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Spring 2008


New big screens underway for Rockingham BroadSafe renews focus on safety

Push the boundaries...anything is possible.

Committed to our clients, staff and safety


By Kari Rummukainen, Founder and Managing Director


SIHIP - New Future Alliance


BroadSafe Day


Broad helps turn theory into reality


HSE Focus


Broad WA’s Leading Hands


Morisset Square awarded by MBA


New big screens for Rockingham


NSW Update


QLD Update


Ross joins the NSW run-on-side


Nathan Hardy in China

Broad is rapidly nearing the end of what has been a fantastic year for the company and while there are undoubtedly challenging times ahead across the construction industry, Broad is committed to ensuring we deliver the best possible product to our clients. Broad’s success and future strength comes from the highly skilled people who make up the Broad family. Not only does Broad hold its staff in high regard but the responses to the recent confidential staff survey conducted by Broad Group Holdings and its subsidiaries, show that members of the Broad team are proud to be associated with the company and work to help the company succeed.

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Safety is paramount in everything we do, but there is always more to be done. As projects progress, potential hazards change and it is up to everyone to take action - be they on site or in an office, a Broad employee, a subcontractor, a client or a visitor.

An outstanding 87% of staff responded to the voluntary questionnaire. I am very pleased with the responses, which were overall very positive about Broad. It emphasised the fact that we are understanding the importance of safety and the key role it plays in our working environment.

It is vital that everyone remains vigilant about their personal safety, as well as looking out for their team mates and others. Under the renewed focus of BroadSafe, our uncompromising focus on safety means the policies and systems governing occupational health and safety and risk management are continuing to be subject to review and improvement.

The top three responses, all with greater than 90% support, related to Broad providing a safe place of work, the staff’s understanding of safety policies and procedures and Broad management setting a good example on safety.

Broad has continued to reduce the risk of injury to its people across the country and I encourage you to renew your focus on safety matters, because ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.’

SIHIP - New Future Alliance

SIHIP Broad will be at the forefront of helping to improve the standard of housing for Indigenous Northern Territorians as part of the Federal and Northern Territory Governments’ $643 million Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program (SIHIP).

Broad has joined with Territory Housing, Leighton Contractors, Ngarda Civil & Mining and Opus to form New Future Alliance which will deliver works to the value of $206 million over five years. Announced in early October as one of three successful consortiums under the program, New Future Alliance brings together the best in civil and building construction, design, and maintenance services and is well equipped to deal with the challenges of remote locations. SIHIP is funded by the Federal and Northern Territory Governments to improve the standard of housing for Aboriginal Territorians, to meet residential needs and effectively reduce overcrowding in selected communities.

The overall Alliance programme consists of upgrade works in 37 remote communities, with major capital works in seven of those locations. New houses will be constructed and existing houses refurbished to an appropriate standard.

Work on upgrading essential services as part of SIHIP is expected to commence in Tennant Creek in November this year. The entire program is scheduled for completion by June 2013.

The scope of work for each community will be determined on a case by case basis, as each package is approved. SIHIP will also deliver social and economic outcomes, with training to be provided to Indigenous people to achieve a sustainable workforce in each community for the ongoing maintenance and management of housing. This will help deliver an environment that enables better outcomes for infrastructure, employment and workforce development.


BroadSafe Day

Safety is paramount in everything that happens at Broad and it has been given a renewed focus with the rollout of BroadSafe. The initiative is much more than a new logo. BroadSafe is a packaging of the safety values and guiding behaviours across the company and is targeted to increase the general awareness about safety in everything we do.

Toll Road Centre, QLD Top: A sub-contractor gets into the spirit, putting a BroadSafe sticker onto his hard hat. Above: Senior Site Manager John Stevens (left), assisted by site safety supervisor Alex Valente, presents safety awards to the work crew at the Toll Road Centre in Brisbane following a talk on eye safety and safety statistics.

