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The British Empire Oral English

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1. Introduction: The British Empire The British Empire was the most extensive and the largest formal empire that the world had ever known. As such, its power and influence stretched all over the globe. It began to form in the 18th century, but reached maturity during the long reign of Queen Victoria I (first) (18371901). His domain extended throughout the five continents. For better or worse the British Empire had a massive impact on the history of the world. 2. Possessions in Asia The India was without doubt the most important domain of the British Empire and they knew her as the "jewel in the Crown". It was a colony of exploitation managed by the East India Company. It became the main supplier of raw materials (cotton, tea, etc.). The construction of the Suez canal speeded up significantly the relationship with the metropolis. To keep it protected from the other powers colonial Territories, Britain created in lathe to it a number of States stopper, as Balochistan (in present-day Pakistan) or Afganistan. Others areas of British in Asia were Malacca, Singapore and Birmania.

3. British possessions in Africa The British Empire in Africa advanced from the South (Cape) trying to link with the Sudan. Cecil Rhodes was annexed the territories that bear his name (Rhodesia), today divided between Zimbabwe and Zambia. This expansion was completed with the addition of Nigeria, part of Somalia, Kenya and Uganda. Gran Britain was the only country that was on the verge of getting the ideal imperialistic in Africa, consisting of joining by land all the colonies, going from a coast to its opposite. See the colonial map of Africa in 1914. You couldn't go overland from South Africa to Egypt while travel through British territory. 4. British possessions in Mediterranean Britain controlled a number of colonies on the road from India to Mediterranean, important navigation once scales open the Suez Canal. Since Gibraltar could continue by Malta and Suez, territories under British control. Soon England intervened in Egypt, although it officially retained its independence in fact was controlled by the British to ensure your domain from the Suez. Look channel on the map how shortened the route between England and the India the construction of the Suez Canal. The new route was important to controlling the marinas in the Mediterranean, which serve as a scale to the British ships. 5. British possessions in America The British Empire began to take shape through the establishment by England of the thirteen colonies in North America, which were the origin of United States as well as the maritime provinces of Canada. They also produced the colonization of small islands in the Caribbean Sea, such as Jamaica and Barbados Caribbean's sugar-producing colonies., where slavery became the basis of the economy, were the most important and lucrative colonies for England. The American colonies produced tobacco, cotton and rice in the South and naval material and 2

animal skins in the North. The rule of England in America was expanding gradually by wars and colonies. England managed to take control of New Amsterdam (later called New York) after the anglo-Dutch wars. During the seven years ' war, the British defeated the French and were left with New France, in 1760, which turned to England in owning nearly all of North America.

6. British possessions in Oceania Britain also established colonies in Australia in 1788, New Zealand in 1840 and Fiji in 1872, with much of Oceania becoming part of the British Empire. Among the last islands in Oceania to be colonized was Niue (1900). In 1887, King Fata-a-iki, who reigned Niue from 1887 to 1896, offered to cede sovereignty to the British Empire, fearing the consequences of annexation by a less benevolent colonial power. The offer was not accepted until 1900. Niue was a British protectorate, but the UK's direct involvement ended in 1901 when N ew Zealand a nnexed the island.


7. Conclusions In conclusion, the British Empire was the most extensive and important empire of the history. The moment that we have presented was the most important of GB. Actually still have a lot of power and keep influencing all the colonies through the commonwealth, a politician and economies treated with all Nations about it still having a great influence.

8. Bibliography terra_la_revolucin_industrial.html Possessions in all the world:


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