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LuRu Home creates hand-dyed indigo products for modern homes with an appreciation for conservation of historic tradition. We bring appreciation and patronage to this rare craft, bolstering it against China始s formidable textile industry.

LuRu Home artisans in Shanghai hand-dye our cottons using an ancient technique. A soy-rice paste, applied through stencils, dries over ten days. The fabric is then hand-dipped seven times into a non-toxic, water-based indigo bath. Once dry, the paste is scraped from the fabric, revealing crisp white and blue patterns.

Both decorative and functional, our Tea Towels come in six styles.

Butterflies / Small check info


Phoenix / Small Check info

Fish / Small Dot info

Small dot / white lions info

Horses / Small Dot info

Info about napkins

P i l l o w s

16 x 16 in pillow case Invisible zip

20 x 20 in pillow case Invisible zip

16 x 24 in pillow case Invisible zip

20 x 24 in pillow case Invisible zip

Euro (26 x 26 in) pillow case Button enclosure

Some closing thoughts

LuRu Lookbook 2.3  
LuRu Lookbook 2.3  

boys and girls are cats and dogs