As part of the Safe Work Australia Week, the inaugural BroadSafe Day was held on October 23. BroadSafe Day focussed employees’ attention on workplace safety issues across every Broad site and office, with safety activities held in each location for employees and subcontractors. Some of the different site activities included health promotion and skin cancer checks, fire extinguisher training, a free

BroadSafe Day

While lost time injuries to employees have continued to decline across the country, there is always more to be done.

check of all electrical tools and leads, site safety barbecues coinciding with safety discussions, site safety recognition awards, toolbox presentations covering drug and alcohol consumption, heat stress and prostrate awareness, and safety harness drop-test and rescue equipment demonstrations. To reinforce the message, every Broad employee and subcontractor was given a reminder gift of a BroadSafe keyring, with a specially produced tag highlighting the company’s Safety Value and Guiding Behaviours. See Pg 7 Etro on Gateway, QLD Above: Subcontractors at the Etro site line up to collect their BroadSafe Day pack.

Our Safety Value and Guiding Behaviours 1.

Look after our workmates as if they are family • • •

Lend a hand if you see unusual or out of character behaviour Be supportive, caring and proactive If you find a hazard, do something about it

2. T  ake action when we see a safety risk • Never be scared to speak up • Don’t leave it to others - fix it now • Everyone has the power to stop work and take corrective action 3. Not compromising safety for profit • • •

 ever put yourself or others at risk by N cutting corners Take the time to get it right Money spent on safety is money well spent

Kempsey, NSW Right: Subcontractors at Riverfront Plaza in Kempsey listen to the safety messages during BroadSafe Day.

Additionally some sites created extra location-specific giveaways to further reinforce the safety message and information on local issues. A series of messaging posters have also been produced for sites to act as reminders of the importance of the safety guiding behaviours in everything that people do. Broad Chairman Peter McMorrow spoke briefly to staff at the West Perth office following the safety presentation. Peter emphasised that nothing was more important across the business than every employee, subcontractor and visitor going home, every day, free from injury.

Matraville, NSW Port Central Light Industrial Development workers joined in a ‘BBQ for Mates’ in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.


Broad helps turn theory into reality Broad has helped transform some of the theoretical mystery of architecture and resulting construction challenges into practical realities for Curtin University students in Perth.

Three student groups from Curtin’s Architecture and Civil Engineering departments were recently hosted on Broad WA’s Landsdale Secondary School and One30 Stirling Street developments. A total of 50 third year architecture students were shown some of the challenges of design on the Landsdale site, while 20 final year Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Construction students looked at the technical challenges on One30 Stirling Street. Broad WA Construction Manager Vince Corica said the visits helped the students in their learning. “It gives them a better grounding and understanding of the theory they have been studying. “It is often difficult for the University to find organisations that will allow them to visit sites, but Broad’s contribution helps to add value to their studies and also helps the future of the industry.” Vince said exposing Broad to the students not only highlighted the range of work it was doing but potentially introduced the company as a future employer.

Climbing to new heights: The site visit to One30 Stirling Street helped the students take a step up in their future careers literally.

Vince said while it was a challenge both logistically and from a safety aspect to cater for the groups on live construction sites, it was important that Broad set the time aside to support the students and the construction industry. Vince said Broad would continue to assist with the arranged site visits, which overall may seem like a small thing to do, but was a big and important opportunity for the students.

“Whether we directly or indirectly work with the next wave of engineers and architects, helping them gain a better understanding of not only who we are and what we do but also some of the real issues faced during a project, can only help us as a company in the future. “We are helping the community with an added future advantage across the industry.” The students were given a tour of the project sites by the project managers, site managers and other staff, with emphasis on the complexities of the work at hand.

Explaining the process: One30 Stirling Street Project Manager Gerry Reid (left) outlines some of the technical challenges to the Curtin University students.


