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How peoples tolerate each other Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you find it hard to tolerate someone’s actions or words. For example try to understand each people is coming from and you can try to develop a more tolerant outlook by learning about different people, developing confidence in yourself and respect a people who is different with me. Try to empathize All the peoples have their own personal way of thinking, knowledge and opinion so they have a problem each other often with friends, husband and wife and workmate because there thought and ideas are different but if they try to sympathize and put their opinion together it will be easier to empathize each other a good first step to tolerating others in making a conscious effort to empathize with them and trying to see things from their perspective. Ask for an explanation Well a lot of peoples talk to someone and find out something hard to accept in their conversation, but there is a solution to understand other person’s perspective without being intolerant or aggressive trying to understand of someone’s ele’s views by asking him or her to explain it. If you do the same thing as I wrote in the top there won’t be conflict each other. Learn about other people and cultures There is a lot of people who grew up in other countries, so the culture, costum, food, history will be totally different so there will be conflict, ignore, unrespect eachother and when people display a 3

lack of tolerance for somebody, it is in part because they feel alienated or uncertain about when the other person is doing or saying. But if you try to understand and respect and don’t be afraid to ask questions, but always do this in a respectful and polite way to the other culture of people, it will help you to be more tolerant person. I think respect and understanding someone else is the most important thing to be a tolerant person, But everyone can’t be a tolerant person because they have their own personality and think about themselves like selfish, after I wrote this I should try to understand my difference and respect their opinion.

My Poem Have you heard about the sound, camellia flower blooming, in the spring rain, a bursting flower.

While someone steps barefoot, On white snow, 4

and darkness of winter, With the sound of snow crunching,

Jeju ocean is unstable, from place to place, It makes the sound of fallen leaves, From cold windy sleep,

The sound of camellia, A blooming flower, For all night, goes under my dream faintly


Famous Poem Cherry Blossom I stare out at the cherry blossoms In marvel and joy I watch them bloom Then they burst out with their effloresces As though awaking from mother nature’s womb, And there I watch awestruck and in wonder As though God splashed paint upon each branch Through beauty, and only for beauty I cry a tear the blossoms explode in a pink and red avalanche -Randy Mcclave-


“Lookism” 08/10/2017 Today is the beginning of the first day of “Granada Hillls high school” in Washington DC. Everyone might be scared , nervous and make a plan for their future. And there is a girl named Amanda maybe she is the most beautiful girl from the school She is 18 years old, her Father is a Canadian but her mother is an American, She has a long soft natural light brown hair and her eye color is green and has a long eyelashes. And she has a best friend named Lilly they are in the same classroom this year again. Their parents has a very close relationship since they were born. Well Lilly is pretty too but not as much as Amanda She was always mad and stressed about that and always get jealous to her but nobody knows her feelings. It was 8o’clock in the morning the bell rang and everyone was running to their classrooms. The sky color was gray and it was raining outside through the windows, the air was cold and fresh. The first class was math everyone was opening their books and notebooks. After the first class finished all the students had to choose a class they want to listen that was related with a job. “What class are you going to take?” asked Amanda “Maybe something about business, You?” answered Lilly “My dream is a Model I think I should select Model class” After the bell rang everyone went to see the class they have selected. When Amanda entered to her class there was a little girl she was really short and looks like she weighted a lot. Her name was Ashley her hight is 16.0cm 90kg she has a blond short pixie hair and her eye color is soft mocha color and has the same long eyelashes as Amanda. Everyone was wondering why she selected this class, It’s because of her look. Even though everyone thought like that, Ashley never gave up her confidence because this is what she really wanted to do. Amanda sat next to Ashley “Hi my name Amanda You?” “My name Ashley nice to meet you”. 7

After that the situation was kind of awkward “Why did you select Model?” asked Amanda “I know I’m not that tall and I don’t have the right condition for a model But this is the job I really wanted to have.” Amanda was a little panic because she didn’t mean that, But she couldn’t say you understood it wrong, She was kind of scared.

