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A2 Media Evaluations

Clare Hanington A2 Media Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? typically 3 models of music narrative of my music video video that are created; perhighlights the life of both a formance, narrative and conmale and female performer ceptual. Before creating my who were dancing partners in music video, I had to consider the 1950s. The end scene ties which of the three models I the video together as we see wanted to place my video in an older lady sat within a modand also whether I wanted to ern day household watching use, develop or challenge the her and her partner’s dance conventions of the model. With routine back on the television. regards to genre, I feel that The indexical sign of the Kodaline are similar to Lady photo frame next to her is what Gaga in the sense that they informs the audience of their have their own genre. With al- past relationship. This relates ternative rock bands, an audito Andrew Goodwin’s theory ence would typically expect to of the six elements that all muPhotgraph for prop in music video; see a live performance music sic videos have; one of which both protagonists video, however, Kodaline being that all visuals illustrate Traditionally, media texts have challenge this form and mainly the lyrics: “a love like this won’t followed rigid definitions of create videos highlighting an last forever”. categorisation, however in a issue through a narrative. For postmodern age, the task of example, in ‘All I Want’ the au- In terms of representation, I defining these conventions has dience follow a linear narrative wanted to create the running become problematic. You may of a man with a facial disfigthemes of love and nostalgia now argue that each individurement and what he has to within my music video. To do ual artist carries their own go through genre and conventions. For every day. I example, Lady Gaga. She is think this is an extremely unique artist that an extremely effective “the female was style of dressed in a navy, video and white polka-dot therefore dress with characwanted to use conter shoes; costume The use of close-ups to stimulate ventions of audience relationships will work as signiKodaline’s fier informing the videos within my own. so, I had to focus heavily on audience of the Saussure’s theory of signs. Although I have not follow My main focus within the time period.” such as socially challenging planning stages was the misehas not only a sound, but also storyline as this, I still wanted en-scene elements to ensure a look of her own which could to create a sense of sympathy it demonstrated my intention suggest a ‘Gaga genre’ exists. for the character and portray a of reflecting the 1950s. Firsthigh level of emotion through ly, the iconic signs of their Within the industry, there are the narrative. The circular costume; I dressed the male

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A2 Media Evaluations

in a shirt, with pinned trousers, braces and a bow tie. Similarly, the female was dressed in a navy, white polka-dot dress with character shoes; costume will work as signifier informing the audience of the time period. Moreover, in order to further the theme of love and nostalgia, I got the female to wear red lipstick with a clear explication of this through the close ups of the application. Symbolically, it is purely red lipstick however the connotations of the colour red would create an indexical sign of love and lust which audience’s would notice based upon their own cultural reference points.

it is now backwards. Although this would be hard for an audience member to notice at first glance, it subliminally informs them of the idea of turning back time reflecting

oid. This suggests the idea of memories and looking back on the past as Polaroid’s are not so widely used in today’s society.

the narrative. Furthermore, nostalgia was not only represented through the circular narrative but also through the ongoing theme of photographs within my music video, digipak and poster. Within my music video, the photograph at the end is the most essential sign to ensure audience’s understanding of the video. The images used for my digipak and poster also reflects nostalgia and the 1950s era as they are all in the form of a Polar-

as I decided to use an acoustic version of the song, both the harmonics and the voice are much slower and create a calming, soft atmosphere. Whilst filming, in order for the visuals to fit with the music, I used slow, flowing movements with minimal movement; this effect was created successfully using the Shouldermount. This way, all of the shots aren’t static but still do not act as a distraction from the visuals. Similarly, during editing I slowed

also stated that “the running themes of Goodwin within a music video, the and visuals must love and nostalgia” music intertwine one another;

During the editing process, I decided to edit some footage so it would play backwards. For example, at the very beginning as the female is tying up her dressing gown,

all visuals illustrate the lyrics: “a love like this wont last forever”. when it cuts back to this shot,

Mid shot of two characters informs audience of their relationship

each clip of footage down by 50% which again made the video look very smooth and fitted with the pace of the music perfectly. Slow motion used in the same way can also be seen in Kodaline’s video ‘High Hopes’the effect of slow motion within this video allows an audience to look more closely at certain shots that the director deemed to be the most effective. For example, the bride running down the hill towards the male’s car at the very beginning.

