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Picking Specialist Subjects for 2020   → Information by students for students . . .      ‘Pick subjects you are passionate about!’  ‘Experiment with a wide range of subjects.’  ‘Think about future subjects too.’  ‘Do something you have a talent in.’  ‘Don’t pick subjects just because your friends are doing them. Pick things you want to do.’    Baileigh, Elliot and Kai - 2018 Level 1/Year 11 Students at ASHS   


Level 1/Year 11 2018 - Baileigh

Level 1/Year 11 2018 - Elliot  

Level 1/Year 11 2018 - Kai

‘I like colours and being creative . . . I like being able to express  myself through different media  and techniques. I like the idea of  becoming a designer.’    This is why I picked:  → Level 1 Art  → Level 1 DVC Technology  → Level 1 English  → Level 1 Science  → Level 1 Mathematics  

‘I decided to pick my subjects based on the Level 1 credits I  gained last year [2017]. For  example I passed Level 1 English  in 2017 so I decided to take a year  off English and take Level 2  English when I am in Year 12,  instead I picked up Classics. The  science I am most interested in is  Physics this led on from my  experience in Level 1 Science last  year . . . plus Business is one of my  favourite subjects.’    This is why I picked:   → Level 2 Physics  → Level 2 Classics  → Level 1 Economics  → Level 1 Business Studies  → Level 1 Mathematics  

‘I choose two sciences because I have always loved figuring out  how things work. Coming from  Perth [arriving Jan 2018] I felt that  the appropriate Science Level to  join was Level 2. Art has always  been a way to escape and just get  away. I love drawing.’    This is why I picked:  → Level 2 Chemistry  → Level 2 Biology  → Level 1 Art  → Level 1 English  → Level 1 Mathematics  

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ASHS Course Booklet 2020  

ASHS Course Booklet 2020