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BREAKING YOUR BOOKKEEPING DOW N + GETTING IT DONE! Written by : Sharon Pegrum | Black Cockatoo

The point w here your business becomes real is different for every woman. It may be your first sale/ client, applying for an ABN, launching your website or reaching an income goal. For most of us though there is that hazy time when we are charging for what we do, or more likely having expenses but we haven?t yet considered ourselves really in business. Maybe it?s fear of failure or just that in the busyness of our lives we have overlooked that we are in fact our own boss now. One thing I know for sure though, there will come a point when you realise with despair that you will need to actual start paying attention to the financial side of your business. Usually it is much later than you should and you end up with a backlog of accounts. The easiest way to avoid this is to start early, as soon as you spend that first dollar on your business. Accounts can seem daunting but really all we want to do is track the money that is coming in and the money that is going out. Besides saving you time at the end of financial year, it is also a really effective way to assess how your business is going.

If you are a business that has only a small number of transactions, then a simple excel spreadsheet with a column for income and one for each type of expense may be all you need. However, if you have many transactions going in and out an accounting program is going to save you time in the long run and be worth the expense, especially one which has automatic bank feeds. This is also where having a dedicated business bank account will simplify things. Many times small business owners waste time trying to manually enter every single transaction without thinking about what end result they need. If you only require the total of each expense account at the end of the year or quarter there is no need to treat each transaction individually, just tally them and get the total you need and enter that. Think about factors such as whether you want to track your profits weekly, need to complete a BAS each month or have to report your income periodically.

If you tend to receive cash for your products and services and pay for purchases in cash this will affect your account keeping decisions. You may want to consider creating a ?petty cash? system for your business where you deposit or withdraw cash from your bank W hat system you are going to use is but you keep track of your incomings really dependant on 3 factors ? and outgoings of that petty cash rather number of t ransact ions, w hat you than your bank account. need to report and how you receive/ spend money. Page | 5

And if you have already got ten behind don?t despair and look guilt ily at t he shoebox filled w it h receipt s. Allocate small chunks of time to start breaking down and tackling the back log. Start with the most urgent dates ie an overdue BAS period and enter a little bit at a time. Like anything creating manageable chunks will get you ahead in no time. Getting your accounts on track as early on in your business as possible will set up not only for hassle free record keeping but it will mean you will have a much better idea of how your business is tracking financially. There is no one size fits all solution for all businesses so consider your individual needs and find the perfect solution for your business. SH ARON PEGRU M An Executive Virtual Assistant, Sharon supports heart led women in business from her home office in the middle of the bush on the outskirts of scenic Toodyay, WA. Sharon has a passion for writing, social media, accounts and creating space for women to share their important work more extensively with the world. W ith almost 10 years experience in accounts and admin, she feels blessed to combine her business with caring for her 2 boys under 5. Contact Sharon below

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M ummy must haves B ump B irth & B eyond This is the perfect gift for a mum to be or yourself by BE. By Monica. This gift set includes: Basik Organic Belly Butter, Little Bairn Heal Me Bath Soak ,Bon Lux Candles (Bonne Nuit) + Match box se t .

F abric Wall D ecals Unleash the fun with a selection of kids prints, posters and wall decals from Wondermade. Perfect for your little one's bedroom or playroom.

Eden R iver Candles These beautifully scented hand poured candles are perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your home. W hy not indulge in one for yourself or gift one to someone special.

L avender Essential Oil Diffusing Lavender Essential Oil at night can help relax your little one for bed. Lavender can also help ease tension headaches & soothes skin irritation a must have in your oil collection. Page | 7


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If you manage an online business, or you are looking to expand your current business presence online, it is vit al to underst and how to protect your online business.

physically and electronically, as well as who has access to it and how it is accessed by staff. You should only provide access to your computer network and data to those that need it to do their job and by using individual user accounts for all staff that have access to your computers, you can control who can access your business data and restrict levels of access as necessary to specific users.

One of the most important steps is to inst all securit y soft w are. By installing appropriate security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall), you will have a level of protection against most email viruses, worms and Trojans. You can also inst all Dat a Loss Prevent ion software to control and Once installed, it is advisable to keep all monitor use and transfer of data. your filtering and security software up-to-date in order to protect against W ith an online business, use of an email the latest threats. In particular, you can address may promote new business, install security patches for your however if you do, adequate protect ion applications and operating system of your email address is necessary. software and set them to update Advertising your email address online automatically so that you don?t have to can often result in it being used by remember to do it regularly. spammers. To protect against harmful emails you should undertake a complete virus scan on your computer at least once a week.

