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Newborn Photo Sessions To capture Baby at his or her brand new best, there’s a few pieces of information you may find helpful.... Please feel free to contact me with any questions. When and Where

What do we need?

• Ideally, book your newborn session when you are half way along your pregnancy to reserve your 16 day window around your due date (8 days either side). I’ll need to be contacted with the happy news of Baby’s arrival as soon as possible so we can book a day for you. • Sessions take place when baby is less than 14 days old, with 5-10 days old being the optimum age. • I travel to you so you needn’t worry about uprooting yourselves from home and carting the multitude of baby bits to a studio. • I allow 4 hours for a session to make for a relaxed, easy atmosphere with plenty of time for feeding, changing, cuddling and the odd nap (for Baby, not me, but parents feel free!) • I bring a small lighting set up but also love using natural light where possible so a window-lit double bedroom is an ideal setting as the bed can be used to position Baby on.

• I come armed with an array of blankets, back-drops, props and gorgeous hats but please feel free to provide any accessories or perhaps baby blankets or shawls which you are fond of. • The 2 essentials are that Baby is well fed and toasty warm. • To get relaxed, sleepy baby shots showing off lovely baby skin, the room needs to be so warm that adults in more than a T-shirt will feel pretty hot. • You will probably find that Baby wants to be fed more during the shoot – they pick up on the excitement and seem to need more sustenance! This is why I allow 4 hours for a newborn shoot, so do not feel pressured into rushed feeding, whether breast or bottle. Have a comfy spot in the same room if you can, where you can take your time feeding and winding and having a nice cup of tea.

Who do we need? • Parents and Baby together is always a beautiful shot but I leave it entirely up to you as to whether you want to be photographed or not. (Remember that I’m an expert at rejuvenating sleep-deprived faces in post-production!) Have a couple of plain, light and dark tops to hand - particularly a black, thin strap vest top for Mummies and a black T-shirt for Daddies. • I love to involve other siblings in the shoot and it’s best to get a shot with them in at the end of the session when we’ve got all the ‘calm’ photographs in the bag! So you may want to think about arranging to have another adult entertain them in another part of the house for a while.

• Throughout the session, I consider yours and Baby’s comfort and safety to be paramount. I am very understanding if for any reason you or Baby just aren’t up to a photo session and want to cancel last minute. Obviously, I prefer as much notice as possible but appreciate that babies, births and emotions are just not predictable! In this instance, I shall happily rebook Baby for a 3-4 month old photo session using your pre-paid booking deposit from the Newborn Session. • If you have any queries whatsoever, do feel free to contact me for a chat.

Comfort and safety • I am sensitive to the strong emotions that new parents feel with the arrival of their new little life which is why I want you to feel well prepared and with all your questions answered beforehand. So that you know what to expect, I will need to gently handle Baby to position him or her for the photographs. This often involves swaddling Baby, gently positioning his or her head, hands and feet and rocking Baby to soothe to sleep (hopefully!) However, Daddies make by far the best rockers so having him on hand is invaluable, and Baby will also often settle nicely when away from the lovely, distracting smell of Mummy! • If I were unwell for any reason, even with a minor cold, I would consider it wise to cancel the shoot. You will be my top priority to reschedule before day 14 but this may be impossible due to timings. However, this hasn’t happened yet and I am very rarely ill!

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Information about newborn baby photography and what to expect during the shoot.