In conjunction with BroadSafe Day on October 23, every Broad employee and subcontractor was given a BroadSafe keyring, with a specially produced message tag highlighting the company’s Safety Value and Guiding Behaviours.

NSW Environmental Certification Broad Construction Services (NSW) has attained NSW Department of Commerce environmental accreditation for its environmental management system. This achievement complements existing safety accreditation and will assist Broad NSW to pre-qualify and tender for future State government works. Broad NSW General Manager, Peter Deane said, “The NSW Government seeks to use contractors with a demonstrable capacity to effectively implement an Environmental Management System and achieve an effective environmental focus in the construction industry which will lead to continuous improvement. “This accreditation demonstrates Broad NSW has a systematic approach to the management of environmental impacts and we will continue to work together our employees and contractors to improve environmental awareness.”

Safety Value and Guiding behaviours

HSE Focus


The focussing of our safety message under the BroadSafe banner, is hoped to further the understanding of the importance placed on the safety of each and every employee and subcontractor.

Leadership Broad’s OH&S maturity over the last four years has seen a cultural shift, from the traditional focus on establishing policy and procedures and observing safety as a cost, to a leadership focus by embracing safety as a value. Some recent examples of Broad’s leadership in safety include: •

Committed $5000 to research of OH&S in construction;

Broad Managing Director signs a personal OH&S leadership statement;

Endorsed a Federal Safety Industry leadership charter based on the vision of a construction industry where no-one is harmed; and

Broad senior management completed 187 safety leadership visits nationally, engaging 287 Broad employees and 364 subcontractors about the importance of safety and health at Broad.


Broad WA’s Leading Hands Broad’s commitment to the professional development of its employees is reaping rewards not only for the individuals, but across the construction industry. A Leading Hands Programme has been introduced in Western Australia to help overcome a recognised skills gap. Overseeing the programme, WA Construction Manager Peter Moore said while there were many people coming into the commercial building industry from traditional subcontractor backgrounds, the company was not able to put them into site supervisor roles straight away. “A site supervisor needs a 360 degree knowledge of a project, but generally subbies specialise in one area,” Peter said. It was too great a step and the leading hand programme gives the “ guys both site experience and academic qualifications.” n successful completion of the programme, the practical O whole-of-site experience and qualification in the form of Certificate IV in Building, gives the candidate a precursor to attaining their builder’s ticket. Peter said the programme’s objective at the end of the two years was to have six more competent site supervisors in Broad who could then continue to progress on to site management roles. The leading hands play a key role on site in ensuring “ subcontractors and direct labour are managed in an effective manner to achieve the necessary objectives,” he said. “Broad identified a void in the existing skills pool available to fulfil these roles so we took a big step, grasped the bull by the horns and decided to up-skill people into the roles.

“It is a big commitment for Broad and each of the leading hands, however the focus is on boosting not only their on-the-job experience but also their formal training.” Broad WA Supervisor and Liaising Officer Norm Baker has been instrumental in establishing the programme and is mentoring the leading hands. “It is important, not only for Broad, but all the guys on site to know there is someone with the skills and training to do the job correctly,” Norm said. “The programme will result in a further boost to Broad’s highly skilled project management teams and continue the ongoing development of its staff. “Broad wins, the leading hands win and so to do Broad’s clients.”

Courtney Carwardine Current Broad project you are working on: Rockingham Ace Cinemas Previous projects with Broad (if relevant): First job with Broad How long have you been working for Broad? 4 months What were you doing before Broad? Owned my own retaining wall and fencing business. What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….) I started my own business after 5 years experience with a similar company. Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) I was born in Perth until I moved to Kukerin at the age of 2 years. Then moved back to Perth to attend Guildford Grammar Primary School and Applecross Senior High School. I am currently living in Willagee with my wife and daughter.

What’s it like working in the construction industry? I like the fact that everyday is different, interesting and full of new challenges. What has been your best moment at Broad? Becoming a permanent member of the company. What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? Short term knowledge and experience with long term aspiration of become a site supervisor and then Manager.