will create a greater emotional response when the narrative becomes clear. Audience would be able to feel like they ave a gained a personal relationship with them as stated Revealing small sections of the characters within the Uses to the audience at a time to create a and Gratifications restricted narrative theory. This mirrors the effect integral to the music video ‘Why’ by Annie Lennox which was my main inspiration.

in the industry, close ups tend to be used to sexualise popular females such as Rihanna, Jessie J and Ellie Goulding. Although, I have used many close ups I have challenged

My music video adheres to the hegemonic norm of heterosexual partnerships. The main the idea of using them to sexu- reason I decided to stick with alise the actors and instead, the norm is due to the fact that work as a way of highlighting typically you see a male and certain signs that I want the female dance partner rather Another element of Goodaudience to notice more such than single sex, especially win’s theory I choose to as elements of their clothing within this sort of dancing. This utilise is the idea that due to like a bow tie. The close ups is something expected of socithe high demands of the music also will allow audience’s to ety and this industry and thereindustry, there is often a strong identify with the actors which fore may challenge audience need or de“My music video also demonstrates a if I were to subvert mand for lots this. Although, some restrictive narrative as at the beginning, may say the industry of close ups. However, withthe audience would be unaware of why now has very little

there is a shot of an older lady until the end answering the enigma posed as part of Barthes hermeneutic code.”

Close ups of the mise-en-scene elements reinforce the time era

Clare Hanington 7459

A2 Media Evaluations neutic code. I also intended for my video to show elements of an episodic narrative as the action does not necessarily happen in one big chunk and through the edClose up reinforces theme iting, I decided of love and nostalgia to cut footage and go back to certain shots. For example, when the female is doing her makeup, it boundaries with the extremes cuts between or differences that artists now different secgo to within their music videos, conventions of a circular therefore, if I were to challenge narrative in the sense that the tions so we see snippets of her this norm it may not have been audience is exposed to seeing getting ready- similarly with the male. One real example of this questioned with the generathe older lady in the modern would again be ‘All I Want’ tion of my target audience as day at the beginning, it then by Kodaline as the camera it may be expected. Furthergoes back to the 1950’s to is stable in the car but it cuts more, I also used this hegemshow the performance of the between different moments to onic norm due male and feto the time male then back ensure the audience is engaged and stimulates a visual period of which to the older interest. my music video lady. My muwas set in; dursic video also Magazine Advert ing the 1950s, demonstrates My advert conforms to the homosexuality a restrictive wasn’t necessarily as heard of narrative as at the beginning, typical conventions of a postand socially acceptable as it is the audience today and was most definitely would be unafrowned upon. Because of this, ware of why there I decided it was essential for is a shot of an me to attempt to recreate the older lady until time period as precisely and the end answeranachronistically as possible. ing the enigma posed as part of My video conforms to the Barthes herme-

“the audience is engaged and stimulates a visual interest.”

Close ups stimulating the male gaze theory

er in many ways; I decided to keep it quite basic sticking to the house style of Polaroid’s with this being the main item within the page and something you’re instantly drawn to. Surrounding the Polaroid image, I have used large font sticking to the brand guidelines stating the band’s name and album name which is essential on a poster. The use of the same font throughout will allow easy recognition for an audience member and therefore

as ‘The perfect album’ makes it seem like it is the best that you can get and that you must listen to it. This suggests ‘The Hyperdermic Needle Theory’ in the sense that audiences are injected with the media and persuaded to consume it. Digipak Similarly to my magazine advert, my digipak also conforms to the typical conventions of them. Again, it links together the idea of polaroids as every image is of one; I decided to take the photos outside hanging on a tree relating to the theme of nostalgia and memories being in the past. The de-saturated effect makes it seem more authentic and vintage from the 1950s. This

