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Music has hidden benefits. It can soothe you, motivate you, anger or depress you. You can find any type of music that will match your mood. If you run then you want to make sure that you stay at a specific heart rate to get the maximum workout while at the same time enjoy yourself. You can be a better runner with some type of music to help spur you on to a higher level. Maybe you have been trying to run a little bit longer or a little bit faster. Music can actually help you do just that. First you need to make sure that you own an iPod or even a cheap portable dvd player. Either way it won't cost you a lot of money to own this type of equipment. You might already have it. If not it shouldn't cost you less than a hundred dollars to obtain. Next you will need to pick out the type of music that will inspire you. If you don't own any music you can easily buy your favorite album on dvd or download the music from different artists that you like to your iPod. That way while you are running you can listen, and sing along while you are on your treadmill or outside in the open air. Either way you will have your new workout tape. Music can help you keep at a certain running pace. Have you ever noticed that when you favorite song comes on the radio you might perk up a bit and are actually happier? You can have this same reaction while you are running. When you are happy the strenuous workout won't seem so bad. The time will actually seem to fly right by. This is why it is important that the music you own or purchase to help you run is one that you not only enjoy but love. You could listen to it a thousand times and never get tired of hearing it. Music is essential to your workout. Even if you don't run but simply walk you will find that it benefits you too. If you are trying to lose weight or stay in shape you have to make sure that your heart is at a high enough rate to stimulate calorie burning. If you are walking or running with no music you might not even break a sweat. But music that is upbeat and not sad and depressing will get you in time with the beat. You will unconsciously stay on beat with the music. You will find that just as your clothing and shoes are a requirement so too is music. It will help keep you in fine running form. Anyone that is serious about any time of aerobic workout whether it is walking, running, or simply riding your bike needs some form of music to improve themselves. Not only is music a requirement to helping you to attain a better workout, but it will make it more enjoyable as well. So if you aren't currently doing so you should try it the next time you workout to compare. You'll probably never go without your music again.

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==== ==== For more great music and running tips, take a look at my web site ==== ====

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