Current Broad project you are working on: St Cecilia’s How long have you been working for Broad? 12 months What were you doing before Broad? I was working in Port Hedland for Goodline

Current Broad project you are working on: One30 Stirling Street Previous projects with Broad (if relevant): Perth GPO, Coles - Karawarra and Fremantle How long have you been working for Broad? 2 years

Andrew Gilmore

What were you doing before Broad? I was working in a totally different field, having before that worked in construction – domestic and commercial. What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….)

What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….) I worked as a landscaper from when I left school and then did a TAFE certificate in horticulture and landscaping. There was a lot of paving, retaining walls, concrete and brickwork. Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) I was born and grew up on Norfolk Island off the Queensland coast and am now living in Port Hedland. What does your role involve on a day to day basis? Fixing any safety requirements on site as well as HSE Advisor relief, co-ordinating labourers and cranes, operating a Manitou

on site, purchasing materials for site and being a general hand. What’s it like working in the construction industry? It is flatout! Working in the Pilbara is different to other regions, it is very fastpaced and there are lots of challenges. What has been your best moment at Broad? I hate to be bored, so every day is good as there are always challenges. What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? My career with Broad is different to what I have been doing. While it was construction, it was certainly not to the same scale. I am gaining a much bigger knowledge and hope to be headed towards a supervisor’s role. The leading hand role is a good opportunity to learn and grow.

Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) Perth, Perth and Perth (Why leave?)

What has been your best moment at Broad? The completion of the Perth GPO. Just the satisfaction of seeing it go from a shell being demolished to the finished refurbished structure.

What does your role involve on a day to day basis? Organising crane lift schedules, labourers and liaising with subcontractors to ensure the site runs smoothly.

What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? To gain the knowledge required to move into site management roles.

I worked in the industry, left to study and then worked in another fields, before then joining Broad.

Broad WA’s Leading Hands

as a trades assistant. Prior to that I worked for Goodline in Weipa (Qld) as a trades assistant.

What does your role involve on a day to day basis? Supervise and assist labourers, maintain the site and amenities. Coordinate the construction progress along with management, conducting inductions, prestart meetings, safety environment checks and liaising with contractors.

What’s it like working in the construction industry? There is never a dull moment, but it is enjoyable in the most part.


What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….) I was a general labourer and worked in the Cottage Building side of construction before joining Broad.

Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) Born and bred in Perth, now living in the suburb of Warwick.


Van Moorsel

Current Broad project you are working on: Landsdale Secondary School How long have you been working for Broad? Two months What were you doing before Broad? Bricklayer. What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….) I worked in the residential construction area for so many years it was time that I got into the commercial side. I also wanted to be with

What does your role involve on a day to day basis? It involves looking after the labourers, checking the site is safe and clean and anything else the site managers require me to do. What’s it like working in the construction industry? I enjoy working in the construction industry as there are always different things to be done. What has been your best moment at Broad? Would have to be driving all the machinery around. What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? I am hoping it will help to keep me fit and lead on to better things, such as a supervisor’s role or anything else in construction and the building industry.



Current Broad project you are working on: Alluvion - Mounts Bay Road How long have you been working for Broad? Six months What were you doing before Broad? I was working as a demolition supervisor.


Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) Born in Perth, grew up in Maylands and now living in Yanchep. What does your role involve on a day to day basis? Safety and general labouring


Current Broad project you are working on: Landsdale Secondary School

What’s it like working in the construction industry? Good and busy.

Previous projects with Broad: This is the first.

What has been your best moment at Broad? All of them.

How long have you been working for Broad? Five months

What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? I’m looking to learn more about the industry and grow where and when I can.

What were you doing before Broad? I’m a butcher by trade and wanted to try something different so I started labouring in construction.

