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Your Health Foods 101 Guide With so many food options that claim it to be “health foods”, it pays to inspect and to dissect the claim of whether it is indeed healthy for the body or not. When you think about it, when your doctor tells you to start eating healthy, it is always means you have to eliminate something from your current diet. We always think that what causes our health issues is because of the harmful effects of eating something we have already grown to love. If one treats the idea of eating healthy into a more constructive manner, it can mean retaining the food that you know you will have a hard time getting rid off from your body and introducing healthy options to your diet to counteract your favourite dishes’ rather “harmful” effects. When one puts it that way, striving for a healthier eating lifestyle does not mean a drastic, 360-degree change. It is basically just about introducing the good stuff to your palate. Lemons When taking a refreshment to combat the summer heat, instead of just drinking water to replace your lost electrolytes or drinking that energy drink to replenish your lost strength from the sun, drink water or tea from a pitcher with sliced lemons in it. More than a rich vitamin C source, did you know that lemons help the body increase its absorption of antioxidants from tea by as much as 85%? With more antioxidants absorbed by your body, you have more defences against damage caused by free radicals in the body. If you love biting into a slice lemon after a shot of tequila, then you won’t have a problem drinking water or your favourite cup of tea with lemon in it.

Broccolis Vitamin K is essential in the body especially in helping blood clot faster and in preventing excessive bleeding when one has wounds. Stock up on your daily vitamin K requirement by making sure to eat a medium stalk of broccoli each day. Aside from vitamin K, it is also known that broccolis are packed with vitamin C, which is also an important type of vitamin that you should load up on to decrease your chances of being sick. To preserve the most vitamins in your stalk, make sure to pop your broccoli inside the microwave to cook it instead of boiling or steaming it in a pot of boiling water. If you are a newbie to broccolis, enjoy your stalks of greens with cheese or anything savoury to help you develop an appreciation for it. Dried fruits Eating dried fruits is the same as eating its naturally ripe version, but since it comes in a snack pack that is quite reminiscent of a pack of potato chips, you will definitely find yourself having a good time munching on your daily fruit intake. Especially for those who are not exactly fond of eating fruits at all, starting your appreciation with dried fruits can be treated as a baby step towards a full blown appreciation for fruits. Take your pick. In the market today, there are a lot of different kinds of dried fruits such as dried mangoes, dried kiwis, dried apples, prunes, raisins and a whole lot more. Instead of reaching for your pack of chips or salt washed peanuts, grab a health food online such as dried fruits as an alternative. Check this out for more ideas about healthy food.

Your Health Foods 101 Guide  

With so many food options that claim it to be “health foods”, it pays to inspect and to dissect the claim of whether it is indeed healthy fo...