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Decisions Claire Wright

Š Claire Wright 2013


The process of making these pictures took longer than it should have. I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted my stories to say. Finally one weekend after a night out with friends I woke up the next morning remembering some decisions being made I had witnessed and knew it would be an easy story to tell. It’s probably one of the most over done story in movies and real life, girl gets drunk, meets a guy and leaves with him, wakes up in the morning regretting it. But I still love it, because despite it being over told, it’s about decisions and choices and our ability to make them for ourselves. This project was left open ended for us to be able to tell our own stories, and make a decision. I wanted to tell the story in a different way though. I used close-ups to represent the anonymity of the encounter and one out of focus picture showing how the intoxication would affect their viewpoint and make it so everything was a bit unclear. The five and nine frame stories tell the same version of events on girl gets drunk, meets a boy and makes a decision she regrets in the end. The seven frame story tells about her being in a bad place so she turns to the alcohol and the boy, not so much regretting it, but desperately wanting an escape from where she was previously. I bribed two good friends into being willing participants in this adventure and an evening of deciding how exactly to capture the body to represent what I was trying to have my story say. I finally settled on what I considered to be the main portions of events, the drinking, the initial contact, a whispered invitation, leaving, and hurriedly coming


That Night

A Better Place?

Not the Best Choice