon with Zoe. It’s going to be very exciting to see all this planning finally come together for the festivals. We’ll be there, wearing our ZC Garms. “Thanks for having me. I love interviews like this, it’s so chilled out. Interviews stress me out when they’re all serious and I begin to

say things I regret. I read them back and question my normality. I mean, I’m in my pyjamas with a cuppa tea next to me, I feel like I’m still in bed. I once went to an interview where they requested I wore smart clothes. I honeslty felt like I was applying for a job there. And the questions were so serious; the woman asking me was actually quite scary. Reminded me of Miss Trunchable for Matilda? Yeah, that scary.

Zoe x

album verdict Stylish, Classy

and Unique are just three ways in which we describe Zoe’s new album. A mixture of so many genres all merged into one. A fusion of pop, rock, indie and jazz blending together to create a sensational debut of this up and coming star!

April 2013 IDIOSYNC


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