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SUGGESTIONS : COLORMETRIC WORK It is important to keep in mind that the range of printed colours is not as wide as the spectra of colours visible by human eye. In order to avoid selecting non printable colours it is suggested to work in CMYN style (Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) adapted to the offset print. DEFINITION OF BITMAP IMAGES The correct definition for print is 300dpi in printable size. In Photoshop control and define the size of your documents and their resolution. BITMAP IMAGE The bitmap images are often realized in Photoshop and their origin can be various: image scan, photo, design created directly in Photoshop or another 2D or 3D software. In case of original documents avoid as much as possible images such as “documents printed and scanned” and also the images from web since these ones will not have the necessary quality to be printed. IMAGE LINKS When working in Illustrator or InDesign software please use image's links rather than copy/paste. In Illustrator you can incorporate links, if you don’t do that please do provide us with linked files for each Illustrator file. In the case of InDesign please provide us with the complete fonts and links package. FONTS • Favour professional fonts rather than exotic fonts likely tof crash. We suggest you avoid using stemming free fonts available at dafont or other font banks free to use. • Convert your text as outline after processing your document to avoid any problem or interpretation of font or incorporation of licensed fonts. • Pay attention to the minimum size of text: keep it clear even in case of legal notice. Avoid taking fonts below 6 dots of body. DIRECT SHADES Some products can be printed in direct shades based upon the Pantone's color chart. Direct shades can be printed single or based on four-colour process. We suggest you to refer to the product file and indicate the pantone shades you chose when submitting your artwork. TRANSPARENCY The transparency in your files can cause a defect at print. Be careful to flatten the transparencies when processing your files. HOT STAMPING AND SELECTIVE VARNISH When applying hot stamping and spot varnish you will need to create some separate templates for the elements which need this treatment. Please name this template “varnish” or “hot stamping” and indicate it at the time of processing your artwork. The part to be varnished needs to be in 100% plain black colour without transparency effect. Do check that spot varnish is correctly superimposed to selected elements. You can add a light outline around your element to avoid possible defects due to the plating at print. BLEED The bleed consists to extend the image or colour beyond the cutting or shaping zone. If there is no bleed you highly risk seeing your designs or text folded or cut at the edge of the paper. On the templates that we provide the bleeds are clearly indicated. In case of no bleed our pre-print service will contact you. INTERNAL MARGIN This space corresponds to interior margins of a document in which you can place your text or brands. We generally consider that the distance of 3 to 5mm is sufficient near the cutting /folding edge. In the case of a multiple page booklet this distance should be increased to 10mm because of paper folding at production.

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