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Tasked with creating a dystopian society in a day, the result was a world controlled under a single leader, who reigns supreme above his civilation within his tower. The addition of clingfilm acting as a barrier between the city and the rest of the world would later be the inspiration for our manifesto and the work produced from it.


From our dystopian civilization we drew one strong point, the feeling of isolation, entrapment and suffocation. Using Clingfilm, we experimented with aspects of our manifesto to create a number of visual pieces.


Another of our visual pieces, the aim of this one was to show a citizen of the city attempting to escape through the clingfilm which represents the barrier entrapping them.


In the same theme as the previous piece, again we have a citizen attempting to escape the clingfilm, however this time we experimented with long exposure too.


A challenging brief, we were critiqued in our first few meetings with Bev as playing it safe and staying too “innocent� as clear with our initial designs. Determined to improve our work we developed an entirely new logo and design, however as not to completely seperate ourselves from the original, we incorporated in the original font and even part of the original logo into our packaing.


I found the book binding workshop to be one of the best I’ve ever attended, and therefore I wanted my book to be a guide on how to make books, however instead of a coventional instruction book, my aim was to create a toolkit that contained everything that one would need to make a basic book.


I unintentionally covered two topics with my info graphics posters. The intentional one was to show what genres of music are most popular. Sending out the question on a number of websites and forums, I received many responses and decided to take those responses and create a second info graphics piece, which not only shows people’s preferred genres but also how they submitted their answers. It is also a more personal piece as I used their exact words, giving away some of their personality too.


Our ‘assignment’ for Intervention was confusion, but our aim was to take a playful approach to it all and we set out looking for some confusing yet humorous sights in London, and in some cases got a little confused ourselves and took part.


The initial aim for this brief was to show how the pressure of university can kill a student, but the original piece (left) was too ambiguous and merely showed a murdered silhouette, so I developed the idea further to incorporate the message we agreed upon while working as a team at the all-night session, “missed the deadline?�




I’ve found the past semester of work to be a lot slower than last semester, which I think has been a hindrance to my learning as I don’t feel as though I’ve developed that many new skills, only developed on existing ones. I genuinely enjoyed most of the briefs this semester for various reasons. The Dystopia class work was exciting and very creative and I liked that despite having a time limit, we accomplished a lot. However Bev’s brief was my favourite, it felt like a professional job and Bev is very straight-forward in his critique which I find helpful. Although challenging at first, it was good that we broke out of the ‘safe zone’ with our designs. I again enjoyed the time limit to the brief as I feel it encourages us to work harder and faster. One of the most challenging briefs for me was the Book Fair but that’s because I set myself a difficult task with my design that I couldn’t afford to finish properly and therefore my work suffered for it. I also found Make Me Think to be difficult as there was just so much that could be done for it. Overall I believe I could of experimented with different medias for many of the briefs and will aim to do so for future briefs, so that I can expand my skills and present a portfolio with more variety.


Deciding to experiment with different mediums and materials, I attempted a glue stencil piece using broken coloued glass. However due to the pieces being so small, not much of the colour showed in the finished piece.


Continuing my experimentation with colour, my aim was to see what colours I could create using only 3 colours, magenta, yellow and cyan. Unimpressed with the result, I inverted the piece to see if any other colours came out, and was surprised to see only alternate shades of the existing colours.

ART IS DIGITAL SEE NEXT PAGE A statement piece to show how popular photoshop is in art today.


Inspired by Milton Glaser and Bobby Zarem’s classic ‘I HEART NY’ design with a touch of Andy Warhol’s style, I intended for this piece to be a satirical homage.


The best workshop I’ve ever attended, these are the books made on that day: Hardback, Pamphlet and Japanese Stab Bind.


Armed with a pinhole camera, my aim was to show the difference between the peaceful and quiet countryside and an lively and animated town centre. However a ‘happy mistake’ occured as the pinhole created some interesting effects with the photos, making it hard in some cases to recognize whether the photo is really of the town or the countryside.


After experimenting with black and white film in a pinhole camera, I was inspired by the lack of colour to quote an old Janet Jackson song, “Livin’...In Complete Darkness”. The message of equality seemed fitting as without colour, everything is essentially the same.

GD Y1 Semester Two Portfolio  

My semester two portfolio containing Studio Practice and Independent Practice.