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RL: Where did you guys come up with Boneheads as a name? BNHDS It came from the idea that me and my brother can be some Boneheads sometimes. When we have a design or plan that we are working on together he wants to go one way and I want to go another. I think that since they are twins that boneheaded connection is alot stronger.

RL: I feel there are so many Underground brands out right now– what separates/differentiates you guys from the rest of the crowd? BNHDS: Our graphic design influence from what we have learned in school, we both have found modern graphic design has been been a big influence. Our first season we had droppped last year didn’t really show what we can offer, this upcoming Spring/Summer line should show what we are all about. RL: I dig the designs you guys have been coming up with what are some people or things that help inspire your BNHDS collections? BNHDS: Mostly Graphic Design & Music

RL: Where are you guys from? BNHDS: Los angeles RL: Since your guys inceptions late last year. Do you guys have any plans to collaborate with any other brands? BNHDS: Actually we have a collaboration for our Spring line, nothing we can really discuss trying to keep on the low. RL: Why did you guys decided to start a clothing brand? BNHDS: We have always been into fashion, although we didn’t go to school for fashion–– we were always interested in what is new in the fashion game. We started back in highschool doing a few design on t-shirts and those were more of learning

experiences, but now we are ready to get at it for-real. RL: Are there any brands that have inspired BNHDS? BNHDS Cavempt, Clothsurgeon RL: What mediums do you guys use to make your design? BNHDS: Illlustrator for the most part. Recently we have going is most going to involve illustrator,just depends on what style/look we are going for RL: What has been the most difficult part about starting BNHDS? BNHDS: Money you have all of these ideas and materials you want to use  but don;t have the cash flow to go ahead