“Using quotes such as The perfect album makes it seem like it is the best that you can get” will allow fans to instantly notice who the advert is trying to promote. Another typical convention I have used within my poster is quotes and ratings from well known-established music magazines such as Q and NME, this will attract audiences to listen to the album as highly respected companies within the industry have been extremely positive about the album and would DigiPak Images recommend it. Using quotes such

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ties both the print and moving image work together and there are clear similarities between them. The back cover lists of all the track names in an imaginative way as the song titles are written on the bottom of all the Polaroid’s. This makes it look appealing to the eye and also different from other Digipak’s so in this respect, I have challenged the typical convention of just listing the track names. Overall, I think all my print and moving image work either use or challenge the conventions of real life media texts which all work collaboratively in order to make them look as realistic as possible.

A2 Media Evaluations

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? Once being given my briefs, I by different people that watch it understood that I had to create based upon their own cultural a sense of synergy through reference points. Similarly to all three tasks. In order to do the advertisement and Digipak, so, I decided to create a unia younger audience that would fying theme that audience’s be a fan of Kodaline, may see would be able to recognise and these and not make links beidentify with either the artist or tween the idea of Polaroid imthe genre. Due to the nature of ages and nostalgia due to the my narrative being set in the technologically influenced 1950s, this instantly gave me society we live in today. a theme of nostalgia which I coupled with love. Both of Setting my music video in which first of all are universal the 1950s has allowed me to themes that the majority of create a media text that could people would be able to relate be described as timeless. to instantly giving audience’s a Because it has already been connection outdated. However, it could “The music video simply given an without era that it be argued that soon enough, will not date” even havconforms magazine posters and digipaks ing to watch the music video. to, it cannot get any older and will be rarely used due to the This narrative allowed me to therefore will still look as efproliferation of technology clearly portray the themes fective in ten years’ time as and online music purchases throughout all tasks; for exit would in two months’ time. and downloads. ample, I created an ongoing The music video simply will pattern that my DigiPak and not date compared to artists Another recurring theme Magazine Advertisement would such as ‘The Spice Girls’. Their throughout all three products be based around Polaroid music was clearly of its time is the fact that ‘Kodaline’ have images. Obviously, these are and music and music videos not been included within any limited in use of today’s society have increasingly progressed visuals; this is one convention therefore highlighting of Kodaline videos as they the idea of memotend to follow a structure. ries and looking back This would take away any on the past which is focus from their appearreflected in my music ance, being 4 average video. I believe all males, so all of the focus three of my products is on the music and lyrics were extremely sucwhich is the most imporcessful in relation tant aspect for them. This to highlighting the Symbolic signifier to tie the entire music video contrasts to artists such together and conclude the enigma as Lady Gaga who mainly themes however, they may be classed as focus upon their appearbeing somewhat ambiguous from this era. Moreover, the ance and it could be said that and that it poses an enigma. mise-en-scene elements supmore time is spent on creating The music video would be port this idea as their fashions an overall performance and ambiguous in the sense that it would not be worn in today’s a ‘show’ rather than the muwould be interpreted differently society as it simply looks sic itself. Artists, typically pop