What steps has your career followed to get here? (Apprenticeship, own business….) Word of mouth – opportunities arising from personal contacts. Where is home? (Born where, grew up in, now living) Perth, Greenwood and now Ellenbrook. What does your role involve on a day to day basis? I look after the site labour and undertake general site duties.

What’s it like working in the construction industry? Good What has been your best moment at Broad? So far it has been passing the three month trial, but there is surely more to come. What are you hoping your role as a leading hand will help you achieve both personally and in your career? Becoming a supervisor in the construction industry.

HSE Focus

a company for future career opportunities.

Morisset Square awarded by MBA

Morisset Square awarded by MBA Celebrating success: The Newcastle team’s evening at the Master Builders Association of NSW Regional Excellence in Construction Awards was all smiles following the Morisset Square award. Enjoying the evening were Margaret Dean, Kim Van Huisstede, Kathryn Pietrowiec, Jess Pickford, (back) Jeff Dean, Angus McConnel, Trevor Nye and Ben Kulhanek.

Stage One of the Broad Construction Services (NSW) redevelopment of the Morisset Square Shopping Centre has been recognised as the best commercial project valued between $10 million and $20 million in Regional NSW.

Broad’s work was acknowledged by its construction industry peers at the Master Builders Association of NSW Regional Excellence in Construction Awards in September. Broad commenced work on the $19 million design and construct project in mid-2007 with the first stage completed and open for business in May 2008. Stage One involved construction of a new 3,500sqm Coles Supermarket, a two level ‘back-of-house’ area, 16 specialty shops and a two level car park. The works had to be carefully planned and controlled around the existing centre, with the structure comprising load-bearing pre-cast concrete

wall panels, structural steel, a colorbond roof, alpolic metal cladding and tiled entry areas. The internal mall has stainless steel finished travelators, glazed balustrading and white terrazzo in-situ flooring. The Coles Supermarket includes high intensity lighting and ‘wood effect’ vinyl flooring. Broad’s Newcastle Manager, Trevor Nye said the transfer of Coles’ ownership in 2007 led to a complete change to the interior fit-out design of the supermarket reflecting a new marketing image, costing an additional $2 million, but only adding two weeks time to the construction program.

“Broad was able to deliver the first stage by ‘double-shifting’ key elements of the work and working seven days per week over the last two months,” Trevor said. “Despite the extremely tight program and thanks to a very committed team of subcontractors, Broad was able to meet expectations without sacrificing quality.” Mr Nye said the project team was to be congratulated for their outstanding efforts, with Broad’s work again recognised as the best in its field. The second stage of the project, which includes a Target Country Store, is scheduled for completion in November.


New big screens for Rockingham Movie goers in Rockingham WA will soon be able to enjoy the latest movies on one of eight new cinema screens. Broad Construction Services WA has been contracted to design and construct a new $36 million cinema complex and adjacent retail area, which is due for completion in mid-2009.

“For the team it is an exciting time,” Siljan said. “Staff morale is great and all parties are working well together to complete the project to a high standard.”

The cinemas will cater for 1400 patrons, with undercroft parking for approximately 100 cars. Three buildings adjacent to the cinemas will also house up to five retail tenancies.

The first concrete pour for the cinema’s suspended slab is scheduled for mid-November with more than 400 pre-cast concrete panels required on the project. The first dozen panels have already been installed and the pouring of the remainder is well underway at Canning Vale and Naval Base. Manufacturing of the structural steel is also progressing at MWS Engineering in Adelaide.

Site earthworks have already been completed, along with the installation of inground services and all concrete support columns. The project has reached the exciting stage of forming the main part of the structure. This includes erecting pre-cast panels, forming the transfer deck, installing the delta floor planks and beam reinforcing.

The concrete panels are being cast with four unique exterior patterns that will become an aesthetic feature of the building.

Project manager Siljan Stojkovski is happy to see the

New big screens underway for Rockingham

project beginning to gain momentum and rise out of the ground.