Instead, consider providing a web form that allows customers to contact you. Remember, if you ask customers to provide an email address in such a web form, you must comply with privacy and Prevent ing dat a t heft is another consumer legislation to protect their important step to protect your online personal information and their email business. Such incidents may involve address. hackers accessing networks that are not properly secured but may also be As many now know well, email is readily as simple as taking your data out of the open to abuse and in fact, spam now office on portable media. makes up the majority of email traffic. It is vital for your ability to conduct your It is recommended that you give business that you minimise and manage consideration to how and where you spam. Software is available to help store data and how it is secured both Page | 9

reduce the inflow of spam by detecting unsolicited and unwanted emails and preventing them from reaching your inbox. Your Internet Service Provider may be able to advise you about any spam filtering that they make available. Should you contact customers via email, you need to be aware of the Spam Act which prohibits the sending of commercial electronic messages via email, SMS, multimedia message service or instant messaging without the consent of the receiver. Finally, there are certain import ant legal document s your online business may need. In particular, a set of Terms and Conditions appropriate for your type of business is recommended. Other legal documents will apply to all types of businesses, such as a website Terms of Use which explains what can and cannot do on your site. Another important legal document is a Privacy Policy.


New Age Legal Solutions is a different type of law firm as they believe everyone should have access to quality legal services with no hidden costs or charging by the minute for a reassuring chat. This is why they offer an unprecedented package of legal services that our small business clients can use on a routine basis for a fixed affordable rate. Katherine has extensive business, legal and management experience. At the age of 15, she commenced work as part time researcher/ paralegal for Barristers. Following this, she then went on to establish a legal research and paralegal company called Legal Rescue Services. The business still operates 23 years later.

For assistance with these matters as well as other issues related to online businesses such as registering domain names, brand protection and intellectual property, it is always wise to seek professional legal advice.

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ChamonixRain Organics is an Australian company that produces natural and organic skincare, clothing and bed linen. W hile our products were originally created for babies, we soon found that there were plenty of grownups who wanted completely safe, natural and nourishing skincare too. We are now proud to create a range that caters for everyone.As parents ourselves, we know how important peace of mind is when it comes to your kids, especially when they?re babies. We want the best, and we want to be sure it?s not harmful in any way. That?s why all of our products are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients with strict certification standards.

W HY I STARTED MY BLOG Written by : Tanya | Motherly Adventures

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The t hought of blogging first crossed my mind after spending a significant amount of t ime t raveling Europe over a decade ago. That?s where I met Nara, my blogger in crime. We were both young Canadians backpacking the old continent and it was an instant connection when we met in a random hostel in Portugal. It?s the kind of friendship that began on a 3-day adventure in Portugal and has lasted over 10 years. W hen we both returned to our respective homes in Canada with loads of travel experiences, adventures and memories, we embarked in the world of blogging as a way to share our travel stories. Since we weren?t traveling extensively after returning from Europe, blogging was our way to keep our travel enthusiasm alive. Unfortunately, we ran out of content a few years later because it was really difficult to write about travel or keep readers inspired when working a 9-to-5 job in a cubicle. Fast forward a few years and here we are again ? a testimony of true friendship throughout the years while living miles apart. A few things have changed since our first blogging adventure though: We?re happily married, we?re settled into our homes and we?re mothers. Yes! We?re now fulfilling our most important role and that is the one of a mother. W hile motherhood has left us with a rollercoaster of emotions, there was one thing we knew for sure: we wanted

to document our journey. And this time, we knew that running out of content was nearly impossible because every mom has a story. And our story is shared on Motherly Adventures. The main reason why I blog is to express my thoughts, my feelings and my experiences as a new mom. But let?s face it. Blogging is a lot of work, especially when you?re dealing with sleep deprivation. It would be much easier to call a friend and verbally discuss a specific topic. So what keeps me motivated to blog?

Here are a few reasons w hy I love to blog: -

Blogging mot ivates me to w rite consistent ly because t he readers expect it and it ?s necessary for t he success of t he blog. I find it to be much more appealing than writing in a journal. Having readers interact with my blog posts is a great feeling.


Blogging is like running a business. I have a business background and a hidden entrepreneurial spirit that I?m trying to uncover. For our blog to succeed, we need readers. To get readers, we need to attract them. To attract them, we need to have a strategy and an action plan. Do you see where this is going? Page | 13


Blogging embraces creat ive t hinking because I const ant ly need to t hink about w hich topics my readers w ill enjoy reading and how to at t ract new readers to grow our blog. Similarly to running your own business, I need to think outside the box to stand out from other blogs to keep my readers engaged. Creative thinking keeps my blood flowing.