artists, create the idea that you and capture the attention of to catch an audience’s eye must be huge within the public audiences to buy them as a would be the band name and eye in order to be successful. collectible. As with my other the release date which in theHowever, Kodaline and fans of products, I wanted to create ory are the most vital aspects Kodaline would not agree due the idea of the band having a of an advertisement poster. to their huge success without personal relationship with their Overall, I believe that the being photographed on the fans. In order to do, I created a poster is aesthetically pleasing front page of every magazine. short-poetic paragraph describ- to the eye and suits all of its I decided to stick to purposes and aims. The “in order to give the image a more this idea throughout polarised layout creates authentic, vintage-style look to all three texts of pura sense of symmetry and posely not including therefore all looks quite adhere to the time period.” the artist’s faces pureperfectly laid out. The ly due to the message and ing the making of the album visuals are clearly separated to themes I am trying to convey and also a thank-you note. the information so an audience to an audience. This will influence audiences, would be able to choose where in particular fans described to look first and can easily loI primarily demonstrated the as purists, to purchase a hard cate information. The easily lounifying themes of nostalgia copy rather than a digital as it catable information would also and love through the narrative is aimed at them. be essential due to the placeand the mise-en-scene of my ment of the poster; it would music video. The narrative I have created an extremely be placed in certain locations consisted of an older lady minimalistic magazine poster of which the target audience watching an old performance due to the nature of the band. would be ‘waiting around’ such back of her and her late partKodaline simply do not need as at a bus station, train station ner who was now no longer extravagant eye-catching or billboard on a road. Therewith her. This is shown through posters and their main aim is fore, a huge chunk of text effective shots towards the end to appeal to their initial fans would defer people from readof the music video as the audi- and ensure they are up to date ing it meaning they would not ence are exposed to the telewith their latest album. Strong gain any information about the vision playing the music video fans would recognise the font band and therefore the poster and then a shot of the older and typography used and could be pointless as it’s not lady on her own looking at a therefore notice it is advertising fulfilling the purpose of promotphotoframe with an image of that particular band rather than ing them. both the male “Kodaline simply do not need extravagant and female in In order to ensure the eye-catching posters” it. This would combination of my enable audience’s to create from a huge image of the artist. three products clearly sugan emotional connection I had to create a hierarchy of gested the 1950s time era, I with the video and therefore importance with regards to edited all colours using either keep them engaged. the information required on a Photoshop for the print-based poster such as the band name, work or Adjustment layers on The DigiPak’s are then just as album name, release date and Premiere for the moving-image important as the music video different forms of the album. work. On all three, I desatuitself as it was a way of proTo ensure I clearly different rated the master colours in moting the album in a more each section, I used a wide order to give the image a more creative, personalised way for variety of fonts and font sizes; authentic, vintage-style look to fans. More importantly, the pro- the most important information fit with the time period. This is liferation of digital downloads would be in the biggest font the main element that tied all may stray audience’s away and the most eye-catching three products together as it from buying a hard copy so compared to the least imporwas clear to see that they were therefore a Digipak would be tant which would subsequently all representing a theme and an effective way to persuade be the smallest. The first thing deeper meaning.

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A2 Media Evaluations

What have you learned from your audience feedback? In my opinion, consistently collecting audience feedback throughout the entirety of the project has been essential. Without having a main consumer group for the products or without the audience feedback it is pointless and suggests the idea that the purpose has not been fulfilled. This feedback has also given me clarification of my ideas and therefore highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and what works and what doesn’t according to the intended audience.

would. However, my video would appeal to males due to the idea of using a female and the multiple close ups of the female highlighting the ‘male gaze’ theory. The primary age group of intended target audience would be16-30. This is mainly because if they were any younger than 16, they may not grasp the concept of the video and the 1950s due to a change in generation. Similarly, if they were any older than 30, Kodaline’s music within itself may not appeal to them. Before I began filming, I decid-

My main priority whilst considering the target audience for my video was that I wanted to ensure it would appeal to both males I used a variety of shots, including and females which this worms eye view in order to keep the music video interesting an ensure I believe it it is constantly changing does. Firstly, Kodaline is a band that would ed to gain some feedback from appeal to both sexes due to both my teachers and others their huge range of songs with a higher expertise of the so it could be said there is technologies I would be using something that would appeal such as the particular lighting to everyone. The video style I should use to achieve my within itself would appeal to intended aim and the camera women more due to the nasettings. This allowed me to ture of the storyline and the confidently use the equipment emotiveness of it which wom- and ensure it was done profesen are typically more open to. sionally and properly the first Again, stereotypically women time to save re-shooting. This would be more intrigued by feedback was one of the most the dance element than men essential within the pre-pro-

duction stages. Throughout the course I have decided to constantly collect audience feedback whether it

be formal and recorded data or informal. I have also been able to establish the positive and negatives out of these different forms of feedback collecting which I can use for projects in the future. The most essential and utilised form of feedback was simply asking my peers their opinion on certain small elements such as the positioning of an image on my print work or a specific shot/sequence within my music video. As all of my peers are media students, it allowed me to gain an insight into a more technical opinion using their own knowledge and experience of a music video. Moreover, media students typically tend to be very critical which my class are; this allowed me to feel confident in what they were saying and that they would not

