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How to Catch Thieving Household Help My interest in spying used to be limited to James Bond films. Not even as a passing thought have I considered stealthily keeping an eye on someone. However, the detective instinct that I never even knew I had surfaced when some of the valuables in our home started to go missing. Naturally, suspicion fell upon our newly-hired house help. However, I had no way of addressing these suspicions. Seeking advice from my friends, I found out about wireless home security systems that can effectively watch over the house in secret while my husband and I are away. Getting in touch with our inner sleuths, my husband and I went online and browsed through home security systems consumer reviews. In particular, we were hoping to find our way to a spy camera system that could help us capture the sneaky criminal red-handed. The consumer reviews were very helpful. Because of the customer feedback, we discovered that the best stealth cameras are either disguised cameras or wireless bullet cameras. Disguised cameras, also known as hidden cameras, usually take on the form of some other regular object that actually conceals as small video capturing device. These cameras are sure to catch crooks unaware. Wireless bullet cameras are also ideal to use in a covert home security monitoring system, owing to their miniature construction (these cameras are so small they could fit in the palm of the hand) and the absence of revealing wired connections. We finally decided to go all out and get a complete monitoring system equipped with bullet cameras. The small cameras were hidden perfectly in strategic nooks within the house, keeping a silent watch over our valuables. Two weeks after installing the hidden cameras, we were able to capture some definitively implicating footage. We confronted the dishonest employee and handed her over to the authorities. Not only do I feel more confident and secured next time we hire new help. I feel empowered that a “regular housewife” can have a bit of spy instincts within. From a plain Jane, now I feel more like a Bond – Jane Bond.

How to Catch Thieving Household Help