Blogging is a great w ay to connect w it h ot her bloggers. It provides a great network of parents who are going through similar experiences. I enjoy interviewing other parent bloggers or reading their guest posts. It?s always nice to get a different perspective on parenting.


Blogging is a great w ay to expose myself to ot her opport unit ies. It?s a perfect platform to connect and establish a relationship with other brands. And who knows what the future holds, right?

I don?t plan to get rich from blogging. Blogging requires a lot of time. There?s a sharp learning curve to learn the blogging basics, you need to think about which topics you want to write about, you need to actually write them, you need to promote them and then take care of some administrative tasks like responding to email before you?ll even see a few dollars deposited into your PayPal account. And did you know that blogs have a high failure rate? I don?t blog to get rich but I do hope to make enough money from blogging to fund my family travels (in full or in part). I would love to introduce my kids to the world because it?s the best gift I could ever give them. We all know how traveling as a family can get expensive, especially if you?re crossing continents. If the blog can contribute to this, it would be a great achievement. Finally, the great thing about blogging is that I?ll always have access to the posts I wrote. All my posts capture a moment in time that cannot be reconstructed and sharing those with my kids one day will be like finding a treasure.

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Tanya is a mother-in-training, a loving wife and an adventurous traveler with a career in technology. Read how she manages to keep it all together while adapting to motherhood on her Motherly Adventures blog.

W HERE DID THE MOTIVATED MUMMY JOURNEY START? Written by: Claire Mansell | Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship Page | 17

So w here did t he Mot ivated Mummy I realised that I had an amazing life journey st art ?? being an entrepreneur with financial freedom and flexibility and I knew there Having been in corporate for so many were a lot of mums out there who were years I never thought that I would ever ?stuck?. So when my son was 2 days old lose the passion for a high level, (I was still in hospital) I started professional and corporate Motivated Mummy which was a environment. I worked 60 hour weeks community of mums who supported meeting high level executives and each other through the working mums growing businesses?? until I had my journey. The blog soon developed into baby girl, baby number 1. I was told that the magazine and now Motivated when you have children everything Mummy Entrepreneurship an online changes so I assumed ?baby brain? as community of mum entrepreneurs who that was a word banded about at the inspire, motivate and support each time. It is true EVERYTHING changes, other. Having an online Platform allows and my thought process, outlook on mums to be able access all the life, priorities and passion changed masterclasses online from anywhere completely. I did not feel confused or and grow their business at their own absent minded or less career pace. We learn together, collaborate motivated, it was quite the opposite. It and grow our businesses. felt as though I could finally think clearly, I knew exactly what I wanted Being able to share and support mums and I was going to get it. is amazing, we are all so motivated and determined to live the lives we deserve As fate had it, I was to return back to and work for. work when Kyra was 5 months old (I already had mummy guilt), when my role was made redundant. So here I was WANT TO JOIN THE HUB? with a nanny who had moved in already and 4 weeks to go until I was supposed CLICK BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE. to start. I dwelled on it for 1 day before I realised this was meant to happen. I took all the clarity and new desire and decided to set up Business Number 1. W ithin 3 months we were profitable and it?s a very successful business to date. Then there was a welcomed surprise?.. baby number 2 arrived.

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DON'T FORGET TO LOOK AFTER YOU MUMMY. Written by: Claire Huirama-Osborne

Page | 19

Hi. My name is Claire and I?m a st ay at home mummy of t hree lit t le boys! Life is loud, messy, full speed and non-stop! Some days it drives me crazy?but most days it ?s my drive!

Please don?t get me wrong! I loved my life and my children with all my heart, but I knew deep inside that something needed to change. The dreams and visions of the woman I was before children were fading and that was both My boys are my ?why? and my scary and confronting. inspiration. Their tireless fight for what they want (while as a parent can be Everyone else was coming first as I slid challenging to manage) reminds me further down the priority list. I tried my daily to live life to the fullest and chase best to make healthy choices for my my dreams. family but I was running on empty. I understood the need for 9-12 servings I have played many roles in my life so of fruit and vegetables every day, but I far, always with the underlying desire to knew that we certainly weren?t help. Then when I had children they achieving this nor getting the variety we became my world and all that passion needed to thrive. I needed to do and love I had for helping others was something different and that?s when fully focused on my little family! I often some amazing products came into my felt torn between wanting to be there life ? I was sceptical but little did I know for others and needing to care for my the gift that it would be for me and my children ? this was a difficult transition family. in Motherhood for me, but I feel beyond blessed to have been able to be After being on the products for only 4 predominantly a stay at home mother days I noticed a huge increase in my and wouldn?t change it for the world. I energy, that pure exhaustion and returned to work a couple of times in fogginess was gone and I was actually and around each pregnancy but at the excited about life again. My skin is end of the day the stress, guilt and cost starting to clear (which has been a of day care compared to the wages just massive cause of insecurity for me my didn?t add up to a happy or healthy whole life) and my hair is back to its lifestyle for us. shiny self after becoming lifeless and dull throughout three pregnancies and After baby number three I found myself breastfeeding and these are just some becoming very lost and feeling of the visible benefits. overwhelmed by my day to day roles and responsibilities. I became an The products are most simply anxious, stressed out, zombie Mum described as fresh fruit and veggies in trying so hard to appear like I had it all capsule, but they are so much more Page | 20