my music video during the production stages is an online survey. I used the website Survey Monkey which allowed me to create a free survey which I could send to anyone of my choice and get them to fill in the questions I entered

be afraid to make any chanes. I find this way is also very positive as I was able to get feedback on very small sections, sometimes even just one shot, rather than the entirety of the music video which at times, for an audience member can be quite daunting to evaluate 4 minutes worth of footage all in one go. Although receiving feedback off of the other media students within my class has been extremely beneficial, it also comes with many negatives as they could all be classed as ‘similar people’ based on their knowledge of the specification and requirements. If I were to gain feedback off of others within my target audience that weren’t media students, it may have created a more generalised opinion that was not from a media-background and simply what looks aesthetically pleasing and interesting for them. The first piece of feedback I decided to formally conduct and record was for my initial idea. In order to do so, I picked 5 students at random from my class and filmed their responses to my idea. Gaining feedback from such an early stage was highly supportive and influential throughout the

Clare Hanington 7459

creation of For my music video, costume my music representing the 1950s era, video as was essential. These close ups it told me further enhance this and clearthat I was ly informs the audience of the time setting on the right track and that this idea, if done well, after watching the first draft of is something that really would my video. The concept of an appeal to my intended cononline survey is an exceptional sumer group. One positive of idea due to the nature of how using this method means that easy it is to create and access I constantly had this footage however, I found that this was to refer back to as they also ineffective and did not help me gave some opinions on what to develop my music video. As they think could develop the Survey Monkey collates all of idea even further. However, the responses together to endue to the able the “I have met my intended creator small number of people that purpose as I wanted to to anagave feedback, create an emotionally, lyse the it may not results, I moving music video.” appeal to the noticed different people that the formal written responswithin my target audience such es did not help. For example, as somebody in the higher age I received comments such range e.g. 28. From this feedas “make sure they are both back, I noticed that my target the same person” despite an audience were really excited explanation of it being a first to see the 1950s element of draft and instead of giving conthe video and said to ensure structive criticism, they were all I heightened this through the very basic, minimal answers. mise-en-scene which is some- However, this may be due to thing I then focussed on during many reasons. One of which pre-production. being the sort of questions I used; if I were to use shorter Another form of audience questions which enabled me feedback I thought would help to get a much clearer, concise me with the development of answer about small sections it

A2 Media Evaluations may have been more beneficial. Furthermore, I published my survey on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook which would attract the same sort of people, e.g. same age range and of the same educational status being either sixth form, college of university. This may have altered the overall responses and next time I should attempt to reach out to a much broader range of people to ensure a non-biased response. Lastly, after I had finished an almost final draft of my music video I decided to again post it onto my personal social media page on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly to the negatives of posting a survey onto these sites, I got mainly informal responses from the same age range of people. However, the feedback I did receive

was highly positive giving me confidence in the fact that my music video has fulfilled the sole purpose and has appealed to them and has given them a sense of enjoyment from watching it. Additionally, gaining feedback of the emotional responses it had on people such as them crying, further reinforced the idea that I have met my intended purpose as I wanted to create an emotionally, moving music video. The only small criticisms for my music video from this draft was to extend the sections of the older lady as a way of heightening the overall message of the music video and also ensuring each clip is slowed down by 50% to retain the smooth, slow-paced video throughout. Overall, I found the most vital format of audience feedback

has been conferring with my peers in order to get a media-influenced, critical view and also from the clarification of this feedback from my teacher to get an opinion from someone with an expertise. With regards to changes to feedback, next time I would hold more focus groups which will allow a group of people to have a free discussion of all of my products. I also will use a much broader approach in the sense that I would ask a lot more people and of wider backgrounds, different cultures and ages. However, overall I feel that without the amount of audience feedback I have received throughout, I would not have been able to create an as effective product that would cater to a specific audience as much as I have done.

Audience Feedback I really enjoyed your music video, especially at the end when all the scenes linked together; I also really liked the vintage theme too. A possible improvement could be, at the beginning have a split screen of both the girl and guy getting ready, fade in of the girl doing sections of her make up; instead of there just being too long scenes of them getting ready.

