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Analysis of Vogue.

This edition of vogue magazine is from April/May of 2009. It can be argued that one can infer the time of the year it has been created for due to the colours used within the front cover. The red writing, and the golden glow that mirrors the women’s hair and skin tone, makes the viewer assume the season “Spring”. Also, another factor that suggests this may be designed specifically for “Spring” is the clothing worn by the female model, its flowery design and short sleeves illustrate how it would be rather cold to wear in any other season.The Masthead’s middle letter of “G” is blocked by the models head, advocating that she may be of great significance and the main article would be on her, and even one of the main cover lines states “Stella Tennant’s…” this mention of her name would indicate it’s on her even if the audience weren’t familiar with her face, and it also shows how notorious Vogue Magazine is, because by being confident enough to block out a letter completely shows how well known and remarkable they know they are that people would immediately know this was Vogue and would still purchase it. Lastly the colours are only a variety of 3, in the masthead and cover lines used are mainly red and black, red to reflect spring, and possibly black because its clear and easy to read being typed on the model, as she takes up the entire page, and the white writing of “BE INSPIRED” is possibly in white to stand out, and maybe be a double meaning to the words as they roughly mean don’t be afraid to stand out, which is what the main cover words are doing, also it could be argued the colour white reflects the clothing the female model is wearing, so maybe to show a continuous and avoid a messy unclear front cover, which works very well .

Analysis of ELLE.

This edition of Elle was published in December 2008. There are many aspects that indicate that this edition is a Christmas one. The colours used are silver and black, silver isn’t usually a very attractive colour nor one that can stand out often, however due to the season it works sufficiently as it also reflects Jennifer Lopez’s dress, which is a white colour, with silver sequins and glitter, echoing the festive Christmas season, and the decorations used and put up all over the world, which supports Vogue’s universal reputation. Also, Jennifer’s skin tone stand out very nicely as it’s the only bright colour on the whole of the front cover, possibly attracting many people to pick it up, her make up is rather dark, and unnatural this could also reflect the season as it’s the opposite of natural which indicates a season of heat and sun, and contrasts nicely with her skin tone. In addition, the mast head of ELLE has been separated as EL on one side of the models head, and LE on the other, this suggests the work, effort and skill which has been placed into editing the front cover, and the fact that such actions had to be taken to not go over Jennifer’s head is a portrayal of how famous and recognised Jennifer Lopez is and how she was a great image to use as a front cover as it would increase Elle’s marketing, because the buyer doesn’t necessarily have to be fan of Vogue but a fan of Jennifer Lopez instead yet they would buy vogue because she is on the front cover. Lastly, for the cover lines the colour black has been used this is possibly because it succeeds in standing out and making it clear to read, and is possibly the only colour that would work efficiently on this particular front cover, due to the grey/silver and white.

Analysis of Cosmopolitan This image is the front

cover of cosmopolitan of July 2008. This issue is a summer issue, the colours used like soft light pink, and bright luminous red are rather fruity colours which imply to the viewer the season of summer. The clothing worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, is a crimson summer dress, its puffy and flows, and the wind effect perfectly illustrates the cool summer breeze, showing her legs also portrays the season of summer as its seldom to show them in any other season. The main cover line that is very likely to attract a lot of attention is “we love sex” and due to due to cosmopolitan’s reputation for its magazines sexual content it, people would immediately assume its cosmopolitan, and it is what all audience would immediately see when they look at this magazine, however when they pick it up they will realise its written underneath “and the city”, however having already picked it up they are more likely to flick through it and purchase it. Also the masthead “cosmopolitan” is written in soft pastel pink, and fails to stand out, and Sarah’s head is blocking part of the middle letters, however because the model and main image is Sarah Jessica Parker, it wouldn’t matter because more people are likely to find the celebrity appealing, specially a notorious actress such as Parker. The colours of pastel pink, red, black and white have been used sufficiently and many times to thwart looking messy and unclear and add a continuous theme to the issue.

Analysis of Elle contents page the content page of Elle,

very much reflects the theme of the magazine which is fashion. the soft, pastel colours of warm pink and orange, gives it a very feminine effect. and the make up which is advertised supports that, and adds a touch of glamour and class as the cover of the lipstick is gold, a colour of superiority. Even more, the women at the bottom of the page, have unusual hair cuts, adding a bit of quirkiness, could be seen as another method used by Elle to draw the reader in and, perhaps suggest its more than just a fashion magazine, maybe their aim is to reach out to a wider audience. The bold coloured numbers look very dynamic, and contrast to the pastel softness. The layout is very simple, with the page numbers in a bog font, so its helpful if the reader wants to quickly forward to the part they most desire to read. Also, the fact that it has “in every issue� at the end of the page, portrays continuance within their magazine, and its possibly one of the most important headings, as its the reason why people are faithful customers.

Analysis of cosmopolitan contents Page .

This is a page from

cosmopolitan’s November 2007 contents. However, to explore my options and take a perspective on different regions on the world, i found a French version, thought it would be more interesting to widen my range, and bring different flavours to my preliminary task. What captures the readers mind in this particular contents is possibly the bright colours that jump out the page. photoshop editing of the watermark writing that ends in “ Madonna” inspired me to add similar effects to my front cover mast head of “Viyella Moir” The way the page numbers stand out boldly and randomly scattered around the page add a quirky effect which works realli well, however i don’t think it would

mould well with my contents page, as i plan on having a particular structure more similar to the Elle contents page.

Analysis of front covers and contents pages  
Analysis of front covers and contents pages