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SIMODRIVE 611 steps your machine up to maximum productivity • With the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system individual drive assemblies can be combined thus enabling fast and flexible synchronization of the drive performance and number of machine axes.

The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system is suitable for:

The SIMODRIVE 611 converter system :

SIMODRIVE 611 consists of several individual function modules. The mains connection is achieved using a power rated row of infeed modules, which provides the 600 V power DC link as well as the electronic power supply. Power modules rated to the size of the motor are then hooked-up to the 600 V DC link. The closed-loop plug-in unit then forms the drive module to a main spindle module or feed module either in digital or analog technology.

The types of drives feed axes, main spindle drives and asynchronous motor drives can be combined to form axis units. A full range feed drives is available with torques from 0.7 Nm to over 145 Nm. In the case of main spindle drives simodrive 611 achieves a continuous rating of 3.7 kW to 100 kW. For simple main spindle drives without encoder, e.g. wood processing machines and high-speed grinding machines, the SIMODRIVE 611 offers closed-loop plug-in units with field-oriented closed-loop control for speeds of up to 60,000 rev/min.

Modular The modules have standard designs, 480 mm high, 288 mm depth and, depending on the performance, the width increases in units of 50 mm.

 In the drive units each module carries out a different task  A common feed module provides the DC voltage link from the power supply mains  A drive module activates every motor  Every drive module consists of a power module and closed-loop plug-in unit  The NCU of the SINUMERIK 840 D CNC control is integrated as a 50 mm wide module into the drive unit and supplied with electricity.  The UL is standard in this series

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