Katie Norris

I think your music video works really effectively. You can clearly see the emotion from the video through the end scene of the older lady. It has been shot beautifully and the camera angles and different cuts clearly tell the story. I really enjoy the element of the 1950s as it is different and something that you wouldn’t see a lot of in today’s industry of music videos.

I actually really enjoyed your music video. When I initially heard about your idea I was unsure as to whether the 1950s theme would clearly come through but it does. I think the narrative is well thought out and is clearly shown throughout the video. The colour adjustment layers further enhance the 1950s theme and creates synergy with the other products.

Amy Wichelow

Alf Green

How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages? Digital technology has now become vital in the creation of any media text in all stages; pre-production, production and post-production. Furthermore, due to the proliferation of technologies and the availability of these technologies, creating a media text has most certainly become easier and more efficient. Technology has allowed me to create effective, professional-looking products which can be hosted simply online. Whilst conducting my initial planning and research tasks, I started by using the internetWeb 2.0 in particular Blogger

which is the site I have used to host all of my work. Using a blog service allows me to easily upload documents in any format such as moving image or print. For any texts I created on softwares such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, I used a hosting website such as Issuu or Slideshare which transforms the document into an easily accessible, viewable format; this makes my blog extremely versatile and will extend my knowledge of other softwares. Another element of Blogger which I feel is helpful is that it automatically organises all uploads by date and label to support naviga-

Clare Hanington 7459

tion. I created the labels of: final products, production logs, planning, research, audience and drafting. If I was then required to edit any posts, I would not have to search through the entirety of the blog. One website in particular being YouTube. As I was relatively unaware of the band Kodaline, this allowed me to create an artist catalogue of their music, performances and videos so I could then translate this understanding of the band into my own music video. As YouTube is a video hosting site based mainly on user-generated content, I was able to search for other student and non-professional videos which I could analyse to establish the sort of effect and quality of a video that I need to create. YouTube gave me such as broad spectrum of videos so I could see what works the best and the different conventions of music videos. Moreover, during the post-production stages of my music video, I used Premiere tutorials from YouTube to assist in the editing; all of which were easy to follow therefore making the process a lot quicker and more efficient. In particular for the research

High quality equipment to ensure high quality footage

stages, I used conventional formats such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Word but for some I decided to use Prezi which is specifically designed for presentations. Prezi allows me to fly around the screen moving between different shots overall making it look more interesting and exciting. Documents such as the narrative of my music video worked more effectively in Prezi as I was able to show stepby-step guide to my music video through the use of arrows for easy navigation. During the production stage of my music video, I had to utilize as much professional equipment as possible in order to get the best footage. I found

A2 Media Evaluations the most important aspect of filming is the lighting. For this, I used 800W Redhead Studio Lights; these allow for authentic performance lighting and if used in the correct way, makes the footage crisp and clear. With regards to lighting, placement is key. I used these as back lighting which washes out the background so all of the focus is then put onto the actors. Moreover, the Red Head lights allow you to adjust the positioning, height and depth of light which are all essential in order to lighting the performance correctly. I found that having higher up pointing down onto the actors created less shadows which is an effect I aimed to create. The lighting then corresponds with the camera; whilst shooting I used a Canon 550D SLR camera. As this was a digital camera as opposed to ana-

during the studio shoot with the actors, the lighting was bright so, I lowered the ISO as a means to not wash out the actors. However, during the older lady shoot, I had a much darker setting and therefore needed a higher ISO to keep the footage bright. Whilst planning my music video, I decided to slow down the footage in order to fit with the pace and tempo of the song. Due to this, I had a higher shutter speed of 50fps which allowed me to then slow down the footage to 25fps and still retain the original smoothness rather than looking jumpy and unprofessional. Lastly, changing the focus settings to manual which was extremely beneficial. Although this meant I had to individually focus each shot, it allowed me to create effective focus-pulls and therefore, I, as the director, decided what I wanted in focus at certain

