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Getting to the Good Bits

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Dream a while, Mills and Boon style, as your Boon-esque Heroines welcome you to an evening of whimsical reflection on the world’s most popular romance novels. Tonight’s cabaret will be shaped around the classic genres of Mills and Boon: Historical, Sweet, Desire, Intrigue, Military, Erotic, Medical and Sexy. Make sure to snuggle in tight and get ready for more good bits than the raunchiest of romance novels.

A Tale of Boon-esque Collaborating for the first time, the two dynamic forces of Le Tableaux Burlesque and Bobby and the Pins come together to create Boon-esque: a cabaret interpretation of the Mills and Boon romance novel series. Once known as the Books in Brown, 'making any time special'... with one sold every 6.6 seconds, how can 200 million readers be wrong? Nuzzle up for a quirky, sexy evening. Combining the traditional arts of burlesque and barbershop singing to create a allwoman, seven-person show with as much comedy as drama... you can expect roving performers and a classic live soundtrack, bringing a new insight to those naughty novels your Nanna hid behind brown paper jackets in scandalous secret.

Mills and Boon titbits to get you in the mood Mills and Boon Publishing was founded by two men in 1914 – Gerald Mills and Charles Boon.  M&B sells over 130 million books worldwide each year - approximately one every 6.6 seconds! They are also sold in more than 100 countries and translated into 26 languages around the world.  During the past four decades, M&B characters have kissed each other over 20,000 times, shared about 30,000 hugs, and headed for the altar at least 7,000 times. 

Live Song List Act 1 Ain’t Misbehavin’ Mister Sandman Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby INTERVAL (10 mins) Act 2 Puttin’ on the Ritz – Mills and Boon style We’ll Meet Again/ Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Java Jive Jeepers Creepers – Medical style Tuxedo Junction

Cast From Le Tableaux Burlesque Ginger Leah Rye Once upon a time, Ginger Leah Rye was a skater dreaming of glory on the ice, but she yearned for something more. Sure, she loved the spandex, the glamour, the giddy highs and lows of high velocity exhibitionism, but the sport lacked a certain je ne ce qua. It was only when this disciple of old-school Hollywood grace and ‘virtue’ uncovered the world of burlesque that she never looked back. Since uncovering a place to take audiences to the edges of her imagination, Ginger Leah Rye has teased crowds across Melbourne and is now one half of sassy production duo Le Tableaux Burlesque. Revealing an array of wickedly creative and tantalising acts, Ginger Leah Rye offers mystery, old-world glamour and titillation.

SheShe Velour She She Velour is a smooth singing siren, who evokes the elegance of the old world. With a swoosh from her feather fan, She She will take you on a journey back to a time gone by. Her performance style also takes influence from her acting background; a comical slapstick character or two, a scorned women or possibly a temptress - juxtaposing characters so as not to fall into any one genre. With longing to inspire desire in her audience and leave them feeling moved by her performance, She She Velour is an entertainer who incorporates strong characterization with her voice and burlesque finesse. Dare to be lured by She She Velour….

Mimi Le Mac Mimi Le Mae is an ex-ballerina who is generally used to getting her own way. A bit of a princess and a definite prima-doña from time to time, Mimi refined her dancing skills through 25 years of experience at some of Australia’s premiere dancing institutions (including her time as an Associate at the Australian Ballet, you know). Mimi is flirtatious and cheeky, but twisted, quite twisted, and will often fool poor unsuspecting characters with her 'nice girl' looks and 'butter wouldn't melt' facade. Of course she isn't always successful, but it can be amusing to watch her attempts.

From Bobby and the Pins Photos by Matchless Snapshots -

Bullet Bobby Founder of Bobby and the Pins, Bullet Bobby’s biggest idol is Lucille Ball - whom she used as inspiration to create her own endearingly awkward comedic style. Bullet Bobby found her (now absent) husband while she was entertaining the troupes during the war, where she also earned her nickname for her impressive ability to fill out a ladies’ brassiere - even whilst upside down. A sweet sounding soprano, Bullet Bobby acts as Mother Hen and Manager for Bobby and the Pins, and in her spare time enjoys riffing on a ukulele.

