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Berkey Filters For All Your Clean Water Needs Water is the the most essential component for life. It is possible to survive for days without food, but you will die within days without water. For life to exist, water is necessary. Despite the relevance of water for sustaining life, it can also be deadly if not effectively filtered. Typically, water is tainted with all sorts of bacteria and sediments that are invisible to the naked eye. When taking into account regular faucet water, this is especially true. Even though it may look clear and clean, it actually has a number of contaminants you may prefer not to drink. You will need a Berkey filter to eradicate contaminants from the water so it will be better for drinking. There are a number of filtering systems on the market. However, it is essential to realize that not all filters are the same. In reality, most filters in the market are only capable of removing certain types of particles from the water. Water you might think of as being safe, still has the potential of containing harmful bacteria or even chemicals, even if it has been filtered. This essentially means that you will be drinking water that is really not that much cleaner than it was before being filtered. The fact is that faucet water can contain particles like chlorine, iron, cholera and a list full of other microscopic particles that can be harmful if digested. A normal filter may be able to remove a few of the particles from the water, but the rest remain intact. An effective filter should be able to remove up to 99 percent of all dangerous compounds. This is what distinguishes a Berkey filter from the rest. A Berkey system can eliminate all of the common elements found in water that render it undrinkable. Berkey is a powerful brand of premium filters that can filter out sediments like cysts, lead and odors from the water. This not only leads to purer water, but water that is also better tasting. A Berkey system comes in several models. There are home models that can be installed and provide clean, better tasting water for every faucet in the home. There are also compact and portable versions that can be used outdoors and on camping trips. They are effective for purifying water obtained from natural sources like lakes and rivers, which are normally teeming with bacteria and sediments. Numerous tests have shown that average filters are inadequate for removing the majority of particles that are commonly detected in faucet water. A Berkey system, on the other hand, has been tested and proven to eliminate nearly all the contaminants out of the water. What remains behind is water that is just as clean and pure as the bottled water sold in stores and have been filtered using state-of-the-art machines. Clean water is essential for good health. While you can buy clean water at the store or have it delivered to your door, these options tend to be more expensive. By using a Berkey filter, you can save money by getting your drinking water straight from the faucet. Berkey systems are practically maintenance free, though you will want to change the filters every so often to assure your getting the best water possible. A superior quality filter system is necessary to supply your family clean consumable water and Berkey makes this happen easily. Get ready in time of emergency using a Berkey water filter whether it's for home, camping, or perhaps in days of extreme emergency. Far more details on Berkey Water Filters are attainable at the business' site,

Berkey Filters For All Your Clean Water Needs  

Far more details on Berkey Water Filters are attainable at the business' site,