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Our C o m pa n y Our S e rv i c e s Our Client Commitment


ABOUT US Broom Consultants Ltd was established in

At Broom Consultants Ltd we offer advice on

Essex in 1992 by John Broom. As a result of the

financial issues including:

company growing in stature and reputation, the decision was made in 2000 to become a Limited


company. The new company continued to develop


and in 2005 the decision was made to become


authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct


Authority as this was felt to offer the greatest

Life Assurance

potential for both the company and our clients.

Long Term Care

Offshore Investments

As professional Independent Financial Advisors,

Ethical Investments

we specialise in giving advice to clients on a wide

Inheritance Tax

range of financial matters. Initially we analyse your current financial position and clarify your

Individuals as well as companies’ financial

immediate and future financial needs, prior to

circumstances are unique and in order for our

providing clear, easy to understand advice to meet

clients to obtain maximum benefit, our advice

your objectives.

must be based on a detailed review of their circumstances. This is achieved via a detailed fact

As Independent Financial Advisors we have access

find that potential clients will be expected to go

to the full range of products and services available

through prior to any specific advice being provided.

from the UK financial services market place. We feel that impartial independent advice gives you

Our advice is based on a detailed 6 STEP review of

choice, value for money and quality service.

their circumstances pre-empting that section later in the report.



We believe that protection (family and other) is the most

Whether you are protecting your home, your family or your

important financial planning area covered when conducting

business, the need for relevant cover at an affordable

a full financial review.

price is in EVERYBODY’s best interest.

Summary of areas covered: PROTECTION • Level Term Assurance (fixed term fixed amount of protection)* • Decreasing Term Assurance/Mortgage Protection (reducing cover over a fixed term)* • Renewable Term Assurance (ability to increase cover with no additional underwriting requirement)** • Whole of Life • Family Income Benefit (regular income for fixed term, fixed amount)*

• Income Protection (provides income in the event of long term illness) • Critical Illness Assurance (provides lump sum on diagnosis of specified critical illnesses) • Corporate Protection (see corporate programme) • Private Medical Insurance (covers medical expenses, dependant on cover chosen) • Long Term Care (assists in paying for care home fees) • General Insurance (home, travel etc) • ASU (accident, sickness and unemployment cover)

*Indexation **The

is available from most providers to protect against inflation.

amount you can increase cover by is determined by the provider and may differ.

At Broom Consultants Ltd we have the technology to provide the right level of cover, for the right price over the right term. As Independent Financial Advisors we scour the marketplace in a quest to match the right company, cost and cover for your desired protection needs.

Can you allow yourself, your family or your company to suffer financial hardship due to a lack of RELEVANT protection?



At Broom Consultants Ltd we employ specialist pension

of service which is the envy of many of our peers. The aim

advisors so as to maximise the quality of advice we

of this department has always been to provide a bespoke

provide for our clients. To this end we believe we have

pension service to our own clients and to the clients of

created a pension department capable of providing a level

our many introducers.

Summary of areas covered: PENSION • Stakeholder and Personal Pension Plans (group and individual)

• Money Purchase Pension Schemes • EPPs - Executive Pension Plans

• Auto-enrolment

• Pension Transfers

• SIPP/SSAS (self invested pension plan/small

• Retirement Advice

self-administered scheme) • Final Salary Pension Schemes

• Pension Drawdown Plans (capped and uncapped) • Annuities (lifetime, fixed term, variable, enhanced)

We have the ability to provide information in respect of new arrangements as well as reviewing existing personal pension plans or company schemes. As you may be aware the legislation in relation to pensions is constantly changing and at Broom Consultants Ltd we cannot stress highly enough the importance of knowing what you have, knowing what it will provide and more importantly knowing your pension is in the right place to achieve your future aspirations.

Can you allow yourself to reach retirement without knowing the standard of living you will be able to afford? Can you allow yourself to worry about it later rather than NOW?



Broom Consultants Ltd took the decision in October 2009

investment funds and assets to maximise the growth

to provide a Wealth Management Service to the majority

potential of our clients’ money. We provide the means for

of its investment clients. The emphasis of this approach

your money to be actively managed in order to meet short

is on active management and the constant review of

term, medium term and long term goals.

Summary of some of the areas covered: INVESTMENT • ISAs (individual savings accounts) • Bonds • Unit Trusts • OEICs (open ended investment company) • Offshore Investments • Gilts • National Savings & Investments* • Deposits • Friendly Society Investments • Structured Investment Products Prior to making any investment recommendations we need to gain a full understanding of a client’s risk profile and investment aspirations. Questions to ascertain if income or capital growth is of priority are critical in the investment process as is the client’s current tax position. * The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate National Savings.




We meet to gather relevant information from you our client.



With modern synaptic modelling based on your own thoughts around investment, we can accurately assess your attitude to risk for each area of advice

• Your current financial position?

• Your planning priorities?

• What term is relevant?

• What do you hope to achieve?

on which we make a recommendation.




3 Planning Vehicle

4 Provider Selection

Depending on your own personal situation, tax

Prior to recommending any company to meet your

position and your aims and objectives, together

financial aims, as Independent Financial Advisers we

we will decide on the most appropriate planning

analyse their financial strength and competitiveness,

vehicle to get you to your financial destination,

their charges and their administration processes; this

be that near or far.

enables us to provide you with the right product at the appropriate time with the most suitable company.










Planning Strategy

Your priorities as well as our discussions and


Ongoing Service

With the planning process complete and relevant

knowledge will guide us in building a planning

planning vehicles in place, we will arrange to meet

strategy that meets your areas of need now and

on a regular basis for a review. Ad hoc meetings

in the future. The strategy will then be constantly

may also be necessary as and when

reviewed and amended when changes in your

your circumstances change.

circumstances dictate. Our investment and pension clients will also receive a monthly newsletter highlighting key indicators that have driven markets over the past month and which factors may influence the markets going forward. The newsletter aims to both inform and educate.