Bobby Sox Bobby Sox would foremost like you to know that she is The Crowned Southern Tri-State Sponge Bake-Off Champion, 1952 and 1953. A newlywed, Bobby Sox is an excitable character with a sweet unawareness of social dynamics – she’ll happily tell you that she carries around a fresh pair of underwear “just in case.” Bobby Sox was raised on a classical music diet, which has seen her soprano skills applied across musical theatre, teaching and finally as Musical Director of Bobby and the Pins.

Bobby Rae Bobby Rae is the most effortlessly self-assured of the Bobby ladies; she’s always been assured that she has a very fine self. Glamorous and graceful, she sees herself as the Grace Kelly of the Bobby troupe. A dancer from the age of three, Bobby Rae has skills in styles from ballet to tap dancing, and she keeps herself in gowns and gloves by directing a dance school. Aside from her marvellous mezze soprano singing, her main interest is sport – nothing too specific, just anything involving a couple of balls.

Bobby Blue Bobby Blue joined Bobby and the Pins after the happy occasion of a divorce, which she says has given her a lot more “Me Time” to enjoy. Trained as an actor, Bobby Blue is a sassy character who keeps the other Bobby Ladies in line if they get too excited, mainly with empty threats and stern glances. Her interests in include bareback horseriding and drinking gin, and she acts as the vocal backbone of the group with her impressive alto tones.

About Le Tableaux Burlesque

Founded by SheShe Velour and Ginger Leah Rye in 2010, Melbourne-based production company Le Tableaux Burlesque arose from their mutual desire to create a burlesque and vaudeville style event that tells a story. Both performers in their own rights, SheShe Velour and Ginger Leah Rye travel the country and the USA to festivals such as Perth International Burlesque Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival and The Great Burlesque Expo (Boston). The creative duo also perform together as The Shims of Burlesque, exploring gender boundaries through all manner of the sublime and the ridiculous. Le Tableaux Burlesque has enjoyed sold-out shows in Melbourne, including the 2010 production “Soiree� held at Revolt Artspace in Kensington: best described as an extravaganza that led audiences down the garden path, captivating their senses with song, dance and a touch of bacchian romance.

About Bobby and the Pins

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Forming in 2010, Bobby and the Pins are known as a “Barbershop Cabaret�; in addition to highly challenging acapella singing they deliver comedy, acting and dancing. Dressed in full vintage 1950s regalia, the group sings barbershop, doo wop and jazz classics with a strong comedic style.

Bobby and the Pins is directed by Nicholas Dubberley, Melbourne-based Theatre Director and Producer of Club Spiegel at the Famous Spiegeltent 2012. The group have been seen at venues including the Northcote Social Club, The Wesley Anne and The Famous Spiegeltent.

Production Team Just as there is no love without temptation, no rippling manhood without a swooning dame, neither would there be Boon-esque without a few Heroes to give the Heroines a helping hand: Produced & Directed by Le Tableaux Burlesque Ginger Leah Rye SheShe Velour Crew Stage Manager - Kendall Vere-Flint

Assistant Stage Managers – Ashleigh Guest, Madison Anderson & Ashleigh Matterson Lighting and Sound - Bruce Osbourne Lighting - Otis Elston Publicist Lila Cumming

Consulting Direction Brian Cousins Nicholas Dubberley Publicity Assistance Clair White Calum Smyth Graphic Design Juanita Childs Support Sammy Sturgess – Sound bites Eileen Francisco – Publicity mentoring Glittery Tapping Wonderland – Rehearsal Space Laurie Joosten-Oliver - Costume for Ginger Leah Rye

A Love Note We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our beautiful friends, family and lovers who have graciously allowed us to be consumed by Boon-esque like any trashy paperback.

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Official program for the 2012 Melbourne Fringe Festival Show, Boon-esque.