Contracted by Colonial First State, with a major tenant of Ace Cinemas, Broad has been working on the Rockingham site since early June.

Central Ave











Contest Pde

An eight point suspension system connects the panel to the crane for lifting.

Auditorium Auditorium





Site plan and architectural perspective of the final cinema complex. Site Manager Leon Hay watches over the day’s activities.


Countless hours have gone into planning this high risk activity and it’s a milestone covered when the panels are installed. It’s even more rewarding to know our processes ensure the panels are installed safely! Leon Hay, Site Manager

Subcontractors work together with the crane driver lowering the third concrete panel into place.

“It’s very rewarding to see the last step of the process for the pre-cast panels, being lifted and secured in place,” Site Manager Leon Hay said.

The site team are working hard on coordinating the next stage of the building services, with finishes on schedule the near future.

“Countless hours have gone into planning this high risk activity and it’s a milestone covered when the panels are installed. It’s even more rewarding because the processes mean the panels are installed safely!”

“All of our team on-site play a very important role from procurement, design, engineering, methodology and site coordination,” Leon said. “Our resources are averaging about 50-60 men per day, working six or seven days per week to maintain our tight structure programme.”

A ‘35 Tonne Roughy’ crane is used to lift the panels on an eight-point suspension system. It then takes a team of five to six labourers to direct and ease the panel into place.

The final fit out is to be undertaken by Ace Cinemas and will begin as soon as possible in conjunction with Broad’s ongoing works on site.


NSW Update

NSW Update

Petersham Railcorp

Refurbishment Project Broad NSW is undertaking an extensive refurbishment and extension of the existing NSW Railcorp Training Facility in Petersham. Work on the project started in April and will provide accommodation for the two new $35 million dollar train simulators.

Castle Hill The Castle Hill project in Sydney’s Hills District, is progressing well with finishing trades now started. Broad started work in October 2007 on the design and construct light industrial project for Valad Property Group, with the first of two display suites having been handed over to the client for marketing to begin prior to Christmas. The project consists of 16,000m² of tenanted space on the 2.3ha site which occupies a prominent position on the corner of Salisbury Road and Victoria Avenue, forming part of the Castle Hill industrial / quasi retail-commercial precinct. Project Manager Stuart Owen said the scheduled completion of mid-February 2009 remains within programme given favourable weather and production outputs.

Progressing the works: Things are starting to take shape at the training facility refurbishment.

Building works include 3600m2 of new construction including extension of the existing building, new classrooms for students and office space for administration staff. The college is to remain open during the construction period, with external works to include improving the facility’s landscaping and resurfacing of the car park. Additional challenges faced by the site team include the remediation of asbestos contaminated material that is present on site and the lack of adequate footings to support the extended structure. The site team are in the process of establishing new time and cost goals for the project which has substantially changed from the original tender, however work is expected to be completed in early 2010.

Broad’s Site Team Broad’s Petersham Site project team encompasses a mix of experience, youth and drive. Project manager Marc O’Brien, site manager Anthony Warren and contracts administrator

Keeping things moving: Broad’s Petersham site project team Patrick Chaplin, Tony Warren and Marc O’Brien.

Patrick Chaplin have adopted a motto of ‘Facta non Verba’ (Deeds not Words) for the site. Each bring a depth of knowledge and experience from the fields of engineering, environmental management, quantity surveying and commercial management. The exacting requirements of the client is a strong driver of the team as it works to not only deliver the project to the client’s satisfaction, but achieve a status of preferred tenderer for future projects. The construction team is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our client with particular emphasis on OHS&E, contracts administration and construction methodology.


QLD Update Tweed City Shopping Centre

ETRO On Gateway - Murarrie

The final stage of the award winning Tweed City Shopping Centre redevelopment is on target to achieve its scheduled completion by mid-November 2008.