than that ? they have reignited a fire in me. I am dreaming again, full of passion and excitement and through the business opportunity I get to connect every day with a community of healthy, inspiring and like-minded souls on a mission to inspire healthy living around the world. Every day I get to wake up and ask ?W ho can I help today!??

W hen you aren?t well you can feel trapped and limited, but when your cup is full you have so much more to give. The best project you will ever work on in life is you. You are wort h it Mummy.

My greatest pleasure in life comes from helping people uncover and define their goals and supporting them to take action. I have some exciting plans to encourage and inspire others to improve their health and eliminate the excuses and this business and empowering community has offered me a vehicle to do it. So join me on my personal face book page for now if you want to find out more and keep an eye out for the launch of my new blog. Come on a health journey with me!

All products come with FREE access to our incredible health transformation program. It is not a diet, it?s a support program to transform your health. No calorie counting. No deprivation. Bringing simplicity and deliciousness back to healthy living that the whole family can enjoy. If you would like to learn more about our program or access some scrumptious recipes please connect with me.


I am only a newbie to the whole world of online business but already generating an income; learning and growing every day. The earning and growth potential is limitless and I am grateful to have found such an amazing gift to share with others who are looking for better health and more freedom in their lives. As mothers we often put ourselves last, but I would like to take a moment now to not only give you permission, but encourage you to look after yourself.

Claire Huirama-Osborne Page | 21

SLEEP LIKE A BOSS Written by Christine Hansen | Sleep Like A Boss

Page | 22

You are sit t ing on t he coach zapping across your t v channels and you are landing on a new s channel. And suddenly it hit s you. You w ill never w atch t he new s t he same w ay as you did before.

And on top of that comes our business. Our other child, which we deeply care about and which is never just on autopilot, no matter how many automations or sales funnels you have set up.

Because before your thoughts didn?t immediately race to your child & how So all in all: our brain is in overdrive. you wish that you can always keep her Organising, remembering, prioritising, safe. taking in new information, being creative and finding enough time to not completely lose yourself in those hectic The second your baby is born your times is truly an art form. world changes forever. It doesn?t matter how old your offspring is, being somehow constantly worried is just a One look at your calendar and you feel byproduct of welcoming a child into a big sigh coming up. You love what your heart. It is not just our whole, pretty you do but it is a lot and all those complex world with nuclear weapons colours glaring back at you with barely and global warming that we have to any white space left amongst those worry about. It is also daily things. days (except maybe night time?) is making you question whether you can Trivial elements such as keeping our really have it all.And then comes night child nourished (packing a lunch box time. can be a huge challenge when you are running out of time and need to get ready for that meeting but have been Aah...night time! hunting for a missing sock with a hysterical toddler for the last 15 You?d think you?d look forward to going minutes.) to bed. But sometimes (or often) you are actually dreading that exact Or clean (seriously how did that laundry moment. Forget about the blissful basket fill up so quickly again?) images of beautiful women (wearing full make-up) lying on their pillow...smiling...and regenerating. Page | 23

Your version is rather crashing down, taking a final glance at your iphone (glance is extending to a full 20 minutes of email replying, facebook status updates check, maybe listening to one more podcast?) and then falling asleep...or not.

your game. So the more you are lying there awake the more tense you feel because you know that your time to have a good sleep is running out

So w hat can you do?

It is so quiet. So dark. So many opportunities for your mind to suddenly spit out all of those ideas, worries and random thoughts that make it impossible to sleep. And if you do fall asleep quickly you find yourself waking up in the early morning hours, followed by twisting and turning with all kinds of possible thoughts circling around your head like a carousel at the summer fair.

