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Bachelor of Science in Interior Design College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) University of Cincinnati Class of 2018 Deans List | 2013-Present Cincinnatus Scholar | 2013-Present

Design Co-op | Summer 2016 FRCH Design Worldwide | Cincinnati, OH

Semester Exchange Melbourne, Australia Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology July - November 2016 Medina High School Graduate with Honors Class of 2013 University of Akron Post Secondary Program Deans List | 2011-2013

SKILLS AND PROFICIENCIES • Foundation skills in Interior Design/ Architecture • Member of IIDA • Adaptable to new software and technology AutoCAD Sketchup Rhino3D Vray for Rhino Revit Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Microsoft Office

Supported department store design team through multiple phases of projects. Responsibilities included Photoshop rendering, material sourcing and specs, fixture design, and event planning. Design Co-op | Spring and Fall 2015 Collective Architecture | Washington, DC Fully assisted in the design process of corporate, retail,and hospitality interiors. Tasks included space planning, finish selection, construction documentation and design presentations. Design Intern | Summer 2014 House of L Interior Design | Solon, Ohio Expanded design skills through high end residential design experience. Involvement included materials research, manufacturer relationships, furniture selection and brand development. Head Lifeguard/Pool Manager/ Water Safety Instructor | 2010-2014 Blue Heron Swim Club | 2010-2013 Medina Community Recreation Center | 2011-2014 Developed strong leadership skills through overseeing employees, scheduling, and maintaining patron safety.

4892 Foote Rd. Medina, Ohio 44256 | +61 424 033 987 | Page 2









ACI | 1st floor - VIeW 1






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What is the future of the workplace? This group assignment involved extensive research and concept development. Why are people drained of energy at work? Our solution: Combine Eastern and Western culture and introduce holistic health practices into the workplace.


Present Why are people Workers who feel tired and drained of 76% energy during work day drained of theenergy during work? People as of 2012 that practice yoga 8.7%

TheSeven Seven Chakras The

CrownCrown Chakra Meditation and being one with the universe.

Third ThirdEye Eye Chakra Throat Throat Chakra

and holistic health practices

Insight and intuition


People as of 2012 that want to try yoga and more holistic health methodologies

44.4%Workers who feel tired and


• holistic

Self-Expression, Communication

We will understand o Heart Chakra manipulate it to Heart

Love, Passion, Helping Others

Love, passion, and helping others.

People as of 2012 that practice 8.7% • industrialization • community health • research yoga and holistic • spiritual • individual practices 44.4% People as of 2012 that want to try yoga and more holistic health methodologies

Insight, Intuition

Self-expression and communication

drained of energy during the western culture Eastern culture work day Body is a Machine Body is a Garden

• technology

One with the Universe

Naval Chakra Navel Self confidence and empowerment.

Sacral Sacral Chakra Being open-minded and cooperating with others

Root Chakra Root

C l ai re We tta Stimulation and feeling grounded.

Page 6

Self Confidence, Empowerment Open-mind, Cooperation Stimulation, Feeling Grounded

E l l i e G reen


ibrium Solution

• Addition of chakra rooms • Provide people tools to align own chakras • Blend eastern culture and holistic health with western buildings and technology • Develop a system applicable in different work environments • Different levels to represent hierarchy of the chakras within the body

DPMT 7-Building Implementation


Third Eye

u r System hum a n e n e r g y a n d Requirements change makers. • Clear quartz floor slab - aids all chakras • Rounded columns - biogeometry to soften energy lines • Eastern arches - symbolize spherical nature of universe and period of transition • Yoga positions - physically align chakras • Aromatherapy • Chromotherapy

lly Lofts p r i n g Ja c k i e Requ e i ma Page 7



Root Crown


Seven Chakra Spaces and Functions Navel Chakra - Individual

Heart Chakra - Education

Color: Yellow Governs personal power and awakens inspiration Aroma: Yarrow Flower Reduces stress and balances mind Yoga: Boat Pose Improves self confidence, positive energy Element: Fire

Color: Green Love for others, passion, devotion Aroma: Rosemary Improves memory retention, acts as stimulant Yoga: Pigeon Pose Opens hips to release negative emotions Element: Air

Sacral Chakra- Collaboration

Root Chakra - Energize

Color: Orange Governs creativity and enthusiasm Aroma: Citrus Orange Reduces anxiety and lifts mood Yoga: Goddess Pose Releases emotions, increases circulation Element: Water

Color: Red Promotes energy, warmth, and stimulation Aroma: Vetiver Grounding, calming, and balances Yoga: Tree Pose Feet to ground to connect, creates foundation Element: Earth Page 8

