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Corpus / Itineris Photography Exhibition Edifor-Jean Briance Gallery November 6 to 24th, 2013

Clara Feder

For the photography month of Saint Germain des PrĂŠs, Paris

PRESS BULLETIN In honour of Paris’ month of photography, celebrated in November, the Edifor Jean-Briance gallery in Saint Germain des Près presents the photography series ‘Light Travelers’ by the multimedia artist Clara Feder. Alors que les clichés documentaires reposent sur la croyance que la vérité se collecte et se capte par contact et enregistrement à la surface des apparences, les œuvres photographiques des plasticiens sont le fruit d'une démarche constructiviste ouverte dans laquelle la photographie est un matériau plastique choisi pour ses capacités à enregistrer (…). André Rouillé, 9 juin 2012 The 17 photographs in the series explore the relationship between the body and the metaphor of travel. The artist first works on the body of the characters, preventing them from being identified by using thick layers of gesso and gel. The figures are taken as representative entities, without real differentiation other than their attitude. They are then photographed in a camera obscura atmosphere, which creates a correlation to non-digital creations within their former mystery and timelessness. The bodies, once digitally captured, wander into infinity inside an unidentified surrounding that is lit from the inside. These figures help us take a step back as we look at the photographic process, the opposite of what was written by Roland Barthes who saw the “person motionless”. On the contrary, these figures of gesso and gel are moving in a narrative imaginary world, beyond the usual context of space and time. The images thus jolt our perception. Mankind is represented in a generic form, in migration within an impossible space. He seems to protect himself from the continuously changing condition of his life, moving between shadow and light. These Light Travellers are travelling between sky and earth, between gods and men. Digital color print on bariumised paper, mounted on Dibond


Clara Feder, Dans un vaste ĂŠther, 2013


Clara FEDER’s Light Travelers Text by Marie-Hélène GRINFEDER, Paris, February 12th 2013. (Translated by Gabriella Nora Fuller)

To travel light, in thrall to a willed or providential amnesia; to forget one's identity, unburden oneself of it and set off in search of a talisman, one which is nowhere to be found. The travelers go forth, swaddled in gesso, the plaster binding their cracks so they might heal. One day, perhaps, they'll be able to do without. To travel enlightened, internal light, light that seeps, accompanies the steps that vanish when the light is no more. These travelers leave no trace. Unencumbered, the bagage-less travelers are propelled by an identical desire, and identical, perhaps irresolvable, quest. There is no end in sight. What do they sense in their wanderings? Who do they see, who do they meet, what vista stirs them? None, perhaps.


Scratch the Surface / Beyond the gaze Text by Julie Grelley Author/screenwriter

Clara Feder is a narrative artist. Her work tells a story. One perceives that humanity may be lost, trapped things, seduced by the goods to the point of shaping their own image. Virtue is tested and confusion is watching. The subject may, in the eyes of another person, become an object, figurine, doll, dummy. Besides the variety of situations, there is a human universe tinted with color and light plastic. Staged the world of dreams, myths and anxieties of childhood. Characters sometimes very beautiful, very pure, sometimes ugly and grotesque, frightening. Still lost in tables that exceed the swallow, the fragment. Hiding the truth in a parallel setting and dreamlike, Clara Feder offers a vision of the world where it sees the dissolution of man in the system of objects and values that he himself created.


Clara Feder, Ondulation immobile, 2013

Clara Feder, L’Homme n’a point de port, 2013


Clara Feder Presentation Clara Feder is a multi-media artist thriving on photography, video, performance, writing and drawing. She stages stylized figurines of gel and gesso confronted to an enigmatic and symbolic universe. Clara Feder has developed 3 major series : - Paul and Virginie (Installation, Photography, Drawings, Video) - The Light Travelers (Photography) - The Wall of Temptation (Participative and interactive performance, Photography, Drawing, Internet)

Biography Clara Feder was born in Paris. She works and lives in Paris and Aix en Provence. She has studied cinematography at New York University Film school, New York, USA . Wrote and produced corporate films, won award Prix de la Ville de Biarritz, at Biarritz Festival. Published twenty-three books and numerous articles related to art and creation. She posts reguarly on her blog and under her writer's name Virginie Michelet (in French).

Exhibitions Corpus/Itineris, photography, solo exhibition, Galerie Edifor Jean Briance, Paris, November 6-24 2013 (Month of Photography, Saint Germain des Prés) Paul et Virginie Remix, installation, solo exhibition at the Grobet-Labadié Museum, Marseille, October/November 2013 The Wall of Temptation, participative performance, Lift/Fing Conference, Villa Méditerranée, Marseille, October 15th - 16th 2013 Light Travelers, photography, solo exhibition, Mouvart and the Young Entrepreneurs Society (CJD), Aix en Provence, May 2013. La Trocade Art Fair, photography, collective exhibition, Marseille, December 2012. The Triumph of Virtue, installation, photography, vidéo, drawing, solo exhibition, Rétine leLieu, Marseille, October 2012 Paul et Virginie, photography, collective exhibition, Young Masters Prize, by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London, June 2012 Temptation, Presentation of installation and talk show with philosopher Marc Rosmini, café Philo, Marseille, February 2012 Paul et Virginie, video #1 at Eat-Gallery, Marseille, March 2011 Paul et Virginie-Mises en Boîtes, Installation, Mouvart Art Fair, Marseille, October 2010 Rencontre Clara Feder/Virginie Michelet and Jacques Robert’s photography, Galerie Magda Danisz, Paris, February 2001


Bibliography Light Travelers, text by Marie-Hélène GRINFEDER, art historian, expert in twentieth century art, author Clara Feder’s work on Temptation : a symbol of our Society, text by Marc ROSMINI, Philosophy teacher, art critic, author Gratte la surface au-delà du regard, text by Julie GRELLEY, writer and scenarist Un rire toujours gagnant, text by Patrick de WILDE, artist, photographer, author La plasticienne et photographe Clara Feder interroge notre intégrité, article in, October 2013 Clara Feder, Traveling Light, article in, October 2013 Clara Feder, Light as a Feather, interview by Melissa UNGER in SEYMOUR Magazine, Jan 2013 Généreux, article by Claude LORIN in ZIBELINE Magazine, October 2010 Catalogue Triumph of Virtue, a retrospective, October 2012 Catalogue of Young Masters fundraising exhibition and auction, lot n°17, June 2012 Catalogue of Mouvart Art Fair auction, lot n° 17, October 2010

Videos Transmutation Over The Rainbow The Triumph of Virtue Paul et Virginie

Collections Marie-Hélène GRINFEDER, Paris Pierre CORNETTE DE SAINT CYR, Paris

Education New York University Film School, New York, USA Paris 8, Master in New Technology Information and Communication, Paris, France


Clara Feder


Practical informations: Exhibition from November 6 to 23, 2013 Public opening November 6th of 2013, from 6pm to 9pm Galerie Edifor-Jean Briance 23 rue Guénégaud 75006 Paris November 6 – 23, 2013 Open everyday from 3pm to 7pm except on Mondays Special opening for the Festival Sunday November 17th From 2.30pm to 6pm Contacts : 06 76 01 30 58 06 34 22 69 47

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