Step 1: as soon as you notice that you are going down the rabbit hole of being consumed by all of those thoughts, get out of bed. Get up, do something boring that you don?t really enjoy, such as folding laundry, doing the dishes or sorting mail. Anything that won?t wind you up or that won?t actually motivate you to stay up longer. You should yawn out of boredom very soon and then go back to bed to finish the night.

Step 2: Take 30 minutes during the day ?W hen is that playdate again? Do I have to bring something to that? Did I invoice my client already? Have I checked if those payments came in? Did I follow up with that lady I met at the last networking event? Oh Sh*** I forgot to wish XYZ (who I?ve known forever) happy birthday! I am such a horrid friend.? All of those thoughts make it incredibly difficult to go back to sleep. And you start to feel stressed out because you know that you need your sleep in order to function properly and be at the top of .

where you shut the door and lie down to worry. During that you time you are explicitly allowed to just lie or sit somewhere welcoming all of those thoughts and just having them crush down on you. It will be easier for you to sort them and to shut off at night and for your brain to be more balanced. You can journal or have a walk and just think.

Page | 24

Step 3: keep a notepad next to your


bed and write down 3 positive things before closing your eyes to sleep. Don?t journal about your worries but focus on After leaving a career in education in the good. 2015, Christine Hansen now coaches successful and career driven women & men on how to welcome sleep and its Step 4: cut yourself some slack if power again so that they can sleeping is just not happening. Yes, you supercharge their businesses and will be a tad more groggy the next day personal lives. but this has happened before and you Her approach involves no survived. So don?t be too hard on pharmaceuticals, and addresses the yourself demanding every night to be whole picture not just one piece of the perfect. puzzle. As an international sleep expert Christine?s work has been Step 5: Try the following visualisation: featured on prestigious podcasts, such Close your eyes 1 think about 1 piece of as Being Boss, So Money by Farnoosh furniture in your bedroom. Remember Torabi and numerous publications, every, itty bitty detail about it. Colour, such as Brides Magazine, including size, smell (depending on what it is), being a regular contributor for texture, little scratches, what it feels Huffington Post & Elite Daily. like. Once you have it clearly in your head you move to the second piece & start again. Once you are done return to piece # 1. W hen finished add another piece and return to # 2 and # 1 and so on. Remember: As detailed as possible. Up to that little spot where you squashed a fly last week. (Let me know how many you went through.) I hope t hose t ips w ill support you in your sleeping endeavour and if you need anyt hing else t hen please don?t hesit ate to reach out by claiming your free gift at mot ivated

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ON THE ROAD W ITH A TODDLER! Written by : Lahnee Pavlovich | That Mum Lady

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Many people thought we were crazy when we said we were packing up our car and taking our one year old daughter on a road trip, and I must admit, we were a little nervous ? what if she wouldn?t settle in the car, what if she got sick, what if she was restless and couldn?t get to sleep? But we were also very excited to get out and show her our vibrant country. So, at 5am on a Tuesday morning, we were off! The first leg of the journey that would take us from our little home in Caloundra QLD to Bellingen NSW was a five hour one. But we left early enough that bub was still quite happy to fall back to sleep in the car and we got nearly two hours down before she woke up. One thing we learnt early was that when she woke up we had about half an hour of happy baby until cranky baby kicked in, so that meant stopping about 25 minutes after waking and we were good as gold, even if it was just a 20 minute layover at a service station for a nappy change and a quick run around - it made all the difference!

Firstly, bub was starving so we opened up a yoghurt pouch in the supermarket and BAM she squeezed it all over herself and daddy, who didn?t seem to see the funny side like I did. I was in hysterics looking at my baby and husband (literally) covered in yoghurt. But after a small (ish) scene in the shop we were mostly cleaned up and on our way to eat before hitting the road again. It was about another two hours (one of which was me holding up the iPad so bub could watch nursery rhymes) until we pulled up at our first stop-over, Bellingen Farmstay.

A chained up country fence and herd of cows was the first thing we saw as we pulled up outside Bellingen Farmstay. For us, a Farmstay made sense traveling with a toddler. And we weren?t wrong. There were wide open spaces for her to run around, fruit trees for her smell the dangling lemons and oranges, a gang of chickens, ducks and a sheep (!) that followed us around from the moment we parked by our cabin to the moment we left. She was in toddler Our first ?proper? stop was at beachy heaven. And I must admit, we loved the Byron Bay, roughly three hours from fresh air and coziness of the property home. Here we took our time, too. wandered around town and picked up some healthy food at Aldi with the aim of taking it to the beach for a picnic breakfast. Well that didn?t really go to plan?.. Page | 27

The Organic Farmstay is situated just 15 minutes from beautiful Bellingen Township on the Kalang River which means in warmer months, you can wander from your cabin through the green paddocks down to the riverfront and swim, kayak, fish, boat, or just meander around taking it all in like we did.