This three-building, industrial/retail commercial showroom project was completed at the end of October 2008.

The project at Tweed Heads in NSW was originally programmed for completion in January 2009, but work on the $50 million project for Dexus Pty Ltd has been well managed and the early completion will enable Christmas trading in the new areas. The design and construct project has featured 11 staged handovers to the client as works progressed, including the moving of 201 tenants.

Broad was engaged by Silvada Pty Ltd to build the $15 million facility and began work in October 2007. With a landscaped carpark and contemporary architectural features, Etro On Gateway is a premier industrial facility near Brisbane’s heart. This project’s completion date was severely congested as a result of a number of delays during erection of the structure, however

Broad provided additional on site resources to expedite and control the subcontractors to achieve completion on the programmed date.

Tollroad Control Centre Broad Queensland has been adding the finishing touches to the new Tollroad Control Centre, part of the North-South Bypass Tunnel project in Brisbane. The $5.25 million Control Centre is also due for completion at the end of November 2008. The works have been quickly converging to completion with internal partitions and ceilings well underway and ongoing

Broad won the design and construct contract through a competitive tender process and has provided a three-storey office administration building to control and monitor activities within new cross-river road tunnel. The client on the project was the Leighton Contractors and Baulderstone Hornibrook, Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture, with the building to be owned and operated by River City Motorways. A modern commercial design with highspec architectural finishes throughout, the building features full redundancy capability to service and maintain control of tunnel operations in the unlikely event of major infrastructure failure.

The shopping centre remained open throughout the two year project. As a result of the Broad cooperative and close liaison between the Centre Managers and their leasing team, the site team has worked double shifts to enable several stages of the project to be condensed to permit early handover for tenancy fit out operations. This ultimately resulted in the handover of the centre earlier than programmed. Stage one was recently announced as winner of the Best Retail Facility over $12million at the 2008 Gold Coast Region Master Builders Association Excellence in Construction Awards.

coordination taking place to ensure the operator’s requirements are in place for them to commence the installation of their systems.

Coomera Springs School A new school for Education Queensland, Coomera Springs is on track to open its doors to pupils in time for the new 2009 school year.

Toll Road Centre

Primarily a masonary construction, the Coomera works are on a very tight timeline of 34 weeks, with construction of eight new buildings and the refurbishment of one existing structure.

Walkways will link the buildings, in addition to covered areas, car parking for 140 cars, landscaping of the grounds and installation of play equipment. Works are progressing well with the programmed handover of resources, administration buildings and carparks scheduled for early November with other buildings following close behind.

Big W Booval Work on the extension of the Booval Big W store near Ipswich was started by Broad in February. The extension and refurbishment of the existing trading floor is being undertaken while the store remains trading. Due for completion in December, the works will add 1800m2 of floor space and are about 65% complete with the back of house and mezzanine fitout works remaining to be completed.

Big W Rockhampton Another Big W store being refurbished by Broad is in Rockhampton. Broad started the refurbishment of the trading floor and back of house areas in June and is scheduled to complete the works in November. The Rockhampton works are also being undertaken while the store remains open to trade.

Broad has welcomed to its run on side, former Australian Wallaby back-rower Ross Reynolds as Senior Business Development Manager for Broad Construction (NSW). Welcome to the team: Broad NSW/ACT/VIC General Manager Peter Deane goes over the game plan with Senior Business Development Manager Ross Reynolds.