Crown Chakra - Meditation Color: Dark Purple Brings spiritual insights and renewal Aroma: Lavender Soothes nerves, relieves emotional tension Yoga: Corpse Pose Inner peace and self acceptance Element: Thought

Third Eye Chakra - Research Color: Dark Blue Accesses intuition, gives clarity Aroma: Vanilla Eases stress and anxiety Yoga: Child’s Pose Calms body and mind Element: Perception

Throat - Inspiration Color: Light Blue Helps with communication and fluid thoughts Aroma: Chamomile Recharges energy and relieves sluggish feelings Yoga: Warrior Pose Energizes body, builds stamina Element: Light

The seven chakras each address a different part of the body. We used these characteristics to identify seven support spaces from collaborative to individual. Chakras have colors, aromas, yoga poses, and elements associated with them. We incorporated these into the spaces to further assist in the balancing of human energy. Tools Used: Rhino, Vray, Photoshop Page 9


The Pavilion project was the last construction of first year SAID. The purpose of the assignment was to create a space for human interaction that acts as a continuous threshold from one area of the site to another. The final design must act as a public space perfect for sitting and resting.

Individual Process

Black and white studies to analyze the relationship between solid, void, light and rhythm. These studies were used to develop future elevations.

Page 12

Elevations formed from the black and white studies were combined to develop the volumes to the right. Layering the elevations helped to define points of interest and aided to further develop early design thinking.

Individual Iteration 1

Individual Iteration 2

Individual Iteration 3

This project started as an individual design task. The task brought together all of first year design concepts of line, plane, and volume. Class sections voted on a design and then continued to iterate in order to allow continuity with other class section’s designs. The complete structure included seven separate units formed together to allow for walking access through the entire structure. Page 13

L i n e P l a n e Vo l u m e

The final composition designed by my first year section served as the end threshold for the entire pavilion. We experimented with what would be the best way to guide people into the space and decided to build a structure that used angles and rhythm to squeeze and release the user.

Page 15

T i n y L i v i n g E x h i b i t i o n

Featured in Tiny Living Exhibition at the Niehoff Studio, this project explored the golden ratio and The Modular Man. Youthful actions were brought back through organized proportioning and conducted movement. The design allowed the user to explore the environment through basic acts of childhood. The composition was scaled to my own proportions to create a tiny living space. Page 17


Page 18

OneSight is a non-profit organization that helps bring vision care to countries in need. My group’s task was to create OneSight’s brand standards and implement them into three locations in Rwanda. Finding Focus cultivates the journey of the patients as they receive the gift of sight. Page 19

Textural Journey

High and low relief materials create a textural map to guide patients through the center. Patients experience high contrast design elements while their vision is blurry. This contrast decreases as the patient continues their journey to clarity. The final dispense area in the center shows clean and crisp design elements to signify clear sight.

Key Elements

The key elements below are essential to the brand standards and are universal across OneSight locations.

Check-In Window


• Start of OneSight journey • Adjacent to reception for use from outside waiting area

• Color graphics indicate direction and room function • Handrail acts as guide

Welcome Wall

Glasses Fixture

• • • •

• Always parallel to welcome wall • visible from reception area

Most Iconic branding element Sits between reception and dispense High texture on reception side Low texture on dispense side

Page 20

Welcome Wall Material Iterations Gabion Construction

Corrugated Metal and Timber


Branding Implementation - Huye Finish Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Page 21

1. Check-In

2. Reception

3. Pre-Screen Waiting

4. Exam

5. Dispense Consultation

Page 22

6. Glasses Dispense

Presentation Features Concrete Light Pendants

Glasses Fixture


Supplemental elements include lighting, wall texture, and flooring. Lighting transitions from indirect to direct, floor tile changes scale throughout the circulation and wall texture moves from high to low relief. These all add to the textural journey that is OneSight. Page 23

STRUNG OUT Joint Construction

Iteration 1

Process Sketches

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Materials used: • 100% Cotton Macramé Cord • Red Oak • Classic Gray Oil Based Stain • Polyurethane Page 24

Strung Out is a furniture design project inspired by the art of macramĂŠ, crochet, and Danish Weaving. I wanted to explore the possibilities of what the hand and cord can create. Using crochet and joinery techniques, I was able to design and construct a functional piece of furniture without the use of hardware. The design offers numerous opportunities for further exploration through patterning and framing. Page 25

THE CHEVY CHASE LAND CO. Mayburg Foundation - 12th Floor

CAAT - 10th Floor

First Home Mortgage - 11th Floor

Capital City Nurses - 10th Floor

Collective Architecture worked with The Chevy Chase Land Company and their tenants to renovate an existing office building in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I prepared drawings and space plans to fit spaces for future tenants. Tasks Include: • Contracts and proposals • Surveys and input of dimensions into AutoCad • Verification of ADA Bathroom requirements • Tenant programming and space plans • Construction documentation Page 26

Photograph by Chevy Chase Land Company

C.T. Hellmuth - 12th Floor C.T. Hellmuth was my first solo project. I was able to take responsibility for the project from beginning of test fits to permit acquirement. A full construction document set as well as code reviews were drawn with review from a mentor. Further drawings can be provided upon request.