Bub had never really been around large farm animals before so meeting horses and cows up close and personal was a big shock, but she loved it. Her curious nature drew her in and even though she was a little nervous, she gave them all a pat and even helped me feed the hungry horse. She threw food to the chickens, the ducks, hand fed the sheep, sat in the enclosure with the guinea pigs and all with a big smile on her face ? perhaps the best thing of all was seeing how much she loved this adventure already.

The cottage itself was filled with pieces of furniture that make you reminiscent of your grandparent?s house in the best possible way. Cozy, welcoming, eclectic and comfortable are words I would use to describe our accommodation for After a good night?s sleep and a sunrise night one. And there was a large walk it was on the road again to wooden toybox filled to the brim with Telegraph Retreat. toys for bub. She loved pulling things in and out of it, playing with the books, figurines and old wooden trucks.

Page | 28

Bellingen Farmst ay

Bellingen Farmst ay

Page | 29

Because it was only a 2.5 hour drive south of Bellingen to our next stop, we decided to head to Crescent Head on the way for a walk and early lunch before check in. Let?s just say that not all legs of the road trip were equal?.. and this was probably one of the more testing ones for our little family. The drive to Crescent Head was relatively uneventful, although little miss didn?t particularly want to play nice once we arrived. In fact the ONLY thing that made her happy was sliding down the park slippery dip over and over and over again. The problem was, the fish gutting station was, in my opinion stupidly (!), located right next to the park and the smell was disgusting. Needless to say, we didn?t hang around too long.

and chicken pens greeted us. As did the very lovely retreat owners Melanie and Roger. We were swiftly checked in and driven around to the beautifully secluded Lavender Spa Cottage where we would be spending the night. This cottage really is the premium romantic spa cottage, decorated in a French provincial style and surrounded by bush and native gardens. It even has its own balcony spa pool, a deliciously comfortable king size four poster bed and claw foot bath. This is the type of accommodation where you still get to be romantic ? the dĂŠcor, steamy spa and fireplace calls for it! But, bub was also welcome and well looked after with her own porta cot, soft fluffy blankets, high chair and even some toys.

Walking along the beachfront was beautiful, although the tantruming baby kind of ruined the atmosphere. Thankfully, we only had an hour to go to get to Telegraph Retreat so I jumped in the driver?s seat, Pablo in the back with cranky pants and off we went. Luckily, the minute we arrived, the tension from the morning dissipated and chill out mode kicked in.

By the time we settled in to our new home for the night bub had switched into exploration mode. It didn?t take long before she was off to chase the animals and wander in the bush around the cottage. Yep, she found great joy in touching, and smelling, every plant, picking up every pebble and laughing at every animal ? especially the donkey who called out to us over the fence and the mob of kangaroos that made Telegraph Retreat is nestled in themselves right at home on the 8.5 bushland about 20 minutes north of acre property. Port Macquarie and lived up to all of my (high) expectations. Pulling into the driveway, blossoming flower gardens Page | 30

Telegraph Ret reat

Page | 31

Telegraph Ret reat

Page | 32

For me, seeing bubs face light up with complete awe and joy over the new sights, sounds and smells was one of the most amazing things about this trip. She reminded me to stop and take it all in because that?s what kids do; they take everything in and enjoy it for what it is!

The weather was warm, the sun was out and my hubby was keen to fly his drone so we stopped at the beach baths in Forster after a 1.5 hour drive, changed into our swim wear and attempted to hit the water. Great plan until we realised we were no longer in QLD and the southern waters were pretty darn cold. A quick paddle and Bub got tired easily after all the play some sandcastle making had to suffice. time outside so she was down and out by 6:30pm which meant a romantic, Bub was in her element! Running candle lit 3 course dinner delivered to around yelping with joy as the ripples our cottage for mum and dad followed hit her feet, smacking the sand with her by a soak in the spa. spade and throwing the bucket around. She hasn?t quite mastered sandcastles The hot, bubbling water, glass of wine, but she had a great time anyway. great conversation and a starry sky Hubby braved the cold water for a dip really topped off an incredible night and and I enjoyed sitting in the soft sand incredible stay. watching them both. Leaving was tough. But after a delicious We stayed in Forster for lunch, had the fresh breakfast hamper cooked on the best fish and chips ever then set off on BBQ it was time to hit the road again the final hours?drive to our stop for the and this time, we were heading Coast night, Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse side. Tonight, we were off to Seal Rocks. Cottages in Seal Rocks. But because check in wasn?t until 2, we decided to visit Forster first for a look around. And it was beautiful!