At Broom Consultants Ltd the emphasis on speciality is

Once again the need to gather information prior to any

continued, with the use of appointed representatives who

advice being given is our major requirement. We have to be

have taken the decision to make the mortgage market

sure as a company that the mortgage being recommended

their primary source of business.

meets the needs of our clients. The decision to recommend one of the many types of mortgages is not one to take lightly and the choice in this respect needs to be based on your needs now and in the future.

Summary of areas covered: MORTGAGE* •N  ew Mortgage

• Commercial

•R  e-Mortgage

• Commercial Re-Financing

•B  uy to Let

• Capital Raising

• L et to Buy

• Equity Release

To understand the features and risks of the products listed, ask for a personalised illustration. Our aim is to give you the ability to buy the home of your dreams in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. The minimum fee for mortgage advice is £500. The actual amount will depend upon your circumstances and size of mortgage.

THINK! Are you paying too much to your current lender? If you are, could you clear your mortgage earlier with the saved money?

* The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of mortgages.

inheritance tax & trusts


In a world where more and more people have a potential

What we want to achieve is a position where we look

Inheritance Tax liability, we feel that planning now could

after your finances during your lifetime, with the benefit of

potentially mitigate or reduce any impending tax bill.

knowing that after your death the wealth you have worked

We aim to guide people along the correct path for their

hard to build can pass to the people you care for the most

own particular circumstances. As we are all aware no

in the most tax efficient manner possible.

two households are the same and the needs of each individual will vary.

Summary of areas covered: INHERITANCE TAX & TRUSTS* • Writing an Efficient Will

• Loan Trusts

• The use of Exempt Gifts,

• Discounted Gift Trusts

i.e. gifts on marriage or annual exemptions • PETs (potential exempt transfers)

• Flexible Trusts • Whole of Life Assurance in Trust

The above areas provide various ways by which Inheritance Tax could potentially be mitigated, reduced or efficiently paid for. How they relate to your own circumstances will depend on your personal needs and future aims. We would like the opportunity to help keep your money legitimately away from the Inland Revenue and into the hands of those you feel are most deserving.

DID YOU KNOW? Making an efficient Will could protect your Estate for the benefit of your beneficiaries whilst also protecting against creditors and the cost of long-term care.

* The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice, trust advice and will writing services.

CORPORATE PLANNING Programme Before becoming a retained client we would recommend:

Ongoing Service:

An initial meeting – to provide a brief overview of the

Telephone advice

Corporate Planning Programme

Monthly newsletter including market reports

2nd meeting – to obtain accurate details of the

Twice yearly review meetings – main meeting ideally

company’s existing financial position and future aims

8 weeks before year end and secondary meeting on

and business plan, as well as the exit strategy

production of draft company accounts before tax is paid

3rd meeting – to discuss our report which highlights how we can add value to your business while meeting the

Intermittent meetings if legislation changes or circumstances change

aims outlined

Summary of Taxation Tools & Strategies that may be applied • Bank Account Review*

• Succession Planning*

• Business Property Purchase*

• Tax Control*

• Company Financial Structure*

• Trusts*

• Contingency Planning*

• Staff Financial Assistance

• Cross Options Agreements

• Corporate Lending/Re-Financing

• Exit Planning* • Key Man Protection

*These services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

• Legislation Updates* • Liaising with Accountants & Solicitors*

Standard items for each meeting agenda will include;

• Limiting Liabilities*

business review, turnover update, profit projections,

• Profit Extraction*

directors’ needs for income, salary/dividend update,

• Retirement Planning

staff changes.

• Salary v Dividends* • Spouse & Children’s Pensions

In supplying corporate advice, Broom Consultants Ltd

• SSAS (small self administered scheme) v SIPP

will need to be kept up to date with any changes in your

(self invested personal pension)

circumstances or objectives.

AdministratioN Broom Consultants Ltd are strongly focused on providing

At Broom Consultants Ltd we are also very aware that

the highest level of service. To this end we have

administration should always be a developing area. As a

endeavoured to employ high quality staff, with a vast

company we want to make sure that as new technology

amount of experience in the financial services sector, all

and information become available we are in the best

of whom have relevant qualifications that allow them to

position to make use of them.

understand the advice process and what we are trying to achieve, for both our clients and the company.

We believe that we cannot afford to offer a service level at anything below the high standards outlined above.

We have invested heavily in technology, utilising bespoke data capture systems specifically designed for the

The question is:

financial services sector.

can you afford to accept service levels of anything less?


Broom consultants limited

The ability to be able to adapt to the needs of our clients

The ability to provide specialist advice in all financial planning areas

The ability to offer a service of the highest standard

The desire to learn and develop in an ever-changing environment

The belief and investment in IT systems and services

We know that without you there is no US

i m _ ag _ i _ n a _ t i v e ?

... adjective having or showing creativity or inventiveness. Broom Consultants philosophy is to use their knowledge and to harness technology to provide the highest standards of service and advice to all clients. We have a team consisting of methodical strategists who ensure sound advice is always offered. Our team is further enhanced with people who think differently and have the ability to use this gift to truly provide bespoke imaginative advice.

Broom Consultants Ltd. Independent Financial Advisers Sterling Court 4 Gresham Road Brentwood Essex CM14 4HN T: 01277 202222 F: 01277 202233 E. Registered in England No. 3920473

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As professional Independent Financial Advisors, we specialise in giving advice to clients on a wide range of financial matters. Initially we...