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Woodstock School’s Incredible Edible Vegetable Garden

Our Garden 

In the beginning there was just dirt‌.

We thought we could create this ‘dirt’ into something useful so we decided on a plan…

‌and we had a working bee in March and some of parents built our garden‌

Look at our amazing garden‌ all we need now are some veges!!!

In go our first winter vegies .. spinach, silverbeet and cabbage and fertilised with our special worm brew!!!

In go the radishes!!

Our very first harvest…

…m m m…

love those radishes! …

We plant cabbages, silverbeet and broccoli that the enviro-agents have grown from seed.

Everybody helps to get it all planted.

Our amazing garden begins to grow and grow…this corner is the beginning our “herb haven”

Some more ready

of to

our veges are harvest..

Spinach dip anyone?

We weed, we trim, we label. Our garden takes lots of work but there is always plenty of children to help!

In go the strawberries! Yum!

In August we have our first “big� veggie harvest.

We have to harvest and pack our produce ready for‌

…our very first veggie stall.

It is so successful it is soon followed by another.

Our most recent developments have been to put a fence around our precious garden to stop cats digging in our garden and to stop people stealing and vandalising our vegetables.

Our new fence is fantastic for growing tomatoes up.

These potato tyres are a new addition to our garden too!

We now have plans to paint a garden themed mural onto our garage wall. Something like this:

Plans are also underway for our school to enter ‘The Hamilton Gardens Scarecrow Competition’ with our very own scarecrow who will live in our garden after the competition.

Our garden has become an integral part of our sure school’s culture. I’m that wasn’t I just love working in the garden.

the bell that I just heard!!!

Woodstock's Garden  

Look at the fabulous garden the Enviro Agents at Woodstock School have created