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W hen we pulled up to the Lighthouse I knew we were in for a treat. Ocean, sand and dunes as far as the eye could see. Not a building or car in sight, just miles of beach front and crystal clear waters that merged into deeper hues of green and blue the further out your eyes traveled. W e were checked into the Assistant Keepers Cottage South, one of only three cottages you can rent out, and took a little time to explore the rich history of the Lighthouse. The cottage itself was stunning. It really felt and looked like something straight out of history but with a certain ?chilled? out vibe. We settled in then made the walk up around the point and to the Lighthouse. There are no real words to describe the views from here. You need to see it for yourself. It is simply breathtaking. That afternoon we took the opportunity to relax, enjoy our surroundings and watch the world roll by before cooking up a BBQ on the backyard balcony and taking in the fresh ocean air.

One of the most beautiful stretches of coastline I?ve ever seen with clear water, white sand and rocky outcrops to discover, and we were the only ones there to enjoy it. It was like hubby and I had reverted back to being kids too. We all had a blast! To be honest, when we booked in at Sugarloaf I wasn?t sure how ?kid friendly? it would be. But I was so pleasantly surprised. W ith all the open space, grass, beach and walking areas, bub could roam free with no worries at all. It was in fact perfect for kids and a real treat for the adults too. We will be visiting again for sure!

Back in the car and on the road, it was about three hours until we reached our next destination, and perhaps the one we had all been the most excited about ? Sydney. Bub was born in Sydney and we had only left this beautiful city about seven months ago to move to QLD so we were feeling a bit nostalgic and eager to return. We were catching up with friends from our antenatal group and staying at one of the most The following morning it was up bright beautiful, stylish, and yet oh so kid and early, as it always is with a toddler, friendly hotels, the Intercontinental and down to the beach for a swim and Sydney. a play in the sand before breakfast. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we were the ONLY people on the entire beach. I couldn?t believe it.

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We are big fans of the Intercontinental brand and often stay with them so we had high expectations. And they were ALL exceeded! From the friendly man at check-in who went out of his way to welcome us even though we all looked a little dishevelled and had luggage sprawled all over the place; to the staff in Club Intercontinental who made bub feel right at home while we watched the sunset over the harbour sipping cocktails; to the room upgrade and complimentary bottle of wine on arrival just because; to the delicious tapas in The Cortile that filled us up so well we didn?t even need dinner; to the most extensive and delightful High Tea I?ve ever experienced the following day. Everything was amazing, and unlike a lot of upper class, inner city hotels, there was never a staff member who looked at us with a turned up nose because we had a toddler tagging along. It was the opposite. They all loved her, and that made us as parents really able to relax and enjoy ourselves too.

Hubby and I kind of have a soft spot for Port Macquarie. We love this seaside town and it?s just perfect for families. We were checking into Macquarie Waters Boutique Hotel, another bub friendly place with staff that made us feel right at home Our room was huge, self-contained and had water views. We were also just a hop, skip and jump from the pathways that lead you around the water?s edge, and the town centre itself ? not a bad location at all and it made it super easy to get around with just the pram.

We spent the remainder of the day exploring the sights and sounds of Port and taking a dip in the bubbling waters of the rooftop Jacuzzi as the sun sunk lower. Bub loved splashing around with us in there before a quick nap in our very spacious, very chic room! We watched the sun set down by the waterfront and enjoyed some Spanish tapas for dinner. Although bub was feeling pretty antsy after such a long day so after a few minor meltdowns we went back to the hotel to put her to bed We spent most of the afternoon and and sit back and relax knowing we had night exploring the hotel and enjoying a big day ahead of us. all the finer things in life (yep its possible even with a toddler) and the following day we hit up some of our favourite places around Sydney and met up with old friends before jumping back in the car and making the trip to our final resting stop, Port Macquarie. Page | 36

Intercont inent al Sydney

Macquarie Waters Bout ique Hotel

The trip home was a long one. But surprisingly, it was pretty easy going! We left Port Macquarie after breakfast and a walk to tire bub before the seven hour stretch back to the Sunshine Coast. We made stops at the Butterfly Farm and Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, had a very late lunch/ early dinner at Brunswick Heads and that was about it! Bub slept, we talked about how awesome our holiday had been and arrived home at about 9pm with smiles on our faces. You might think that travelling with a toddler would be stressful and constantly busy. And even though we had little time in each place and a lot of time on the road, we actually found it to be the opposite. Bub was so happy to explore that she didn?t whinge, or cry, or throw little tantrums. She smiled, laughed, ran around, touched things, smelled things, pointed and oohed and aahed at things. She was in a whole new world out here and watching her in this world made us the happiest, most relaxed parents we had been in a while too.

