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How to make handmade brooches-fabric flower brooch Our tutorial will show you how to make handmade brooches. The fabric flower brooch may fit for different clothes because it is made by fabric, so it is very slight, you don’t need to worry it will make your cloth out of trim.

I think many people are familiar with brooches. As you know, brooches are always made of silver or platinum and with diamond inserted. However, more and more people pursue character and fashion, which results in an appearance of another kind of brooches -handmade brooches. I wonder whether you learnt how to make handmade brooches before, If you didn’t, it is a chance to do it.

What do you need when you are making the fabric flower brooch? 

Thin decor fabric

Safety pin


One transparent acrylic bead

 

Needle and red thread Lighter

How to make handmade brooch? Step1: cut fabric and burn raw edge

1. Cut the fabric into strips, in this handmade brooch, I choose the red and white fabric. 2. Burn loose ends in all sides and make sure that there is no raw edge just like the picture show. Otherwise, it will be very unsightly after you Tips: you must be carefully when you are burning loose ends, pay attention to your finger and try to burn the fabric evenly.

Step2: let it bloom 1. Pass the thread through the fabric and tense it, you will see that there is a flower in an early form. 2. Curl up more fabric strips and sew then together, we will get a flower. In this part, the fabric flower brooch have been finished 1/2

Step3: make another flower in different color and intergrade it with the first one. 1. Make




different color and sew a bead on it.

2. Integrate the two flowers together




thread and then stitch the safety pin on the back.

3. Adjust





flowers until you are satisfied with it.

So the tutorial of how to make handmade brooches is finished. You will find a spirited fabric flower brooch have been grown up in your hand.

You can find the makings on the page:

how to make fabric flower brooch  

fabric flower crooch tutorial

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