Many would know of Ross from his on-field performances on the international stage as a member of the Australian Wallabies rugby team playing 10 Tests for Australia from 1982 to 1987, including the history making 1984 Grand Slam tour of the United Kingdom, the only Bledisloe Cup series win in New Zealand in 1986 and their first-ever World Cup in 1987. His professionalism and tenacity on the field is replicated is his approach to business and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Broad’s business development activities. Ross has spent more than 20 years in the construction and property industries, initially in the supply side working as NSW Sales Manager with Smorgon’s Steel, then Marketing and Business Development Manager for St. Hilliers and Buildcorp

Property Development and Construction companies, in addition to running his own specialised recruitment company Reynolds Direct, servicing property and construction related companies in NSW and Queensland. Ross is a popular and renowned guest speaker and commentator for ABC Radio and ABC TV and since hanging up his boots, has helped guide Australia’s oldest rugby club, Sydney University, to their first premiership title in 27 years in 2001 as head coach. He then spent six years as a professional rugby union coach firstly with Orrell in Lancashire, United Kingdom before returning to the Australian Wallabies in 2004-2006 for a total of 17 tests in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, France, England, Ireland and Wales, plus the ACT Brumbies for 2006 and 2007 Super 14 seasons.

His professional coaching experience - motivating, training and mentoring players - combined with his vast property and construction knowledge gives Ross a unique understanding of the challenges to be faced and tackled to successfully deliver projects.

Queensland Update and a new arrival for the NSW team

Ross joins the NSW run-on-side

Focussing on the growth of Broad’s activities primarily in NSW and the ACT, Ross joins NSW Business Development Manager Greg Morrison to provide an important boost to Broad’s business development focus. Greg continues to concentrate on submissions, expressions of interest and following Broad’s already established contacts and information channels.


Nathan Hardy in

China Comparing construction techniques in China to those in Australia was an experience for Broad’s Nathan Hardy – to say the least.

Nathan Hardy in China

Chinese welder’s modifying steelwork across a bridge connection 10m above the ground with no safety devices whatsoever.

Broad WA’s Site Supervisor at Landsdale Secondary College in Perth, Nathan Hardy travelled to China in June on a university excursion to visit construction sites. Nathan’s construction tour took him from Perth to Shanghai, to Shenghzen, to Macau then on to Hong Kong, before he and some mates continued on to visit Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors, then Beijing and the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China. An experience of a lifetime, the China visit unveiled a way of construction that seemed to be all about the practical completion date rather than conventional Australian goals of time, cost, quality and safety. In his role as a site supervisor, safety is a key factor in all activities on site and after visiting the first construction site in Shanghai, it was obvious to Nathan that safety was not as much of a priority.

A broader view of where the welder’s are working and the height they are working at. It shows the access available and how the worker’s manoeuvred on the bridge connection.

Nathan said a good way to describe the experience would be to look at safety on Australian construction sites 20 to 30 years ago when regulations and systems to manage safety weren’t a major part of construction. “In China, basic work activities regarding scaffolding, working at heights, hot works etc. all seemed to neglect safety in order to get the job done,” he said. “One example was workers sitting on scaffold attached to a bridge suspended 10m in the air, without harnesses or being on safely maintained scaffold. A bridge connection between buildings had workers teetering on the edge without exclusions zones underneath, or even nets to catch any falling materials or debris.” The second major concept to challenge Nathan was the way business was done. While it was obvious that much of the work underway was in preparation for the

An overall view of the SIP Lifestyle Plaza Shopping Centre Development in SuZhou, China. The bridge that the workers were on connects one half of the development to the other.

Olympics in addition to general construction, Nathan noted there was limited urgency to get construction started.

“The efforts made by onsite management in regards to safety appeared to be to save face with regulatory bodies rather than to prevent injuries or save lives.”

Having experienced the different construction regarding scaffolding, working at environments and heights, hot works etc. all seemed to impacting factors, such as population neglect safety in order to get the job and economic done. conditions, Nathan said that even though the two varied so much there were “Projects were being completed in a similar still many similarities in actual construction time period to Australian projects, but more techniques - similarities that linked the as a direct result of the number of available countries’ industries. workers in China.”

In China, basic work activities

Nathan said the interaction between management and workers made it evident that the workers knew how easily they could be replaced.

Overall Nathan summed the trip up as “extremely eye-opening”.


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BroadView Issue Seven

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