Toddler t ravel t ips: -




They will test you. Try to remain patient and keep in mind that the days and drives are long for them too. Things won?t always go to plan. Even if you have the best of intentions, things happen and you can?t control everything. Go with the flow and your life will be easier. Involve your toddler. They want to explore, they want to investigate and they want to show you what they discover. Play! Toddlers love to play, so release your inner kid and play games in the car and when you stop. They will really appreciate it

Lahnee Pavlovich That Mum Lady

So if you are worried about t aking your lit t le ones on t he road ? don?t be. There w ill be st ressful moment s of course, but kids love new t hings just like we do. So get out t here and explore w it h t hem. It ?s one of t he best t hings you could do! Page | 39

M ummy B ook Club Big Magic A wonderfully written book by Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth draws out creativity and makes you look at the world from a different view. If you are looking for inspiration and to make your passion your purpose, you will enjoy this read.

Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life by Kate James

Kate wrote this book beautifully and I think there is something in here for everyone. It focuses on being mindful and once you master being mindful you are able to gain clarity about what really matters to you. If you are in the transition phase or you don?t know what your next step is ? have a read of this! Page | 40

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Creamy Chicken Pie

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Creamy Chicken Pie INGREDIENTS 500 grams Chicken Thighs

¼ cup Chicken Stock

1 bunch Asparagus

250 grams Philladelphia Cream Cheese

1 Leek

50 grams Butter

1 cup Frozen Peas

2 Puff Pastry Sheets

1 Garlic Clove

1 Egg

1 cup Carrot

2 grams Poppy Seeds

1 can Corn Kernels

30 grams Thyme

METHOD In a heavy based casserole dish add butter and fry off leek & garlic clove till soft Cut chicken thigh into cubes and add to leek, cook till browned Add all vegetables, & Thyme cook till tenderAdd cream cheese and stock Simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes, allow to cool Transfer to Pie dishAdd Puff pastry sheet W hisk egg to make an egg wash and brush on top of pastry Sprinkle with poppy seeds (optional) Cut slit into pastry to allow steam to escape Transfer to 180c oven and bake till golden Remove, and Enjoy!

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Devilled Sausages

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Devilled Sausages INGREDIENTS 600 grams Pork Sausage 1 Onion 1 Apple 2 Garlic Cloves 2 tablespoons Curry Powder 1 can Canned Diced Tomato 1 can Tomato Soup 40 grams Brown Sugar

METHOD In a heavy based casserole dish or pot fry off onion, apple and garlic till soft and translucent Add tomato soup, tomatoes, curry powder and brown sugar Bring to boil Add sausages (at this point you could transfer to slow cooker and cook on low for 6 hrs.)simmer on low for approx. 1 hour or until sausages are cooked through Serve with Mash and Peas Enjoy

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Tradit ional It alian Meat balls

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Tradit ional It alian Meat balls INGREDIENTS 500 grams Beef Mince

4 teaspoons Pecorino Cheese

1 Onion

Âź cup Marsala W ine

1 Egg

30 millilitres Garlic Oil

3 Bread

2 cups Passata

150 millilitres Milk

6 Basil

METHOD Place 2-3 pieces of bread into a bowl of milk - leave to soak In a separate bowl mix together 500g beef mince, small red onion (very finely chopped), salt, pepper and Pecorino cheese Combine the bread to the beef mixture and mix well with hands Roll into balls that are just enough for a mouthful Place Garlic oil into frying pan, when hot fry balls in batches, be careful not to crowd the pan. You will know when to remove them by pressing gently down and feeling a rubbery bounce. You don't need Once all meatballs have been cooked, remove from pan and leave the oil in there (It's all about flavour!) Degalze the same pan with Marsala and leave till bubbling Add garlic clove or a little more garlic oil, Passata, and basil leaves Add Salt to taste Return the balls and simmer gently for 20-25 minutes over low heat, or till sauce thickens. My friend has told me that it would be a crime to not serve these with Spaghetti. Page | 48

I am committed to donating $1 per month from each Motivated Mummy Entrepreneurship membership to Classroom of Hope. I believe that all children should have access to an education. Did you know over 121 million children of primary and lower secondary age do not have access to education? I want to help change this. And together with Classroom of Hope W E CAN. Claire xx

Help pr ovide edu cat ion f or h u n dr eds of ch ildr en acr oss t h e w or ld! Click on t h e lin k t o f in d ou t h ow you can h elp.

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