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Agreement Between etween Clairvaux MacKillop College And Each ach Senior Centre Student The College ollege will provide its educational services and opportunities to students on the understanding that they agree to the following: 1

Students will participate fully in the school’s Religious Education and Pastoral programs and in other activities ties associated with them (i.e. Retreats, seminars, etc.) 2 Students respect, support, and promote the College Mission and Student Code. 3 In recognising that this year is critical to their future, students will undertake their work to the best of their ability in each of their subjects. 4 Students will attend school and all classes regularly and punctually and will present a satisfactory explanation of any absence at any stage from class or school. 5 Students assume responsibility for the submission of assessment pieces by their due dates. 6 Students accept the College Code as being necessary for the school’s effective functioning and organisation and for their own growth in self-discipline. self 7 Students will enhance the reputation of the college by maintaining a high standard of politeness, behaviour, dress and language, at all times, both within and out of the college. 8 Students will respect and support the rights of teachers to teach and other students to learn and will give fullest co-operation operation in this regard. 9 Where possible, students will contribute personal gifts and talents to the school community in curricular and co-curricular activities. ctivities. 10 Students will take a role in leadership at a level appropriate to their skills and situation and will accept the responsibility of assisting other members of the school community in upholding the College Code. 11 Students agree to being bound by the the rules and regulations set out in the Senior Centre Handbook.


understand and agree to the above (Print full name) terms of enrolment at Clairvaux MacKillop College. Further, I agree that if I am found to be in serious major breach h or persistent minor breach of any of these terms, I will be required to rere negotiate this agreement to the satisfaction of the Principal if I wish to remain in the college. Parents/Guardians are asked to sign this contract at the time of application. Students will be asked to sign on their arrival should their application be successful.





Students may seal this contract with their signature, at the Principal’s invitation. Student:


SET Plan Agreement