Page 27

ACI - 1ST FLOOR R E TA I L S PAC E Finish Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Storage Wall Elevation

Feature Wall with Cove Light

Tasks Include: • Space plan revisions • Lighting Plan • Building model completed in Sketchup • Assisting with finish selection Page 28

All Renderings Completed By Collective Architecture Amalgamated Casualty Insurance is a tenant fit out project in the Chevy Chase Land Company Building. The tenant wanted a warm and inviting space to meet with customers. The above renderings show schematic design and the beginning of finish selection.

Page 29

ACI - 3RD FLOOR O F F IC E S PAC E Reflected Ceiling Plan

Finish Plan

Pantry Linear Light Fixtures

1x4 Linear Light Fixtures

2x4 Linear Light Fixtures

Reception Tile Flooring

Pantry Wood Flooring

General Office Carpet

Page 30

All Renderings Completed By Collective Architecture In addition to their first floor retail space, Amalgamated Casualty Insurance requested a tenant fit out for their offices. They took over the majority of the 3rd floor including an additional suite to sublease until further space is needed. The space consisted of exterior executive offices and interior claims offices along with support areas and a large pantry Page 31

ICFF SHOWCASE The mood of the event was intended to feel like a New York City Lounge. Dramatic lighting and bold music videos helped create the atmosphere we were looking for. ICFF emphasized social media during the event so we encouraged guests to share our showcase via their own social platforms.

Art Installation Process

Look and Feel

#design to inspire


#design to entertain #FRCHatNYCxRETAIL


#design to share Page 32

During my time at FRCH Design Worldwide, my team attended ICFF 2016 in NYC. I was able to be a part of the event planning process to share the experiences and knowledge gained by my team with the entire firm. This included atmosphere, marketing, an installation, coordination and refreshments. By attending the in office event, the staff was able to share the experience of NYC and ICFF in our own firm lobby. Page 33


Page 34

Liverpool is a department store located in Mexico City that underwent concept and design development during my time at FRCH. Departments updated include the escalator well, toys department, and mens department. I participated heavily in resource design and visualization. Page 35

Toys Department - City of the Future Graphic Ribbon Display

Preschool City Zoo


Urban Garden



Construction Transportation

Column Treatment

Plush Toys Fixture

Road and Cityscape • Dimensional graphics • Magnetic for interactive play • Movable product display

City Bus Display • Tiered product display • Transportation concept

Tasks Include: • Sketchup Modifications • Fixture Design and Updates • Photoshop Renderings • Material Research and Specification Page 36

Mountable Open Road

The city of the future is designed to be an optimistic and educational experience for children and adults alike. People, animals, and nature all exist in harmony with the built environment. In this interactive department adults can browse collectible toys while children play and test drive cars while exploring the next generation’s architecture. Page 37

Mens Department




dimensional wall pattern

white wood white wood

dimensional wall pattern


clear glass

LED lighting chrome

LED lighting

clear glass


dimensional wall pattern

white wood

white wood

dimensional wall pattern

LED lighting

clear glass



white porcelain marble floor 600mm x 600mm

white porcelain marble floor 600mm x 600mm

base paint

textured wallcovering

base paint

Tasks Include: • Design FDevelopment Presentation R C H | D E S I G N WO R L DW I D E | D E S I G N D E V E LO P M E N T P R E S E N TAT I O N | L I V E R P O O L D E PA R T M E N T STO R E • Photoshop Renderings • Fixture Modifications F R C H | D• E S I G Material N WO R L DW I D ESpecification | D E S I G N D E V E LO P M E N T P R E S E N TAT I O N | L I V E R P O O L D E PA R T M E N T S TO R E |

elain marble floor 600mm

textured wallcovering

base paint

Page 38








textured wallcovering

Dramatic display tables, focal framing, and 3D sculptural elements help to create a sophisticated and modern design for the Liverpool Mens department. Emphasis on flexibility is shown through the use of adaptable display techniques. Page 39


Page 40

Page 41

M U L T I M E D I A R E N D E R I N G Page 42

MEDIUMS USED: G ra p h i t e , I n k , Wa t e rc o l o r, Photoshop, Illustrator Page 43

CL AIRE WET TA 4892 Foote Rd Medina, Ohio | +61 424 033 987 |

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