“Whilst shooting different camera mounts will create different effects.” logue, it meant I was able to instantly view the footage which was essential in the long-run as it meant I could see whether anything needed to be refilmed directly after filming saving having to conduct a second shoot. Similarly, I was able to shoot everything directly to an SD card which held around 60 minutes worth of footage compared to a tape holding around 15 minutes worth. Canon SLR Cameras also give you the options of both manual and automatic; having the camera using manual settings meant I could adapt hem in order to fit perfectly with the lighting. For example,

points highlighting what the audience are supposed to look at and for certain reasons. For example, within the last scene of my music video, I created an effective depth of focus in the shot of the photograph and flowers; the photograph was in shot as this is what the most essential element in the shot at the time and what the audience must look at.

to be slight movement which will show different elements of the setting therefore keeping audience’s intrigued; this effect was created using a Shouldermount. In comparison to this, the shots of the older lady I felt should be completely still

using a tripod. This allowed the audience to completely focus on both the woman, and the mise-en-scene of the shot. This was vital as this scene is what ties the entirety of the video together and I didn’t feel that movement would support this and instead take away from the message. I decided to use a 50mm 1.8 Prime Aperture Lens whilst shooting as it created a more dramatic depth of field again, allowing me to turn the focus onto specific points. Moreover, I initially decided my music video would be filmed mainly using close ups and extreme close ups. Therefore, as this lens is automatically zoomed without losing image quality, I felt it would be perfect to fit my

Whilst filming, different camera mounts will create different effects. Some shots I believed should be completely still and some should have some movement. For example, during the scenes between the two actors, I wanted there

intentions. It would enabled audience’s to keep fully engaged with the piece and create relationships through the close ups with the actors as stated by Andrew Goodwin. During the post-production stages, I used different professional softwares in order to get the best possible results. I edited the entire video using Adobe Premier Pro CS6;

eficial for me personally was the speed tool; I slowed every section of footage down half speed in order to keep with the pace of the song as Goodwin stated that the visuals should reflect the song within all music videos.

the wrong reasons. So, I decreased the red colour column which fixed this problem. As part of the course requires us not only to create a piece of moving image work but also print, I used Adobe

The movement into the end performance builds in relation to the music

Photoshop CS6 to edit the images for my DigiPak and Advertisement. Similarly to the adjustment layer made on Premiere, I desaturated the images on Photoshop to this software works through ensure the house style and the use of a timeline making vintage theme ran throughout it extremely easy to work with all of my products creating a both the visuals and audio at sense of synergy. The imagthe same time. The use of a es were edging on black and timeline creates a much easier white with some of the coland effective editing process; ours being shown through- for I could drop any footage onto example, my magazine advert the timeline on different layers image consists of two polaroid creating a visually clear workphotographs on a section of space. With regards to layers, grass. After editing, the images I decided to create “as Goodwin stated that the visuals appear black and white but a separate layer for should correspond with the song you can see a slight tint of each shoot and then green from the grass, this within all music videos.” rename them to keep cuts up the black and white it clear and concise; this althe colour to 48% meaning it and still remains within the vinlowed me to clearly separate was almost directly inbetween tage styling. Editing the images each shoot. I frequently used bright colour and black and makes it look more interesting the trimming-tool in order to white. I also applied the ‘RGB and aesthetically pleasing to cut my footage to create cerCurves’ effect and created the eye. Lastly, I used Adobe tain shots. The use of sina “smooth-S” on the master Illustrator CS6 to create the gle-frame advanced software column. This decreased the signatures for my Digipak. enabled me to crop the footage brightness of all colours within These were created using exactly where I wanted rather the shot however, I found that the ‘paintbrush’ tool and were than a few half-seconds out. the performer’s faces were still easily copied over into Adobe Another tool which was benquite bright and stood out for InDesign into my DigiPak. As my video was set in the 1950s, I wanted to put in a colour overlay to desaturate the footage to give it a much more authentic, vintage look. In order to do so, I created an adjustment layer and ensured it was over the top of all of my footage excluding that of the old lady as this reflects the modern day. On this adjustment layer, I desaturated

Clare Hanington 7459

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