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Proven Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More Traffic Your Presenter: Marc Horne

Do Not Immediately Start Utilizing Every Method We Will Discuss. Pick a couple ways and put primary focus on them. Unless you have a team of people working for you.

REMEMBER: Have Remarkable Content and Deals • Nothing trumps remarkable content & solid deals. • Syndicate your remarkable content & deals across the web to FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..

• Drive traffic to your blog posts / content.

Let’s see our primary options… • Paid Traffic – Do you have an advertising budget? • Social Traffic – (Contests, Gamification, FB, Youtube) • Organic Traffic – Content, syndication, press releases, videos, podcasts, articles, etc.

• Affiliate Traffic – People with a list, a following, an audience • Guerrilla Traffic – Pamphlets, billboards, business cards, etc.

Paid Traffic • Google Adsense – • Bing Advertising - • Yahoo Advertising Solutions – • Facebook Ads – • Plenty of Fish –

Paid Traffic • Stumble Upon - • LinkShare - • ShareASale - • adBrite - • InfoLinks - • Clicksor -

Paid Traffic • Banner advertising • Magazines

• Newsletters

Social Traffic • YouTube – Tips, tricks, keywords, titles, descriptions. • LinkedIn – Join groups, be active.

• Facebook – FB wants businesses to use FB like regular people do. Not use spam marketing.

• Twitter – syndicate your content from it and tweet relevant things. Follow folks.

• Pinterest

Guerrilla Traffic • Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. • Pamphlets, business cards… • Swag: coffee mugs, branded video cameras, etc. • Billboards and beyond.

Organic Traffic • Google wants unique, quality content. Period. Don’t game the system.

• Blog, articles, podcasts, videos, etc. • Use HC TRAFFIC PRO.


• Create and syndicate one piece of content each day.

Optimization • Call your visitors to act. People are lazy. Instruct your visitors on exactly what your desired action is.

• Keep your opt in box above the fold and always visible to those who have not yet subscribed. More than 80% of visitors never scroll down.

• Make opting-in, connecting, and joining your site easy by allowing Facebook Connect or Open ID as an alternative option to register.

• Provide a solid and real reason that a user should subscribe and make it a no brainer. Talk Benefits – Not Features.

Traffic • Grow your social media presence. Seek new strategic relationships and affiliate partners.

• Optimize your website for the search engines by having relevant key words, titles, and meta descriptions on your website. On-page text and copy plays a vital role in ranking of websites. Without a vast knowledge of SEO, the wise thing would be for you to outsource this aspect to professionals.

• Release remarkable content. Videos, articles, press releases, podcasts, and social bookmarking are a few types of content that you can submit to various websites.

Gamification • Gamification is the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance nongame contexts.

• Encourage users to engage in desired behaviors. • Las Vegas Casinos, Mobile Apps. (Words w/Friends), Farmville, etc.

Gamification • achievement "badges” • achievement levels • "leader boards" • a progress bar or other visual meter to indicate how close people are to completing a task a company is trying to encourage, such as completing a social networking profile or earning a frequent shopper loyalty award.

• virtual currency

• systems for awarding, redeeming, trading, gifting, and otherwise exchanging points • challenges between users • embedding small casual games within other activities


• Challenge: How can you “Gamify” your website?

Incentivizing • Giving Commissions, Rewards, or Credits for Sharing and Referring Friends. Incentives can make employees work harder, affiliates push harder, and clients more eager to share.


• Challenge: How can you add incentives to your affiliates, customers, prospects, and employees?

Piggybacking • This is a situation where your company benefits another company or organization while at the same time marketing your own product or service.

• Using the "Social Media World" and other highly trafficked sites to piggy back off of there.

• Guest blog posts.

Piggybacking • In order to be in a position to piggy back: • - There must be no element of competition • - You need to be going after the same target audience

• - You must be able to provide some benefit to the other company or organization


• Challenge: Find 3-5 companies who you can piggyback.

Freebies • One of the oldest tricks in the book is to give away something of value for free. Gain trust, impress, show that you have value to offer, and folks are much more likely to want to buy something from you.

Nurturing Your List • You can create stories and options and benefits that naturally spread from this group to their friends, and your core group can multiply, with 5,000 growing to 10,000 and then 100,000.

• Or you can put the group through a sales funnel, weed out the free riders and monetize the rest. A 5% conversion rate means you just turned 5,000 interested people into 250 paying customers.

• Multiplying scales. Dividing helps you make this quarter's numbers.

Upgrades and addons • “Free Offer Plugin” • Mobile App

• Custom Consulting

Thank you for attending

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