After that the teacher came in, she was a tall lofty French women and her sharped black glasses and her red lips were really unique. Everyone was nervous because of that, she introduced her self to the students and explained about the plan, what should they have to prepare and more specific information about a model.

The class ended Amanda and Ashley walked together to the door but it seemed like Ashley didn’t like Amanda a lot. It was really quiet when they walked together after a few seconds later someone interrupted them It was an Asian guy with a strong voice “Hi! My name is Joshua nice to meet you I saw you in the stairs 2hours ago that was you right? Oh, by the way I’m Ashley’s best friend” “Hi nice meet you my name is Amanda” she answered really shy. Ashley was really unfomfortable with that and walked faster than them Joshua said good bye to Amanda and followed Ashley, Amanda was in panic because her attitude was really rude and didn’t know the reason why Ashley hates her. It was lunch time everyone was in the cafeteria Amanda was talking with Lilly and Ashley was with Joshua. Amanda was so different than the other days she looked worried about something “What happened to you? You look different today tell me what happened.” Lilly asked. Amanda told her everything what happened in the classroom After that Amanda started to cry because She was scared and worried, she doesn’t like if someone starts to hate her.

Lilly told her its Okay, nothing is going to happen but She was thinking something different inside her mind. In the same time Joshua and Ashley was eating their lunch “I think Amanda is really kind and pretty you guys can give each other some help you should get friendly with her Ashley” Joshua was excited because he thought he will get friendly if Ashley gets closer with Amanda “No” Ashley replied “She knows she is pretty and she’s the best she is going to ignore and be rude to everybody. Maybe she is going to make fun of you too Joshua” her voice was a little angry while she was biting an apple. Joshua was kind of upset with that, After the lunch time ended everyone was going to their classrooms , Ashley was finding her biology text book from her locker and when she closed it there 8

was Lilly in front of her face. Ashley suddenly dropped her book and Lilly picked up for her. “Hi Im Lilly nice to meet you” she made a hand shake to her “Hi my name is Ashley thanks for the book” Lilly made a mysterious face “Do you know Amanda?” Ashley was wondering “why?” “I think she is making fun of you Oh, is your dream a model?” “How did you know that?” Ashley was confused

“Because I heard Amanda making fun of you to everybody you should be careful… Well You want me to help you? Like she won’t make fun of you anymore I promise” Lilly was excited inside her mind. “What should I have to do?” Ashley asked. The next day Amanda felt something is going wrong to her because the kids from the school started to bother her she was so confused, panic and scared in that time Joshua camed next to Amanda and tell her “Don’t take care about others I will be next to you don’t worry” Joshua was always with her and helped her in any situation but he heard Lilly was making a fake story about Amanda but Ashley didn’t know that. The girls bullied Amanda harder and harder and one day Ashley was inside the bathroom and hears Lilly talking about mean things about her and know’s Everything was lie about Amanda She felt she was so stupid and so sorry for her. She ran to Amanda and ask for a apologize and told her everything about what she had talked in a bad way and about Lilly. After that Amanda and Ashley got closer and closer by the day and started to ignore Lilly and Nobody take cared about that. They need to prepare for college next month they were really busy and hard but Amanda’s and Ashley’s personality was totally different, they could help each other better. After the year past the two girls entered to college and studied Model together A lot of entertainments wanted to pick up Amanda but.. Ashley No because of her look it was almost impossible to be a model But she support for Amanda and helps everything for her she couldn’t even think about herself. Today Amanda is going up the stage for the first time But she was so embarrassed and shy in everything She couldn’t show her real ability to the peoples she wanted to forgive up everything but there was Ashley next to her, Because of that she practiced harder and harder and became a famous model. Ashley was proud about that but she couldn’t do nothing because of her look she tried her best but the reality was no and try’s to find a new job that she can do she was kind of upset and regret about she couldn’t think about her more. The most sad thing was she couldn’t earn a job because of her look You can see the world is really lookism, selfish and you don’t have time to take care of other 9

person you have to take care about yourself more That’s how you can success inside the society



C lean water L illy flowers on the top A ir is fresh I magine the reflection of the stars from the clean water Real love E verything isn’t perfect without you next to me


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